Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Sometime's there is a sense that something is wrong and sometime its right out there in front of you and you still don't see it. This site and many others give you opinion AND facts that allow you to see just how critically important it is to hone your own skills in evaluating the economy that is being monetized to give you an impression that "things are normal" and we are recovering. Its analogous to walking down Market street in San Francisco with all the homeless on the sidewalks and while passing a lady with no teeth and two full bags of clothes in tow....."how's your day?"  Maybe you're just tone deaf.....maybe you're oblivious to your environment.......maybe you just don't care about anything other than yourself.......but its "no matter" to doesn't directly effect you, therefore YOU don't need to concern yourself. Here is an excerpt from a big money manager that is beginning to question our current "recovery".  

"The recent trading environment has felt something like walking into a place and having a sense that something is wrong and dangerous but not knowing exactly what will happen or when." Paul Singer isn't a "gold bug". He doesn't live in bunker. He's a realist and he manages a very large amount of money for people and he knows the math just doesn't work out for us.

Welcome to the matrix. Welcome to the Land of Oz. Maybe Paul Singer reads "doom and gloom" blogs. Maybe he is just one of those self-hating "glass half full" guys that likes to frighten people. There's no reason to bring up statistics for some people when they have both hands over their ears and a chanting nananananananana. 

If they have a three car garage and a Beemer, then things really can't be that bad. They don't work three part time jobs and their wife make ends meet for two kids.....while balancing a mortgage on a house that's 150K underwater on its purchase price. No....for them life is good and for everyone else......"you're on your own". After all, if you can convince yourself the matrix is reality then everything else makes perfect sense.

You have no idea of the atrocities this game has committed (Do they Red?) and I am not referring to economic atrocities and you will always be lost in the matrix.......THAT is the game.

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Its Nature......Its the limitation......Its real and its time is approaching. Its Au. Its an element in nature and its supply is not much as the fiat world would like you to believe it to be. Its poor cousin Ag, is more plentiful in nature, but it too has limits above ground due to constant consumption over the years from a variety of industrial uses. Both have the certain qualities in common such as their use over thousands of years as money and a falling ore grade that bodes well for their future. They have always served as stores of wealth and will continue to do so. Its just that now they serve as a threat to the Western fiat system. They serve as a proverbial canary in the coal mine for CONfidence so their headline price is being suppressed. Its not that fiat is going to be replaced by gold or silver, its just that CONfidence in a countries fiat needs to be restored before true economic recovery can begin taking place. I want to take a different slant on the manipulation right here, however. Rather than point a finger at the manipulators and cry foul, I would like to point out that it is still a trade between two players. The West and their fiat allies...and all the rest. So do have a real trade. It may be the West has control of the paper trade right now, but this is at a dear cost as the "other side" of the trade furiously takes possession of physical gold. The ultimate loser in the trade will not be the top of the pyramid as one might think, but it will be the Western sovereigns that have had their gold looted keeping the fiat ponzi alive for the top of the pyramid. In other words your wealth is being shipped overseas everyday and you don't even know it. Germany knows it.

Just look around at what is happening objectively. India, China, and Russia just to mention a few, are accumulating gold and silver at record levels, yet the paper price is down severely over the past two years. How can that be? Its because there are two sides to this trade as there should be... a paper side and a physical side....and ultimately which side do you think will win? Do you really believe that thousands of years of bullion holding its purchasing power and hundreds of years of ALL fiat currencies eventually debasing to zero will somehow be "different this time"?  Maybe you do believe that, but rest assured the smart money doesn't believe that. Its never "different this time"........those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it...

Money is moving hard now into stores of value. Fertile farmland, classic art, classic cars......all heading into the stratosphere in prices. And the ultimate store of and silver albeit throttled temporarily is building a spring load of power for its next move. So thank your masters and take advantage of this move. They already have their preparations made. Is this the apocalypse coming? Who really knows? I'm very uncomfortable with the obvious looming "day of reckoning", but if we get what I hope to be the "best case scenario" a tough but relatively soft landing and reset.....then our brokerage accounts will stay intact and Wall Street will make it through the smoke and miners will soar with gold and silver. If we get a true doomers scenario ...........then all bets are off and I really have more priorities than miners, gold, and silver. AND THAT is why I am in this trade. gl

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


The Law of Nature makes it clear that the Alpha member of a species will dominate the social hierarchy. The market will also obey the Law of Nature and its Alpha Gold and silver are real money and you will find NO evidence in history of a fiat currency surviving. They all have a finite existence and Gold and silver have always been real money, no matter how hard the fiat system tries to contain them. In fact, the fiat masters know this principle very well, and have always held massive quantities of metals in they still do today. When is the dominant beast of the market going to reassert itself is only speculation now, but its arrival is definite and denial is a fool's game. You may believe as some of you certainly have a right to believe, that the Cabal can almost indefinitely postpone this showdown, but we are talking a very small time in the overall scheme of time before the Law of Inevitability takes over. Just as a Beta male understands that he can only step within a specific range the Cabal knows the limits of their game with Nature and always has their contingencies carefully planned for the Day of Reckoning. Only the lowest members of the feeding order will play within the range of Nature's final cleaning. The weakest and most vulnerable will reap the wind.
Time is now your enemy if you are in that category and if you have used your time wisely, then time may become your friend. One thing is certain, you only control a limited amount of variables and life's precious resources were never yours only. Enjoy the fruits and be sure to share. 

Metals may still be in the process of making a higher low ......or they may just be trying to shake out the last of the stubborn long leaves. Maybe Budfox will get his sub-1000 gold. I hope so from a selfish standpoint but if you watch the Rickards video below, you will see what I believe that number would entail. Keep in mind....NO ONE outside of the cabal......and maybe even the cabal doesn't know when the wind changes and blows an ill wind for the unprepared......its inevitable. watch 1365 and have a great Autumn.......Winter is coming and nothing will stop it. gl

Sunday, October 20, 2013


And the power is at the very top. Benefit further down the pyramid will come into question as the 120 year Supercycle plays out. The maintenance of the game requires sacrifice and its strength depends upon its base. Sacrifice will always occur at its base, but the weakness of the system is ALSO at its base. For the power to grow, the base must expand and we are at that point now, that is known as the proverbial "rock and a hard place". We've sacrificed and squeezed the base for the survival of the power and in turn the system. We've created an expansion of the biggest bank's reserves, while draining the "reserves" of the base. Instead of deleveraging the base, we've piled more debt on many different levels of the base in a desperate effort to break out of essentially flatline velocity of money. 

I had an opportunity to visit with several bankers recently and realized just how rings within rings is effectively used to control the system. What impressed me was just how compartmentalized their information is. These weren't bankers from small firms, but from the very top of the pyramid. They weren't going to leak any secrets, but they did reveal some very interesting attitudes. Several were very angry at the Republicans for the recent shutdown. I was fascinated they actually believed the Republicans were responsible for initiating the shutdown. They were also fearful the Fed may begin withdrawing QE sooner than late. When I brought up the possibility of the Ten Year hitting breaking over 3% and forcing Yellen cough up 120 Billion/ month to keep the rates controlled they were caught off guard and seemed to have not considered that as a possibility at all. Mind you now...... they represented some very prominent firms. I did find it interesting that one of them talked about a mutual friend of theirs (once again at a prominent firm) that was going very far off the elite path with a doomsday scenario and was taking steps by preparing for it with guns, gold, and grub. They did not know I was in the same camp. These were all Yale, Harvard, and Wharton boyz......and going into the three Gs is indeed eyebrow raising in their circles. But it illustrates once again rings within rings within rings. 

Back to our trade. No indication with certainty anything has changed, but every day that goes by is a further depletion of physical silver and gold from the West. More sand leaks out of the West's hourglass and the day of reckoning. gl

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Consider yourself cooked. Like a finely executed dish, the government demonstrated just how artificial the entire system is. If anyone had any doubts that every minute detail is choreographed, then they were not paying attention to the recent events as played out by all the actors according to script. You heard the minute by minute plays called by the presstitutes on CNBS and others as they screamed how terrible the behavior the the Republipukes was trying to prevent the debt ceiling from being raised. Then today as we approached the "last minute" resolution, the cries of how this "terrible" shutdown will probably effect our next GDP numbers and the negative impact on company earnings. The next cries will be how UNEMPLOYMENT numbers were negatively effected and their "accurate" calculations may be impaired for several months as we work through the shutdown's impact. 

IBM revenues were was the shutdown......Wal Mart revenues were was the shutdown........CONfidence is was the shutdown. Is this too much for you to digest, then just dismiss it as conspiratorial and get back to your NFL Fantasy league. I don't blame you. Reality is a bitch and I like Bread and Circus as much as the next guy......its just that I don't like being at a table and wondering who the sucker I pay attention. Its the "attention" that keeps ringing a bell. Do your own math, but I'll give you something to check on. Counting our total Government debt.....that's the stated 17 Trillion and adding the municipal and state debt and unfunded liabilities...Medicare...SS...GSEs etc its goes over 120 Trillion. Let's leave out the 1.5 Quadrillion in derivatives in this math and JUST CONCENTRATE on the government debt. If you count state tax revenue and Federal tax revenue.....then you come up with about 3.2 Trillion yearly tax revenue to service the debt. Most of this debt has an interest rate attached to it. We are rapidly approaching a problem here. We can't service the interest rate when the interest rates begin to normalize...... Not only that, but our total debt is growing. We won't even dare to bring up consumer/personal debt. That may make you vomit on yourself.

So you see......there will be further printing......not just printing but MASSIVE PRINTING. This is a Supercycle event and they are fighting it with everything they've got. Of course there will be a day of reckoning as we careen towards the cliff over the cauldron of Hell. Fortunately for most peeps up to this point they see nothing and they hear nothing. Unfortunately for most peeps they will see nothing and they will hear nothing until its much too late. If you're reading this, you have no excuse and even the doubting Thomas in you knows this analysis is most likely correct. Even if you hated math in school, you know it just doesn't add up. What do you do? Do you cower in fear and build a bigger bunker? Sorry.....can't help you since these are decisions that each one of you will have to make for yourselves and your families. Some of you have tried to bring these issues up and are tired of being met with skepticism and I'll ask you the simple question......WHY do you do it? Maybe you're looking for validation. I'll just go back a few short years and relate the same experience in 2005 when I began trying to warn family and friends a real estate and stock market crash was in the making. I was met with ridicule and castigated like a criminal. Now the same conditioning by the "recovery" has helped to create a similar environment. Pay may be early but you're not wrong. This time there won't be cover when the bombs go bailouts and no

Sunday, October 13, 2013


 THAT is the headline you are intended to believe. THAT is what is being told to the proles by the main bank that functions as the arm of the Fed. Goldman Sachs issues a headline to sell Gold because it is acting in YOUR BEST INTEREST. Goldman is concerned that you may be buying gold at these levels. These are the same altruistic claims that it had in the months just preceding golds 1900 price a couple of years ago. Remember? Oh surely you haven't forgotten already. Goldman and JPM were issuing price targets two years ago on gold of 2400 just prior to its massive takedown. Just like they issued long only proclamations on real estate in 2007 to clients while shorting them in their own accounts. WHO DO YOU think was selling into those public proclamations. Where are we now? We are now over two years later and gold has corrected 40 % in a brutal bear market, destroying all the optimism in the protection this barbaric metal is supposed to offer in currency debasement and uncertainty. How can one NOT be impressed by the efficiency of the Wall Street machinery. I cannot say I saw it coming but I can say that Red and Joe both expected it which prepared me for it and now that I hear GS giving a "Sell gold" proclaiming it to be a no brainer...then one must ask themselves the question....IS GS and JPM buying here and preparing to go long?

We're in a collapse. We've been in a collapse since 2007. Supercycle events do not necessarily evolve in a straight line and will provide you very little opportunity to profit in the Wall Street paper market unless you are capable of knowing what their plan is in advance. I don't know from a short term perspective but I do know what the longer term outcome will be and it is DELEVERAGING......either through a default/currency debasement/reset. These are mathematical certainties. These certainties will be accompanied by turmoil and pain. The forms of chaos are not known by myself but history does give you some hints from previous supercycle events. Massive societal changes are never comfortable and this one will not be either.

Reality can be very sobering for most people, but it can also provide opportunity for those most prepared. My silver cloud is that we can move through this with change and with the strongest hands in a position that translates into success for those of us best prepared as the grand reset develops. Ignore the noise and try and see what is REALLY developing. Nature's laws WILL be observed and you do NOT want to be violating them when Nature takes over the helm. Your PTB will turn the game over to Nature's law when they are forced to and they will be fully positioned. So be very careful when you are given a public dictum to SELL GOLD "ITS A SLAM DUNK".....its getting close. In fact it might have turned in June.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Feel like Wylie? I do and I haven't hit bottom yet. Ya have ta hand it to da boyz.....they know how to hurt a guy. When you're in a crowded trade its bad enough when they crush you, but when you're in a trade that directly attacks the ponzi, then you've really unleashed some serious pain your way. Of course this just could be normal market forces only at play and from a macro view I just made a mistake and we are on a steady path to recovery. Either way market forces will eventually have to be observed.....or more simply.....the law of physics will be met. "For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction."

Just as the miners broke out last month, they were crushed again. Some look potentially constructive with POSSIBLE higher lows getting established....but many are setting near their previous lows or even lower. Its bloody and a few weeks ago I noted that gold could indeed establish a newer low before it began its long run up. We'll see what happens but this has cleared another group of leafs out of the trade already.

Back to the shutdown......only the top of the pyramid knows what the angle is but as each day goes by its becomes increasingly apparent this entire shutdown has someone pulling the strings of both sides to create at the very least, the illusion there are two sides involved "governing". There is one side for sure that will wind up losing and that is YOU.

 When the dust clears it "appears" there will be a "last minute" resolution and all will be saved. If this was the goal of the game to just show there is a "two-sided" democracy at work, then I suppose it is successful, but it just doesn't add I am not sanguine about the "last minute" resolution scenario. I think they potentially have a darker motive in mind. Perhaps its to just provide enough noise to cover some terrible earnings and employment stats they don't want you to see. Maybe they want to consolidate the technocratic control of the Fed and Executive branch by showing you the "incompetence" of CONgress through their "intransigence". This would solidify the soft martial law evolution begun over a decade ago.

There could be an even darker motive and that is an unwinding of the bond market...bringing in true FEAR and blaming it on CONgress and unleashing the full power of the Fed's money printing to save the republic and the World further driving us into debt enslavement......a hole we can never dig out

Sunday, October 6, 2013


 I thought I might start out today with some commentary on the metals market since some of you may still own some. Keeping up this weekend with numerous metal traders and listening to different podcasts I couldn't help but notice a trend in sentiment and it is most definitely as negative as it was at the last bottom several months ago. Is the July bottom in gold and silver going to hold? I really don't have a clue, and frankly don't really give a $H#!, because it won't make much difference to my equity holdings in the miners and it certainly won't change my outlook on physical metal. It will give me an opportunity to keep accumulating physical metal at prices I never expected to see two years ago and that is a positive.  What the sentiment DOES do is make me wonder if indeed we are very close to a higher low in many of the miners and in the maybe we are and some physical silver Monday will be on the "to do" list. NO ONE on CNBS is saying buy gold or silver and that is a positive. If any of you follow this channel as I do for sentiment then you may recall that several of their pundits on Fast Money were saying buy Gold at the high last months (and miners too). THAT should have sent off some warning bells.

Whether you subscribe to the end of the world scenario or not, even the most rationale, apolitical, anti-conspiratorial peep with half a brain must admit this is the most distorted, manipulated market in the last 50 years. It defies logic, but at the same time makes sense if you listen to THEIR own words. With every sentence defending the Feds monetization they add "after the greatest crisis since the Great Depression".....Just keep believing they can keep this afloat with "digital printing"......Just keep believing as countries are bailed in and private retirement accounts are confiscated. Just keep believing as many of you did in 2007 that their was NO crisis coming as Ben repeated every month. AND in 2008 the downturn was temporary as your accounts evaporated into dust. "No one could have seen it coming" said numerous Fed speakers in 2010. Its funny how those quotes of "no one could have seen it coming tend to surface over recent history. 

BTW the current debate over the debt ceiling is a charade. Its Kabuki Theater to make you believe there's a government. Don't get caught up in it, its just noise. If anything its to keep the headline BLS numbers off the map for a couple of key months so no one knows just how bad it is AND it gives the Fed the cover to blame CONgress in a month or two for a collapsing economy.

Tough time for anyone in the metals trade, especially if you don't understand WHY you are in it and many of you don't. You really do believe in Santa and you really do believe the Wizard is behind the curtain to save you. gl with that.

When despair for the world grows in me
and I wake in the night at the least sound
in fear of what my life and my children's lives may be,
I go and lie down where the wood drake
rests in his beauty on the water, and the great heron feeds.
I come into the peace of wild things
who do not tax their lives with forethought
of grief. I come into the presence of still water.
And I feel above me the day-blind stars
waiting with their light. For a time
I rest in the grace of the world, and am free.
— Wendell Berry

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Girls dig me
Only in America. Remember when that might have been a "positive" or "glass half full" thought. "Only in America".... audible sigh.... The following interview with CNBS's Maria Bartiromo summarizes the depths to which we as a nation, a society, and unfortunately as individuals......have sunk. CNBS interviews a reporter that wrote a scathing article on Jamie Dimon and the criminal enterprise that he is a front man for. Unfortunately for us, this enterprise is the focal point for the banking industry that has usurped our country and will most likely take us back into the dark age. Of course this statement may just be hyperbole as we "muddle through" after "going over the cliff" in the "worst economic crisis since the Great Depression" (Bernanke's et al words not mine). Carrying on..... so where does this go? You be the judge. Is the "theater of the absurd" becoming too obvious to many people that once bought the spin from Wall Street? What does the following Taibbi/Seder interview represent for the careening "recovery" and the CONfidence that is paramount for us to "muddle through". There is no outrage heard in the piece.....there is no "WHY ME" or what did we do to deserve this? No self pity here.....just one funny piece of comedy served up by the spinmeisters on CNBS and if you choose to look at this as just a fluff piece, then I think you miss the real message delivered, which is that people are getting it and they KNOW its over..... They may not know how or when it ends, but they damn well know the bullshit is so deep that NO ONE gets out of it alive......well.....maybe alive but certainly covered in some very nasty SH%#! enjoy and gl