Sunday, August 28, 2016


Are we in Skippy's world? You know. That world where everything is candy canes and lollipops and apple isn't a fruit but a  phone god. I like that world. Who doesn't.  I'll gladly repay you Tuesday for a hamburger today should be a mantra for our society.

“In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable.” — Robert Arnott

You probably think that you can just keep on printing money indefinitely to prop up this market. If that is true, then why after Trillions of QE purchases of assets and bonds are we contemplating negative interest rates on bank deposits? If you think you can print and control all markets, including gold, then why is gold not at 200 bucks and ounce right now?

I'll bet some of you think those little wars are just random exercises of disgruntled populations trying to exercise their democratic rights. I'll bet you think we can just keep on printing trillions of dollars to give to conflicts in dozens of countries year after year and no one is ever going to catch on or for that matter even give a shit. After all, they're just ignorant savages that want to mindlessly blow themselves to hell because its fun and they get to bang some virgins. You're're exceptional and you're smart, because you know that we can do anything we want and NOTHING can stop us. 

Dream on dumb ass. Just like every other ponzi in history, this one too shall come to collapse. You'll never know what hit you. Your ass is buried so deep by your arrogance that you probably think the ponzi is going to warn you just before they close the door on you and burn the house down. Don't worry.....they've got your back. They've got your back in more ways than you can even imagine. gl

Saturday, August 20, 2016


Moral depravity, corruption, fraud, a broken family unit, a breakdown in just common decency....all of these elements are part of our foundation of values. These values are the bedrock of our nation. Our nation is disintegrating from "exceptionalism" into "deceptionalism". Its in vogue to spin everything. We spin our monetary and economic statements and metrics. We spin our politicians and the daily news.  We seem incapable of speaking truth to power. Its now the privilege of the "leaders" of the World to lie. Suddenly Vladimir Putin is being viewed as a political hero in the U.S. online chat rooms because he's viewed by the proles of the right wing and left wing and all wings in between as owning more of the truth than the western leaders. There is such a desperation by the average person to speak truth to power that Donald Trump can become president. Did you ever dream that you would even contemplate voting for a Donald Trump 10 years ago? Its broken. Its shattered in so many ways, it can't be put back together again.

Now we will see the forces of good and evil begin to collide. You're seeing it now. The deaths of mid level bankers. The death of political whistle blowers. Entire nations being leveled.The collision of good and evil as the epic battle for the coming power vacuum. These aren't little ethnic mafia groups. These are international power cartels and sovereign countries trying to establish dominance or just trying to survive the coming storm. Killing, maiming, and torture are only tools for these psychopaths. 

They don't care about countries, or children, or women.....and they especially don't care about you. In less than 20 years the rule of law and the CONstitution have been obliterated right in front of you and if you think that pendulum is going to swing back without an act of God then I want what you're smoking. Millions of innocents have been slaughtered in your name and my name over the past 15 years. Now the slaughter will come to our shores. That eventuality is now certain. The piper will be paid. On that note I hope you all enjoy each and every day like its your last. gl all

Sunday, August 14, 2016


You're going to hear that again...... Oh I know, you're thinking here we go again. Another Kli post on breakdown of society as we know it. I'm Anon and I am here to tell you he is wrong. He's going to say that the Powers to Be are planning a major breakdown to bring in their new paradigm. He's going to say that the mad men that create these breakdowns use the "out of chaos comes order" to install these radical changes. He's going to try and tell me that gold and silver are a good idea to have with the "coming storm". He's been saying for seven years,that "they" will print trillions and trillions of dollars that will create a firestorm. What a joke. I don't even see smoke much less a storm.

Expect To See A Panic Into Gold
I expect the reaction to world deflation will be the revaluing of gold and new gold-backed currencies, in an attempt (as FDR did in 1933) to thwart deflation. The one percent of smart money sees the picture and is preparing for it. 
Gold has entered a resumption of its bull market and is climbing higher in a zigzag pattern — two steps up, one step down.
One last comment – I note that suddenly the sentiment toward gold brightens. In coming years, we’ll see a panic to own physical gold. The most derided object in the world will become its most beloved and treasured item. I have elected to go the “peace of mind route.” That is why I maintain a large position in gold.”

Richard Russell was proven correct…

He warned about moral decay and breakdown of our societal structures. He probably thinks the greatest invention in our lifetime the smartphone is part of this. He's nuts. He thinks all of the media is in on this. Crazy talk that is dangerous.

The next thing you'll know he'll be saying that the powers to be will be trying to create conflicts and wars across the world. He'll probably try and say that a world depopulation is one of the ultimate outcomes of this world of chaos. He is just so insane. He is mad, mad I tell you, MAD.  He thinks that 94 million working age Americans that have stopped looking for work is catastrophic. He thinks that more than half our population receiving government aid is some kind of gloomy foreboding of collapse.

He'll keep yapping about the Just In Time delivery system being a ticking time bomb just waiting for the fuse to be lit. Its been just a joke. Everything he's crying about is ridiculous......RIDICULOUS I tell you. Who writes this crap. We can literally go into countries like Iraq and kill millions of people. We can go into Syria through our proxies and kill a million people. We can kill millions in Libya too....Afghanistan.....the Ukraine. We can bomb cities into dust. We can pile babies and women so high on the ground the buzzards can't get to them. We can arm our surrogates now and we don't even have to use that many of our own troops for the death and destruction. So really Kli, its not even us doing the killing anymore. Do you not get it. They are killing each other. WE DID NOT DO IT. Its not even our fault really. 

So Kli....tell me if you're so smart. Where's the beef? I just made a cool six figure income in the tech sector this year and had dinner with my cool friends last night at a new vegan home grown diner that just opened in town. I just bought a new Chevrolet SUV on a low interest 7 year loan. You're a joke. 

I've got a great pension and a 401K. You're so stupid, you probably think that 0% interest rates are going to collapse my pension fund manager because its payout is based on an actuarial model at 7% return per year as far as the eye can see. So after 10 years of this no interest rate WHERE'S THE PROBLEM? My pension is still there and my great job is still there. It's all good!

Saturday, August 6, 2016


I really tried to find some news this week that was positive and uplifting. Maybe I could have focused a happy face on all the fiat that could have been made in the miners this year. I could have brought up that miners have out-performed the general market indices by a factor of 10 this year. I might have brought up that if you had held your miners that you now have an excellent window  to convert to physical gold and silver because their rise has been much less and are still relatively cheap.  I don't really spend too much time bringing up charts in this epic paper bull market in metals since holding tight is your best strategy in this very early phase. Its really very boring right now in the information cycle and at the same time very sad to see the reality of our economic implosion occurring real time.

In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot. The soul and substance of what customarily ranks as patriotism is moral cowardice—and always has been. - Mark Twain

Sure, we can all celebrate just how stubborn we were through the manipulated metals bear market and stuck to our guns and will make a big pile of fiat. Unfortunately, millions of our fellow countrymen are already suffering through this contrived recovery with low-paying jobs, poor health insurance, and a declining moral fabric of the society that surrounds them.

You're now in the back wall of the storm and this one will make 2008 look like a cake walk. You think that's hyperbole just like you thought statements made last year that the miners would move off the bottom in a historic initial wave that would leave virtually all investors standing, watching, holding their cock, while they moved up 4, 5 even 10 fold. Well, it happened didn't it. You could sell now and move on. Don't blame you, but I realize most of you sold out already and aren't even in the trade. Can't blame you and sorry for your luck. This game was not for you.

Next in line for you will be the final game and this game is in earnest. This will be the game for survival. It will be the game of  your life and you need to make sure you don't spend it behind a computer playing with the fiat ponzi. Go to your loved ones and make your life right with them and enjoy the here and now. Enjoy the reality of your life and what your life still can be. If you have figured it out then put that knowledge to work now. WE are all about to pay. gl