Sunday, July 31, 2016


No one notices the fact that 50 Million people are receiving food assistance in this country, which would make the bread lines in the Great Depression look small by comparison. No one cares that lines for job fairs are endless.  No one seems to care that our real unemployment counting the 94 million working age Americans that have stopped looking for work is really approaching 30%...again a greater percentage than the Great Depression. We don't manufacture anything in this country. We are a CONsumer economy LOL.  That really means we are just parasites now. Perhaps more accurately we are vultures. We are essentially eating carrion, the dead flesh of an empire in decadence. 

They even label the 2007-2009 period, The Great Recession whenever reference is made to the "Financial Crisis" that was NEVER called a crisis until 2009. You live in a dystopia, just in case you are still swallowing the blue pill. Hey! I don't really have a problem for those of you that want to stay in your version of reality. Its not easy swallowing the red pill. You subject yourself to the delusional trolls of life that accuse you of peddling fiction and creating a doom and gloom existence for yourself and everyone around you. On the other hand I like to go against the current, because that's how I believe you will make the most money in Dystopia. So when I have everyone on the other side of something that I have researched in depth, I feel more secure my conclusion just might be right. 

There's no need to beat the drum on the miner stocks any longer. A tremendous amount of paper profits have been made over the past 7 months in the miners that I've talked about. Most are up 400% or more off their lows. RIC is up 1200%. What's funny is NO ONE is ringing the bell on MSM yet. Its the quietest explosion of a sector in history and no one gives a shit. That means we are in the early stages of an epic paper move in the precious metals mining shares. I'm sorry for your bear market pain in this slaughtered sector. I'm sorry if you puked up your shares and didn't buy back in. I understand. You're retail and they crushed you. That's what they do. They are predators and you're the chum. The Boyz were in on the take down of miners and now they're long and will manipulate it up.   Take your paper profits and buy physical if you don't have physical.....or.......if you have the stomach for it, ride the paper train in miners and hope the casino stays open. The boyz are not gonna make this an easy hold. GL

Saturday, July 23, 2016


What kind of idiot works that hard for that little bit of yellow metal? Why wouldn't they just buy a nice little piece of paper called a dollar and bury in their backyard? They cold have received a nice 20 dollar bill back then for an ounce of that yellow metal and buried it safely away in their back yard and never worried about traveling to far away places like Alaska to mine that silly pet rock. Now days, instead of buying a couple of rolls of silver eagles, you could buy an I-phone and bury it in your back yard. Better yet, you could buy some 30 year Treasury Bills and bury those in your back yard with interest at 2% working yearly for you. Just think of the SAFETY AND THE RETURN. It just doesn't get any better than 2%. Well maybe you could by a JGB at NEGATIVE that really has to make you happy. 

Just imagine that some people still think that something as anachronistic as gold could be a safe haven in a world gone mad. You could have held the Dow Jones 30 stocks for the past 60 years and "done great" (please ignore the little fact  that most of those stocks are no longer in the DOW). 

Okay Okay.... I'll get serious. "The only stock to buy and hold in 2000 was Cisco Systems".  It was THE solid tech stock to own like Apple is today. It was a "Can't MISS" stock that had to be in EVERYONE'S portfolio. Wow! How'd that stinker work out for you 16 years later? Glad ya didn't buy gold then. You would only be 400% up in fiat dollars. Its all a scam anyway. Gold will be worthless. Silver will be worthless. Hillary will take back our Republic for the people and the Yellow Brick Road will take you back to Kansas and safety. Enjoy the game. The past 6 months in miners is a mirage and you better buy Apple while there's still time before the next great thing is hatched by that incredible inventor of the Apple watch that our intrepid, investor Buttfox wears on both wrists. They are the rage of all the trendies. You go Butt!!! 

Sunday, July 17, 2016


The Quickening. It has reached an accelerated phase. Crisis after crisis has been occurring on almost a daily basis now, yet, the barometer of economic success, the Market.....continues to chug ahead to new highs. The marvel of the power of fiat money. The CONfidence. Its ALL about CONfidence. It has to be maintained. How long can the fiat backed by CONfidence and maintained by the CONfidence game last? What is the critical juncture that has to be crossed when the game collapses from the mountain of corruption and fraud that has permeated every aspect of our Western Government and society overall?

If you lived through the past few weeks and have even a few functioning brain cells left from your Pokemon gaming you might be able to recognize that something is happening worldwide that wasn't happening even a year ago......CONfidence is slipping in the system. Maybe you are a Stockholm Syndrome investor. Perhaps the CONstant manipulation of the markets has drained you of the ability to organize a cohesive thought process to see what's happening right in front of you. Do you honestly believe we can sustain this type of pressure on this corrupt system much longer?

We will find out, and I hope we come out on the other side of this disgusting lie with a robust and healthy system to replace this sewer of moral decay. I've had a great run in life and hopefully it will have some more beautiful sunrises to experience ahead. I hope that all of you have enjoyed the first phases of this epic bull run in miners and I hope you all get to smile and laugh at how you made the right investments in the greatest bull market in precious metal history. I hope. gl

Sunday, July 10, 2016


As Celente has said often......They LOSE it.  Of course the media will not connect the dots of the economy to the recent events of the past week. They immediately go after the low hanging fruit like racism and the need for gun control. They parrot the statist view that if only there were fewer guns. 

Why not be intellectually honest and look at the actual causes of the boiling cauldron our society is at this juncture? Why not connect the real dots. The collapse in our socio-economic foundation that is not only removing HOPE from our urban black community but from our rapidly depleting MIDDLE CLASS. Do you think those "up-armored" police departments in "all-white" neighborhoods are being developed to protect these neighborhoods from the urban hordes of blacks/hispanics/muslims?  What are the MRAPS doing in small communities hundreds of miles from larger cities?  Why did this program only become accelerated over the past 7 years? Are we suddenly full of racist police? Are we suddenly under threat of an invasion of Jihad in these areas. 

These perceived threats serve as the FEAR that drives this militarization of our police. Funny how the FBI notes a massive 60% drop in violent crime over the past 15 years in our country, but the "FEAR" of muslim terrorism or black hoardes or hispanic gang bangers is greater than ever.....driving an even larger militarization effort of our police. 

Someone does fear something and that someone is diligently working to build-up for this "something" they seem CONvinced is coming. Its probably nothing. This weekly "tragic event" is nothing. It has little to do with the economy. After all, there were almost 300,000 jobs created last month. I local Starbucks just hired two new part-time baristas. 

Underlying all of this chaos is the collapse of our economy and the societal foundation it sets on. All of this has been discussed since this blog started. Many of the youtubes have gone into detail regarding the end game. The collapse that many of you seem to think is still in the distance has been going on for years and is now accelerating but I doubt seriously that many of you really understand just how deep we are into this. I hope I'm wrong. At least Buttfox bought DGLD and NFLX. gl 

Monday, July 4, 2016


I'll bet your neighbor doesn't have a clue. I'll bet he's on that ship right now wondering why his bed is now reclining. I'll bet you can't go to your Fourth of July party tonight and find more than one person that even has a clue that we are in a total collapse right now. If you told them we have been in a primary bear market for over a year, they would look at you like you just landed from Mars. If you told them that 40% of the SnP 500 is over 40% down from their highs from a year ago, they would just yawn and try to move along to someone else that was a little less crazy than you. Don't waste your breath. My friends and I like to refer to these people as "food". The elites refer to them as "useless eaters". 

Its the same analogy as the people that remained on the Titanic, even though a number of lifeboats were launched half-filled. The band continued to play while passengers deluded themselves with the belief the massive ship could never sink. Only upon entering the freezing waters of the Atlantic did they realize they had been deluded. I wonder how our reality will crystallized. Will it be sudden, shocking, and paralyzing? Maybe it will be a slow, almost comfortable process that traps us in our lower cabins where the peasants stayed. 

I like listening to the interviews of a number of prognosticators, schlepping about the collapse. I stopped trying to time it a few years ago when it finally became apparent "they would try anything" to keep the "useless eaters" in the game. I was thankful for the delusion of time and the price of precious metals. Rather than bemoan the price of silver and gold and how crooked the game was, I have continued to accumulate more metal over the past five years, never stopping my orders. I also haven't choked and puked up the paper trade of miners (with the exception of one ;-) ).  The paper casino trade is dangerous and may not pay off, but you have to anticipate they might keep the lights least longer than you can imagine. 

Silver is over 20 as I write this and may zoom to over 28 before they really attack hard. Who cares. If you're trading out of your paper positions, then buy bullion now. Otherwise you most likely have the metal already and you are early in a paper miner bull market and the real danger is choking and puking now like Budfox would do and crying how wronged your were. Enjoy the game and gl.