Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Trying to even make a unique post to describe the unbelievable sequence of recent events becomes an exercise complete futility. Its getting old. Its groundhog day endlessly. Watching CNBS pundits has become a virtual comedy act with the participants trying to maintain straight faces while describing the latest faux statistics and attempting their positive spins.  Daily descriptions of a slowly recovering economy are followed by real world collapses in virtually every important ingredient composing our lives. Belief in anything now is called into question, yet the entire ponzi continues to operate due to the most unholy alliances of governments and private banks the world has ever seen. It truly defies gravity. Nature's laws seem to be only a speed bump for this game.

I look at facts like Cyprus. Factually anyone with over 100K in a banks lost virtually everything above that number......with little hope of ever seeing it returned. You look at the outright theft occurring throughout the financial system and you realize its like a cancer that is metastasizing faster and faster. There is nothing to stop it. There is no therapeutic agent that's even slowing it down....its just spreading across the globe sucking the life out of the unaware hosts. Its doing it through unseen ways with debasement of currencies that are slowly bleeding the most vulnerable to death without them even realizing they are being killed. Its not only is killing the most vulnerable but it weakening the strongest members of the free market through a variety of mechanisms. Just the worsening of malinvestment alone is enough to destroy our future by violating nature's law of economics which allows the "strongest" to take over the management of an overleveraged bust. NOT this least NOT yet. The cancer just keeps growing.

I watch the fragility of the host wondering where the tipping point is. Now we don't even print money or trade paper stock share certificates. Everything is a key stroke. You have NOTHING that verifies your "ownership" if it becomes "lost" digitally in hyperspace. You think this can't happen? Did you not see what a "flash crash" looks like? Its not "money" its "magic". You don't get it do you? The ultimate counterfeiting machine is now in the hands of the psychopaths.....they can make you believe you have money with just a keystroke........and they can take it all away with the same a nanosecond. We are so vulnerable and we're just sitting there blissfully thinking the merry-go-round will never stop. When it does an awful lot of "Cypriots" are going to crying. was just air anyway. When that realization comes there will be a rush for REAL value. It doesn't just have to be PMs but its safe to say that this will be ONE of the primary recipients of Nature's Law. Enjoy the game....its a Dooozy!!! gl


  1. Ya gotta love Matt Taibbi: If only...

  2. Thanks for sharing sister. Taibbi is one of my favorite columnists. He's one of the few that will call a spade a spade.

  3. KLI: I see you mention Nature's Law quite often. Do you have any good book recommendations on the subject?

    Thanks. Jay

  4. gives you a start

  5. simply said and JUST what I believe. He is a big hitter and NOT a gold bug$65_Billion_Discusses_Action_In_Gold.html

  6. OT but fits right in with everything else going on today.......

    All an illusion including what we eat and we wonder why we are so fat and there is an epidemic of diabities amongst young adults and children

  7. I found this from a poster on the Keystone Speculator site. Obviously, this is just his/her opinion so do at your own DD.

    Basically, this individual feels that two pivots will occur in May. The dates & market levels are as follows:

    May 7-8 (S&P 1614)--then down to 1544-1555

    May 18-25 (S&P 1621-1647)--then down to 1460-1485. Bottom to occur around 6/18. Suggested closing short positions by 6/15 +/- 3 days

    Then after the bottom in June, up we go with new highs coming until 9-10/2013.

    I know Inlet has been busy, but maybe when he gets a chance, he can see how his cycle work corresponds with these dates.

  8. Equities are skyrocketing!! KLI was serious when he said to invest in AAPL. I thought it was just a joke.

  9. 10-year up 0.12! Wow what a crazy trading day.

  10. I think we need more quantitative easing, it's quite clear that this market is in trouble.

    1. You're in a market that is so artificial that the pumpers are now unable to keep a straight face. Its going over a cliff and everyone is pressing on the accelerator....Ben has no choice but to give it the gas

  11. ZH today
    Most people seem to viscerally recognize that the absence of an immediate crisis does not mean we will not eventually face one. They are wary of believing promises by those who failed to predict previous crises in housing and in highly leveraged financial institutions.

    They regard with skepticism those who don't accept that we have a debt problem, or insist that inflation will remain under control. (Indeed, they know inflation is not well under control, for they know how far the purchasing power of a dollar has dropped when they go to the supermarket or service station.)

    They are pretty sure they are not getting reasonable value from the taxes they pay.

    When an economist tells them that growing the nation's debt over the past 12 years from $6 trillion to $16 trillion is not a problem, and that doubling it again will still not be a problem, this simply does not compute. They know the trajectory we are on.

    When politicians claim that this tax increase or that spending cut will generate trillions over the next decade, they are properly skeptical over whether anyone can truly know what will happen next year, let alone a decade or more from now.

    They are wary of grand bargains that kick in years down the road, knowing that the failure to make hard decisions is how we got into today's mess. They remember that one of the basic principles of economics is scarcity, which is a powerful force in their own lives.

    They know that a society's wealth is not unlimited, and that if the economy is so fragile that the government cannot allow failure, then we are indeed close to collapse. For if you must rescue everything, then ultimately you will be able to rescue nothing.

    They also know that the only reason paper money, backed not by anything tangible but only a promise, has any value at all is because it is scarce. With all the printing, the credibility of our entire trust-based monetary system will be increasingly called into question.

    And when you tell the populace that we can all enjoy a free lunch of extremely low interest rates, massive Fed purchases of mounting treasury issuance, trillions of dollars of expansion in the Fed's balance sheet, and huge deficits far into the future, they are highly skeptical not because they know precisely what will happen but because they are sure that no one else--even, or perhaps especially, the policymakers—does either.


  12. Jay, Kli and all--Lest we forget: "When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one People to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the Powers of the Earth, the separate and equal Station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them..." Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776.

  13. Certainly no inflation. Just got my ad valorem tax bill for 2013. I feel blessed - it was only a 7.8% increase from last year. Last year it was over 9% - surely they jest:) JD.



  16. from Jim Sinclair's site

    Continental Bank would take deposits, but it would make no loans, unlike most current banks that are built on a model of lending out far more money than they actually have on hand.
    Taking it a step further, customers who don’t trust government-issued currency may some day be able to keep their deposits in the form of gold and other precious metals that they could tap for everyday purchases. That idea is in keeping with Mr. Sprott’s musings about chequing accounts backed by precious metals – customers could deposit gold, then make purchases by cheque and have their accounts debited accordingly.

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  18. from my last post on the other thread..

    Kil said Joe wanted this talked about..

    when to through someone under the bus..LOL

    well folks I have my house in order.....100%

    what I am talking about is people who will or can not wake up to what is going on in the world

    I tried to get them to buy gold at 400-----500---600$.....I was look at as a nut

    I tried to get them into silver at $5.00

    they looked at me as part of the problem.....because I did not spend

    they have so mush crap in the car port their cars will not fit.....they have to park the cars in the street.

    their attic is so full they can not get to the heater for service....yes in the south heaters are in the attic

    in all of that crap.....they spend 300 a month for a storage unit down the street...but they can not pay the gas bill

    so the question is.....when they will not help themselves.....why should I

    is this ego

    1. Paladin,

      The good Lord helps those that helps themselves, so I've been told....

      I have personally been in two situations where I in fact was enabling family by not demanding remedial action on their part, however we all have our lines in the sand and in both cases they crossed mine and I ceased being an ATM much to their displeasure! I am always willing to help those in need BUT if their behavior that got them into the mess in the first place is not altered I will not be of any financial assistance to them.

      It is similar to councling active alcoholics no matter how hard you try if the person is not willing and ready there's nothing any one can do!

      So in those cases where there is not a willingness, I don't get involved but I do explain that I will be there for them when they are ready .......

  19. No paladin, it's common sense which is sorely lacking in our society...on the other end, $1000 for a gold sprinkled mint julip at the Derby today. And try buying gold or silver at spot...GL everyone.

  20. FWIW, here's M. Armstrong's computer forecast for gold:

    Looks like the model has been right in 2013 so look for a bump up in '14. Jim Rogers agrees with this timeframe.

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