Sunday, June 30, 2013


 Sure, I've heard all the rumors of gold and silver's demise, and why not??? From the past one year's slaughter of this trade the voices of skeptics only grows louder. What ever happened to the past eleven years of gold and silver's move? Just an aberrant move? Why is actual physical gold and silver being bought in record amount while the U.S. mint has to shut down silver Eagle bullion coin sales? Answer it. 

WHY is India doing everything it can to stop Indians from importing gold. BECAUSE THEY HAVE A BALANCE OF TRADE/PAYMENTS ISSUE?  That is absurd..... It makes NO SENSE. What does make sense is the Western Central Banks are leaking gold bullion like a 57 Chevy leaked oil and they have a VERY heavy influence on what India tells one of the largest citizen buyers of physical gold in the world. 

So I suppose massive bullion banks like ABN Amro telling clients publicly they must settle their bullion accounts in cash is a ruse to entice weak hands into the physical market....and when there are massive paper short sales during the weakest time periods of the precious metals market that is simply liquidation by some "weak hands" because THAT is when weak hand liquidate to obtain their best prices.

Can Bernanke continue to confound the precious metals trade? ABSOLUTELY!! That is exactly what he must do to protect the game of counterfeiting. Will it go on indefinitely as some seem to think? You know my opinion on that. There is one thing I am certain of with this game. Leopards never change their spots and rats WILL jump off of sinking ships. The fiat system runs on CONfidence and THAT train is leaving town fast. Bernanke NOT going to Jackson Hole is monumental....There is a breakdown inside the casino. Their top  Faro dealer is leaving the table and he should have made his last bow at Wyoming. 

I don't blame a soul for leaving the paper market and wish I had converted to physical and taken the tax losses/penalties in late 2011, but woulda coulda and shoulda are great predictors of losers so I'll stay with my strategy and hope that the system holds together.......but just remember....there has NEVER been an experiment REMOTELY resembling the mathematical model the boyz are trying to juggle. When the balls start to get dropped, it will happen fast and furious and you won't have time to move. gl 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


This is what will take the whole game back to a new reset. It has to. They need an "event".  I've noticed this term slipping into many articles recently. It refers to an unforeseen event or an act of nature.....something that could not have been prevented. Legally it is used to break contracts between two parties, essentially dissolving liability that would have occurred. Are you beginning to get the picture?  Just think what "two party" issues could be lurking out there with grave consequences for the financial powers that could be erased with an "act of God"......or at least an act of someone. A very large derivative boat is out there with counter-party risk that is mathematically impossible to resolve.......unless.....we have the "Force Majeure"..... 

Diabolical isn't it? We talk about nature's solution to the violation of her law, but did you ever consider that its this very type of "event" that could provide the cover for the legal disposition and reset of the entire ponzi.........poof!! We couldn't have seen it hit us out of the had to be done to save the could such a disaster to our people have been stopped........etc etc.  There are multiple scenarios that could be on the horizon to trigger the sequence of cleansing mechanisms to reset the World's financial machine and it doesn't necessarily exclude the same Wizard operating behind the curtain continuing to be in charge of the ponzi. So you see, there is a method to the madness and for that matter the " paranoia" of many that follow this force of darkness that moves from century to century molding the proles into the empty vessels for their pleasure.

We will need something big. Really big. gl all

Sunday, June 23, 2013


Everyone has an opinion on Edward Snowden's disclosure of the NSA domestic surveillance program. Maybe you think he is a hero. Maybe you believe he at least violated the law. Maybe you think like the government that he is guilty of espionage and deserves the death penalty. I've watched his interviews and had a chance to observe his body language, voice, and cadence so that I might decide whether his revelations are truthful OR that they may have another agenda involved. I had doubt before I heard and saw his interviews that he may be a provocateur etc. In my opinion he is the real deal and I can only admire his courage and ethics which are far beyond my own.  When I listen to David Gregory and the rest of the MSM hacks try to butcher this patriot with their dwindling but still potent propaganda machine, I react with sadness. Sadness for Snowden, but even more sadness for the Billions of young families, and children out there that will have to live under this totalitarian state and its coming impact on the entire world. The cycle of life has a number of laws that cannot be violated without a profound backlash and it appears that the country we refer to as a free republic/democracy has reached a level of ABSURDITY of epic proportions. 

I have tried to point out over the years how our monetary and economic system requires CONfidence as the mainstay in holding it together and allowing it to operate in a fiat/digital world. Unfortunately on the way to the Forum, the fiat/digital game was just too tempting to fear and greed. Levering up the world's liquidity to factors over 100 and derivatives that are now approaching 2 Quadrillion leave any semblance of a solid economic future in shambles. We had a chance to restore CONfidence early in 2009, but a road "more traveled" instead was chosen in spite of our vote for "change". I believe that the only growth in this country going forward will be to "maintain the state". You can draw your own conclusion on that statement.

When you have an individual like Snowden step forward that rocks the Ponzi world then you need to recognize that unless he is stopped then other "truth tellers" just might find the courage to step forward and begin to unwind the matrix. This cannot be allowed in a psychopathic Orwellian matrix. Snowden must be made an example of. JUST LIKE Manning he must be broken and broken VERY publicly. THAT is how evil thinks. Will this happen? Maybe, but right now there are some forces fighting for him and there are Sovereigns that recognize they are targets of this system that is fighting for World dominance. So when you see guys like Chomsky and Greenwald getting ripped apart and threatened by hacks like Gregory you know that we're in the end stages of 1984. 
gl all and I hope you're waking up  so "see something, say something"

“Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly.” 
― Mahatma Gandhi

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


The statement from the Benmeister was expected with a market that is overheated and threatening to blow to bubble proportions. With the continued unabated QE promised Ben has to start jawboning the market down and pull some air out of the bubble. Unfortunately he encountered some leaks in the balloon that he may not have anticipated. The bond bubble started pooping er popping too. Gold and silver responded according to plan with weakness and anyone lucky enough to have fiat picked up some bargain priced physical precious metals. Ben's plan was to stall for time with QE and to let a badly wounded economy recover. 

Here is the problem with "Ben's plan". First of all its not Ben's plan. He just thought it was his plan. Ben takes orders from the owners of the private Federal Reserve, and herein lies the conflict for Ben. Whether he thought he could see his QE to infinity could be continued to its conclusion doesn't really matter now......his replacement will usher in the next stage of the Supercycle collapse when he leaves in January 2014.  The issue has ALWAYS been what his masters intended for him to do and now what they intend his replacement to do. Look at this from there perspective. These are the masters of the Universe. Owners of dozens of very large international banks and major corporations. A very small group of people worth individually TRILLIONS, working behind the scenes as puppetmasters moving the chess pieces through the decades and centuries. 

Do you believe they are going to push the money printing into a blow off hyperinflationary collapse? Would that benefit them? Would erasing massive amounts of debt through a hyperinflationary currency debasement benefit their enormous debt holdings? Why do you think "bail-ins" suddenly appeared this year in Cyprus? What does that tell you? Why would this even be entertained given the money printing to that point? Think about massive continued money printing indefinitely and the impact this would have on these holders of all the wealth in the world. 

Don't be deluded by the naysayers that claim gold only performs well in inflationary environments. It performs very well in hard down deflationary collapse. Its the fear trade. They may do this through many methods including using a diversionary event while true austerity is imposed on a clueless population. Nothing like fear to stimulate the senses AWAY from the bankers. Make no mistake, a wash, rinse, repeat is coming..... gl all

Sunday, June 16, 2013


For many of us the "recovery" as it is called on many mainstream media outlets defies logic, yet in many areas of this country there are indeed full restaurants and shopping centers.......or is there? The answer is more complicated than yes or no.  Our country transitioned decades ago from a producing/manufacturing based economy to a banking/consumer based economy. This economy was based on the creation of LIQUIDITY. In other words counterfeiting fiat dollars that would slosh to the far corners of the world because of the petrodollar/reserve currency. This is where it gets diabolical...... Imagine if you had reached a point in time where you indeed recognized that you didn't have to "work". That you didn't have to "produce" your crop. That you could just stay home and print your "money" and buy your crops and your "previously manufactured" goods from another source that would "accept" your newly printed money. 

Of course we could go into the reasons why they would accept this "money" such as your massive military and its accompanying technological prowess that was derived from years of concentrated research by the country's greatest minds. Meanwhile we continued the promise of our population unending pensions, retirement healthcare coverage, Social Security, Medicaid for the poor, unending police, fire, ambulance service with THEIR early comfortable retirements, Military retirement benefits for two decades of service for enlisted men that approach six figures (counting health care), colonels and generals making WAY over 100K in total benefits. Promises, promises, made by politicians and accepted without questioning but with the wink and a nod by the recipients that this "system" needed to protected by them in spite of all of its warts and in spite of the mathematical facts that showed it was nothing but a ponzi now. The corruption this produced has now permeated into every level of society including the peeps themselves. 

Was it always a ponzi as many like to say? I would say perhaps but mathematically it was "possible" at one time to provide limited services and pensions but that was not what transpired with the WASH, RINSE, REPEAT game that is our Central Banker's game. Preying on human nature is an age old ploy and fear and greed are as predictable as night and day for the Masters of the Universe. They view humans as bugs and have no respect for their lives. They do not view themselves as human nor do they view themselves for what they have become......psychopaths. They are the "grand planners"...."the World's Power Elite". After centuries of consolidating power and the paranoia that accompanies it only one term accurately describes them......psychopaths. Recognizing this reality probably does not afford one any great advantage, but it does allow you to see the end game more clearly.

Everything that is occurring now is accelerating linearly. That means the "time is running out". There is a day of reckoning approaching and its NOT five or seven years down the road. Yes, the restaurants are full in some areas that have benefited from the endless fiat printing and yes the constant Media cacophony that everything is better and "recovering" soothes the frazzled psyche, but the opposite is underway. No one would love to be more wrong than I. I have benefited from the extension of printed money personally as much as anyone and wish it would continue indefinitely. The printed/digital fiat is now draining the developing world of its lifeblood and that's very destabilizing. The "East" knows the end game and is very patient. Don't expect to get a warning when they pull the plug. That will be when the real fireworks begin.... gl

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I thought it might be nice to to put a title up that you could spell to search "images" of. I considered posting some of the more "select" images but for those of you that seek truth, I suggest you look at the image search yourself. One sidenote, the uncensored images are the ones you need to look at as opposed to the mainstream images you have seen already. Compare these images to the picture I did post and tell me which images are worse. 

After World War II the victors held court on the atrocities committed by the Axis powers, primarily the Nazis. One of the principle tenants of the defense was they were just soldiers taking their orders. This defense didn't work out so well for most of the defendants and was settled for many with a length of rope around their necks. I know this was a long time ago for some of you and the scrapheap of memories is one that ethics in particular winds up on, when nationalism is concerned. However one of the commentaries here recently, reminded me of just how many of the most heinous atrocities committed against humanity can be ignored by humanity as long as those committing these atrocities remain in power. In other words Churchill once said  "History is written by the victors".....and another scholar added later... "and if you ain't in that club then you ain't shit." 

Apparently many humans take this latter quote to heart and try and convince themselves they picked the winner and are in the club. They can remain silent while torture, rape, and brutal killings occur under the umbrella of patriotism, or "keeping us safe", or they're subhuman, or their God isn't our God, or they're evil and we aren' know the drill. Remember those long lines of thousands of German citizens made to walk by the bodies of thousands of starved, dead Jews after the concentration camps were liberated. How many guards, and SS soldiers were hung for the complicity in these atrocities? How many were hunted and killed or captured for years and years after WWII? Did their fear haunt them or were they sociopaths till the end of their lives? I wonder when they looked in the mirror years later did they still believe they were only obeying orders. When they closed their eyes and it was dark did the demons come?  Did the soldiers that had shot children with their submachine guns still see the little bodies crying for their mommies with their last breaths? Did they still see the faces of the Juda children lying lifeless looking up from the mass graves they had fallen into?  Did they even look at those babies? Was there remorse for their evil or did they rationalize it by their hatred for the Jewish "demons" as they grew older or by "just taking orders"? I don't have any of those answers, maybe you do.

Maybe we can rationalize all of that evil by saying that Hitler was responsible for it....or that his cadre of diabolically evil top SS officers were the "main" cause. I guess one can find various forms of responsibility beyond ones own actions to bear the guilt for those actions. Its called "rationalizing evil".

This thread will end with this thought. I really don't have any certainty what happens after our deaths on this planet. I know that many of us will die a very slow and painful death and will have a lot of time to think about our prior actions. Some of us will exit this planet very mercifully and suddenly. I do know that most of you believe in a hereafter. I personally don't know what awaits me after death but I find it amazing that someone that believes in a hereafter really believes that violating nature's law hold no eternal damnation for them. That somehow slaughtering truly innocent human beings (not to mention torturing etc.) can be rationalized to a higher God or whatever is waiting for you in the hereafter. The ultimate justice may just be waiting for you after you thought you "got away with it" thought you made 

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Sunday, June 9, 2013


Or is there a gold lining?
The scorched earth policy continues for the precious metals trade. New longs convinced to jump on the most recent "bottom" with leveraged positions were slaughtered by the Friday ambush. Running their stops was like shooting fish in a barrel for the boyz. More importantly bullion buying was very strong but an undercurrent of desperation by the Central bankers is evident with capital controls now showing up in many areas to blunt the bullion accumulation. India instituted restrictions on accumulation of gold bullion as did France by stopping the shipment of all forms of gold through the mail. Things are reaching a critical stage if you're trying to find a way to preserve your wealth. Do you time the market and try to ride out the last 10%? Do you go to cash and have a 1930s bank holiday and overnite devaluation of say....50%? Do you own physical bullion and have it in some form confiscated by either direct confiscation or an indirect form of confiscation through capital controls or taxation? Let's not even talk about bonds...Bill Gross squawks enough for all of us on that bizzarro world. 

We have truly entered the Twilight Zone. I feel like owning General equities here is playing Russian Roulette with a revolver that has 5 bullets in the chamber. I think with one empty chamber its going to be an uphill battle to win unless I get to go second. Friday was just another repeat of all the other NFP Fridays and should surprise no one. I will admit that watching just how efficient the slaughters are gives me a sick admiration of the cabal and just how diabolical they are. It "almost" makes me want to be on their side until I stop and look at the "other" headlines they are responsible for. Active military conflicts in over 70 countries currently. Tens of thousands of civilians as casualties this year alone and NO main stream media coverage. The entire Middle East in collapse with the exception of a few countries whose dictators we receive complete cooperation from in countries like Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Of course our use of special ops to help these governments to violently quell their opposition goes unreported on our media. We have truly entered the Twilight Zone.

We're still trying to decide what the metals are going to do. Short term EVERYONE is convinced the cartel will hammer the headline gold and silver price short term....maybe even new lows. It still does NOT matter to me. Just because they're on the short trade does not mean that they won't turn this on a dime. Remember its a Twilight Zone and their game is WASH RINSE REPEAT. gl and sorry if your ass needs an ice pack......

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Turkey police firing tear gas on violent women? She must be carrying a Kate Spade purse.
No sense in beating a dead horse but we are getting boxed into a corner here. Disappointments in top line AND bottom line earnings in bellweather stocks and headline job and other data points are starting to reach a tsunami level. Maybe one can argue this is an exaggerated interpration of the data, but I disagree. This does not mean I believe "the crash" is emminent.  I've mentioned over the last several months that World economies slid off the cliff and now even the government's massaged data is indicating it. Friday's job data may show ANYTHING, but you have too many data points that tell you things have taken a decidedly deflationary move now. There will be NO dialing back on QE ....EVEN IF they announce a slight tapering. That would be only to try and create an illusion the economy is improving and would in reality be nothing more than a publicity stunt.

Many of us have been dismayed by the constant drumbeat of recovery and the rising stock prices, but we should not be surprised. This has been the game plan for almost five years now. The choice was made in late 2008 to avoid Depression and replace it with a long slog of stagflation and PRAY.  Meanwhile, the underlying foundation of our economy is in severe decline with no plan set to begin repairing it. Instead they chose NEGLECT, in other words... malinvestment has been perpetuated by the strategy of monetizing the debt and using the media to create CONfidence in the system. This strategy has done NOTHING for the TENS OF MILLIONS of newly created job holders at virtually minimum wage, that once had jobs paying three and four times as much. Instead they are now in households living under the poverty line with TWO wage earners.

Many of you don't see this in your own sectors of Amerika but in there are many areas where this exists in spades. Before you read further ask yourself what composes the economy in your area? Imagine if I told you six years ago that over 50% of Americans would be listed below the poverty line...OR that 107 million Americans of job age would NOT HAVE A JOB. Sure there are some distortions from the shadow economy, but the actual numbers are tragic. You may not be seeing it first hand but its there in many areas of this country and VERY visible in many European Countries in the southern tier. Breakdown in social order is accelerating and can swamp the attempt to prop up the Eurozone unless the technocrats begin to monetize the trouble zones. Again this will only be temporizing as the central planners play the game of musical chairs.

Back to Amerika.... there are many states and areas within states that have been left for dead. They are designated as expendable or even worse, they are designated "sacrifice zones". They are 90% poverty now and before you jump to the conclusion its non-white areas, I want to tell you it crosses all races and ethnicities. Its a controlled demolition of this country's fabric with selected areas that are designated to least for now. Without being too cynical....I'll give you one example.......defense. This sector of the economy is huge and must be preserved for the money men to maintain World control AND local control of the populace. As social order breaks down there must be control of the populace and local police will not suffice. They will be easily overwhelmed and the military will be increasingly moved back into the states for control of our local populace. Its central command provides a more reliable control for the bankers. This is what breakdown looks like. In the picture above the Turkish woman provides you a snapshot that a thousand words could never do justice to in describing what marshal law entails. 

Lastly, many of you may think I am urging this coming resolution and looking forward to it. NOT at all. In fact if we get what I think is a middle of the road scenario then this country will not be recognizable in 7 years. If we get a worse case scenario then all bets are off. gl

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Dissemination of information through the internet does not pose a direct threat to the Ponzi, but it does provide obstacles for them to overcome. In the past the investment community was virtually only Wall Street insiders and "all the rest". All the rest were the sheeple that invested through a variety of methods including mutual funds and longer term individual accounts. They relied upon news letters, and the mainstream news channels for their guidance. These avenues of information were easily controlled as was the market. Technology provided not only obstacles for the boyz but it also provided opportunity. They were able to distort the markets with mathematical leverage vehicles called derivatives. These were impossible to quantify for risk and hidden from the public through a variety of means.  There was always going to be a day of reckoning. The true power that resides within the walls of the homes above knew very well the eventual price of breaking nature's law, and they knew WHO would pay the price. Do you think they sold their gold and hard assets? On the other side of that question, WHO do you think was on the receiving end of the Fort Knox gold.....or the British gold sale at gold's bottom. Those were very large amounts of gold and tracking their movements "should" be easy. It would be diabolical to believe someone has planned these events decades in advance, as though their is some predictability to economic cycles.

Unfortunately or fortunately....depending on your point of view...human behavior is VERY predictable and has been used to "manipulate" markets for hundreds of years. The emotions of greed and fear are as easily molded as a sculptor's clay for the money men. Its almost so predictable that a software program could do perhaps an algorithmic model designed to fleece the peeps on nanosecond levels and beyond. AND the beauty of it is that its all legal.

Money.....what is it anymore? Is it paper? Is it digital? Can it be in your retirement account statement and "virtually disappeared" by either a keystroke or legislative declaration? Is it really money if it exists only in hyperspace? Think about this statement. If CONfidence is all that stands behind fiat. AND the ability to erase fiat can be done NOW with a keystroke....WHAT is the public going to do at some point in time when they realized this? Do you believe that hard assets just might have a future in this digital world? I wonder.

What will happen when bail INS and MF Globals occur again? Is there a tipping point? Will CONfidence be maintained OR is that even the endpoint for them? Perhaps the Wash Rinse Repeat cycle is the goal? Surely