Sunday, September 27, 2015


Funny isn't it? Those faces represent the leadership of "the people". They stand as the bastions defending the Constitution that our forefathers created and died for. Just take a look at these four "leaders". Do you not see just how much trouble we are truly in? A bloated, corrupt, pyramidal power system has finally devolved into this pathetic group of miscreants posing as elite politicians. These individuals are the Buttfox of politicians.....horribly nearsighted, self-serving bone-smokers. Chosen by the true power for their innate ability to do the 100% predictable....and furthermore if they were to ever deviate from their script a quick reminder of their past puts them right back in line.

So here we are. For anyone out there with one independent neural axon the end is obvious. The perversions of the economic models have become so extreme that even the "shoe shine boy" won't invest in the stock market. Its been a "no bid" market for several months now, but the hidden hand has kept the bucket shop working for its Wall Street boss.  Most of the hapless public will be marched right into the slaughter through their retirement and pension funds. They really aren't in individual brokerage accounts now and believe the money they do have is safe in the money market pool. I wonder what they're going to do when that comes apart? Buy Bitcoin?

Enjoy the Bear of all Bears. It is the ultimate predatory mechanism of price discovery. Patience has given this Bear a major appetite and it will not be denied. Be aware that if they keep the bucket shop open, the volatility will be extreme in both directions and it will destroy anyone leveraged. gl

Sunday, September 20, 2015


Maybe you're on the bandwagon for keeping that 80y/o acumen sharp by standing them at a digital checkout lane for 8 hours/day. Think of the benefits. You're keeping Clayton happy by giving him something meaningful and putting some change in his pocket. Sounds good doesn't it, but did you ask Clayton. You see, Clayton has a different slant to the phrase use it or loose it. 

Clayton worked as an engineer for a bearing manufacturer that closed down two decades ago and eventually had to strip the retirement benefits by 70% in 2009 when one of their fixed income vehicles defaulted. Clayton saw his promised/guaranteed retirement annuity decrease and found that his cash savings of 400K just couldn't make a return to maintain his mortgage and expenses incurred when his wife was placed in a nursing home. He saw his nest egg of 400K without an interest return become a nest egg of less than 60K this year as he went into his principal to make ends meet over the past 6 years. He began working as a part time employ at a nearby retail outlet 16 hours/week and hired on at a local golf course as a ranger another 16 hours/week. His green fees were part of his ranger job, but his daily golf game with his old buddies had to be cut back to only one round a week. 

You interest rates saved all of the heavily indebted banks and malinvested Wall Street interests but as Dylan Ratigan famously said there was a price to pay. They were extracting the wealth from savers as interest rates stayed at ZERO and the savers no longer were able to find any vig on their savings unless they entered into a market that anyone with half a brain knew was a they were slowly extracted. Extraction was the price the savers paid to the "recovery". Their family wealth was being sucked dry from them to survive. Its not even that insidious. Its really right in front of your eyes. You're being sucked dry savers so the casino and the greatest game ever created can keep the lights on. So what's left to keep the buying going with the Clayton's of the world. Maybe he can get a full time job at Wally World and make the big time wage. So get to work Clayton and make sure you mop up that spill on aisle 7. 

Sunday, September 13, 2015


It's a non-stop, can-kicking, liquidity driven Fed Fest Party. Its never ever gonna end. All I hear on the channels now are "will the Fed hike .25%"? For the mathematically challenged that would be 1/4 of ONE percent. Seriously? Do you hear that? THAT is the dominant question. One lousy 25 bps. Its ludicrous. The world is insane or the public is so stupid they don't even get the joke or maybe they think if they act ignorant then no one else will get the insanity of the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM. Its so damn big that its essentially being completely ignored. 


"They" must be rolling over laughing every time they hear the phrase "will they or won't they hike". Its rolled out in front of the sheep so often the underlying issue of the dying economy is not even discussed. China's crashing.....WHO CARES. Brazil crashed....Greece is long gone......Spain is in revolt.....snore........The Middle East is in total meltdown with Millions of refugees flooding into Europe. Countries like Hungary, Austria, and Germany are staggered by the magnitude of the problem. Soon the Ukranian Conflict will create a refugee problem of even a greater magnitude for the Eurozone. WHO CARES. We have Fedbux coming your way. You can buy your way out of any problem with Fedbux. Just a few keystrokes and ouila you've got an army AND a war. No one will notice you just broke the economy. Your young men and women have jobs and all is fixed. Watta Country!! Watta game!!
What did I do to you?

Its all good and this week its all gonna get a lot lot lot better. We're gonna "normalize" interest rates in the middle of a World Wide Collapse and declare victory. Ain't it great? Remember this week. Remember where you were when the news came that rates were raised 25 bps. It'll be EPIC and you were there when they announced it. Don't worry ....... its all good. They fixed it and you didn't even notice it. Now THAT is good. We fixed a debt bubble with an even BIGGER debt bubble. Ya gotta give um credit. They know we'll swallow anything. gl.......oh BTW you're in a primary Bear now and no matter what happens day to day, they're takin' this elevator down.

Sunday, September 6, 2015


You wanna know what a hard landing looks like...not the CNBC Ponzi market. Well that picture doesn't really show you. That's a soft landing for those evil kids. They're terrorist ya know...ask Joe Kiernen. Don't let their innocent appearance deceive you. They deserve everything they're gonna get. After all there has to be a reason for us to have destabilized (nice word for RAPED) most of the Middle East. You know what I'm talkin' about? Sure ya do. Surely you've seen all the pics of these damn, filthy refugees on the news. Right? However I'll bet you haven't heard one single sentence on the statements of our "Senate Leaders" like McCain and Graham and our Prez stating over and over for the past several years about the "regime change" in Syria.  They were really hot to trot in front of the camera a couple of years ago when Operation Ponzi Pump aimed its guns at Syria. And our "Media" isn't about to tie that together for the Morons here. Syria, home for more than 2000 years to Muslims, Jews, and Christians living peaceably in an ancient land and civilization. 

Its really not your concern. Its the the Greeks.....wait the no......its the Germans..the Brits...anyway relax....its not our concern.....we just blew the livin' shit out of their countries. We blew up their economic systems with Forex bombs, then Debt bombs, now real bombs. Is it any wonder that we are about to have a really lotta bad Karma about to come back on us? 

from greg mannarino blog

You say bullshit? Is that right? You say no way? You say the Eurotrash and Asians and Russians are all stupid and have no idea we're behind all of this. You really need to get out of your moronic existence. All of those sad videos coming out in your 2 minute news blurb are leaving out some very salient comments from the Europeans. Maybe you're stupid enough to have forgotten that we blew those countries apart in our "war on terrorism", but the rest of the world is pissed and I mean PISSED! I really am ignorant so I'm sure everyone will just forget that a human tragedy of epic proportions around the world is unwinding in front of our back to my popcorn.......

Our country is now taking so steady a course as to show by what road it will pass to destruction, to wit: by consolidation of power first, and then corruption, its necessary consequence.