Sunday, November 27, 2016


"Its all an illusion" isn't just another scare headline. It really is all a fraud. Nature's law will be obeyed, but you even think that basic law can be broken. You cannot change a mathematical outcome. You can try to disguise it by altering the numerators and denominators with false numbers.  You can alter the numbers with every trick in your hat, but the final outcome will not be denied. You are being told that the economy is improving. Even the Hedgee I had trapped over the Holidays said all of his money was made in just three months this year when the Fed tried to allow a semblance of price discovery by letting the market correct in the first quarter. I just laughed at how ridiculous his admission was. He is a member of the biggest hedge/bank squid on Wall Street and he's trapped by the Law of the Biggest Liar. 

They can't even hide behind the curtain because THEY are trapped by their lies. They tried to let price discovery reassert itself and the beta test fell flat on its face. NO ONE wants to be in this market when they close that little bitty door in the corner of the BIGGEST PONZI CASINO IN HISTORY.

 It is of course impossible to time the end of a 100-year super cycle bubble. It has already gone on for much longer than many of us thought was possible. But governments, central banks as well as commercial banks have succeeded in pumping endless amounts of money into the system to keep the Ponzi scheme going. Most people do not understand what is happening to their money. They believe that their dollar, pound or euro is worth the same as it was 10 years ago, or 25 years ago." Greyerz

Most of the participants in this FIAT BINGE OF FREE SHIT don't have a clue how to get out of the shit sandwich they find themselves in. These fiat pigs have been feeding at the trough so long they don't have a clue how to do any other type of investment outside of the casino. If you asked them who Holter or Rickards or Sinclair, or Hoffman or any other of the multitude of precious metals are, they would be lucky to recognize even their name much less what they recommend. Their comments on gold revolve around the BIPS or the "margin" to buy it. COMPLETELY CLUELESS on WHY they are buying it, thinking only in terms of marginal return on investment. 

Increasing Velocity Of Money Will Be The Big Upside Surprise For Gold As Trump Enters The White House kwn

Explaining why the coming "come to Jesus" moment is going to shake the foundation of the World Fiat Ponzi to its knees and create a buying Frenzy in metals which will reverberate for years to come doesn't even come up on their radar as an incoming death missile to their screwed up market of shit. You eat your fiat boyz and I'll stick with the doom porridge. My guess is my porridge starts to taste a lot better than the kind of sandwich you're going to get shoved down your pencil necks.

Sunday, November 20, 2016


Make no mistake. This woman has the ear of the president and is not afraid of being fired. He respects her opinion more than anyone else on this earth and she will be the voice that dictates many of the policy decisions that Donald J Trump makes during the first year he is in office. 

One of the loneliest jobs in the World is the POTUS. The rarest of people in his immediate circle is the individual that isn't afraid to say no or take a position the opposite of the POTUS. Ivanka is that special person and she is unafraid to take on the Donald. 

You're going to find out within the next few months this POTUS is markedly different than any president we have had in over a hundred years. Maybe even EVER! He will be the first POTUS that I am aware of that is NOT afraid to fire incompetent or disloyal members of his administration. Just think how many disgustingly incompetent bureaucrats have destroyed this country over its history and in retrospect should have been fired early in their administrations. You had people like GW Bush that couldn't run a lousy Baseball team much less be the CEO of America. You're going to have a very strong CEO this time and you're going to see the voices of dissension become muted as the "leader of the free world" hammers disloyalty and incompetence. Ivanka will be viewed as a unique voice of reason and influence to this powerful man and I believe he will exert more power than any President in recent history.

I believe that she will quietly become his most trusted adviser as this administration encounters the most powerful force in the world. In my lifetime, I never believed we would see the dynamics of a family like we have, that now occupies the White House. 

Enough of politics. Nothing has changed in the precious metals future. Of course those of you that are holding miners need to appreciate the gravity of your investments and sell your shares while you still can to the boyz. This beatdown might get worse in the fog of war that surrounds the miners. I'm scared and you had better be too. Careful out there investors....these guys just might jerk your pants down and spank you even harder. gl

Sunday, November 13, 2016


There is a central good now that needs to be done for the World to heal. It is time for all of us to lay down our vitriol and come together to heal the serious wounds to our country. The divisivenss is destroying us. I love you all, hell I love myself more, and I wanna love Megan Kelly too. Think of the damage that's been done to football this year. ESPN is draining blood from its parent Disney. Megan Kelly may have to take a job with MSNBC. Our dear leaders are right now organizing to support the new savior. Paul Ryan graciously escorted President Trump to the capital balcony for a warm, smiling photo op and a kiss. Mitch McConnell walked down the hallowed White House West Wing next to Donald J Trump and smiled knowingly. 

I like to look now at the "signals" instead of the rhetoric. In politics you have to look at "what" is DONE, not "what" is SAID. Talk and truth are seldom the same in the game of politics and nothing is cheaper to a poitician than "Talk". Conversely truth can be a very rare and very expensive commodity for a politician. The past is littered with politicians that chose to speak truth to power. 

One of the first signals that our House is being put back in order was the appointment by our new leader of Mike Spence to lead his transition team. The Vice President is an entrenched establishment, neocon, strong military (code for globalist war agenda), and I never met a war I couldn't support. Hmmm... does this move remind anyone of a similar move after the "shrub" took office (can you say President Cheney). Maybe. Could it be. Nahhhh.... just more negative speculation that undermines a great story. Hey, I hope you are right.

I am glad that the Alex Jones show has insiders like Dr. Steve Pieczinik that are speaking out about the Deep State and the Cabal and the fight of good against evil within the system. Maybe they really are correct. That endless war gig is getting old, not to mention the few million people slaughtered. Oh wait... they're for the most part Muslims and therefore subhuman, non-christian, blashphemists, predisposed to self immolate. By the way...did you ever ask yourself just what is the motivating force for human beings to strap a bomb on themselves and blow their asses to kingdom come. I'll bet you think its because they're just moronic jihadists that wanna die and meet a bunch of horny virgins.......maybe you're right. It certainly couldn't be our implosion and occupation and slaughter of their country and their inability to use conventional means to resist the greatest military fiat could buy. I mean, you sure as hell would never do that if our country was invaded and occupied with half your family bombed to the center of the earth. You would just re-educate, conform, and give up your civil liberties to comply to them. Oh already did....(see Patriot Act, see NDAA) 

OK lets look at our New Prez (BTW I did vote for the Don). He is an Authoritarian, narcissist, deal-maker  with some knowledge of what the Deep State is and has done. How intricate and comprehensive his knowledge is... is still up for debate, but for certain the next several months will begin to give you an idea if the hopes of the Alt media and AJ followers will be redeemed. OR... will the battle to save the republic be turned over to the next HOPE and Change Prez? Don't get your panties in a wad, but if I were a betting man, I would not be changing any of my outlook or preparations from one month ago. gl

Sunday, November 6, 2016


There is a threat out there so hidden, so frightening, so insidious, that mortal men dare not speak of it, not even a whisper.  If exposed by shining a light, it threatens the fabric of our very being. Our lives are under an illusion. That illusion must be maintained or Nature's law takes control and we suddenly discover the truth. The truth is quite simple in fact. So simple it is in plain sight, yet almost no one will talk of it for fear of the sudden tsunami of consequences that would be imposed on our dream state. 

It cannot be allowed to step forward this Tuesday. It cannot be allowed to be shown on the stage. It must be crushed. It must be kept in the dark shadows of the big stage. You see...... we believe that little green dollar has value JUST because we have CONfidence it will be used as a medium of exchange for an item in the future that we need. BUT what happens if "something" shakes that CONfidence. What happens for instance if we believe that our "dollar" won't buy that "item" in the future. What happens, for instance if we think that "item"....whether it be a car, or a house, or gasoline will be 5 times the price in 5 years as it is today? In economic terminology it is called the "velocity of money" and that is what the Fed supposedly is trying to achieve to pull us out of this stagflationary morass or as they say "deflationary trap".

I'm calling BULLSHIT on this all. Their fear IS velocity of money. They have us right where they want us right now. We are in this no growth, no inflation, purgatory because they WANT us there. They do not want this any hotter than it is right now. The proposed December rate hike might happen but think about it. WHY? We obviously are in a terribly weak economy even though they pretend the metrics say its growing slowly. So WHY NOT do more helicopter money. INCREASE the EBT money. IINCREASE the Free money on the many state EBT cards. INCREASE the tax benefits for the middle and lower class. They don't care about the deficit so WHY NOT more helicopter money?

The game is gold. Its always been about the price of gold and having physical gold. Gold is the ONLY threat that exposes the fiat ponzi. Once the price of gold crosses a threshold that turns the neon light on its price, the game is over. Once the big money sees this, they will rush for the door and that door is really, really small. THIS cannot be allowed to happen. The existential threat to the whole enchilada is GOLD. It shuts down the fiat ponzi and that cannot be allowed to happen. On Tuesday that headline price on gold MUST be CONtrolled IF Trump wins. They must keep it below 1400.  

Don't despair....we are in a bull in my opinion in PMs. It just may take some time for the game to play out. You can't get "rich" quick. Learn how to invest. It takes time and discipline. Don't worry about which blond wins on Tuesday......but it is fun. gl