Sunday, February 28, 2016


As I have stated here a few months ago, I believe the Dollar topped out at and is beginning its decline. Just as the Stock Market topped out last May, the dollar decline will not be straight down. In fact they could approach the prior high in the very near term before its next leg down just to keep the short dollar trade from loading up. Whether they do this or not means nothing to my trade since I am not leveraged nor will it alter my longer term outlook. This global hegemony game can play out much longer than most people can stay solvent but for those that know the eventual outcome it provides more time to prepare for what it presages. Most retail players in the market think of these trades in much the same way they do their own trades, not realizing these trades involving currency are heavily leveraged trades and cannot withstand the current levels of volatility/time. These two variables are now being used by the largest pools to decide who wins and who dies in this final battle in the casino.

speed was a factor police say

For me and probably many of you, it still gives us some time to position ourselves with more tangible assets that we feel are necessary for our own investment strategy. The strong dollar, is in effect, a license to steal. It has been for decades, as the underlying economy it represents, declines into oblivion. Oh please, don't pretend you don't recognize this simple truth. We've been plundering the world for decades since World War 2 and its been done with the blood of our troops and treasury and worse ....the blood of tens of millions of humans around the world that did nothing more than be in a country that refused to become a slave to our Colonialism. We painted them with simple slogans as "Communists" or "Dictatorships" or "Terrorist Nations" or "Axis of Evil".......anything to keep the sheep asleep while their treasury and more importantly their morality was destroyed right under their nose. 

So here we are, entering the final stretch of hegemony, sipping Starbucks and watching the Election Circus while Rome burns. Too stupid and dumbed down by your GMO, video games, pathetic educational curricula, and MSM to even notice the collapse that's occurring all around you. Is there a chance we get out of this once again without a scratch, and the rest of the world gives us the keys to their castle for another 200 year cycle............sure they can BANK on it.

I have lots of popcorn popped so I can watch the Buttfoxes and Kindles etc play their games of ultimate denial and could care less what the day to day swings in the casino do. Its DESIGNED!!! Its all choreographed for YOU. gl

Sunday, February 21, 2016


You know what happens. Its the warm weather. Its too much oil being produced. Its a birth/death rate problem. Its too much savings. Its cash itself. Of course there's and excuse for every aspect of the economy and the stock market, which is purported to reflect the health of the real economy. You know......that "wealth effect"....that oh so important..."CONfidence". So what does happen when the REAL money...the Wall Street money decides the game is up? After all, the masters of the con know every con has a point that you have to pull the plug. The only question we have now to answer is what pattern they choose to exit the casino. They know their course of action and they know the fiat game is winding down. After all what REASON could anyone have for holding this worthless fiat ponzi paper much longer?

The rule of alternates will most likely apply to the overall market takedown but even they can be confusing to traders aware of their implications. They will also apply most likely to gold and metals also. So go back and look at the last move of gold and miners off their bottom in 2008. It already is much different. That was a moonshot off the lows with the GDX doubling in less than three months. Then a relatively tradeable move ensued for the next three years before this nasty bear took over to shake out the piglets that jumped on. Wallstreet and the real money....the boyz...will behave as sharks behave and they will feed. They will feed on the blood of the slaughter of the innocents including themselves as sharks always do....its their nature. Enjoy the game...and if you want to play then understand this run will be not only epic but most likely the last great hurrah in your lifetime of market gambling. 

Sunday, February 14, 2016


Or maybe it should be "Its On Like Donkey Kong". This scene will play out in spades across the world as the sheeple realize once again they've been sheared. The Skippy's of the world that counted on their early retirement will discover their 401Ks reduced to 101Ks and that will only be IF the system manages to stay intact. 

The main game of the Cabal has ALWAYS been CONfidence. As I've stated previously a good CON revolves around CONfidence and brother do we have the CON of all CONS to deal with. You think that a paper IOU is going to give you a store of wealth in the future because there is a legal CONtract? Then why has the value of that little piece of paper gone to Zero in every country/empire it has been fiat in for hundreds of years. That's right not one fiat currency in history has survived and neither will the dollar. Its value has already declined over 90% over the past 100 years. 

How can you not spew your cereal now at the audacious comments the media makes trying to keep CONfidence in the "system". Listening to the daily commentary on CNBS and Bloomberg would make one believe that gold was down 300% over the past 15 years instead of UP over 300% during the same time period. The reporters and pundits react with glee on any pullback in the paper gold price. Why are they so adverse to gold as an investment asset? Why do they consistently say "I don't understand WHY gold is going up" or "I don't understand WHY anyone wants to own something that doesn't earn anything" etc etc. 

The reason these and many other statements about gold are made is because the PTB know very well that gold is the lynch pin in the CON. Once people realize that the global fiat game is collapsing the rush through the gold door will be earth shattering. YOU will not make it through that tiny door as it closes. Only if you were taking the steps BEFORE the music stops will you own the ultimate fiat protection....precious metals.

They will have some great short squeezes and last minute stick saves in the general market ahead and the trolls will spew "all is good" and the sheep will stay in the paper to see if they can just "get back a little more". Its beautiful if you know the grift. After all, these boyz have been at this game before Dracula. gl

Sunday, February 7, 2016


NO S&$T Sherlock. What was your first clue? Maybe it was the declining revenues of the major corporations over the past 2 years. Now the bottom line can't even be maintained with TRILLIONS of share buybacks and repeatedly revised earnings estimates. Unless you spend your days driving a Tesla around a trailer court, you have to notice the tens of thousands of layoffs now beginning. Even Wal-Mart is shutting down. Apple hasn't had a true innovation since Job's passed away, yet they tout it as an innovative soft ware company. Yahoo a faux tech giant is managed by a valley girl after years of being manipulated by the surveillance state, and they wonder why it can't grow.

 “After spending many years in Wall Street and after making and losing millions of dollars I want to tell you this: it never was my thinking that made the big money for me. It was always my sitting.  Got that?  My sitting tight!

Those who can both be right and sit tight are uncommon. I found it one of the hardest things to learn.”

Jesse Livermore
The chickens are coming home to roost you manipulating, lying, scumbags. You didn't really believe you could shove trillions of dollars into a system with corruptions at every level of society and not have GROSS MALINVESTMENT???? Surely you knew that it would only make the day of reckoning a NUCLEAR EVENT??

You have a senile, elderly lady in charge of your greatest Central Bank and she can't even read her script. You MUST know the masses have ZERO CONfidence in the poor lady. They'll eat her alive like wolves being thrown raw meat. Oh wait, of course you know that. You know all of it. You even know how and when it ends. You are making sure the implosion is massive. 

Once the dust settles, and hopefully it will, you'll pick up the pieces and start the game once again. Out of order comes chaos. Its one of the oldest games going and it works every time.

Enjoy the game but don't forget to live your lives. Go out and travel and see the country side. Savor the gifts of nature. Look at the sunsets and hold your loved ones close. Time is the dearest commodity out there.  Don't let these scumbags cheat you out of life by the greed and fear they create. Beat them. Don't let them beat you down. 

Golds turning and the miners have bottomed. Buy the dips now or just sit back and let them work for you. gl