Sunday, June 25, 2017


Hell yes! Who duzn't know dat? Its obvious to anyone and everyone with half a brain. You listen to every single business channel and all you hear now is what is the Fed doing that we seem to be may or perhaps maybe reaching "escape velocity" from the great recession or.....we are now finally for sure really really growing GDP after the "financial crisis".  Wait.....we had a "financial crisis"??  I guess I missed it. All I really remember is! a constant drumbeat of "its all good" throughout 2007 and most of 2008. I remember all of the Bernanke testimonies having the same theme which reassured "investors" how stable our markets were and are. 

Back in those days every time they reassured us how good it was, it seemed somebody went broke. Eventually it all unravelled and the "real economy" was exposed with millions of Americans rolled into the permanent poor house. But now its once again and for certain....all good. We have Trillions of new debt created. We have 95 million Americans of working age not working at all. More Americans than ever are receiving Government aid during this Great Recovery. Recovery? I like that constant description. WHY? Why do you call this a recovery. You proclaimed "the great recession" over in late 2009. So why do you keep chanting EVERY SINGLE DAY for the past 8 years that we are recovering. WE RECOVERED in 2009! YOU ALREADY TOLD US!  Who was that guy that said tell a big enough lie enough times and the suckers err people will believe it. Is that what's going on? Surely you aren't trying to lie to us?

Yellen: "I Don't Believe We Will See Another Crisis In Our Lifetime"....well i know i feel better now

Because its obvious to everyone you all are lying to us and the mess is coming down again and you need to be in real money like gold and silver a lot of fast money is even moving there. Its still a little crowded in the shares. I'll stick with my trade, but I think you want me off the trade. I think you're gonna spank me really hard one last time for playing paper gold. I think you're going to give me one last chance to buy more physical. I think you're going to take every leveraged player in the paper miners a make them wish they never saw the trade one more time. I think we're in a new bull in gold and in miners but I think you're going to shake the shit out of the new leaves one more time. So all of you paper suckers out there that think they can't slap the living shit out of you, then you haven't paid attention. Hang on bitches, they are going to slap the livin' snot out of you when you least expect it during the next two months. Of course I could be wrong and since I am very very long no matter what they do ......I say go for it boyz ...I'll buy some more physical and maybe make some marginal miner trades. gl all 

Sunday, June 18, 2017


Okay I have to say I don't have a clue. Maybe its all good after all and the markets really are strong. I'm sure the trolls have really done incredible research and realize the incredible debt and massive money printing is just a CONfirmation that we do now live in an expansionary, eCONomic recovery. How can you not argue with that analysis? After all we only have 50 million Americans on EBT cards and over 200 million receiving government aid. I think that certainly counts as a positive. Even Janet Yellen recognizes that its so good now she raised the interest rates 75 bps over the last year and a half while tens of thousands of stores are closing...... The stock market is at all time highs with multiples in this massive GDP binge at record highs.  Imagine only having 95 million Americans of working age without a job. Its just fantastic. 

Real World Food Prices Soar 14% In 2 Months.CRB food stuff index which is up by 14% in the past two months...but its all good.....

How can it possibly get better? Maybe we can have even more wars than the current CONflicts going on in multiple continents. I mean ....heck fire we've got carrier groups forming off China. We're pumping new troops into the Middle East in Afghanistan....into Syria.....into Yemen........ We're on the ground all over eastern Europe in multiple "NATO" borders with Russia. We're deployed in over 150 countries right now and gearing up for World Peace. I like it. Its all good. What could go wrong? 

Stockman: This Is The Most Hideously Overvalued Market In History ....nahh its all good David.

Some of you naysayers probably think these flash points we have troops in right now aren't a good recipe for peace and actually are the fuel for the next major inflection point to ignite a global CONflagration. How silly can you be? As many of our most astute trolls duly note....."there's nothin to see so move along fool".

Jim Rickards said five years ago the future was going to be "Currency Wars" and even wrote a book on it. Now you can't turn on the CNBCs and Bloombergs without "currency wars" being used by their pundits. Jim Rickards was proven right and he will also be proven right on his gold prediction. I know that billionaire idiots like Dalio, Druckenmiller, Gross, Rogers etc etc are totally wrong when they say in unison "buy gold". So I guess I had better just STFU and stick my fat head in the sand and admit. "I was wrong". Its truly all good. That light at the end of tunnel is truly their and dead ahead. I'm just not sure why it moving so rapidly at me. gl Skippy. 

Sunday, June 11, 2017


Have you ever walked upon the hallowed ground of where the great Mohicans once ranged? The spectacularly beautiful lands surrounding Lake Champlain are some of this country's most poorly known knowns. They still have areas that remain virtually unspoiled and pristine in many ways, but their Mohican inhabitants are now long gone. The mohicans were lied to.....cheated...then murdered. Man constantly changes on this planet. Nature's laws do not. The Mohicans were a noble and cultured tribe that was eventually over run by the European war technology and their accompanying diseases. 

We are nearing a time of tremendous change as our technology is pushing out today's "Mohicans" that inhabit our planet. This time the displacement will be in the billions as our "disruptive" technology destroys the "old" ways of life.  You're already seeing the removal in the United States of millions of manufacturing jobs with robotics and artificial intelligence. These jobs were once the pathways for entire families to advance in the middle class. As the wages for these jobs stagnated and the jobs themselves disappeared, new areas of employment were needed. After the technology bust and wealth destruction of 2000, our team of central planners took their derivative solution of wealth from the 80s into an entirely new stratosphere. 

Bitcoin Surges Above $3000 As Asian Premium Collapses

Illinois Bond Spreads Explode As Market Pukes On Latest Batch Of Bad News or as CS says "its all good"

They decided to pick "winners" in the housing market to create more high paying jobs for the displaced middle class male workers. Major big box store like Home Depot and Lowes emerged as a cacophony of voices on Television sounded a "boom" of large McMansion building and trading. Markets like Vegas, LA, Boston, Miami, and New York exploded in prices. It was used by central banks in Spain, London and even Central America to explode the new wealth of home ownership. The Central planners supported their thesis so wholeheartedly that their banker arms were allowed to run wild with the derivatives and began marketing derivatives on derivatives of derivatives. The debt exploded by HEY!....who gives a shit.....we were all getting more wealthy on paper. 

Yusko – “I’m telling you right now. We are going to have a crash and it is going to be terrific.” nahh buy stawks..its all good

I had friends whose net worth based on their property developments was well north of 30 million.  We had so much money sloshing around that an entire new wealth model was being created called the CONsumer eCONomy. People were going into massive shopping malls and buying incredible amounts of shit. They bought 500 dollar MORE purse makers became visible selling purses.  It was a contest who could make the highest price ugly bag. Asians arrived on our shore to buy these purses and take their treasures back. It was all good.

Doug Kass: Not Even The Algo Creators Know What Is Going On.....oh poor poor Dougy....didn't mommy tell you she was going to pump this pig forever......

Then a problem developed. It was all sooo good, they had to start normalizing their interest rates. For you neophytes, that means they're going to wash out the pigs at the trough. This time, they had too many pigs at the trough and a lot of little piggies got hurt. My friends found out in a few short months in 2008 that their "net" worth was no longer 30 million but NEGATIVE 10 million. It was a liquidation feeding frenzy and there were NO buyers. You see, when they turn off the music, NO ONE wants to dance anymore, and when NO ONE is dancing its very lonely for the leveraged piggies.

Germany blasts new US sanctions on Russia as 'against international law'....ruh roh......

If you can't see where the "malinvestment" is this time, then I probably can't help you much. I've watched it develop with a mixture of awe and trepidation. I was deeply saddened to see these pathetic jobs in my field created, that literally were destroying the quality and the efficiency of the health care "industry", but I knew the shorter term goals made this malinvestment seem "good" now.

I'm now watching hundreds of jobs being lost in my area as a large mall begins losing over 30 its stores this year. I fully expect this to be its death knell and then the remaining stores will follow. The CONsumer economy is collapsing. 

Go ahead....believe in Faceplant....believe in Google....believe in Amazon.........But answer this question...WHAT in the hell do they do for jobs? How many widgits are we going to be making? How many new nursing jobs can we create? Who in the hell is going to pay these nurses the 100K/yr that many are currently making? How many 700 dollar I phones are we going to sell when the jobs are vaporizing. They're turning off the spigot because they have to. They now have a bunch of piggies again. Its time to hear the old line that NO ONE could see this coming. 

Maybe you feel like you are one of the last of the Mohicans crying about the evil that's coming and warning your tribe of the danger.....good luck .....its inevitable and you need to be the Mohican that survives.

Saturday, June 3, 2017


So let me help you Mr. Peter Eater Bergen. You've been a favorite of the CNN/NBC propaganda stations. You've brilliantly categorized the problems of "Terrorism" and their "solutions". You have been eloquent waxing and waning about the importance of "dealing" with "terrorism" and how our Western government elite and law enforcement can enhance our response to these threats. I know its probably me, but I have the bitter taste of vomitus in my throat as I listen to you. I know that you are little different than countless other paid shills that come on an "inform" the "lower class" proles that are now just useless debt slaves for the Deep State that you so proudly represent. I and many other slaves are weary of what you represent. 

You destroy nations of women, children, and innocents and then get paid to appear as an "expert" on television to "explain" what the "roots" of this "insane" act of terrorism that results from your action is "all about". I guess I am stupid but it seems pretty clear what this is "all about". Its about scumbags like you and your fellow phony deep state "intelligentia" that have taken orders from "officials" to destabilize the world. Its about your Generals and politicians getting paid by us slaves to tell us we are getting screwed by the terrorists that your ilk CREATED. You phony bastards! Do you think your disgusting lies are being swallowed? You actually think no one knows you and your military expert propagandists aren't feeding us a big shit sandwich and telling us its steak? 

ALERT: Unknown Entity Deletes Portion Of Whistleblower Andrew Maguire’s KWN Audio Interview About A Major Event In 26 Days

Retired Green Beret Warns The World Is Short-Fused On Multiple Flash-Points

Google Tops $ move along peeps...


Bitcoin Spikes Above $2800 For First Time As "Japanese Buying Frenzy" Continues 

"It's Like Buying A Dream" Japanese and South Korean Investors Fuel Bitcoin's Meteoric Rise

The Shocking Trigger Behind Today's Gulf Scandal: Qatar Paid Al-Qaeda, Iran $1BN In Hostage Deal

ECB's Constancio says bank run triggered Banco Popular rescue..."its all good CS"

Well let me feed you a little factoid you Ivy League steaming pile of shit. WE ARE SICK OF YOU SLIMEBALLS. We are sick of the Lindsey Grahams, the John McGains, the CONSTANT LYING Pricks that compose the soldiers of this mass propaganda operation. You are slowly turning our remaining sanity into a massive societal schizophrenia operation. It WILL not only destroy me and the rest of our society but the blowback is going to affect you and all of your fellow scum. Yes, you are going to collapse right along with us. We are the slaves. We are the "hosts" and you are the "parasites".  We are going to die. In nature a simple law exists. A good parasite does not kill its host. YOU MORONS are killing us.