Sunday, March 26, 2017


What are you going to do? Its all exhausting. You turn on the TV and there is Lindsey Graham on Fox pontificating calmly about slick Neil Gorsuck and big bad Russia, pushing his neocon agenda to war. You turn to CNN and its wall to wall demonization of Donald Trump and.......Russia.  Its exhausting. 

Did The Government Spy On Trump? Ron Paul’s Answer: “Of Course… It Spies On All Of Us!”

Monday will come and more faux statistics will arrive supporting the narrative of "recovery" while thousands of retail stores close across the country and jobs by the hundreds of thousands are lost......AND ..... "WE ARE A CONSUMER ECONOMY"!  Are we really that gullible? Sadly this population is and the few that are not are just becoming.....exhausted. 

When is the "Great Depression 2 going to happen"? Try opening your eyes unless you too are too exhausted. Real estate in Manhattan is collapsing. In Miami you can't even get an offer on your new Condo. Used cars are just sitting on lots now.  

Now you are a "populist" and that is "bad". You aren't even a CONservative or a Liberal anymore. Your Western allies like France and Germany are developing evil "populist" blocks. You're no longer part of the "greater good". You're exhausted.

You tried to protect your investments with hard currency like gold and silver and now they've even CONvinced you that Digital currency like Bitcoin is safer for you. They CONtrived ZILLIONS of gold and silver paper derivatives to keep the price down of your "hard asset" and to CONvince you to NOT own gold or silver, which of course are NOT fiat that are backed by nothing but promises.  UP is down. Black is white. You have now reached a complete level of corruption that a "keystroke" is your alternative to "fiat" currency.

Now if you are really sharp and of course some of you are already saying to yourself.....WHY paper miner shares?  I AGREE! They are also paper but they at least have the physical mine backing the shares. They shares CAN and may very possibly be taken through one means or another from your CONtrol but at least you have some tangible connection.  I think and of course this can be wrong, but the big boys money will need to be in paper assets like the miners when the general market shares are taken apart. Miners could and should be the beneficiaries. I'll take the shot. 

I'm not exhausted  and I don't give a shit what they do in the next days or weeks. Have at it boyz. I don't exhaust.

Sunday, March 5, 2017


Slaughter, chaos, devastation, and disruption. The Four Horsemen of the Metals Trade. Why participate in such a trade if you maintain its rigged? Well, it is rigged. Its all rigged and its all rigged in different time elements to maintain an overall illusion to prevent a complete loss of CONfidence in a fiat ponzi system. Its not a complicated meme.

So lets get back to the original question of why you should participate in a rigged metals trade. Better yet, lets just stay with the paper miner trade and discuss briefly why self-abuse seems like an unlikely way to make money in a rigged casino.

Let's define the Wall Street definition of what a "Beatdown" is. A Beatdown is a mechanism of behavioral change applied to jello-like intellect that is participating in a herd behavior interaction expecting a near term intense reward. The said mechanism (a beatdown) is applied just as the serotonin receptors in the above conditioned brain is at its most vulnerable state. As the screaming receptors are engulfed in their anticipated feeding frenzy of a most succulent, delicious meal, the silver platter of said meal is flipped completely upside down and thrown against the wall in front of said deluded dining guest. Then said guest is beaten severely about the head and body with the heavy silver platter until the message of hubris and gluttony is thoroughly absorbed.

How does this beatdown this week compare in terms of all the other beatdowns we have endured?  It seems relatively similar in terms of when it happened. Silver and gold were threatening a breakout confirmation which would have brought in the Momos on the sideline and would have sent the signal the "something" is wrong with the Fed/ponzi policy.  BUT what I found interesting was just how hard the miners were dispatched. Most of my miners had been performing well this year and were up since Jan 1 around 50% on average from their Dec lows, but their volume was somewhat lackluster and they weren't having large percentage/large volume daily as a group to any great degrees. In other words they didn't have strong conviction indicators yet. I have strong conviction in the longer term trade this year in the miners but this daily cycle as opposed to the first daily cycle of last years move didn't scream out to me so I felt an ambush was coming.....a Beatdown. I mistimed its intensity and re entered too early with my cash.....greed and patience.

Do I care? Sure, but from a longer term point of view it matters little to my overall thesis and that is there is a very big move in miners coming this year. So I will be patient and no I will not invest in Amazon. The "Beatdown" shows me this trade is what they want me and you OUT of. They want us out of the miners because the boyz want the shares cheap and will run them up again this year again. Good luck if you can hold on.