Wednesday, December 30, 2015


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Bloomberg just spent the morning segment debating why the Fed is still front and center in the daily "market".  Even a chief propagandist for the Fed is discussing WHY every word from the Fed is still the guiding light for the "market".  You really mean "Faux Market". Why slice and dice words from the Fed anymore? Its truly ludicrous to pretend this is anything other than a mirage. They've broken it completely. They've openly destroyed the "quaint notion" of SAVINGS. They've taken the strongest hands that normally step in and repair an over leveraged, malinvested, cycle and tied a concrete block to them and pushed them overboard with ZIRP.  Now we've propped up the companies that the strong hands should have stepped into and instead propped these zombies up with our children's "dollars" and promises.  

They just didn't want to pull back the curtain all the way this time because they thought you just wouldn't like to see what the wizard really does look like. They pulled it back quite a way by September 2008 but the pitchforks and lampposts started to frighten them and it stopped with the decision to go "all in" on the printing press, even if it created UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES like destroying the Business Cycle and FREE MARKETS.  

Print Trillions. Create a massive government subsidized underclass that is totally dependent on the Fed. CONtinue to prop up bloated Corporations with ZIRP and subsidies while crushing the ability for smaller, more agile new companies to gain higher interest rate loans to compete with the massive multinationals. Throw in even more regulations and you have the greatest marriage Fascism could ever have envisioned.  Normally capital would flow to other countries more financially strong in these circumstances but all Western countries are being ring-fenced into the Fed cartel or threatened with war. Watch the rest. Its not going to be pretty.

If you can't understand why I buy physical silver by now and how it and gold are so hated by these assclowns then you really need to read another blog and quit wasting your life here. People will say "what can I do". Well, every time you buy an ounce of silver you put another pin prick in their ass and with each pinprick a drop of blood comes out of this monster. gl

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Tired of it yet? Ya gotta be chokin' on the BS pouring out every single morning. You turn on Bloomberg and two economic journalists are arguing for 15 minutes the difference between the meaning of "measured" and "slow". They must think we are complete idiots (hopefully if you are still here you aren't). To think that anyone that is a real investor really pays any attention to these absurd word games from the spinmeisters at this point in the game is absurd, but I'm sure they believe the masses are lulled into a stupor as they slice and dice the Fed music.

If you think this music is going to disappear soon, you are mistaken. They will only increase their efforts to soothe your nerves with even more Fedspeak.  They've GOT to keep the masses CONfident the game can be extended. GDP, PMI, LEI, Baltic Dry Index, are all collapsing worldwide and we RAISE interest rates. WHY? Its really very simple. They are trying every trick in the book to CONvince the public that we are in a very slow RECOVERY!!

The Fed knows very well the velocity of money is dead. They can't resuscitate a corpse but they're going to keep pretending they can. Reality is not going to be like 2008. Remember when the 20 members of the Government and the Fed all stood on the stage together that morning on September 15 and said they all had been puking for an hour in a meeting and told you the world almost ended before they digitally printed 500 Billion that morning and sent it all over the world to stem the bank runs. Well, that was a lie. They printed over 4 Trillion that morning and 4 Trillion the next week. This time lets see how they allay the bank runs. Let me give you a hint...... CAPITAL CONtrols!! Its already started in a number of countries including our own. Don't believe me huh? Try taking 10K out of your bank tomorrow. These are "soft" CONtrols. The hard ones will be much more unpleasant.  Try transferring money out of the country. Its your money, so its your right. You paid taxes on it already, so try it. China's already locking their people down. Why do you think that art work is selling for hundreds of millions for a single bullshit painting.

You see it all, right? Or maybe you don't buy the reality. Maybe its the music. Maybe its the Fog. You know, the Fog of War. Its a war to save the dollar. A war to save our current way of life. It really is a global war. You just have trouble seeing it because of the fog. gl

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Of course its time to raise rates, right smack dab in the middle of the first cracks in the "Recovery" façade begin to appear as two funds blowup last week as a result of strains in the Junk Bond or "High Yield" market begin to show up on the street. This is the "first blood" spilled in the battle to save the dollar.

That's right, the dollar. Its all about the dollar. Maintaining the illusion the currency has value while liquidity is pumped into every corner of the Western World in the form of these so called paper reserve currencies. The "rest" of the World is sick of us. They're sick of being threatened by us. They're sick of being forced to take our paper promises for their labor and resources with artificially suppressed prices on top of it. There own currencies are crushed and they pay higher and higher prices for essentials while we drive our new sub-prime car loan purchases with even cheaper gas from their reserves. They're sick of it. They watch their countries being carpet bombed and millions of people displaced into refugee camps and starving children by the millions. They're sick of it.

They watch our bloated, bloviating politicians campaign on promises of bringing even more death and destruction to their countries while debating who can bomb the most in the name of freedom. They're sick of it.

Larger, more powerful leaders are looking at these policies as they, themselves are pushed into increasingly uncomfortable choices of supporting the hegemony or resisting it with force. They are sick of it too.

Unlike the poorer less defensible countries, Russia, China and their allies (which are increasing) continue to prepare for the eventual shift away from the dollar burden, while the West tries to extend its power by pushing more and more dollars into the liquidity trap.

No one wants to buy any of the Junk now. As liquidity dries up now, the TRILLIONS of printed new debt to support the hundreds of Trillions of existing debt. Its called a trap for a reason. All of the shadow banking system has all of its newly acquired debt vehicles but without Trillions more of Fedbux coming their is now NO DEMAND and therefore NO BUYERS for their funds and debt. Its over. It may not end tomorrow but more than likely increasing strains will show up very shortly and then the panic begins. Its called the music has stopped. Now find your chairs. gl

Sunday, December 6, 2015


Of course you don't remember this movie, but it was number one that year. Like many silent classics it met an apocalyptic end.  Time is the most precious commodity in the Universe. All living things have a beginning and an end. In the great scheme of life, humans are only a nanoparticle. Most of us have some coping mechanisms to deal with our mortality, but our failure to recognize just how short our existence is on this earth give our masters the ability to control our future through multigenerational CONtrol plans, essentially creating trans-generational immortality for their families. The family blood-lines that will never die and rule the proletariats as master and slave.

I love it. Seriously, you have to admire the diabolical nature of it and its undeniable success. And to think, that I spent my first half of my years on this earth listening to music, loving beautiful women, tasting delicious foods, inhaling intoxicating smells, seeing spectacular scenes around the world, skiing some of the most beautiful mountains in the world, watching fabulous sunsets around the world, floating down wild and beautiful rivers, enjoying weddings, children, and grandchildren growing, playing, laughing, crying. How could I have missed my chance to become an elite while I was engaged in this pathetic life I loved? Why didn't I spend my life rising to the highest level of power and domination? How could I have given up the chance to have millions and millions of people die at my whim, while bringing them untold misery and hell? I coulda been a CONtender. You fiends had better hope a hereafter does not exist to judge you.  One thing is certain and that is a pale horse is coming for you. You will try but you won't escape it. gl all

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Let me guess.. lately you've found yourself questioning your basic premises regarding politics, the economy, even life in general. You feel confused as if you are in a state of constant fog regarding what is truth and what is fiction. Your once firm convictions that an apocalyptic collapse of the "system" was at hand seem to be growing distant instead of inevitable. Welcome to Bizzaro Land. This is the world of up is down.....right is left....good is bad....and evil always triumphs. If its any comfort, you're not alone. Even many of the "system's elite" are becoming upset now. Yesterday many of you may have seen the clip of Larry Lindsey on CNBS ridiculing the Fed's decision to create the current Stawk asset bubble and said so bluntly to Steve Liesman. When the actual Fed Speakers call out the Fed, you know we are nearing the day of reckoning for your Bizzaro world dream state. Alan Greenspan even recommended you buy gold this year. Ted Koeppel has a new book out predicting a cyber shut down of our Grid and confessed he's prepping for his family. Elites around the world are digging in and building compounds and bunkers. Hedge Funds are beginning to close daily. Stock market breadth is collapsing while new highs are maintained in the indexes. Retail sales are terrible and the CONsumer is goaded to buy buy buy. Yet the media continues to sooth the public (sheep) with a soft melody of "all is good".

The music is stopping. Its not obvious to the sheeple but the dancers are already getting into their chairs. The cacophony of War is building almost daily now. Surely you can't miss that. Why? Why now? Why the hurry to War? The "freedoms" of individuals around the World are disappearing rapidly as new measures are instituted with each "terror" attack, yet the push to allow open borders continues. Black masked police and armored vehicles are introduced daily on your television screen.

On second're right sheep......"its all good" know why? The Stawk market indices are "up"