Monday, May 29, 2017


If you're gonna run a circus act, you've gotta have a clown act. Boy do we have a circus right now. We've literally put Goldman boyz in the actual administrations and leadership roles in most of the Western Nations involved in this economic collapse. Its become such a complex economic fraud, that to allow an "elected" official to make any decisions involving this manipulation is just too risky to allow. When this market ponzi throws its first "fit", we have to have a steady ponzi hand at the wheel. Our captain has to be able to  guide the global debt train through this railroad track to hell without getting derailed and blown to hell. The Big Top has to be raised again for the next act and the Head Clownassniffers need to be in charge when it opens. 

Amazon Tops $1000 For First Time Ever, Bezos Up Over $19 Billion Year-To-Date

Turkey Bans Short-Selling, Online-Trading As Nation's Best-Performing Stock Crashes....its all good

These clowns may have been friendly and innocuous to most market participants a few decades ago, but increasingly the public is starting to see another side to the smiling clown that is creating concern. When you have the Druckenmillers, Bass's, Gross's, and Dalios decrying the Circus, then you know their is a looming showdown for the Big Top.

 It’s All Good: 

Its different this time.....

I remember studying the cycles after the 2008 "Crisis" and looking back at the economic roots of the cycle such as the Kress cycle and seeing how predictable previous market crashes tended to be. I wondered as others did then whether the head clowns would print their way out of the supercycle collapse but decided that would be just exponentially more dangerous, not to mention virtually impossible......but they did just that. They prolonged their day of reckoning by just pulling out new credit cards and piling on a mountain of new debt with zero chance of ever repaying. Now we have a devil's brew that will only be resolved with an unwind the likes of which none of us have ever witnessed. Our normalcy bias does not allow us to even consider the possibility we could devolve into a Venezuela collapse.....or a Lybia....or a Syria....or a Ukraine....or a Greece....or an Iraq...or an Afghanistan.....or an Egypt.......or a Brazil.....or a Spain....or a Cyprus. It is JUST NOT POSSIBLE that can happen to us in the greatest Empire ever  created from DEBT. 

After all great empires don't collapse......Persia didn't collapse .....Rome didn't collapse......the Ottoman Empire didn't collapse....the Spanish Empire didn't collapse.....the English Empire didn't collapse.....well maybe empires just go least maybe ours will. Maybe all these concurrent and recent wars and the endless war on "terrorism" are telling us something. I know what it is telling us......... like the Skippy's say...."Its all good"....

Sunday, May 21, 2017


ITS BECOME A MONSTER! Everyone is in on it. Of course you know all about the CIA and military industrial deep state, but what IS the entire deep state. Are you in the deep state? Many in the lower levels are so compartmentalized by the Deep State, they actually think they are against it.  They have their very livelihood dependent upon a monster created to enslave all of the World. THEY are the monster and don't even realize it. Do you think they will destroy their very existence for the betterment of the "other" 90%? Just because you are in a "private sector" doesn't mean that you are not Deep State. I'll bet if you asked the average Boeing or Lockheed Martin employee if they were in the deep state, they would be offended.

FBI Refuses To Hand Over "Comey Memos" To Congress...You can't make this up

Handout Nation: Combined Enrollment In America’s 4 Largest Safety Net Programs Hits A Record High Of 236 Million  "Its all good"

Bitcoin Climbs Above $2060 

Maybe its easy to see the 10% of the Deep State that work in the Federal and State and municipal bureaucracies, but is that "all". Let's examine the 90%. How much of the 90% is part of the "Deep State"?  What happens with the Medicare industrial complex? How many of you would fight to the end to keep those Medicare gimmees? How many of you are doctors or nurses working for a hospital making a very large salary. How about that nursing job with a two year associate arts degree that pays you six figures now? I'll bet you'll scream if Trump stomps on that sector. How about that Hospital IT job at six figures that was created by the Electronic medical record mandate. There are dozens of IT people in every hospital today as a result of that Federal job swamp. 

Commodities Bust Hits Farm Lenders, Delinquencies Surge 225%.... its all good....

OPEC to Extend Oil Cuts for Nine Months to End Global

How bout tackling the Social Security disaster? What do we do with the 50 million on EBT Cards? How many people administer these mandates and collect the taxes for them? How big is the tax collecting swamp. Why such a complex tax system?  Complexity creates jobs. The more rules and regulations, the more complexity. The moar complexity, the moar jobs. Its beautiful. We are now manufacturing system complexity. Its simply called malinvestment. The ultimate result of an unbacked fiat monetary system.

All-Time Record Silver Short Covering Continues!  so you better sell your physical to me now CS!!

They're able to pick the winners and losers now in "private industry". They want electric cars because they think its a "job creater". Its not environmentally friendly, but it is somewhere to dump DEBT. We can keep the "system" of fiat creation alive by picking industries the SUCK UP DEBT. Amazon...NFLX...TESLA...Solar....Wind....moar and moar and moar. All of this is "private" deep state. The deep state is everywhere you turn  and if you aren't in the deep state you're being run over by it. 

Lieberman Withdraws From Consideration as FBI Director a loss for humanity...

The Bulls Need to Ramp The DOW To New Highs on Heavy Volume or It’s GAME OVER

Legendary Investor Asher Edelman Says "I Have No Doubt" PPT Behind Market Rally

Privately run taxis for instance are being crushed by a debt supported Uber. Many industries are being forced out by the centrally planned free money as a debt based Deep State spreads its tentacles across the World. Free market capitalism is now becoming a quaint notion. Many of the "private contractors" are nothing more than government employees. So good luck draining the swamp. Better take a look down at your own ankles and see how deep that murky water is before you cry too loudly about the deep state.

Sunday, May 14, 2017


LOL and you thought that it was all quiet on the Western Front. You've got your fresh milk and eggs in the fridge and your hot coffee in front of your computer screen with a high def look into whats happening in the world. How can things not be good?

"It Fell Off A Cliff": Morgan Stanley's Macro Indicator Just Crashed The Most Since Dec. 2008 (nahh its all good)

I'm writing this post on a Saturday and I literally could be unable to post it on Sunday. Here's a thought. What would my Bitcoin look like in this scenario. After all its another "virtual" currency backed by WHAT? How do I even have a bitcoin in these type of breakdowns? Now don't get me wrong. I like the underlying premise of bitcoin, but putting a lot of your eggs in that virtual basket has a ton of risks, so just be aware.

The threat of a global computer breakdown will ALWAYS be present. It will never be eliminated. It is always hanging over our heads and it can drop without any warning. It could be a virus. It could be a global or local power outage. It could be a breakdown in the phone delivery pipe. Its a wheel with a lot of spokes that can breakdown at any time. We all take it for granted just like we take our morning coffee being there.

So what do you do? Do you crawl in your Bunker and pull the steel door closed? Do you buy more storable food? Dig wells for water? I play golf. I spend time traveling with my family. I work at my day job. I listen and watch hours daily of financial related videos. I work out at least an hour a day on cardio while watching my screens.  My preps are in place so I don't spend time on them. I still periodically add to them, but its not a priority. IF I see a clear immediate threat then I will concentrate on Plan B and Plan C, but for now I enjoy the premise "Its all good" and pretend there is no storm lurking on the horizon. Its NOT a skippy stick my head in the sand but it works. 

Why silver? Silver is for the optimist in me. Its for the what I believe to be only a financial day of reckoning.....not a global slaughter of biblical proportions (and we may just get that). Your silver will be the least of your worries in a global apocalypse. I doubt that silver or gold will be used as currency in our future as long as the power stays up. We will be using virtual currency in the very near future. BUT beware.....these too will NOT be stores of wealth. View them as CURRENCIES. They are medium of exchanges. For now they are also great speculative investments but they are indeed SPECULATIVE. Which means "here today...gone tomorrow". Silver is an element that has properties which make it PRECIOUS! It will have even increasing value in an increasingly digital world and more importantly in a world where Currency becomes our of necessity DEBASED. 

For now I hope you all realize what's being done to us. I like the food fights and hope they entertain you as they do me. We are now living in a dystopia and frankly I don't know how it will resolve. Inflation is here and it will worsen to where it stops this unless they pull the string. So enjoy the game. I do.

Saturday, May 6, 2017


Another week....another extend and pretend. Trot out the Fed speakers. Trot out the BLM bartender jobs numbers. Trot out the same old experts on CNBS to prop up the Stock buy back ponzi. To talk down Buffet's dump of IBM shares. IBM a great company that's losing Revenue for the past 10 years. But thanks to free money can borrow to buy back its OWN shares to inflate its EPS numbers. Even Buffet could see the handwriting on this one. 

This week TSLA crapped on its typical quarterly cash burn, but it was spun as a win. Apple looks like its dead money from the law of large numbers and no foreseeable innovations, but its green. Watta week! I think we can see how the malinvestment is playing out. As long as the dollar is king, it won't change. Does anyone think that King Dollar is not going to be given punch in the mouth? 

Live in the past, but realize the future is not the past. Remember the mantra in 2007. We don't see any housing bubble. We don't see any impact on the economy. We don't see any recession coming. We don't see the stock market as overvalued. We don't think their is any risk to our banking system. Surely you remember those repeated public proclamations given by our Financial leaders and Fed Speakers. Do you hear the same today? 

What I have to just laugh at is that NOW they refer to those years as "The Financial Crisis". Even though during the entire period of time.....right up until September 15, 2008 they told us there was NO  risk at all of a crisis. Even while most of 2008 was marked by one crisis after another until the final flush of Lehman. But now there is no risk of a crisis but ONLY a recovery from THE Crisis that we were told WHEN it was actually occurring that we were NOT in a crisis.  I'm not confused. Are you confused?  I think we're good. I think this is a recovery. At least its a recovery for a few million parasites on Fed spending on our West Coast and in NYC. That just might change as this ponzi gets its wake up call.

A Major Silver Bottom Is Completing
The numbers get even more interesting when you look at the silver market.  When silver bottomed in the middle of December 2015, the number of silver bulls had collapsed down to just 33 percent. 33 percent was the reading for several consecutive days from December 20-23, 2015.  Well, today the number of silver bulls stands at a meager 36 percent.  What that means is that we now have essentially the same sentiment readings as we did at the bottom of the 5-year bear market in gold and silver in 2015.

Silver And The Mining Shares Then Skyrocketed
After the 2015 bottom, the price of silver soared more than 51 percent in less than 7 months, and the HUI Gold Mining Index skyrocketed an astonishing 185 percent during that same time period.  If silver were to repeat a similar surge, that would put the price of silver above the $24 level.  If the HUI Gold Mining Index were to go on a similar tear, that would put the HUI at 333, from its recent low of 180.

Now on a good note. Enjoy the ponzi and enjoy the time you were given on the back of your children and grand children. Take the time to tell them why you were exceptional and how you spent their future. Tell them why they should go into debt for a lifetime to get a degree so that a robot can replace them. Explain it all. It'll make you a legend with your family. Don't buy silver and don't buy gold because the Fed told you so. Believe them. They don't lie. How could they ever have seen it coming? How could Ben Bernanke NEVER have seen it coming?  It wasn't his fault. It was YOURS! It wasn't his.