Saturday, September 24, 2016


You AIN'T that good. I know I am not that good. I can't beat um in these short trading slam downs. Go ahead and beat your brains out. Get diarrhea and shit your pants. Puke your guts out and sweat yourself into oblivion trying to guess their game. can sit back and enjoy life now. I think we're in a major, maybe even epic bull market in precious metals and mining shares. If they keep the casino lights on there should be a run on these paper shares in miners that leaves most of you standing in the dust. 

Right now you are doubting your positions in these shares. You are thinking "Gee...what if these guys slaughter my shares again and I don't take profit here?" I sure as hell don't blame you for taking profit and running. The problem is what are you going to do with your green fiat dollars? Do you go out and buy bullion? NO you won't do that. That would be too smart, and then I would put you on my hero pedestal.  No... you will just let your money sit in your account and wait for another big pullback and trade. Good luck. You might get the chance to reload and leverage your trade here. But one thing in an epic bull (if you think we might be in one) is they WILL run off and leave you. That's their game. They first beat your brains out in an epic Bear. Then they quietly, stealthily take the shares up 300% and more while you watch and wonder. Then just as you start putting your smelly feet back into the water they slap the snot out of you. Just look at AG ......HAMMERED. Down close to 50%. 

Now you're scared. Now you're doubting your investment strategy again. They are SHAKING YOU OUT. Its an age old game and it always works. Enjoy. I'll be out a couple of days but watching. I'll be down visiting the boyz in the heart of darkness. gl

Saturday, September 17, 2016


I'll bet there are are few of you paper ponzi losers still out there. I know that like me some of you have decided for your own reasons to play some of the paper casino games. Like me, some of you still look at technical analysis. Like me some of you believe that metals will be the best way to weather the storm, but you think some paper exposure may be a way to diversify yourself outside of your "other" physical investment ideas. You think you just might beat the house.

I am not much of a casino gambler, but have played the tables at a VERY limited exposure for decades at virtually every casino in Vegas and beyond. I believe you cannot beat the house, but you can enjoy the table games with your predetermined stake. In other words, I always risked ONLY enough money that if I lost it all, I could still enjoy my trip and go home and care less. In other words I viewed it as entertainment and always played 21. It was all about math. 

Today's market is very different in many ways from a casino, but alike in several important ways. First......its still about math, but the house can print massive amounts of chips and you will have a very hard time with a house that has that much power.....Secondly...this house can change the rules at will and there is NOTHING you can do about it. Thirdly.......the house knows in advance what the cards are that are about to be dealt.

So you are playing in a very tough environment and I doubt that most of us get out of the paper casino with our stake. So can you go home after you lose all of your stake and NOT care and sleep well at night? You better answer that question before you stay in this current Precious Metals bull market. 

I know I're asking yourself WHY leave if the game is now a multi-year bull market?'s something to consider. IF you think you can get out of this casino with your winnings before that hooker that is setting on your lap can mickey your drink and have her pimp beat your brain to a pulp and take your winnings from you.....then sure....stay and play.....because there is a good chance that metaphorically they will.

Next ......for those still reading and giving a shit. Where are we in the guessing game? Several ways I can answer that. First....they want you OUT of the miner trade. THEY are the big money trading desks. Why? Because you're sitting on shares they want...and they don't want to pay you a fair price for them. They want them at a discount and they will shake you out with your stupid stops and puts and paper options so go ahead and try and out trade them. Secondly the real power is trying to keep gold in a range here for geo-political reasons.....(which in a weird way works to the miner paper trade but I will keep that reason to myself...;-)  )   

So again......WHERE are we? You know you're scared. You better be. If you aren't then you don't know the game. They're gonna shake your scared, shitless dumb ass until you puke up your shares and make a mistake. THAT is what they do. THAT is where we are. THAT is why the miners are CONsolidating. NOT to let you in cheap, because you aren't that smart. They are making you rethink your decision to be in this paper trade. AND YOU ARE. Don't lie......In fact again YOU most likely have no business being here in this game. 

Finally if you insist on getting fleeced in the paper.....then be aware there could easily be another down leg here in the miners. My guess is we might instead get a nice move up on the daily technicals which are bottoming and on the FOMC news Wednesday. Of course YOU are the player and I will not tell you what to do. YOU have to decide punk.

Sunday, September 11, 2016


The charade is over. The latest collapse of Hillary caught on camera after she attended a 911 event (left early), is going to reverberate for the next 24 hour news cycle. Every attempt to crush this story will be met now with skepticism. She will be forced to show herself as a "healthy" participant or the "voters" will destroy her aspirations to serve her country in our highest office. 

Next on the agenda however will be a full platter of NFL football and not to mention a crowning jewel of Buffalo Wild Wings and Monday Night football. If that can't overwhelm this weekend collapse by our gallant next dear leader, then we are truly lost as a nation. 

I expect her to come out swinging before the end of this day with an attack on the deplorable supporters of our blond, comb over Knight in waiting. I for one, cannot wait to see just how our strong leader gets up off the mat after this collapse and fights for the little people in this country and show us how strong and healthy she is. You really have to wonder though, just WHY she is in this position in the first place...but I digress. Some of you may say that this is Nature and even Hillary and her Karma cannot overcome Nature. Perhaps that's true, but by the same token be aware Nature is the final arbitrator for all of us, so be careful what we wish for.

Lastly I know that many of you are CONspiracy theorists and think that Hillary has a medical problem and that she might not even make it to the election without needing to drop out. You may even think that there will be no election and her health issues are going to be perfect to disrupt that process. Bite your tongues. WE DON'T "RIG" THINGS. Well maybe a few things. Maybe Libor...or....interest rates....or stock prices......or silver....or gold....or currencies.....BUT WE DON'T RIG OUR ELECTIONS!!! 

On a slightly serious note, I have doubts we get through elections this year without a major "event". Hang in there all and gl.

Sunday, September 4, 2016


There you go again...(to borrow from another senile politician)...saying that we are in some fake reality Kli. I know Kli , you're gonna say everything is "fixed". Its all just some kinda of fraud to cover up a sinister plan to delude the little people into believing that the entire system is quick sand and we're all about to be flushed down some galactic sinkhole.

Next thing you'll say is the morning CNBS crowd sitting in the (virtually deserted) NYSE floor is only for show to serve as a normalcy bias shill. You'll say that Mark Haines was probably offed just before he went public on the air with a "major" announcement regarding 911....ok ok that may have crossed the line. 

One Of Russell’s Last And Most Amazing Predictions Is Now UnfoldingI use $1,250 as the point of no return for gold. If gold betters $1,250 and stays there, I think we will have confirmation of a new bull market in goldGold demand from China, India, Russia and other nations continues to be enormous. Chinese imports through Hong Kong in August were more than double that of a year ago. And gold withdrawals to the Shanghai exchange have been huge.”  King World News note:  Fast forward to this year and gold took out the $1,250 price that Russell warned was the key on March 3rd.  Well, it took months of intense fighting, and it wasn’t until the mid-May – June rally that the gold price finally broke away decisively from the all-important $1,250 level that Russell said was the key to launching the next leg higher in the secular bull market in gold.  
This also explains why there was such a fierce battle raging near the $1,250 zone, with commercials — i.e. bullion banks — now holding massive short positions in a desperate attempt to try to stop Russell’s prediction from unfolding.  

All of this left me wondering, “How could Russell possibly have known that it would unfold this way?”  Then I thought, “That’s why he was the greatest financial writer in history, the Godfather of newsletter writers, and there will never be anyone to replace him.”

Of course no one is going to believe you, if you start in on our free election process. That's unimpeachable. We're certainly the most exceptional democracy there. Sure, maybe its a little strange that a pompous jackass with a bad comb over is running against the Wicked Witch of the West. After all she did beat Bernie fair and square. We might have had a Communist, Anti-War, Anti-Banker creep in CONtrol if he had won. And Trump......well....we know Jeb should have been given the election but unfortunately on 17 other people agreed with us and word has it that his wife voted for Trump. So you see, DEMOCRACY WORKS! So shove it Kli.

I know I can't wait to vote for the lesser of two evils Kli. Hell, who knows, Trump might be the real deal. All the Assclowns in charge hate his guts, but I don't mind if Hillary wins, she's strong on defense and it's about time a woman is in charge after these clowns.

You're crazy Kli. How can you not look at these two candidates and realize just how strong our system is? Just open your eyes. You've got two 70 year olds. One with a bad dye job and comb over and the other with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. It doesn't get any better than this Kli!