Monday, April 29, 2013


"We WANT our entitlements"
Well....maybe....but in time maybe even the sheeple will have some epiphany that allows them to have a chance. Most of you that have read and studied some of the economic and geo-political topics discussed here know that we are entering a very dark period in the history of this world. We now have the capacity to destroy the world with a simple command. If one believes the terrible weapons of thermonuclear war will not be used then I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.....NO.......better yet I'll sell you my house....that may be  harder to unload. Of course we do have a "strong" real estate recovery so "just hold on". Back to topic......Most of us just become depressed with an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness when confronted with seemingly impossible odds to overcome.

Don't feel overwhelmed, don't be confused, don't despair......there is no reason to give up your basic human rights and behavior because some "entity" tells you to be afraid or to "give up". Involve yourself with your church or synagogue or mosque and engage your peers in calm and meaningful questions. Give them links....let them see what you see......maybe many of them are as confused and baffled by current events. You still have free speech at least to some degree. Ask simple questions.....why do we have a almost a dozen active wars going on around the world now? Why have NO bankers been prosecuted CRIMINALLY (not civil). Why are there 107 million working age Americans WITHOUT jobs? Why are we now ranked outside the top 30 in most educational categories when only a couple of decades ago we were number most categories. Why are we destroyed as a manufacturing country and the only growth we have is in low paying "service" jobs AND NO ONE EVEN CARES?? CNBS can actually say with a straight face during the Jobs reports that the greatest growth was in hospital and medical jobs sector.....and proclaim that as a national success.

They will ask you WHAT to do about it and you can let them know for ONE thing you can clean up your own houses. You can start within yourself. You can pare down your can pay off debt and not keep balances on your credit card. Everything you spend should be quantified and you NEED it or do you just WANT it. Have you fallen for the trap set of "keeping up with the Jones" or have you become addicted to the WANT. Start now with these discussions. There will be MANY more NEEDS coming......and the WANTS will become long gone. Toughen yourselves mentally and physically. 

BTW I don't give a shit that the bankers are taking gold and silver down or the miners....most likely paper will become extinct with what has been done....I am NOT obsessed with physical gold and silver but most of you follow this site for some input on this subject and I feel it necessary to at least address the subject since it will be a key tool in pushing through to the other side IF there is another side when this ends. To me it is fascinating and entertaining to see how little I know about this world and I will continue to write and try and bring some pieces of facts that may shed some light on this game.

Life begins and life ends much sooner than you can imagine so make sure YOU determine what is important to YOU now. IF you do NOT share my fascination with the game YOU need to get away from this site and sites like it to all of you..

Friday, April 26, 2013


Its why you are being destroyed in the paper market right now. THERE IS NO GOLD! Egon von Greyerz said to day on KWN....The attack in the paper market was always doomed to fail in the light of unprecedented demand and major shortages in the physical market.  If you look at the Shanghai gold exchange, deliveries from January are 1,030 tons.  That (1,030 tons) is against world gold production for the same period (since the beginning of 2013) of only 934 tons.  That is absolutely astonishing volumes (of physical gold demand) you are talking about in China.

If you look at JP Morgan, their eligible gold, which is the stock they can deliver, has been down 65% just in the last couple of days.  And COMEX, their stock is also down to about half of what it was over a year ago.  Premiums now in Singapore are up $3 per ounce.  If we now look at the Swiss refiners, remember Swiss refiners refine 70% of the world’s gold, the Swiss refiners are increasing premiums substantially. 

They (Swiss refiners) already increased it (premiums) once, and they are increasing it again, and they can’t keep up with production.  They are producing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Some refiners have major delays now, up to four weeks, because they can’t keep up with demand.

Now as an investory/zombie how do you avoid the scrap heap of the greatest collapse in history. ask...what collapse? So you still don't think we are in collapse because you can still go to Starbucks and stand in line while the zombies stand in line for 5 dollar cups of coffee...or you go to Applebee's and there's a wait while hoards of zombies watch big screen TV's and swill cold beer. You my zombie friend are delusional. You my friend are ignoring what is happening all around many parts of THIS country NOT TO MENTION THE REST OF THE WORLD. Spain is in full depression and in full revolt. Same in Greece, Ireland, and Cyprus. Italy is entering depression this year as is Portugal and Slovenia. All of these countries will drag Europe and the rest of the world into recession then depression. Western banking powers are looking for wars to stimulate economies and trying to avoid all out nuclear exchanges (limited exchanges acceptable so watch out).

We are NOT in obvious depression because we enjoy a currency that still (albeit barely) retains the status of the world's reserve. Imagine that .....the ability to print trillions of counterfeit FRNs and spend them on goods and commodities from ALL the other countries that have to recognize the dollar's status. AND YOU THINK WE ARE REALLY not that bad. ITS A PONZI!!!!! Not only is it a ponzi but it WILL END badly. Maybe you believe since its lasted this long it will go on MUCH longer than I or anyone else can possibly imagine. I hope you are right. No...I pray you are right. Here is why. When this collapses, you are going to be shocked about what is under the emperor's clothes. As we continue to employ more and more socialized solutions to our economic problems we are trapping ourselves in a potential calamitous outcome. Without a private sector to support the economy....there is NO FLOOR when the music stops. WHO pays for our massive private and government pensions. WHO pays for our health care. DON'T forget...the world has said YOU ARE NO LONGER THE RESERVE CURRENCY. YOU ABUSED YOUR PRIVILEGE. More and more trade swap agreements between nations are accelerating so don't expect the dollar status to go on for multiple years. These agreements portend a fundamental change nearing.

China is not accumulating thousands of tons of gold because it thinks it makes nice jewelry folks. WHO do you think is aiding the West's Central banks in suppressing the paper price of gold. China could end that suppression in a NANOSECOND!!!. THEY are part of the suppression. And don't you ever forget that all the non western Central banks are buying gold by the tons as fast as possible. Germany is trapped. They'll be the odd man out when they pull the plug. Their gold is in the bankers hand....probably already rehypothecated into kilograms and in far eastern vaults. gl getting it back.....EVER.

If you think that this gold suppression game can go on indefinitely then gl to you. My hope is we get one more nice flush as gold bounces off of the much ballyhooed breakdown level at 1500 or so. Carter Wirth was all over this gold short tonight on CNBS. Short gold as it bounces up to 1500.......So is Credite Swisse ...they issued a short Gold at that level. So they're lining up for the battle there. They're pushing this technical level in the MSM. Is it a set up for a short trap. Be careful jumping on obvious trades. I hope they do knock the hell out of gold one more time. I know the Chinese will not fight it, but can another takedown be tolerated by the bullion banks, the LBMA, and the COMEX?? This game is breaking down and I wonder if they can pull it off one more time. They are good though......aren't they. They make Michael Corleone look like a piker.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Look at that .....that's bullshit!
I heard from a hedge fund manager today and he was dumbfounded by the market. He manages about a billion  and says nothing makes any sense and everyone is looking for yield, but nothing is there. I began thinking just how dislocated reality has become and noted the news today of the flash crash triggered by a hacked Twitter account. Look at how many investors were robbed during that four minute stop run today. Leveraged players were particularly slaughtered. What is real? When a keystroke determines reality, then you can rest assured that only the human imagination is the limiting factor on the type of ponzies that will be created. Imagine the havoc ahead for the new digital wealth that people can have removed in a nanosecond with just a keystroke. As this robbery begins to occur with more frequency an alternative safe haven will become mandatory for your survival. Money isn't even paper anymore. Its just random atomic particles in space. THAT IS NOT GOING TO BE ACCEPTABLE. At least not as the ONLY store of wealth.

Whether its creating fiat out of thin air or flash crashes reality is no longer present in these markets. Don't think that is going wasted on people of great net worth. They're scared and getting MORE scared by the day. Some of the players thought they might be able to get out before the music stopped but they're finding more and more minefields to cross that weren't there a year ago. Now the once safe haven banks in the Caymans, Bahama, and Switzerland have been turned into potential killing fields. Safety deposit boxes are now fair game for examination and confiscation. Currency debasement is a given. Political structure in once stable regimes is disintegrating and the bail-in demands become 70% instant haircuts. Comfortable sovereign tax structures are suddenly turning into killing fields. Ten million USD saved up over a lifetime for a comfortable retirement suddenly is returning interest of 24K/year. Then you have the developing counterparty risks evolving from the MFGlobal pillage placing the independent investor squarely in front of the firing squad. Imagine your digital account at MF Global being ZERO on that Monday. Get used to it. Digital extermination is just beginning. Whether its a hack attack or a some other digital destruction the protection of holding an asset in your hand will take on an entirely new meaning. 

I know you've heard the phrase "real money"....well now you are even having new meaning given to this terminology. I wonder how many of you reading this have even one ounce of gold on your person. How many have more than a handful of silver coins or bars? I'll bet its less than half maybe only a quarter of you. Sad.....but not surprising given the extreme length the cartel has gone to prevent the media from showing this trade for what it represents. with those USDs you're saving

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A farmer hedging his crop and selling forward compare to Gold market. The thing is the farmer's not dealing with something that is leveraged 100:1. In other words 100 paper contracts for every real ounce of physical. This is why we are experiencing some of the issue right now of massive demand and dwindling supply and why Comex inventories have dropped dramatically since the beginning of the year and rumors and talk of the LBMA trying to settle in cash because they unable to deliver the physical on the contract. Likewise wise why the Dutch bank ANB Amro recently defaulted on customer's allocated gold saying they couldn't deliver and would have to cash settle. Cracks are forming in the FR system it seems. Here is a chart showing how many days of world production would be required for the commercial banks to cover their existing short contracts. Notice how small the farmer's positions in say wheat, corn or soybean meal vs the 4 largest bars on the chart. IS it just a mere coincidence that the 4 largest happen to be the 4 PM that are most manipulated, heheeeeeeee!

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Anyone getting the feeling its not a fair fight
Remember a couple of months ago when I warned that things were going to get very volatile with wide price swings to rip you out of the trade. Well we are there in spades. For whatever reason the game is taking on a very ugly turn here and for those of you that believe this is just a normal sequence of events developing, I suggest you check with your Local Coin Shop. These are anything BUT normal times. Many dealers have been hit by a deluge of buying as Precious metals buyers step into the blue light special for those bargain prices they missed on the run up to 1900 level over a year ago. Apparently the Cabal is in some type of pickle that forces them to try and take out the leveraged players with the mother of all stop runs in an effort to either save their COMEX or to try and crush the psychology of the metals buyers once and for all. We had a similar beatdown in the late 70s but the psychology and fundamental story for precious metals was not even close to the bullish fundamentals for gold and silver at this juncture. 

I guess they believe their 85 billion/month bond buying is just going unnoticed by the average sheeple. Maybe the sheeple didn't get that memo because the deep discount on gold and silver brought in wave after wave of physical buyers....not to mention the sovereign buyers. Even some of the miners are finding some buyers but the paper game there remains in the toilet for now until proven otherwise. Right now NO ONE is predicting a move up in Gold OR that a bottom has been reached. Some are predicting sub 1000. You can only hope.

Weird sums up this past week. Multiple simultaneous operations appear obvious at the Boston Marathon with arrests of a "suspect" cancelled for the ultimate arrest of one of the surviving "pair of suspects". Two kids that were model citizens yet somehow had been under FBI surveillance for two years. Pictures of military and paramilitary everywhere. Bomb dogs. Public announcements BEFORE and AFTER that it was a drill. Poison letters sent immediately to Congressmen and the President. Internet restrictive law passed in the middle of the diversion. MSM falling in lockstep with the rollout of martial law never questioning its need. If you didn't follow the inconsistencies in this you owe it to yourself to check it out on Inforwars site. 

Just amazing as one of my emails said.......two guys could shut down an entire large city. Its as though the PTB seemed to be ready for this all along. Well after Boston,  we are going to have this rolled out over the entire country before its over with so get used to it. It went off without a hitch in Boston so that box is checked now.

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

Nothing to see here now move along peeps. gl

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Paper muppet 700 yards
Paper muppets remain under the gun as the puppetmasters continue to pull the trigger on the paper price of bullion and the miners. Just as the 46% gold correction in 78 devastated the traders in gold, today's correction has also managed to chase out the leveraged paper traders. The difference today is there is a much greater divergence in paper trades than in the 70s with the paper masters providing an enormous array AND quantity of paper products to divert fiat from the actual bullion. Whereas in the 70s the paper diversion was the COMEX and the miners, today we have hundreds of billions in the various ETFs and ETNs  pretending to be backed by actual bullion but most will not even allow the simplest of audits. What is even more perplexing are the number of big investors that use these vehicles as pseudo gold and silver investments. One would think that someone with their resources would not be involved with such a dangerous trade. Nothing to see here now move along.

Nothing to indicate a bottom is in and further pain is probably ahead but this is indeed a treacherous time and as I have stated previously the bottom will only be identified well after its established and you WON'T be on the up bus unless you get on a stop or two early.

Next on the agenda are the reports of silver and gold shortages developing. I can report that my LCS had only a little over five thousand dollars in bullion inventory left. The only gold they had was one 10oz bar. Some odd silver coins and some junk. He stated that he was unable to get any silver from his usual suppliers and they didn't give him a delay time. He was worried and had never seen anything like it. 

Don't expect relief and if you have fiat left for bullion you may very well get a much lower spot price ahead but you won't be able to obtain bullion anywhere near the price. gl

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


PANIC and FEAR....nothing like these emotions to clear the mind of a trader. Many of us have used different metrics to try and attach meaning to the recent movements in gold and silver while ignoring the macro events swirling in front of us on all the Main Stream Media outlets. Once again the same emotions of fear and panic arrive from seemingly nowhere to punctuate the psyche of a wounded populace. As the K Winter supercycle begins it final deflationary wave a fragile social structure begins to crumble. After the recent events in Boston one can rest assured that a very well crafted plan will be put in place to create a sense of government "doing something" to establish "safety" for a "public under attack".....more than likely this threat will be from "within".....or as we have been conditioned previously for....a "homegrown" terrorist. Rest assured though, after a careful analysis and the "proper balance" of control vs liberty will be established. THEN....we will be safe....for awhile.

Meanwhile back on the ranch gold and silver were licking their wounds and traders wondered if they would ever see a return on their investment. Of course those that are only in the physical market are only smiling and licking their lips wondering if their good luck can continue. Can the paper price in the rigged casino continue to pull the actual bullion prices down to lower levels before a complete disconnect occurs or the trade itself reverses for the moonshot to fiat heaven? Only our Central Bankers know for now. The real terrorism will continue in the PM trade that is for certain.

Wring your hands and hide your women and children....this game is just warming up.....war, terror, volatility, fear, panic are all part of the super cycle. Whether you recognize the game as rigged or not it doesn't matter. You have a lot more to be concerned about. We're a nation of torture now...we condone it....we institutionalize it, and we glamorize it in movies and television. You can either recognize how far our nation's moral standing has fallen and admit you are a slave now or you can speak out and accept your own responsibility for allowing our country decline into this abyss. Its a lot easier to not trade this corrupt mess right now and I hope all of you a peaceful year. If it is peaceful then be grateful. Look around the rest of the world....peaceful is not what I would describe a lot of it as. I was asked today where I thought would be a good place to bug out to. I couldn't answer. Hell is being exported

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Goldman traders putting the final touches on gold traders Friday
And DON'T you forget it. Of course we've painted that picture very carefully for you. We've created an enormous number of paper vehicles for lazy/clueless suckers er "investors" to put their fiat into. Obviously these "paper vehicles" are for the "investors" benefit and not just another ponzi to take your fiat away from the actual store of wealth (bullion). Some might say this defeats the entire purpose of bullion, but we maintain that sheep need an easier, digital, way to own gold and silver. We of course do this with all commodities and this service is vital to maintaining an "orderly market". 

After Friday's terrifying slaughter of gold longs there were long lines of traders lining up to turn in their least that's what some sheep were led to believe by the CNBS talking heads as the coordinated media attack on the trade proceeded on relentlessly throughout the day. Of course this well orchestrated attack is right out of a centuries old playbook and unless you've experienced it personally (many times before) you may still be in disbelief. Could it all be that corrupt and REALLY be a criminal syndicate as many "conspiracy theorists" on the internet have maintained? Surely some tenants of a natural market remain. Surely this is just the machinations of buy and sell side market forces. No one could maintain this level of an operation without it being obvious.  Maybe that's your is obvious and you're the guy at the poker table looking around still trying to figure out who the sucker is.....sorry to inform you.......ITS YOU!

So where does that leave the rest of us sheep that are in the middle of the firezone. How much bleeding can a human take before they're declared dead? Unfortunately we're well past that point. Now we're entering into the pure terror phase. You're up against the greatest terror organization on the face of this earth and they do know how to inflict pain. So you can fold or you can hold. Either way the game will continue and the outcome is inevitable. Nature's forces will bring the conclusion to its rightful end in spite of the greatest human power so gl to you all.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Or don't take wooden nickels from strangers. Just because you work for the Ponzi doesn't mean you can't give the sheep some words of wisdom....after all that's why I am so adored. Just look at me. How can this face lie. I'm that lovable uncle that plays Santa at Christmas for all the little kids to sit on. I'm the avuncular broker you wish you had. I'm the face that's guided you through the rough seas of the market. I've kept you warm during the chill winds of the bear winter. Now that we are entering the most dangerous period of your market existence, I'm here to help you. I've been through all of this before and I'll tell you the worst thing you can do is panic and exit the market, even in a bubble. After all what kind of market can we expect to have if the suckers aren't in the game for the boyz to dump their shares on. Like I said to Lloyd last week...this is the most spectacular bull market I've ever seen. In spite of a few negative macro details such as the 106 million working age Americans that are unemployed....or the complete collapse of our manufacturing to just a tiny fraction now of our GDP.....or the decaying infrastructure with no repair in sight....or the disastrous demographics coming with baby boomers trying to retire.....or the debt rising to a level never experienced in modern times and being artificially supported by counterfeiting.....or the total subversion of the constitution by a totalitarian state.....or a rising tax structure sure to doom any recovery.....or onerous regulation designed not to regulate but to DOMINATE small business and small banking by the giant 10 Banks that can more easily handle the thousands of pages of government regs.

  Some of you may find this type of investing advice difficult to accept from me but like I told Becky Quick last year while flying over to China......without retail investors we could never have achieved our goals of the "ultimate fleece".  Hopefully you understand that the stock market's intended purpose is for us to fleece you and we will. Resistance is futile so just relax and stay invested with us. We'll take care of you just like we've done to everyone else. MF Global, Greece, Cyprus, Madoff, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Iceland, Ireland are all one-offs so get over it and join this party......REMEMBER......its only paper...

But who prays for Satan? Who, in eighteen centuries, has had the common humanity to pray for the one sinner that needed it most? So Uncle Fester....maybe you have a chance...YLSoS
Mark Twain 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


The next step you take may be your last. Two weeks ago with the Cyprus debacle, there was a clear warning shot fired into the air for all of you to pay attention to. Until that fateful event, the uniformity and synchronized movements of the Western Central Bankers had managed to maintain the appearance of cash in the banks as a safe haven. When the decision to change course and begin confiscating the assets of people all of Bernanke's carefully crafted, four year Keynesian experiment was destroyed. Maybe you don't feel it yet but I think that a monumental change has occurred in the game. Its very obvious to anyone with math abilities above a 5th grade level that we're in a hole that is approaching infinity. More than likely the time that was needed to build the appropriate bugout bunkers and put the finishing touches on balancing assets of true value have been completed and the decision at a very high level has been made to pull the pin on the economic grenade.

Its very obvious that global pressures have been applied to a multitude of regions militarily and/or economically to create chaos. Some of you are aware of how manipulated these events are and that random events are usually an illusion for the puppeteers. Chaos and fear are tools of the trade designed to shift attention from what the right hand is doing. Always keep your eye on the money. And don't forget what money is......real money that and silver. If you have not understood the significance of that simple statement then you deserve to suffer the consequences. 

In case you weren't aware a large amount of bullion orders came into London today forcing up the spot price.....the orders were Asian but NOT the usual buyers.....these were new big orders out of Japan and caught the London market off guard. Careful thinking we may get that final cheap buy. Note what happened VERY quickly out of Japan today with a report that their QE has already worked its magic. REALLY??? And they think Jawboning like that will work on this jaded market? Maybe today, but not for long. That JBG has to be bought... Here's what ZH said about Kyle Bass today and his thoughts.

"The stress is beginning to show," Kyle Bass warns during a wide-ranging interview with Bloomberg TV. "The beginning of the end," is here for Japanese government bonds as he notes that while quantitiavely it is clear they are insolvent, "the qualitative perception of participants is changing." But away from Japan specifically, there is a lot more on the Texan's mind. "Things go from perfectly stable to completely unstable," very quickly; even more so after 20 years of exponential debt build-up and Keynesian cover-ups; and it is this that he warns complacent investors that it is "really important to think about the capital at risk in your strategy." For this reason he prefers to hold gold rather than Treasuries, as, "when you think about the largest central banks in the world, they have all moved to unlimited printing ideology. Monetary policy happens to be the only game in town. I am perplexed as to why gold is as low as it is. I don't have a great answer for you other than you should maintain a position." His discussion varies from housing's recovery to structured credit liquidity "money is being misallocated by the printing press" and the future of the GSEs, concluding with the rather ominous, "at some point in time, I would much rather would own gold than paper. I just don't know when that time is."

I think they've pulled the pin......don't expect it to just explode with one bang right away but a series of bangs and then one big boom...that big boom will make all of the doubters left know what the end game is. gl

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Contrary to the herd mentality, upward mobility is dead in its tracks, and the real movement of the middle class is now in reverse. Hopeful reversal of the 4 year job collapse was given a death knell with Friday's Jobs report. This was not a one-off. In spite of constant manipulation and "adjustments" the managed recovery suffered a devastating body blow when the CNBS pundits announced the weak numbers. Gold responded with a move up signalling that the Fed's nonsense of "ending QE" was nothing more than jawboning. If you expect the dramatic collapse to occur tomorrow as the world implodes you may be surprised to find out that collapse may take longer than a weekend to occur.  

Up until now the developed nations have managed to play ball with one another and Central banks have managed the Supercycle debt collapse remarkably well at least from a headline perspective. NOT allowing the deflationary cleansing of malinvestment and the natural movement of assets into strong hands but perpetuating the malinvestment will only accentuate the crisis when it becomes full scale. 

Many pundits have tried to pick what type of scenario will force the  debt issue over the cliff....ranging from Eurozone collapse to Japan's  Bond binge. What the Central Bank up until now did NOT want to see was Gold sending a signal to the investment community that the global printing frenzy was destroying currencies. Holding gold in its place bought them an enormous amount of time but unfortunately as stated previously there has been NO repair made to the malinvestments that have created the structural impairments stifling real economic recovery. 

The productive element of any healthy country is its middle class. The engineers, the small business owners, the welders, the architects, the scientists, the carpenters, the doctors, software developers..... you get the picture.... This is the class that's going to be crushed as we head into the final deflationary washout and the following development of cost push inflation. Make no mistake this is what you are facing. There will be no nirvana as promised by the paper magicians. There is only a price to pay. You were given as clear a signal as they will give you on had better listen. Their path was laid out in Cyprus and as their own operatives have said publicly THAT is the template they will

Thursday, April 4, 2013


You're gonna get dirty. Nothing could be more true as we play in the grand casino of the ponzi. If ever there was a fundamental case for precious medals....we've certainly had it laid out before us in ALL of its glory. But alas it was a trap that was set for the emotion of greed. Rather than take the obvious safer and smart bet of buying physical gold many in the PM trade felt that we could trade against the trend even after the casino was able to break important supports and trend lines in our miners. Hope and greed, emotions used by the masters of the casino to trap the retail money and slaughter the hapless lambs.

Breaking the morale of traders in what appeared to be a solid fundamental bet on the PM equities was always the target of the market makers and their bosses. How could one not see the bullish case for precious metals with money being printed by the Trillions around the world. With the collapse of the rule of law and literally the SACRED TRUST in Banking (see MFG, Cypress etc) one could see the rocket ship of gold and silver take off into the stratosphere. I cannot say that I expected this long or severe a beatdown to the miners but I was warned AND I prepared myself months ago for just such an event.

I assumed that ANY paper was a liability and to be used only for what it is a vehicle for the easy/legal transfer of real assets/real money eg. gold, silver. As more brilliant traders than I have repeatedly "its very difficult to time markets". You may succeed many times but more than likely your are going to be burned. That is why I never have played leverage in this market. The market is designed to TAKE your money. I have to believe VERY strongly in a trade to hang on if I'm caught too far on one side of a trade and the PM trade was an easy target for the corrupt oligarchs. You may argue the reasons they are destroying the miners but its not that important really. I have no interest in selling my shares. If I did sell it sure as hell would not be to have more "fiat". We're in the endgame and its closing down fast on us. Bragdaccio proclaiming the Fed dominance and supposed omnipotence may give you solace but there are rules that cannot be broken and they are Laws of Nature. Violating those laws will earn you the wrath of nature and unfortunately all of us are in that path right now so even if my PM trade becomes successful I will most likely lose much more than "wealth" in the end.....I consider my Freedom, my morals, and my children's future in a fascist country much more tragic..... gl to those of you that believe in the tooth're going to need luck.

Years later, reflecting on the major banks’ control in Washington, President Franklin Roosevelt paid this indirect praise to his distant predecessor President Andrew Jackson, who had “killed” the 2nd Bank of the US (an earlier type of the Federal Reserve System). After Jackson’s administration the bankers’ influence was gradually restored and increased, culminating in the passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Roosevelt knew this history.
The real truth of the matter is,as you and I know, that a financial
element in the large centers has owned the government ever since
the days of Andrew Jackson… -Franklin D. Roosevelt 
(in a letter to Colonel House, dated November 21, 1933)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Yesterday April 1...but where...not at your local  Apple store.
The game is nearing its final phase  and evil is afoot. The Cypriot fuse is lit and your rules of the game have been given. To ignore the rules of the game is to admit your ignorance and expose yourself to the beast. Their weapons against you are fear and ignorance. Greed was your lure into darkness now become aware or become carrion. You may become a casualty, but nature one way or another will have her justice with evil. NO power overcomes nature.
How about here? do you know was yesterday too

I hope all of you enjoyed today's demonstration of your paper masters. They've owned you for many centuries as they've developed their power.If you believe the best way to protect you and your family is to buy paper assets then of course you must do what you feel is best. I have paper assets in miners that my main concern is not whether they give me a tremendous return, but whether ANY paper asset has any value in the coming reckoning. Of course some may think this game will have a more mundane conclusion than some of the doomsayers have predicted. No one knows the answer, but if you think this supercycle ends wth a whimper then my hope is with your scenario, its not what I am seeing.  

Stock market general equities are up but precious metals were punished. Truthfully this is really not your concern. Your freedom, your dignity, your health, your humanity is being traded now. Most of you feel it, but you feel helpless. Don't.....You have more power than you believe. You have your awareness and you have a voice. gl