Sunday, September 24, 2017


As our financial world collapsed into chaos ten years ago, and our central banks went on a fiat printing orgy, most astute observers became concerned that a day of reckoning for this violation of economic law would be devastating. Many well respected investors decried this abomination of the free market while others like Dalio and Druckenmiller said buy stocks and made fortunes. Now, even the Dalios and Druckenmillers are crying foul.

 A bull market is like sex. It feels best just before it ends." - Warren Buffett

SRSrocco: Retirement Collapse Will Be Swift As Americans “Get Precious Metals Religion”

"People Are Going To Start Dying" - Puerto Rico's Battered Hospitals On Verge Of Failure ... Mad Max 

Six-Figure Pensions For University Of California Teachers Surge 60% Since 2012

Active money managers are being destroyed by this "short vix" and "long equity" trade. Managing an investment fund involves costly protection for positions and the distortions that have been created by Central banks actually buying the shares in markets directly and directly has destroyed the active money managers. In time, losing investors like Hugh Hendry will prove to be just one more part of the market being removed that will accelerate the markets eventual collapse.

Out of the smoke and fog of ten years ago came a savior for many of the downtrodden doubters of the fiat dollar regime........bitcoin. Touted as an alternative to the goldbugs that can be bought and sold with just a keystroke. It has a blockchain that cannot be penetrated by the evil bankers. It is impermeable to the central planners. In fact it is promoted as being better than gold. Even goldbugs like Bix Weir and Andy Hoffman have jumped on this crypto currency screaming about its benefits. Many holders of gold, silver and the miners are selling their shares and buying bitcoin. Its all good.

How CONvenient....just as gold and silver are finally back into a nascent recovery from their beatdown in 2012 and miners rocketed in 2016 and alarm bells were sounding a savior arrived......bitcoin. 

China NEEDS $13,000 GOLD PRICE To Implement Oil-For-Gold Contract

Trump Threatens "Little Rocket Man", Says Kim "Won't Be Around Much Longer" As North Korea Holds Huge Anti-US Rally.....Clownassniffing

Suddenly out of nowhere bitcoin charges to thousands of "Dollars" per coin. Stalwart goldbugs jump to the promises of a safe haven alternative to the dollar. LOL.......a keystroke safe haven to the dollar??? You gotta be kiddin' me? If you can't see this for what it is then you better check yourself in to the nursing home now. This is a psyop and nothing more. Its another diversion. Its a divide and conquer. It is nothing more than NOISE to keep your eye off the ball. Its all smoke and mirrors and even a few of the good guys fell for it.  WHO invented bitcoin?  WHO CONtrols bitcoin?  LOL surely you have figured this out by now? Right?

Defiant Players Kneel, Join Arms, Avoid Anthem As Trump Calls For NFL Boycott and Firing Squads

Our Economy is dead. Our velocity of money is still ZERO. Nothing has changed. We're on life support and this whole bizzare recovery is an ILLUSION. Enjoy it......I do but please please please stay away from bitcoin. They are going to crush it.

Now please go watch football today. Speaking of football, now there is some really special divide and conquer for Joe six pack. Of course this is all about BLM and patriotism. Sure it is.........

Sunday, September 17, 2017


Sorry to inform you but you're about to find out (if you haven't already) that everything you thought was real is just one big shit sandwich. Oh no? Not John Wayne? Not the Duke?

How about that college education that promised you the suburban McMansion and a six figure income? Its fake. Its all one great big pile of shit served to you cold on a stale bun of corruption. Unless you are in one of the degree programs in science, math, engineering, medicine, then you just might find all of your time and money will be wasted. You have to be targeted for your future with focus on where AI and automation is not going to be replacing you.

Biggest Hedge Fund Manager In The World Warns "Bitcoin Is A Bubble", Says Gold Is Money

S&P Overtakes Gold Year-To-Date

Maybe you think the retirement in your current job is going to carry you through this transition? If you think I'm going to waste your time telling you this is bullshit then you haven't been reading this blog. You better get ready to retrain for two maybe three different careers in your lifetime as this acceleration into AI ramps up.

Maybe you think we can change all of this through an informed public and then through the legislative and judicial process.....for the greater good of course. I'll save you time on that .....Not even a snowballs chance in hell. Justice Roberts wrote both sides of the court's opinion on Obama Care and no one gave two shits.

What’s going on Budttfox?  Do you know something?  Remember, there are no shortcuts.
Quick-buck artists come 
and go with every bull market, but the steady players like the PM players
make it through the bear markets.

Maybe the alt right or internet will make enough of us awake to bring in the leaders that will make a difference. Wait...didn't the Don just dump all over Assange? That's right the same wikiwanker that helped him get elected through the internet. The it'll be the Rock. Dwayne Johnson will lead us out of the valley of shit to the garden of Eden. He's not only a wrestler, but a great actor and JOCK to boot. I just can't make this shit up anymore......its 

Kyle Bass: China's $40 Trillion Banking System Has "Largest Imbalances I've Ever Seen" relax Kyle its chump change

Next thing you know some sawed off dictator that we created out of a Dickens novel will be firing rockets at Japan and threatening to nuke us on a weekly basis while the leader of the free world tweets his has a bigger one and isn't afraid to use it.

Or maybe I'll hear some of the sharpest precious metals advocates for hard currency  promoting a digital currency backed by buffalo farts. Nahh that would be to stupid to believe. Put your money on a key stroke.

You have to admit that when this whole facade fell apart in 2008 and we took the red pill and started to open our eyes and talked about how bizzarro this fraud might become, I know that I never imagined this shit show.

Stay alert and stay patient and don't do any prepping. Especially if you live in neat places like Florida or South Texas. Prepping is ignorant. Last of all don't invest in precious metals.

Saturday, September 9, 2017


You have heard about this for several years now and eventually the Tiger shark had to change to the long gold side. After all Goldman will always be one step ahead of the rest. They are the best and the rest are just that.....the rest. It was always going to be the physical market that forced the hand of the paper market, but the timing was indeterminate and the retail couldn't handle the pain. 

Egon von Greyerz weighs in on the pullback in gold… 

“The longer trends of the dollar down and gold up will continue and it will accelerate in the coming months. But we must be clear that it is never a straight line. There will be pullbacks in gold and countertrend rallies in the dollar. But gold has still been the best performing asset. We have had this big move in gold and technically and fundamentally it is holding up very well.  And it won’t be long until we will see an acceleration in the rally. We will see a quick move to $1,370, followed by a break above $1,400. At that point the upward thrust in gold will become more violent.”

Paul Craig Roberts Rages At Americans "Laughing All The Way To Armageddon"

You could see that "someone" big is on the long side of the Comex paper gold trade for a couple of weeks now. Every time the thinly traded hours of the futures pricing market took a major price hit, "someone" stepped in and reversed the takedown with "buy orders". That ain't retail folks....and it was a big player that was sending a message to the rest of the paper market. There's only one player big enough to handle that kind of muscle. The physical off loading at cheap prices to the East is now ending and the payoff is complete. The transition from the dominate dollar reserve currency to a currency system with significant Yuan presence is now becoming more apparent. In short we are now in the "quickening".

The quickening can be measured in months now with weekly news events giving you more visibility on why physical gold will be used as a proxy in the coming currency war for both sides of this conflict. Goldman's Jeff Currie just hit you in the face with a two by four. Maybe you didn't notice because you're still unconscious so let's review a couple of quotes from the top of the commodity empire heap.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008, On Mad Money

Dear Jim: “Should I be worried about Bear Stearns in terms of liquidity and get my money out of there?” – Peter
Jim Cramer: “No! No! No! Bear Stearns is fine. Do not take your money out. Bear sterns is not in trouble. If anything, they’re more likely to be taken over. Don’t move your money from Bear. That’s just being silly. Don’t be silly.”

“It is tempting to blame the rally in gold prices on recent events in North Korea. While these events have helped to create a bid in gold, they only explain [roughly] $15 of the more than $100 [per ounce] rally since mid-July.”

We find that gold can effectively hedge against geopolitical risk if the geopolitical event is extreme enough that it leads to some sort of currency debasement, and especially if the gold price move is much sharper than the move in real rates or the dollar. For these events, gold essentially serves as a call option and can therefore be thought of as a “geopolitical hedge of last resort.” For example, gold served as an effective hedge after the events of September 11, 2001 when the US Federal Reserve substantially increased dollar liquidity, debasing the US dollar. Gold also proved an effective hedge during the Gulf Wars as governments printed money.

The importance of liquidity was tested during the collapse of Lehman Brothers in September 2008. Gold prices declined sharply as both traded volumes and open interest on the exchange plunged. After this liquidity event, investors became more conscious of the physical vs. futures market distinction and began to demand more physical gold or physically-backed ETFs as a hedge against black-swan events.   Yours truly the Vampire Squid.

“Markets Are Wrong”: Hugh Hendry Shuts Down His Hedge Fund;

Ok so here ya go....straight from the lips of our masters to yours. They always tell you before it happens. That doesn't mean they haven't been behind the slaughter of gold prices and accumulating the yellow metal and miners while you've been selling (of course they have) but that's crying over spilled milk. So go ahead and whine like Buttfox about how they took all your marbles and made you buy DGLD at THE bottom of gold and how great NFLX and Amazon are, but rest assured the Boyz are long gold now. It may not be a straight line to the moon but they've been long since 2015 just like Jim Sinclair said in the Greg Hunter interview. They just wanted to shake you up a little while they kept taking your casino chips.

Its 3 PM central time Saturday and the people in Florida look like they are going to take a beating. If you pray then I hope you keep them in your prayers. gl to all of you

Saturday, September 2, 2017


The coming resolution. Your friends think you're a nut. They laugh at you behind your back and snicker about your warnings of doom. You're finished with it. You've had your fill about just how wrong you've been and how much money you lost on not being invested in great stocks like Tesla and Amazon. How could you have been so wrong? What made you think you were smarter than the THE greatest economic minds working with the Fed. After all, you knew the mantra of "Don't fight the Fed". You knew these guys could stop anything and do anything they wanted. After all they even told you they would "Do whatever it takes".

They are indeed omnipotent. They can juggle dozens of countries and their collapsing economies while stating categorically they are in full recovery. In fact, they are recovering so remarkably that ZERO interest rates can, in fact, now be raised. What an incredible accomplishment! How can you not be impressed? They did it. Not only were they able to print TRILLIONS of paper ponzi bucks, but they did so while keeping gold under 1300. How can you NOT appreciate such a remarkable achievement? Truly an awe inspiring accomplishment.

Vault Containing $70 Billion In German Gold To Be Evacuated As Frankfurt Defuses Massive Bomb

So WHY all the angst? Why is Rothschild closing out so many paper investments now? So why is Dalio, Druckenmiller, and Gross suddenly sounding the warning siren? They were ponzi pumpers but now they're alarmed? But the Buttfoxes all were so certain the Fed could make this circus go on forever. What's wrong with letting your stupid ass neighbor have a credit card with no limit? It makes perfect sense.

De-Dollarization Accelerates: China Readies Yuan-Priced Crude Oil Benchmark Backed By Gold....I'm sure that won't leave a mark....

Simply put, they've pushed the ponzi as far as nature will allow. Now our dollar is having its battleships stopped dead in the water and rammed DEAD CENTER by merchant ships. The dollar is backed by the military only. The dollar is in its last stages. It may not dump immediately but its days are numbered in months instead of years. This year has been a lead up to September. Its now all hands on decks as the soldiers return from the Hamptons. Get your seat belts on. The boyz are back in town Tuesday.