Saturday, October 29, 2016


Can she do it? Can a glue horse be elected by the global elite? Can the New World Order ride a nag to finish line? They road an over the hill gelding called Reagan to the finish line. You didn't want to acknowledge that reality did you? Get serious. You still believe the horse shit they feed you on the right that he was one of the greatest presidents we've had in modern history. Never mind he DOUBLED the national debt. Never mind he put the fox in charge of the hen house (can you say Alan fochin Greenspan). Never mind he demonstrated our Military might by invading GRENADA!! Never mind he couldn't find his ass with either hand by the end of his Presidency. Never mind he put Bill Casey back in charge of the CIA. Never mind he had the Ex CIA chief as his Vice President. Never mind they were trading Cocaine for Weapons to Iran right under his nose out of the White House. Oh wait....he saved us from Russia and broke up the EMPIRE!! Too funny. The "empire" imploded from the weight of its own corruption/socialism as we will.  I could go on but you're already pissed off if you swallowed that load of crap they sold you back then. Maybe you thought the Demodumbs would have saved us then. Sure they would have. But go ahead and keep believing the history and diversions you're fed.

Lets get back to today instead of pondering the realities of yesteryear. You wanna feel good about the good ol days go right ahead. Now we have a glue horse running down the stretch with an orange billionaire narcissist. You can't make this shit up. You've just had your constitution dismantled with NAFTA, Glass Steagall repeal, the Patriot Act, the NDAA and Obama Care, and you are still believing that Comey is finally acting independently to investigate Hillary because he found something wrong with Huma's Weiner. So instead of Watergate we get Weinergate. Oh...I guess you think two cub reporters at the Post broke Watergate from tough investigative work like the Movie portrays. Sure they did. That was all it was.....serendipity.

Okay I'll stop with the cynicism and acknowledge that I'm off base with my views its all rigged. Now I'll return to something we all know is not rigged. Gold silver and their paper derivatives the miners. Next week I see a monster break out with gold closing above 2000 and the miners going up 500%. I could be wrong so I'll just play this bull run the same way I've played it for the past 8 years instead......and that's smiling. Smiling at the machinations of the greatest ponzi power ever. Why get my panties in a wad? "THEY" are long too on the miners. gl

Sunday, October 23, 2016


I have a daughter that is a member of the elite that lives in NYC. She asked me last week who I was going to vote for. I gave her the same answer I have given to a number of people previously, that cared to know, what my intentions were, and that was if forced to vote I would vote for Trump. She was quite disappointed, to say the least, in my answer. She lives in a world that, at least publicly, proclaims to be voting for Hillary. She knew my history of anti-war activism and progressive issues. Her profound disappointment in my answer and subsequent scolding I received, made me reevaluate my answer to see if it was inappropriate and why someone so bright could be that tenacious in their support of Hillary Clinton.

I looked again at the past and current landscape with Trump. I asked myself a few simple questions (I'm a simple man). Why would EVERY single main stream news outlet conduct a smear campaign on Donald Trump? They have not even tried to disguise their intentions. Even the perennial right wing corporate shill Fox is in on the attack on the DON. 


If this is the case, the true reality beneath Bezo’s fraudulent accounting had to have been horrific:
Amazon’s quarterly profit misses estimates, shares tumble
From Reuters – LINK: Inc reported a lower-than-expected quarterly profit on Thursday as expenses rose and the company provided a disappointing fourth-quarter revenue forecast.
The growth of AMZN’s cloud business is rapidly slowing down.  This has been one of my key arguments about the insanity of the market cap attributed to AMZN’s cloud business. It’s tiny compared to AMZN’s overall revenues.  And competition in the cloud space is going to become ferocious as Microsoft, Google and Oracle begin to really flex their muscles.
The only question left for me is to determine which between AMZN and TSLA is biggest Ponzi scheme in history.  AMZN is maybe a $10 stock and TSLA is likely worth $2.

My daughter knew that I considered Donald Trump to be a rube and a blowhard with a limited intellect and historical knowledge base necessary to understand the complexities of a dangerous world. Only the uneducated, curmudgeon class was voting for the pompous blond pompadour populist she probably thought. Mentally, I wandered back to the same thought....WHY are every shill media hack  jobs trying to destroy Donald J Trump?  Never in my long history of following politics had I witnessed such a vicious, coordinated attack on one individual. What was he 

I listened to the last debate and cringed at some of his stupid antics and answers, but I also duly noted his direct accusations that we are being threatened by a global order. No one does that on main stream media and lives to tell about it. I then thought about WHO was contributing to his opponent's campaign coffers. Who gave her millions and millions for her speeches. WHY are our borders now open? WHO wants millions of workers to cross into this country and Europe and for what purpose. 

Will Donald J Trump really do something about a system that is so corrupt that a new word needs to be invented to describe its disgusting rotting smell?  I don't know, but I keep going back to the same question. WHY does every single mainstream media attack him relentlessly? What do they know that makes them afraid of him? Maybe I just might have to vote for the guy. He sure has scared the hell out of "the system".

Saturday, October 15, 2016


Or maybe it is the definition of owning the mining shares over the past month. I can vouch for the punishment and pain inflicted in a crowded trade. Its so easy to butcher the suckers that jump on the greatest bull trade this year expecting it to go to the sky, only to find out in great stocks like Ag that a 70% haircut was coming from the barber. Now that is painful if you jumped on the top of that roller-coaster. You better get out before they spank you harder and sell your shares to me next week.

For the long suffering masses that have been in the miner trade since its low in December, you really don't have anything to cry about. You're still up 300% and more in stocks like GORO EXK etc.... so don't cry me a river.

As far as the next few weeks could get worse before they take it back up. If you think you can time it, then more power to you. I can't and I won't get cute in what I think is the final epic ride of the bull trade of all bulls. The game of an epic bull is to shake off as many dummies at the bottom of corrections and make sure to take their money off their rotting, ignorant carcasses. A lot of the carnage in this sector was in leveraged houses that tried to get too cute in the momo trade of a lifetime and when you get greedy and you're leveraged and you take a 30-40% hit in a couple of weeks....then you are margin called to death. 

Ignore the drumbeats to war with Russia. You and I are useless eaters and cannot influence the creeps that get their nuts off slaughtering millions of innocents in the name of freedom or whatever meaningless cliche they want you to believe is the reason to put a Hell Fire missile into a crowded wedding party. Imagine when these degenerates start to nuke cities. I'll bet they'll have a really great reason to rally the sheep like Kim Kardashian was gang banged by Islamic extremist or WORSE it was Donald  Trump. We live in strange times and I am a cynical, bastard that is rapidly losing interest in anything political this year. If they keep hammering Trump, I may even take a half hour out of my life and go to vote next month just to pretend I made a difference. LOL

Hell's coming you stinking bastards and I hope it burns all of your DNA and pisses it down the sewer. gl all and if the casino stays open your miners will be fine. IF.

Sunday, October 9, 2016


It was a slaughter. After enjoying 8 Months of a new bull market in miners, the cabal struck. Retail and hedge funds are in disarray after the merciless attack from the algo-panzers divisions. Gold-bugs were caught with their flanks exposed as armored divisions unloaded multiple key-stroke salvos into their least defensible positions. After this week, the gold miner and silver miner battlefield was strewn with the smoking, mangled carcasses of "once wealthy" traders. Fear now permeates the ranks of gold traders. Battlefield hospitals have placed extra psychiatrists on call for mass casualties.

Reports from the battlefield indicate that General Kindle has had his elite new GORO troops annihilated and is waving a white flag made from his underwear swearing he will never fight again.  It was also reported sightings of elite members of the Buttfox unit coming out of their DGLD bunkers to attack the retreating Gold bug troops while shouting confused obscenities about how rich he was going to be and shouting Jay buy Netflix.

What's left of the decimated gold bug units are huddling in their bunkers trying to decide what their next move will be to counter the onslaught of the paper panzer power units. The stench of fear is over-whelming. Should they capitulate and turn over their paper to the ravenous paper eaters or should they stay on the casino battlefield and continue their valiant paper fight for freedom.

I think its probably clear by now that gold bug troops are about to be over- run by the blitzkrieg and should lay down their arms and ammo and run like little girls. Lay down your paper and you will be spared. The lesson is you can't beat the big boyz and you just need to stay outta da casino. gl

Sunday, October 2, 2016


Its a bubble. What's a bubble you say? The last hundred years or so have been, and WE are going to have to answer to nature. I know that it is WE and not THEY that are going to have to answer because there will be a reckoning for my participation in all of this. Maybe there is a reason that someone feels the planet is over-populated with useless eaters and that a culling is inevitable. I don't possess the crystal ball to delineate the extent of "come to Jesus" moment before me. I don't have the eloquence of Jesse, but I do have a talent for seeing the forest for the trees, that has always given me an advantage in the "game" and every part of my being is screaming we are in danger. 

“We’re Meeting These Guys Head On”
Now, with the bit firmly between their (the small speculators’) teeth, we could expect a test of the key Fibonacci .618 level at $1,267.20, as the hot money capitulates.  Worst case, I see $1,250 as a final bottom, where I will be a massive buyer.  For what it’s worth, Eric, we’re meeting these guys head on.  Meaning, we’re buying this bullshit takedown.” Andrew Maguire

I don't make a dime off of distributing fear porn, but I feel compelled because of what I believe to be true, to give warning to as many of you as possible, that as Kurt Russell said in Wyatt Earp that Hell is coming. If I don't cry the warning, then I have failed as a human being to help my fellow man........ so I cry out as loudly as possible. 

The elite know this rule also and whether they have engineered all of this or not is not even paramount to my theme, they are warning and that is all you need to know. 


Silver Sees Staggering 3 Standard Deviation Downside Move As GDX Suffers 3rd Largest Loss In History KWN headline

It never ceases to amaze me how many times bubbles and their consequences have been completely foretold by very credible sources over the decades and every time the vast majority of the people merely put their heads in the sand and had not only their wealth extracted but many times had their lives and the children's lives taken because of not heeding the warnings that had been literally shouted to them. Paralyzed by their inability to respond to what they considered a threat to their own normalcy bias.

This time is no different. The Piper will be paid. My concern is this time the Piper is owed a lot. There are ghosts of millions of women and children and their blood is on our hands. I think that we could have a lot of Karma coming our way as the Grand Supercycle comes to a close. Keep your head in the sand and hope I am wrong......but hope is not a strategy. Enjoy the game and gl.