Sunday, July 26, 2015


Its all fine and that light you see at the end of the tunnel ain't a train a comin'. Its a PARADE!....with horses and riders. What can be better. Get back to you worthless service job. You are a member of the greatest country ever taken over by another entity and didn't even know it. Your rule of law usurped. Your economy usurped. Your military control usurped. Your banking system usurped. Your health care system usurped. Your money usurped. And 98% of you don't even know or care....hehehehhehehehe. How can you not love a good CON. Oh, and this CON is the CON of CONs. 

I guess the old Nazi adage tell a big enough lie over and over and the peeps will eventually believe it no matter how outrageous it is. And BABY......we gotz the greatest lie ever told being crammed down our gullible throats. Oh!! You say you aren't the gullible one? OK then lets take a look at the FACTS! In this great recovery we are still at ZERO fochin' interest rates. ZERO ZERO ZERO. Just like the faux economy you think is real. They can't even raise it of few basis points. Europe, Japan, are in full in your face QE and THEY ARE STILL SINKING. Greece is a joke but you're supposed to believe somehow its going to be saved. Oh my are a SUCKER. Never in the history of the stock market have so many companies been buying so many of their own share back to prop up their earnings estimates as their revenue continues to miss quarter after quarter and YOU THINK ITS REAL???

So go ahead and believe in these psychopaths to save you and go ahead and believe that thousands of gold futures contracts dumped in minutes in thinly traded markets is "natural". You'll believe anything including that's a "parade" coming your way. Have fun and bring me more popcorn. gl

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


A fiat system of money must be backed by CONfidence. It has to be the rule of law protecting the holder of the fiat guaranteeing that piece of paper will be holding its value over a reasonable period of time (you fill in the time period) and that you can readily access your paper money and transport your paper money without encumberment. Your paper fiat must be available at anytime in the future for you to exchange for something you value, such as food, medicine, artwork, etc. ON another planet many many years ago, countries backed their fiat money with gold/silver. This allowed CONfidence to be held until those ponzi years vanquished the illusion that gold was backing the currencies of the respective developed nations. 

A new backing developed for CONfidence and that was a complex system of propaganda/military/general illusion. Now that system is unraveling...(see Cyprus/Greece). These are beta tests to see how the multiple solutions/transitions to the next system will transpire. The lessons that we should be learning at this time is how difficult CONfidence is to restore once it is lost. For example look at Greece. They are in the midst of the dreaded "Bank Run". The ELA just approved 900 million more Euros to keep liquidity in the Greek Banks that just reopened after being closed for two weeks. Rather than ask why is there still a bank run, the real question is WHY IN THE HELL WOULDN'T THERE BE A BANK RUN?
So how long will the rest of the pseudosolvent Eurozone countries like Germany pay the tab for Greece's debt?

This is only the beginning of the dilemma for central planners (monopoly men). How to restore CONfidence once CONfidence is lost. How much fiat can you pour down a hole that has no bottom? How much can you bleed to save a trauma victim that can't be saved. We have learned one thing however......YOU DON'T BUY GOLD! That's what Bloomberg CNBS etc. are all telling you every hour and you're even beginning to believe it aren't you. hehehehhehehehe....... oh man, these guys are good. gl to all of you and I hope the sun shines in your face and the wind is at your back.......

Sunday, July 19, 2015


SERIOUSLY? You have to admit those headlines last week got your attention didn't they? I'm sure the Chicoms are laughing themselves silly after the disclosure last week of their monstrous gold hoard of 23 ounces. I know I immediately sold my gold realizing its barbarous value. I guess the U.S. Mint can resume silver Eagle sales now since silver is also worthless. After all gold and silver down big at this time with the "panic" in the streets. I know I'm shattered because I have gold and silver saved in bullion form to trade for some more valuable paper and its just not happening for me.

We are living in amazing times. China stock market collapses and Chinese officials announce prison sentences for short sellers. Then they announce you cannot SELL stocks. Then they threaten the brokerages with prosecution if the sell stock shares. The market moves up modestly over the next two weeks and the media declares "all is fine" now in China. You can't make this stuff up. If I didn't know better it sounds just like our Congress and Larry Kudlow in mid 2008. You remember those "free market capitalists". They certainly are "free market" as long as it doesn't "go down". Too funny. 

Golly gee, what can go wrong? We're all fixed and this bizarro world is just getting better everyday. hehehheheheeee....... have fun and gl. 

“If you don’t own gold, you know neither history nor economics.” — Ray Dalio

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Who cares? The media tells you its not really that important anymore and that Greece's debt exposure has all been shifted off the bank's balance sheet to the Central Bank's balance sheet and its not going to matter if they default. Maybe that's true but what about the derivatives tied to the same hundreds of billions of debt. That number is in the TRILLIONS. Is that it?  Maybe. Or maybe its all a beta test to see if they can steal tens of billions of private assets at pennies on the dollars. You know.... like bridges.....highways....medical get the idea.......make um private (which might be a good idear) but what will the Greeks get compensated for giving all of these public holdings? Will it be in fiat funny money at pennies on a dollar? Maybe.

Or maybe its the fact that the rest of the PIIGS are insolvent too. There's some big ones in that group and it means that a one world government is going to get a real set back. For one thing, when countries like Italy blow a lot of tsunami waves will be sent around the globe. So is it this "contagion"? Maybe.

How do you have a global sovereign debt for these countries valued at par with long term interest rates at 2%? After all, THEY'RE INSOLVENT!  So how is that possible. Well maybe you can look closer to home for an answer on that. We are just as insolvent with our 200 Trillion in debt so why are our long term debt bonds at 2%? Is all debt manipulated? Are all these countries a Ponzi?  Is that the reason they're using Greece to kick the can down the road? Hoping that they can keep the music going until the "next guy's watch"? Maybe.

Do you see a bubble? Janet Yellen doesn't. Buttox doesn't....hehehehehhee

Sorry I had to pop some more popcorn and it occurred to me that maybe the real reason is there is one more possibility why all the theatrics and lies by these pols and banksters are really going on. Its not that they want to just rob you. They actually fear that when CONfidence goes that all hell will really break loose and that maybe.....maybe......they just might not be able to CONtain "it". So you see, its that little "Clinton thang"....the word "it" that has them concerned. You see.....that word "it" can really be a doozey for them and I think they actually fear "it". gl

Sunday, July 12, 2015


Not really a great week for the GreeKs. Right now they're a pawn in the great game of Wonky Wonks. Herr Schauble says jump this high one day and Big Mama Germanmeister says maybe not that high, hold on a minute. Its become a daily comedy act as the One Quadrillion can of worms gets kicked down the road ever more slowly. 

China is now in complete collapse. Once again it may not be straight down this week, but that scam is over. Its fiat driven margin mountain has peaked and is blowing like Yellowstone.  Kiss your Chinese gambling stock money good-bye. Your bones are going to be picked by the state. Look for hangings in China to become common place very soon....and they will be public. SOMEONE has to pay the price for this and the STATE will not.

Here's an easy prediction for this week....EVERYTHING IS FINE. Do you really think anything will change on the MSM? Watch over the next few weeks as earnings intensify. Without stock repurchases  (can you say ponzi) they would be horrific....but I'll bet they are mediocre but "overall positive". Top line misses will be spun as positive.  

Without all of the food programs and EBT we would have lines that make the Great Depression look like a party. There's no retirement savings for ANYONE over 50. We have checkers at retail stores in there 80s.......servers in their 70s.......all debt slaves..

On the road a few more days and hope you all enjoy the Kabuki theater. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Once again the pundits had to be trotted out on all the major business media networks to reassure the sheep that "everything is fine and don't worry". After all, it was only the NYSE that crashed today. Its not like it was anything important like ESPN going down. So right away lets dismiss that "glitch" right here and now. Let's get back to what happened JUST BEFORE the "glitch".

I was on CNBC Asia last night when they were trying to get the China markets opened and it was absolute chaos. China announced several market interventions just prior to their opening as the futures were down over 10%. They included taking out 50% of the individual stocks from trading AT ALL. They also precluded all major shareholders and officers of ALL stocks from selling their shares for an entire year.  Then they announced they would intervene in the market to buy shares.........and it still tanked.....obviously not as bad as it would have but the fact it was down 5% after all of that bodes poorly for this market. Its toast. This is called panic and margin calls and pooo. You don't get that kind of damage repaired in a few weeks or months.

This unnerved traders here and selling couldn't be contained without intervention from heaven. So ouila.....we had a glitch. It formed a convenient "bottleneck" for the other exchanges and the market was only down a couple hundred points on the DOW. Big deal. Traders will be trying to tip toe back into the market tomorrow just like nothing happened. Pundits will reassure you that "all is fine" and that Big Daddy has your back. Enjoy your summer traders. You deserve everything you're gonna get. But you might wanna pray for your country, its freedoms (whats left of them), and you family's future. gl 

Sunday, July 5, 2015


Greeks responded to debt slavery with a resounding NO. And so it began. The Kabuki Theater will be very interesting following the historic vote of the debt slaves for their freedom. Unfortunately, freedom is not won with just a "vote". Its won with tremendous pain and sacrifice, and I don't see this being the "pain and sacrifice" yet for the Greeks. Eurobankers are about to show the Greeks what a modern "scorched earth policy" looks like. More than likely the guns are already loaded and the "tanks" are prepared to roll on Monday. In this case the war will most likely be fought by the monetarists against the "state of Greece". An example must be made. Punishment must be made. "Blood" must be spilled to atone for the transgression of the Greeks. And so it begins.

Monday will show the hand of the Eurobankers but most likely they will try and disguise their complete response by making it appear over the next few days/weeks as a collective response by its member nations. It is not. It is already baked in and it will be brutal on the Greeks without major intervention by Russia/China and I just don't see that in the cards initially. There will be some faux attempts to make it appear another "compromise" is in the works but the end result is the Greeks are broke and broken. You can't fix BROKE without a default and this default will occur in stages. The only question is will the Eurozone banks start hemorrhaging right away or will they paint over the derivative losses initially? Who knows and most of all who cares. Its become a Clownass Sniffer shit show and until the dollar hegemony cracks the ponzi has a life. Sit back and eat your popcorn and watch the antics. I'm fascinated by the manipulation, but know fully well the end game is going to be extremely painful for all of us, not just the Greeks. We all will suffer. Happy Independence day. gl