Sunday, November 22, 2015


These two numbskulls both "made their bones" living off the Bush family legacy. They accomplished nothing on their own. They went to the best schools on their name (see Ivy league legacy slots). They had "success" in business on their name (see "Gee..I owned a baseball team or "how I fronted for the boyz). They entered politics on their name. Talented, brilliant, aggressive people were kept out of their Ivy league slots for these two numbnuts to "get ahead". Achievement and leadership were just words to these parasitic elites. 

Now before I get too deep bashing the Bushnuts, I have to step back a moment and put them in perspective. We have thousands of Bushnuts in our Government and Business at the highest levels. The old adage of hard work and achievement does not apply to them. The doors are opened for them and all they have to do is step though.

To keep a Pyramid going, a system of "legacy leadership" is essential. It even becomes pervasive at all levels. That is why in the "old days" we had restrictions on it. It was called nepotism. It even goes to its origin with the Popes and Cardinals appointing their nephews as Bishops. CONtrol. It maintains the CONtrol. 

Unfortunately a system that gravitates to this ultimate "insider" CONtrol grid begins to implode from decadence. You've heard that term..."wealth in decadence".  Well now you are living it. The insider system of corruption within all of our institutions of government and business is beginning to decay... a nice word for rot.  The desperate benefactors of this system (Stay in the system and prosper...system) are scared. They are aware that all pyramids collapse and are scrambling to prepare for their inevitable fate. 

There is no "fixing" the issues, since that would eliminate most of these "leaders" and "Pyramid Parasites".  So, they are battening down the hatches and creating as much mayhem as possible to cover up the collapse of the "perfect" Ponzi. You know how history treats Ponzis and Pyramids....well so do they. Too bad we're cannon fodder

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Well that's good enough for me. We are officially at war then. Jeb (Prefers no last name) just said on CNN we are at war. Well again that is good enough for me, after all, he is the next president ( I am on record for that). Oh I know he's polling 8% of Republipukes, but what do they know.....sorry folks its a done deal. 

CONveniently one of the terrorist left his passport after blowing his own ass to hell and guess what? He was from Syria. Jeb (no last name preferred) stated to erstwhile reporter Jake Yapper on CNN after prodding from Yapper, that we would need "boots on the ground" now in Syria. Jeb just last week was defending our "open border policy" to the chagrin of most of his CONservative following. Now he's ready to defend the borders of Saudi Arabia by putting our troops on the ground in Syria......with Russian troops already stationed their at the bequest of the Syrian gov. I like it. It smell like Napalm in the morning (exhale slowly). I'm starting to feel young and virile again.

 "We will do whatever is necessary". "We will allow our commanders to decide the necessary next steps in this war against these terrorists." Now I'm really excited. War. War. War. What else can we do? We don't have a choice. After all we invaded Iraq after the last "terrorist attack" even though they were known to have no ties to 911. We created a destabilized region full of terrorists and proceeded to do the same in Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, and Syria.

The faces of WAR

My favorite Senate War Leader, Lindsey Graham today just announced to Jake Yapper that we cannot win this war unless we go on offense inside of SYRIA and put our young men and women on the ground against "ISIL". I thought he wanted us to overthrow Assad in Syria but now we have to go into Syria to help them? I'm so CONfused. At least I have a strong War Leader like Lindsey to lead our young men and women. Unfortunately when Lindsey is speaking I have mixed feelings about my virility. I guess it works for John McCain, they're best friends. Double the TSA. Triple down on the Patriot Act and NDAA. I'm gettin' warm all over again.

Now back to the economy...........What economy? Who cares? We're at WAR. We have to come together. This will require sacrifice. We now have MOAR terrorists to kill. The Pope says so.

Sunday, November 8, 2015


Major paradigm change ahead? Maybe, but I doubt it. Is that Nature's Law? Hmmm, no. Sorry, wish it were, but Nature's Law guarantees no such change for us. It does in fact guarantee a change, but the basic law of Nature is not equality in a species with a major change in the current imbalances. There are laws of Nature such as genetics that will interfere with "equality". There are many laws of Nature in Science and Mathematics that cannot be changed fundamentally. We will obey these laws regardless of the wishes of democracies and Central Banks. 

Central Banks would like you to believe that Keynesian money printing and various derivatives of that printing can overcome the very debt these programs have created that is now mathematically insurmountable.  Central Banks would like all of us to believe that a perpetual debt machine can continue to function regardless of how large it becomes. That "we the people" can be CONtrolled to believe this proposition through a complex system of media CONtrol, Government CONtrols/mandates, and of course Corporate CONtrols. We are to believe that we can be "managed"..."massaged".....and "manipulated" to follow in perpetuity. For many of us caught in this matrix, it actually at times seems this is possible for unending CONtrol.

What is guaranteed in nature are simple laws must be obeyed. One law is for every action there will be an opposite and equal reaction.

So are they Omnipotent? Can they continue a Ponzi in perpetuity? They have to keep every major World Power in it and working together. Then what happened in August? China devalues the yuan and all hell breaks loose. That doesn't sound like CONtrol...... at least not absolute CONtrol. If they had CONtrol then China would have coordinated their Yuan move. That was a very small move on China's part but most importantly it was a message to those that closely follow these events that a major Central bank had stepped outside of the Ponzi and that implied a major break in the illusion of opmipotence. Then four major explosions followed in Chinese chemical plants. China then stabilizes their currency and their markets stabilize. Out of chaos comes order. Or did it? Perhaps it was a beta test. Or maybe it was a clear signal how quickly the entire, complex house of cards can collapse. Maybe not tomorrow, but like all Ponzis a day of reckoning will come. Extend and pretend is not a plan.....its only a spring being coiled.....and their will be an opposite and equal reaction. What kind of order comes out of this remains to be seen but without a doubt their will still be haves and have nots. You decide what and how you wish to make your own preparations based upon your own study and research. I'm an optimist when I say precious metals may give you an advantage over those relying upon the paper ponzi to carry them through.

Included below are five questions and answers from today’s Q&A with Bill Fleckenstein.  The questions are from his subscribers and they get to read Fleckenstein’s answers every day.
Bonus Q&A
Question: If you could only make 1 trade to support your position on the Fed and its impact on the market over the next year what would it be?

Answer from Fleck:  Long gold.“ 

I have many friends that are feeling increasingly uncomfortable with the current state of affairs. Those that are in the best position for any coming hardships are those with the least "needs". They've simplified their lives and have kept themselves prepared physically and mentally for potential hardships that may lie ahead. They seem the most happy. Hope all of you have used these last 6 years wisely. gl

Sunday, November 1, 2015


Can you believe it? All ya gotta do is just get the magic ticket. You start by getting an education. You meet the right woman and fall in love. You have a couple of great sons and get rich. You go to synagogue. You have celebrity friends. You rub shoulders with presidents. You have billionaires begging you to keep their money for them. You even manage to make 20% during horrific down years in the market. You really have made it. What could possibly go wrong? Its Amerika and anyone can get rich and live the good life, right?? 

Just one lil' problem. You forgot to pay. You know what I mean. You gotta pay the vig. You gotta pay the boyz and the boyz know what you're doin'. They know you're griftin' the man. Protection is not a game and if you don't have it, then you're gonna pay. Greed is a funny emotion. It seems like you would think a few billion would be enough, but there are homes in the Hamptons. There's that nice art work. There's the Manhattan penthouse. Your wife has to have the weekly $1200 hair appointment. Your boys are starting families and need a stake. You know it takes money to keep your reputation up. You forgot to pay the vig. You know very well who the vig goes to don't you, but you got greedy. 

Greed and then you've got vanity now on top of it and a fatal brew begins. You need some really big investors for your game and you bring in some tough players out of Bear country. That was a mistake wasn't it. Now your world changes. Your beautiful boys. Your beautiful wife. Your two best friends. Was it worth it? Was the money, the fame, the vanity ...........was it really worth it? What would you give for one more minute with your boys? You can't buy it with money can you? You just can't buy that time.