Sunday, May 22, 2016


Your future and your kid's futures are in this lady's hands. She has your "balls" in her other hand. You're the slave, and she's the master blaster. Or maybe she's just trying to keep an entire corrupt, system from imploding. Maybe she's been given a job she's completely incapable of doing, and is taking orders from the owners of the Fed that is just basically finishing out the supercycle of debt and trying to pick the last flesh off the carcass of a destroyed country....namely the U.S.A..  

Its been one helluva a run. We were given a "credit card" to borrow and spend our way into oblivion. I hope it felt good. We gutted country after country over the past Century. Now we're gutting a new country every year. Hell, we slaughtered so many innocent men, women and children in the name of freedom, I've lost count. We've wiped out so many developing countries and their leaders that we're now so full of hubris that we're picking a fight with the big boyz....Russia and China. I guess a suicide mission seems like a plausible conclusion to this story.

Who's to the buttfoxes of the World like to say Nothing has changed. You can still go to Target (becareful in the bathroom maybe) and buy your "stuff". Don't look at the employees there or in other retailers. They're now part time people working multiple jobs just to make ends meet, but all is well. Let's not rehash what the economy really looks like, most of you "get it" by now or you never will, and for those of you that are just too stupid to recognize the overwhelming facts....and still think this ends good then I believe that truly you will get everything you richly deserve.

Happy days are here again and that lil' ol' Janet will give you another gift in a few weeks. Stay tuned and don't buy silver or gold.....that greenback is goin' through the roof for ya......don't worry....just trust in Janet. 

Sunday, May 15, 2016


Not that paper gold you think is real gold. That ain't no gold sucker. Are you for real? Do you not understand why we dig gold? Gold is money. A piece of paper is PAPER. Its a promise that you will get something of value with it. Miner shares in gold and silver miners is  ONLY a promise that you will get ownership in those mines. What do you think you'll get when your brokerage is down from a major hack or financial meltdown or EMP or just plain old fraud? What happens when your CEO for your mine turns out to be lying and committing fraud with the books? What if they lied about their drill results?

I could go on but there is COUNTER PARTY risk involved in any stock including miners. Know what your risks are. Know that these shares are manipulated by the very biggest money players in the world. Right now they are taking them up. I'm an optimist when I commit money to these paper vehicles. Its nothing but a gamble. You have to hope/believe the casino can stay open or you will collect NOTHING from this game. I love it when the trolls call me a doomer. No Skippy, I am an OPTIMIST. I have to believe your casino will be open long enough for me to collect my chips from this paper game. Just wait until the "counter party" risk arises again. That will be the game changer and that will be when YOUR light goes off and that is when you understand WHY you needed to own physical metal.

The smart money is buying physical gold. The dumb money is in paper ETFs and futures markets. When the bell rings and it will only the physical will be standing. Go ahead folks. Keep dancing......for now. gl

Sunday, May 8, 2016


Surely our future is in good hands with the next generations. What could go wrong? Aren't the Buttfoxes of the world prepared to lead us into the future? Weren't the Baby Boomers great? I mean, after all, what could have been better for us than 200 Trillion in US debt? And now here we stand....(see pic above)....ready to lead future generations into prosperity. Loaded with vaccines and GMO calories, they stand resolute to lead. They get to choose this year between Hillary or The Don. Two diverse leaders of our Nation with enough integrity to make our Forefathers blush. 

One can only imagine our future as Artificial Intelligence gains momentum within the CONtrol grid. Look at the targets (again see pic above). How can it miss? The Grande Experiment of Freedom and Liberty will rise up to meet the elite CONtrol grid and smite the Hand of Satan with all the fury that free men can muster.

Whenever destroyers appear among men, they start by destroying money, for money is men’s protection and base of a moral existence. Destroyers seize gold and leave to its owners a counterfeit pile of paper.

Until and unless you discover that money is the root of all good, you ask for your own destruction. When money ceases to be the tool by which men deal with one another, then men become the tools of men. Blood, whips and guns – or dollars. Take your choice – there is no other – and your time is running out
– Francisco “Money Speech”

I'm still hoping that maybe this week we can get a tradable pullback in PMs so the Buttfoxes of the world can get out of their short gold trade. I'm worried for their health. Surely the miners can't go up without some sort of serious correction? Surely they won't just keep buying them up to some exorbitant level without letting you get into this new bull market. After all they love you. They want you in on this trade and they will tell you when you can buy cheaply into the paper miner trade with them and then you too can make money in big piles just like they are on this trade.  I spoke three years ago we would see 10 bagger and 20 baggers even 100 baggers in the miners. Good luck with getting out of the casino with your chips though. Have fun and lets hope the Skipper can make money too. gl all... by the looks of the pic above the Skippy is gonna be workin' really hard for a long time.

Livermore Was Actually Blamed For The 1907 & 1929 Stock Market Crashes
To be sure, the “boy plunger” was blamed for the market crashes of 1907 and 1929, as well as precipitating every market swoon from 1917 to 1940
. Jesse’s investing success was driven by his ability to develop certain indicators, combined with an investing discipline that spawned such stock market axioms as: 

1) fear your losses and let your profits run; 2) it was never my thinking that made me money, but my sitting tight; 3) markets are never wrong, opinions are; and 4) the tape knows all