Sunday, April 30, 2017


Your unavoidable rendezvous with destiny. I am not arguing the merits or negatives of this change. The real question is whether you are about to become irrelevant. Think about it. Walk into any large box retail store today (please don't forget we are a "consumer" economy). Look around and what do you see the employees doing. Stocking shelves? Checking out customers? Answering enquiries? All of these jobs are currently being replaced by Artificial intelligence robotics. They don't need you. You will be irrelevant if you are employed in retail. Go to a Mickey D or similar fast food venue today and just watch. Half the jobs have already been eliminated from just 10 years ago and soon most fast foods will have eliminated 80% of their current employees with automation.

Look at farming today. We already have eliminated 90% of farming jobs over the past 50 years with automation. A single farmer can farm thousands of acres with the automation/AI available today. I know farmers that sit inside their climate controlled Tractor with a 30 inch screen watching CNBC while their computer generated grid is entered into their tractors planting/plowing/spraying. They trade options while their grid is being managed by AI.  They take care of thousands of acres with minimal hired help now.

Health care is drastically changing and will be unrecognizable in just a few years. You will enter an Emergency department and swipe you health care data into the system. You will be voice prompted and then state your chief complaint. This will trigger a series of voice prompts. Eventually the AI analysis including exam and imaging (most available now) will determine your diagnosis which may or may not be reviewed by a human. I am involved in determining the treatment and diagnostic protocals today. I am working on my own elimination. A treatment plan will be generated if you do not require further evaluation and your prescription or treatment given.  Of course human intervention will made as necessary but only if deemed so by AI or demanded by you (which will be an added cost). Think of the number of nursing and doctor hours saved. Also imagine the speed of treatment. Of course there will be significant problems, but it WILL be implemented.

Tesla Burns Through $620 Million, Loses $13,000 Per Car Made Ahead Of Model 3 Launch

Pharmacists will be reduced similarly if not more in hours. I don't recommend this field for future employment at all. It will be completely automated. 

Truck drivers will be halved in less than 7 years with AI driving.

Why do we need teachers? For that matter why have physical schools? Seriously think about it. We can use a home laptop right now and better educate virtually any age group than an average school does and in half the time or less. Not to mention the wasted minds that are resulted from poor teachers and curriculum. Think of the physical plant and transportation savings. ENORMOUS. But what about the teaching jobs? Where will we be able to create the replacements for their jobs?

“There is no cause to worry. The high tide of prosperity will continue.”
Andrew Mellon, Treasury Secretary, September 1929 

This wave of disruptive technology is happening right now. Its accelerating and its going to be staggering in its effects on our social and economic impact. AI will evolve rapidly. Its rapidity will be devastating. As Elon Musk and Stephen Hawkins have already publicly noted it has the potential to eventually destroy mankind on Earth. Musk recognizes the danger down the road, but very few recognize the immediate danger of what is about to take place economically. Just try and stop it. You cannot. What you better work on is how you can adjust to it and profit from it. Think in terms of where it will create needs. People will gravitate towards areas of needs that are only just now appearing. 

Saturday, April 22, 2017


And you thought it was going to be all settled with Trumpexit. And I'll bet you also thought that Brexit would put a silver bullet in this monster. China tried to kill the monster with a sneak devaluation in August of 2015 and all they got for their trouble was a rod of god up their yen yang. Now we have the vaunted French socialists taking on the cabal. These  were the progenitors of the original Revolution for equality and democracy. What most today are unaware of were the seeds of the Frenchy disenchantment. I know you won't be surprised to learn that it was all another Banker battle. Of course those seeds were planted into a very deeply indebted society with horribly unequal taxation on the lower class which is our "working class" today. They were tired of the war and the inequity of the noble class. The masses were burdened by a bureaucracy composed of nobility, bankers, catholic clergy, and bankers. Government was legalized corruption robbing the masses with over taxation. 

"Throwing In The Towel" - US Stock Market Shorts Hit 10-Year Low

To legitimize their control of the peasantry they tried to control the press through multiple propaganda methods including falsifying economic reports. Poor harvests and resulting famine eventually forced the hand of the peasants as their belly's told them otherwise. The final collapse ushered in Napoleon and the military control of the country and of course ......tada......WAR.....and WAR.....and more WAR.

Stocks Stumble As Treasury-Bill Curve Inverts. 'Animal Spirits' Slump

Debt, Corruption, Taxation, ....WAR..... Its the age old game plan for wealth extraction from an ignorant public. The French were conned into just another wealth extraction scheme with a few deserving politicians losing their heads to the guillotine to satisfy the public's blood lusts. No tears were shed for them but what about the ten's of thousands slaughtered in the following wars as the bankers created even more debt and more power consolidation? No one cares because they don't comprehend its diabolical brilliance.

Crashing Canadian Mortgage Lender Bailed-Out By 321,000 Retired Ontario Healthcare Workers

The public really are sheep. You just let them grow fat and sheer them every few years for their wool and when they get too fat and too old you just kill them and eat what meat is left on their bones. You really can't allow the public to participate in the really important decisions to be made in running their country. They're too stupid. Participatory democracy cannot work in the truly deep state of control. That decision making has never really been in the hands of the public. It has always been just an illusion. They give you flags. They give you symbols of pride. They give you great national songs. They create your entertainment and other diversions so you will accept your plight.  Then they'll harvest you. They will extract you, then they will eat you.

No wonder they smile at the kabuki theater. They script it. Now you know why students of their game plan like Putin go to the most Holy site in Russia to pray before taking on the cabal. He is not a sheep. He knows the power he faces.

So what do  you do? You have to realize that going into the chute is not in your best interest.  Pay attention to your own particular situation. Your mental well being will be tested. You have to find what suits your mental health. I have hobbies and I have work I enjoy. I participate with my children and have family dinners. Your health will need to be addressed. You have to exercise daily and watch your diet. NO GMO. Try and have a network of friends. You will need them.  Do not get caught up in the Kabuki theater. Don't think that Tesla S is going to get you to safety. Your safety will have to be within a day's hike of where you live now.

Sunday we have a Frexit vote. I could really care less. The cabal may use "any" outcome to hammer the metals. On the other hand, if  the physical metal is pressuring the paper price then we could se a spring loaded upward break out here. Eventually the move will be up through 1300 to the 14 handle, but I will not get trapped in their theater worrying where it goes in the near term. One day you'll look back and wonder why you didn't own more physical.  

The power outages around the U.S. on Friday were beta tests. Expect the real deal to be without warning and devastating if they choose that switch. I think it would satisfy their goals so plan accordingly. gl

Sunday, April 16, 2017


Watta week of intricate political intrigue. How can you not be impressed by the magnitude of obtuse political signals emanating from the greatest military power on Earth? After all, we just came out of the "most transparent" administration in our history. Now we have the purveyors of the "best chocolate cake" and "4 D Chess playing". I don't know about any of you, but I stand in awe of the multitude of signals coming out of DC.

With Respect To Gold & Silver
With respect to gold and the unofficial/official Administration endorsement of a ‘not strong dollar’ in addition to every other single country in the world who also wants a weak currency, I’m upgrading my view point on gold and silver from buy to pound the table buy. Both are now above their 50, 100 and 200 day moving averages and at 5 month highs. KWN Peter Boochvar

In fact, if I am a tinhorn political dictator with a few nukes in my pocket, then I am quaking in my boots. I don't know if I'm going to have a "Rod of God" put down my pie hole or a "Mother of all Bombs" dropped on my pointed head. Well hell.....maybe I should give up my nuclear weapons to the Don. Wait....that didn't work out too well for Kadafi. They got him to play ball and drop his chemical weapons and then sodomized him with a sword for a painful hemorrhoidectomy.  From my point of view, it seems that backing a paranoid dictator into a corner is a dangerous chess game. Especially with a Westernized city throwing distance from his conventional artillery, not to mention his nuclear weapons.

I particularly like flexing our Naval power off the North Korean and Syrian coasts. Maybe they could paint large bullseyes on their sides and pretend they are floating targets.  We could use these anachronisms for a distraction to see what kind of surface to surface missile systems they have. A missile strike on one of our carriers could really galvanize the public's patriotic juices and send CNN ratings through the roof. The Don's ratings will soar with the beat of war drums. With the left already endorsing war, and the establishment historically on board with any foreign killing field, the Don can't lose. 

Can you imagine the press conferences. You'll have three rows of Four star generals standing with the Don. All of them adorned in in beeeutiful blue suits adorned with gold and metals and ribbons. Maybe we'll have great chocolate cake for the press for a new battle precedent. Like the great battle journalist Brian Williams said last week.....this is just beeeutiful. 

As many of the people smarter than I are saying on the right and alt right...... this is all 4D chess and you need to wait and watch just how this all plays out before you judge the Don. Okay.... I'll wait. I'll wait just like I did 8 years ago when I saw the most transparent administration in history start their trek into history in a very similar fashion. I kept waiting for the banker arrests. I kept waiting for the drones to stop bombing and for the troops to come home. I suppose I just don't understand how 4D chess works. gl you're gonna need a lot of it.

Saturday, April 8, 2017


In case you missed it I just had to replay Brian  William's poetic description of the missile attack on the Syrian airbase. You know. The same Brian Williams that single-handedly defeated and captured Sadam Hussein and killed six of his bodyguards with a knife. Its funny how you can dance on the stage for your handlers when they threaten to take away your 18 million dollar salary. You're able to wax poetically about death and destruction on MSNBC as though you were describing a new Ferrari in your six car garage. Isn't that right Brian?

Price Manipulators Losing The War
Paper trading and the multiple impact from leverage made possible from futures contracts and other derivatives is used by the price manipulators to force the price of gold and silver lower from time to time. And they are successful by occasionally winning a battle, like they did on Friday. But keep this in mind: F
rom their December, 2015 low prices of $1,046 and $13.63, gold and silver have since risen 20% and 31% respectively. In other words, the bull market in the precious metals is alive and well, and the price manipulators are losing the war.

I feel warm and "gushy".  Now we have a true war time President. One that all of us can be proud of. One that Lindsey Graham and Big John Mc Cain can rally around. Now all of the "true media" can join in the praise of a truly powerful man that can take quick action when needed. Without hesitation our country WILL respond with POWER and DEADLY FORCE when  innocents are lost. We don't need to discern what might be the truth behind the gassing with needless details. We are prepared AND READY to act.

South Korean Paper Reports China Has Deployed 150,000 Troops To North Korea Border

As some of the Don's supporters have said in trying to analyze his quick trigger, this was a message. This was a carefully crafted and planned message for Zi Wu Phat the Chinese Premier just as he was having dinner at Murry Legos in Florida with the Don. The logic goes like this. "China knows we're serious now and we'll blow them to hell if anyone crosses us". I'm sure China got the message.

Traders "Swoop" On Stocks, Oil Rises For 8th Day But Bonds Still Don't Buy It

I'm not very bright and I suspect that I have good company in that regard in High Places in our country, but I did learn a long time ago that if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then its probably a duck. gl

Sunday, April 2, 2017


Why in the hell do you care? What difference does it really make? After all doesn't anyone know all you have to do is print more money to make any economic distortion fixed. And then for any action there will be a reaction and another distortion will pop up. More printing and then more distortions. Pretty soon you have a crack up that just can't be fixed. Then "something" snaps. That "something" is what this whole charade is really all about. 

Retail Slaughter Continues: Ralph Lauren To Cut Jobs and Close Flagship NYC Store

Its right in front of you practically every single day. Why do we have multiple Federal reserve governors and presidents speak every week with great fanfare as markets gyrate like minuets in response? Why in the world would we have the greatest financial collapse in a century be followed in less than a year with an "all clear" from Ben Bernanke and then followed with endless money printing? Words never before in the lexicon of financial voodoo began to appear. Words like Quantitative Easing. Reverse repo. Overnight lending window.....etc etc. But we are not only "all clear" but its "all good".

So why do we have to be told this on an almost every day basis by the Fed? Why don't our elected officials come out and tell us just how good the economy is? What do they fear? What is out there that could destroy us? What is there effort all centered around? Why manipulate gold or silver or the stock market? Why the obvious dishonesty? Its all about the dollar. You know, that little piece of paper that is backed by only one little thing..... They are afraid of that one "little thing". You know what that fragile, one "little thing" is don't you. Its CONfidence. They're afraid of losing it. They lose that one "little thing" and this whole enchilada turns into one big pile of refried beans. 

It is one helluva mess we are in and to think this can be fixed with more obfuscation and Fedspeak is not only stretching the limits of economic law, but its ignoring the past centuries of bubbles and crashes. Cycles not only have occurred for hundreds of years but they are absolutely certain. As long as there are sunrises there will be sunsets. As long as there are summers there will be winters. You have a nice day believing in the Fed and their bullshit. Its worked out so far. Why not forever?