Sunday, April 13, 2014


Well maybe a little "popping first"…. as in bubble popping. Is this the long awaited for "correction"…or maybe the often predicted "collapse"?? I would suggest that at the very least this year will see some profound fear enter into the fiat's final stage. As many of you are aware all fiat currencies eventually will reach their final value…ZERO. The difference in our current predicament is HOW MANY currencies are involved at the same time in propping up the Western Block. If ANY of the Western countries fall the result will be a contagious collapse of epic proportions. Right now it is just a balancing act of controlled devaluations. Massive debt continues to build in the largest of the fiat ponzi culprits. Look at the East too. China and Japan have tremendous debt that is starting to stagger mathematicians. 

So what it boils down to is just how long can the "trust" continue between West and East. How long between the Developed nations and the Developing nations will real resources be traded for an increasingly worthless currency? Can you imagine holding hundreds of billions of dollars in reserve when the next round of printing hits the blocks? Do YOU have CONfidence that the mountain of dollars you've stored in your vaults will NOT be devalued 50% over a period of just two or three years? Maybe that is a reason that numerous swaps in other currencies other than the petrodollar is in play now. Maybe these countries believe that some other currencies make more sense….just in case. 

How does it play out? What will be the CONfidence breaker? What will tip the dominoes? Go ahead and play that game. Its fun and it will occupy a lot of your idle time. Or as I do …enjoy your time with your loved ones and quietly keep preparing, just in case the CON doesn't succeed…..because if the CON goes an awful lot of pain is coming…gl

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Just another crazy citizen wondering what happened to the constitution and speaking about his concerns. Only this guy is a former Marine Colonel that fought in Iraq and understands exactly what the end game is. Will anyone listen? Will they care? Like he say's at the the end. You'll always find free cheese in a mouse trap.