Saturday, June 25, 2016


Margin call Monday. Every trading desk on Wall Street and around the world will be locked and loaded when they open. Two weeks ago I alluded to a conversation I had regarding THE top bond guy at THE top firm not being allowed to retire by the "firm". Now we know why. All hands on deck for the coming hurricane wall. 

I believe this Brexit was engineered and is the trigger for the take down of the Eurozone as it currently exists. There is no way in my opinion this vote OR its outcome would have been allowed if it weren't designed as the trigger. There is a reason Britain NEVER entered into the Euro currency. They are now positioned to assume THE banking center of the World as Germany is now CONsumed by the debt of the Eurozone and the flood of immigration overwhelming a depression GDP landscape. Great Britain is an Island many ways...and this will maintain the Bankers through the coming transition of debt repudiation worldwide.

Don't get caught up in all of the volatility in the equity markets next week. Its all designed to wipe out the remaining traders as they plunge into "protection" which will get wiped out by the short squeezes. The long and strong crowd will just be bled down in stairsteps without ever knowing they've been killed until its too late. They won't come back for a very long time. It won't be 2009 recovery time this go around. It will be more like the 30 years following 1929.

Like Richard Russell said, I sleep fine at night knowing I've done all I can to warn people and prepare for the back wall of the storm coming. gl

Sunday, June 19, 2016

WHAT DO I DO? i know... LEAVE!

So its all coming to a CONclusion? A market collapse? A breakdown of society?  An apocalyptic end to a Ponzi to end all Ponzis? So what do I do? Do I invest in physical gold and silver and buy guns and ammo and live in a bunker eating Cheetos and Spam? 

So you've been snookered your entire life. Now you're trying to determine just what their next move is and the best way for you to prepare. The Shemitah says war or debt jubilee or economic collapse. The bible says they have 400 chosen sumthin's coming to claim sumwhere over the rainbow. The Kress cycle said 2015 collapse everywhere.  I think you could be seeing that the answere is blowing in the wind. (sorry Simon).

From Richard Russell
I want to leave a last thought to my subscribers. Wealth trumps income. If you possess wealth in the form of silver and gold, you’re in good shape for what comes up. There is nothing wrong with standing still and holding on to a lamp post in the face of a hurricane. That’s where you are if you are sitting with silver and gold at this time.”

What is clear as the day is long is a resolution to the can kicking, ponzi pumping mess is going to come relatively soon. You can smell it in the air. You can see it in the faces of people that don't even trade in the casino. You know when over 95 million people are not working and over 130 million people here receive some form of government assistance that something is coming fast and hell is coming with it.

Oh, I know, that's fear. No its reality. You may not like to hear it and you may prefer to ignore what's right in front of you, but I prefer to take the routine steps to prepare in a reasonable sense for the "unknown". Most of you are aware and I won't repeat here because if you haven't prepared by now then you will not.

What I do want to end with is what to do for the BEST CASE end to this scam of scams and that is why owning some paper miners may provide you an avenue of diversification as this ponzi unwinds. The big boyz are now moving into them as it becomes clear we are going to have to rotate out of ponzi sectors into beaten down areas like the miners. You can piggyback this game and if the casino stays open (and it might) you can make some green paper. Many of you had better be careful with this trade because if you stay in too long it may be a net ZERO for you. If they do CONfiscate physical then miners would rocket. There a are many moving parts and you won't be given a road map. I'll continue to post vids for you to study and please do your Due Diligence. gl to all

Sunday, June 12, 2016


Watta joke! Are we really that stupid. The economy is improving? Even the constant cacophony of crap spewing from the presstitute financial media is making some of the most dumbed down sheep question their decisions to remain in the casino. 

Mining shares have exploded. Gold and silver are moving up again towards important resistance. The ECB is buying corporate bonds. Janet is going to RAISE interest rates possibly if the economic recovery with an unemployment rate of 4.8% is strong enough. Japan is forecasting a coming collapse. Goldman Sachs is forecasting a collapse. Everyone that's anyone (Soros, Druckenmiller, Dalio, Greenspan etc) is saying BUY GOLD. Of course most of these boyz will own paper IOUs only and when they find out they need physical the shitstorm of a millenium will ensue. 

Many of you have lived your whole life in the illusion of fiat promises and never invested in a stock that went up 100 fold. Or if you did, you sold it after the first 20% gain and patted yourself on the back. IF the paper casino stays open (and it might) you will see an explosion in the miners that will make Apple look like a blip. Maybe I'll be in it and maybe I won't when it goes parabolic, but I'll be watching the fireworks knowing that the show was predicted here and all of us had our chance to play. gl

Sunday, June 5, 2016


We are now a month into the beatdown in Precious Metals and Miners and in just a few seconds of the NFP report a blastoff occurred in the price of gold and miners. Someone lit a fuse under a combustible fuel of paper gold and silver miners. Funny how that worked. The weak hands that jumped in late on the greatest trade this year on wall street got their paws slapped and I mean slapped hard over the past few weeks. Some very strong hands have now entered into this sector and they have no intention of giving up big positions they've accumulated over the past year in what they know is a day of reckoning coming soon for the fiat dollar ponzi and all the interconnected paper derivatives. 

Many of us still play in the paper ponzi Casino. If you are, then you had better have a big physical investment. I really don't care if you have physical food or physical dirt or physical ammo or physical paintings. It all depends on your predilection for physical. My preference is well known. 

The Boyz are in the Trade

I played with the elite this past week and don't bother yourselves worrying about being just like them. They are for the most part boring and will not do well in the upcoming years based primarily on their own arrogance and "location". They aren't well prepared even though they know things are coming unraveled. Wealth in decadence is not a pretty thing. When you treat the "little people" poorly, you can count on a return in spades for your behavior and many of these elites will find little support outside of their locked doors. 

Gold and silver and miners in strong hands now. Doesn't mean we won't have price volatility. Doesn't mean we can't get shaken hard. It just means the big boyz are in the game on the move up. gl