Sunday, October 25, 2015


You know it too. Maybe you're like me and you just want to believe that somewhere deep within the system there are some "good guys" that are working to save the rights of our Republic that for so many years formed the basis of what some of "old timers" thought was America. We don't want to accept that most of our leaders are just like us..... Self-serving and corrupt.  Of course YOU don't fall into that category of citizenry but maybe you know some of your friends that do.

You know what I mean. You hear them talking about how many illegals are getting into the country and using our social systems like education and health care for "free".  You wonder if they know that we spent most of the last 100 years destabilizing most of their Latin Countries through a series of Government overthrows and genocide through a covert Shadow government. After years of stealing their resources through our Multi-National Corporations and creating generations of poverty and Dictatorships that use torture and "disappearance" as standard procedure.....who can blame the populations from coming across our borders in droves. We destroyed their cultures, their morale, their internal safety, and their belief in a God. Do you think your friend gives two shits why they are coming across our borders.... that is IF he even knew (which he doesn't). Its called a "Convenient Ignorance". 

I now smile at the self-delusion. You and I won't escape. Oh, I know, its your friend that's really at fault because YOU CARE. You and I give a shit about what we've been doing for a hundred years and that make's our culpability lessened. You know what I mean...."its the BANKER'S fault". We've done everything that we could do............right....??? with that. 

Sunday, October 18, 2015


Surely you've heard this meme over and over in every possible derivation that the English language can create. I listen to Sirius when I travel and spend sometimes hours and hours on Bloomberg or CNBS as the talking heads repeat this meme until nausea envelops me. I wonder why they say "This has been one of the longest recoveries ever since the "Great Recession" or "the 2008 economic collapse".  

I remember like it was yesterday throughout 2008 the same talking heads would repeat there was "no recession" or "there was no threat of a stock market collapse" or "the banking system was safe". Now they say we we are recovering from just such events. They feel the need to repeat this "recovery" over and over and over as if repeating a lie somehow will make it a "truth". They even have the audacity to bring the SAME CREATURES from 2008 on air to repeat these statements today. There is no shame. There is only the truth. You either recognize the truth or you accept the lies. Unfortunately for most people accepting the lies has always been the path of least resistance and are doomed to repeat their history lesson.

Headline #1: “Most Americans Have Less than $1,000 in Savings”; Headline #2: People Saving Too Much is Now a Problem

Repeating history is always an interesting journey because one really does not know for certain what history one is doomed to repeat. Does the greatest financial fraud in history portend decades of pain and recovery due to the malinvestment and debt created? most sheeple believe "just another recession and stock market scare and a couple of years of tough times"..............Then magically the Casino will be roaring again just as it did in 2009 when the Great Recession was magically declared over. 

“The naive doesn’t see the danger until it is at his throat.” — Noam Chomsky

Now we are in to the abyss. 95 million working age Americans alone have STOPPED looking for work. 52% of ALL Americans are receiving Government money. Think of that.....and this is a "recovery" in a "healthy economy". Imagine if we hadn't recovered. And now the Primary Bear has begun and most of you don't even believe it, even though its happening right in front of you. Hundreds of SnP stocks are down over 20%. Many are down over 40% and you fall for the Indices heroin that we are only down "single digits".  Many investors look at their own portfolios down over 20% and tell themselves "well I picked the wrong stocks" but they don't know the game. The game is to keep you in the Casino. No windows in the Casino keep you at the table as they pick the last flesh off your carcass. gl

Sunday, October 11, 2015


You are supposed to if you're trying to guess the casino's next move. The smart money is going short or increasingly stepping to the side in the current casino. Trading in either direction is being met with stop runs, option cram downs and general puking. 

Think about this. Imagine if you live in what is known as the "developing world". This nomenclature applies to the "have nots". Meaning they don't have a "reserve currency".  It really means they get to have their precious resources like oil, diamonds, zinc, iron ore, bananas, sugar...etc etc.... purchased by the "developed nations" that HAVE a "reserve currency". In other words there are countries that have the "ability" to just print money and buy REAL assets and resources with their counterfeit currency. AND what REALLY is hilarious the developed countries let them DO IT. Is that not the greatest CON ever? 

That's how we get in our cars made of steel and foreign parts and drive on cheap gasoline from the Middle East and laugh all the way to Starbucks and drink coffee bought in South America with Greenbucks. Ain't it a peach?

I kinda like it. I wonder how long this can last? Some of you think it can go on indefinitely. I wonder how long these billions and billions of people want to be our slaves? I guess they like it. Maybe we can make them do it. I'll bet we can. Maybe forever. Who woulda ever thought it? I wonder if this could happen to us? Surely the people behind this are going to do this for us only. Surely they wouldn't enslave us too. We're special and they like us. They like us for our freedoms. I think I really like this game. enjoy and gl.

Sunday, October 4, 2015


Oh come on, you understand it don't you? Surely by now you're not that stupid.....are you? I mean, even a third grader can understand or at least google what the BIG LIE means. After all Hitler made it famous by using it as a propaganda tool. You know now right? You tell the masses a really big lie over and over and they'll believe it every time. 

Let's look at some examples just a couple of months after the biggest collapse in decades in the stock market and the economy, we were able to magically announce the "recession" was over. Now that wasn't a lie was it? Further more we only had about 11% official unemployment at that very moment. That wasn't the U6 official number which was 18%. Let's not even look at the actual unemployment number based on historical metrics........but the recession was over and we were in a RECOVERY. 

Now Trillions and Trillions of digital money later we're still in a "RECOVERY". With over 94 working age Amerikans not even looking for work anymore and NOT even counted in the 5.1% unemployment number reported to the masses. It's a RECOVERY. Lets not even talk about the 50 Zillion Amerikans on Food Stamps er EBT cards. We're in a RECOVERY!

Don't look at the dozen major CONflicts raging around the globe right now. Just look at Putin INVADING Syria. He's a monster. He's a monster. He's a monster. We didn't train ISIS. We didn't demand the regime change in Syria 3 years ago. We didn't threaten Iran with an invasion. We don't support the Saudi invasion of Yemen. WE ARE THE GOOD GUYS.

Don't look for the dollar hegemony to change tomorrow but rest assured it will continue to come under pressure and people are growing sick of our BIG LIES. Will they get a critical mass to stop it? Maybe. Maybe something else will stop it. But it will stop. Enjoy the BIG LIE......WE deserve it. gl