Sunday, November 26, 2017


How could you have not seen it coming? It was so obvious. You had the World's reserve currency. You controlled all of the largest Banks in the World. You had the largest military fiat could buy, not to mention most of the other secondary military forces at your disposal. You had multiple world intel services at your beckon call. You controlled the World's media outlets. You controlled the movies. You controlled the churches. You manipulated and controlled the World's stock markets. You controlled virtually every technology company in the World and were using technology 15 years before it came out to the public. You hired the very best of the math and computer geniuses as they emerged into society. Many of them had no idea they even worked for you.

Did Anyone Do Even a Minimal Check on the Sensationalist Bitcoin Electrical Consumption Story?....nah why bother....Bix and Cliff said its so...LOL

NBC Fires Matt Lauer For "Inappropriate Sexual Behavior"

Bitcoin Tops $9,300 Amid "Extinction-Level Event For Banks.. And Maybe Governments Too"

They thought they worked for companies with names like Microsoft or Apple or Lockeed Martin or Cisco Systems or Intel. They thought they were working on Top Secret projects for their company. All the while they worked for you. So how in the hell could you have missed Crypto? It came out of nowhere. In fact, you still don't know who invented the very largest and most widely used Crypto.....Bitcoin. You were just so dumb. 

Bitcoin Tops $10,100 - Fed's Powell Says "Cryptocurrencies Just Don't Matter"

Ryan Bundy's Opening Statement: "This Is Not What America Is Supposed To Be..."...yes it is Ryan. You just need to roll with it.

So here we are. Your stranglehold on currencies is now totally in the hand of a no name geek that outsmarted your army of hackers. The army of hackers that you've paid hundreds of millions to. The best of the best and now you have an impenetrable block chain. I guess if its that "impossible" to crack you might "possibly" use your small influence to just legislate a law to ban "unapproved" crypto that poses an existential threat to your country's money were the "inventor" of bitcoin. Unless YOU wanted bitcoin to become a mania. Unless you saw the utility in a digital currency that you could easily control and monitor through a simple computerized monitoring system. Not to mention the diversion of the attention from silver and gold bullion.....even though it may only temporize the price move.

Self-Driving Cars And Deciding Who Lives And Dies - Sacrificing Your Family For The "Greater Good"....Hop In!

Nope.....I'm sure you are totally helpless here and have zero chance of the breakaway move by the proles with their run for freedom from your virtual prisons........LOL.........yeah  right.

Sunday, November 19, 2017


Is it time for the pale horse to begin its final ride to Armageddon? God I hope not. Is this how the Supercycle saga ends? Are we going to finally see the incredible fireworks erupt that a declining empire, propped up by a mountain of debt and a declining fiat reserve currency have created? Maybe you believe the corruption and decline in social morality will save us. Maybe you think the declining workers and the aging retiring class will lead us to a new prosperity. Maybe you haven't opened your eyes and noted the 300 pound plus people limping around the thousands of shopping centers and fast food eateries. 

No problem right? We just give them disability helicopter money and they add to the "GDP" by spending and shopping for "moar" food. 

MAJOR ALERT: Greyerz Says One Of The Two Largest Banks In Switzerland Just Refused To Hand Over Clients’ Physical Gold. Even More Surprising Is What The Client Did Next

Maybe you think the tech sector can keep growing exponentially as we throw even "moar" of those federal reserve notes into sectors to create even "moar" part time and useless "CONsulting" jobs without insurance or benefits or for that matter....a future. Maybe you're right......Maybe we CAN push unlimited digital keystrokes of prosperity. Maybe we CAN create "moar" Teslas that taxpayers supplement to the tune of 24K per car. Maybe we CAN make the stock of Tesla go even higher as it burns over a Billion in cash per quarter while major car manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes, Toyota and GM move into the same narrow electrical car space with a "moar" sustainable policy. No problem there for Tesla, right?

Putin Calls On All "Large-Scale Enterprise" To Be Ready To Convert To "Military Production"

Bitcoin Soars To Record High Above $8000 After Mugabe Speech.....(no problem...right?)

Maybe you think that governments and central banks CAN select the "winners" through selective financing and that a new paradigm in "free" (but CONtrolled) markets is our future. Maybe you think that we will grow indefinitely as we exhaust our natural resources and bloat our aging population with GMO and debt. 

“The end of capitalism will be due to the unbelievable amount of debt that is currently being created. This will create monster inflation that will destroy every currency. The only currency that cannot be destroyed is gold. When investors realize this, we’ll have the makings of the greatest bull market in gold ever seen.”...Richard Russell

I'll let you in on a little secret....Deep down in the darkest corner of my heart, I hope they can pull this off. In a certain way I don't want to pay the piper. I have a pretty good idea what the cost of this hedonistic binge will be for me and for my children. I don't wanna have to pay. I want this to just keep going....and going and going. I just happen to believe unfortunately that it won't. I just happen to believe that a criminal ponzi is just that a ponzi. In the end all ponzies will end

Thursday, November 16, 2017


I have to say something. After listening recently to Andy Hoffman and Bix Weir suddenly turn on Gold, and pump Bitcoin, I have to say something. WHY? Why suddenly switch on a dime after countless years of preaching the virtues of hard, sound money with thousands of years of history would these two voices of reason go full retard on Bitcoin?


Well lets just take a look at the obvious. Both of these characters projected themselves as experts on sound money. They gave all of the reasons to buy gold and silver. They were both indispensable elements whose qualities could not be duplicated. They were able to conduct electricity like no other elements. They had reflective qualities for high tech and manufacturing that were unique. They had bactericidal activity. They were recognizable as money worldwide. Suddenly both of these guys turn on as Bitcoin pumptards shouting the fantastic qualities of this nebulous technology that's become the latest Tulip Mania. NO ONE even knows who really started it or HOW it even "works" as a store of value, other than to say NO ONE can hack it or corrupt it....even though they don't know HOW it works. Hey! Its digital, and you don't need to know....but here's my favorite...THE BANKERS CAN'T HACK IT. LOL....they can't hack it because its such an INGENIUS encryption. LOL.....YOU CAN TRUST IT.....that's why Blythe Masters has been in the crypto research for the past two years..........

Maybe they just decided that Clif High is the greatest Crystal Ball reader since The Great Pastor Lindey Williams....CONfidant to the Elite whistleblowers, and they just want to warn us peasants because they love us and feel guilty due to their Christian beliefs......sorry but that's another subject. 

Hollywood Hitmaker Plans to Fund Next Blockbuster With Crypto

Okay so maybe I'm just mad because I didn't buy a butt load of Bitcoin. I will make one wager. I'll bet that Bix and Andy do own a big steaming pile of this "money". So I'll just let you decide WHY these two geniuses want you in Bitcoin after pumping silver and gold all these years. I will one day own crypto since it will be a way to transact, but just like paper it will not be a store of wealth.....enjoy.

Sunday, November 12, 2017


A famous Italian candidate for prime minister Umberto Calvini was quoted as saying "The IBBC is a bank. Their objective isn't to control the conflict, its to control the debt that the conflict produces. You see, the real value of a conflict, the true value, is in the debt that it creates.....You control the control everything."

Open your eyes. Why are you confused? You're trying too hard. You want to make some reasonable explanation for the expanding chaos. Its the Deep State unraveling. Its the exposure of the pedophiles and sexopades of scumbags like Harvey. Its the takedown of high profile creeps like Spacey. Its the explosion of information and the ridiculous attempts to censure the alt-mouths.

You're trying to understand just what is taking place in Saudi Arabia as their thiefdom seems to be imploding out of nowhere as the entire Royal slimeballs get taken out by a 31 year old newbie decadent. Rockets are flying through the air and war is being shouted from the highest prayer tower. Lebanon, Yemen, and now Iran are preparing for conflict. Why now? Who's behind MBS? Is this a move away from the petrodollar for safer pastures? Maybe its a consolidation of power to protect the petrodollar

"I Believe The Women" - Mitch McConnell Calls For Moore To "Step Aside" sure ya do Mitch

GE cuts dividend for second time since Great Depression..."its all good"

Germany Clumsily Admits To Supporting Regime Change In Poland


I thought it was North Korea that was about to ignite the next conflict. That was true just a week ago. Now the Don wants to be friends with Chubs. Heck even Duarte stopped saying "Fuck off America" and loves the Don. Maybe its because we sent in a few spec ops and drones to bomb the livin' hell out of some rebel "ISIS" areas that were giving him fits.

One thing that's obvious is there is a growing race to stake out Asia by the Don. If you didn't know better, you might think we're trying desperately to hold on to our grip on the dollar with the oil boyz and the increasingly influential Chinese. Maybe our increasingly belligerent and bellicose behavior isn't as effective as we thought it was in winning friends and influencing enemies. 

Ray Dalio Goes On Gold Buying Spree, Adds 575% To GLD Holdings, Goes Full Gold Retard Conspiracy Theorist, Joins Great Depression 2 blog

Chipotle Tumbles After "Supergirl" Actor Says He "Almost Died" After Eating At Burrito Chain

On the other hand, who is behind the missiles, the threats, the declarations of new war? Does it really matter? I know....You like the Don. So do I.....sometimes. He certainly is entertaining and for sure he's creating confusion and maybe even some chaos with his tactics.

Who benefits? Who benefits from the conflict? Who benefits from the confusion. Who benefits from the breakdown in civility? Why all the chaos? What is all of this fog of war creating? Who has the ultimate control from all of the chaos and conflict? Always remember. Out of chaos comes order. I think ultimately we have a lot of order coming and for sure I believe we have a mountain of debt coming.

Sunday, November 5, 2017


Any ponzi faces the same ultimate fate. They always face  in their final days an exponential CONfluence of events which are a direct result of the complexity/size of the ponzi. We are reaching that CONclusion. What makes this particular ponzi more difficult to predict in terms of its timeline is the enormity of its tentacles. It involves virtually every aspect of our Western cultures. 

Trying to affix a simplistic description to its development and its size is an exercise in futility. Once you've ascertained that it has permeated virtually every aspect of our lives, you can then begin to realize that descriptions used here previously like Grand Supercycle actually do make some sense in their definitions of the historical impact of this ponzi. 

"In Shocking Purge, Saudi King Arrests Billionaire Prince Bin Talal, Dozens Of Others In Cabinet Crackdown"....I Love the Smell of Napalm in the Morning...

Financial Alchemy has existed throughout the millennia. There's evidence of money debasement in virtually every culture and country that has a currency. Eventually the debasement results in an implosion of the country or empire......without exception.

"Its different this time."  This is heard on all propaganda news stations. I happen to agree with them. As I have previously mentioned we are in a debt supercycle and this time we have most of the World participating in this ponzi. The massive collusion of Central Banks does make it "different this time".....because this time the failure of the ponzi takes down the entire world. So everyone in this debt pyramid scheme is watching for a sign the music has stopped.

"Atticus, you must be wrong...." 
"How's that?" 
"Well, most folks seem to think they're right and you're wrong....

When the last two bubbles popped, in 2000 and 2008 we managed to print enough money to reinflate the debt machine by printing the reserve currencies to extend and pretend.  You don't need me to reiterate the numerous lies on employment, retail sales, corporate profit, and stock market manipulation to maintain the CONfidence of the masses.

Question: "Bill, just to give you a data point….I am liquidating my physical gold and silver and will redistribute it to real estate and bitcoin. I might keep a smaller portion in physical gold but just a fraction of what I’ve been holding on since 2011. I’ve given up trying to short, or understand this new financial and economic paradigm we are in. Really appreciate your site and candor....."....this illustrates a nearing bottom and the incredible ignorance of the herd mentality that is so easily manipulated by the boyz

I don't care about whether gold or silver is money or currency or whether you can eat it. I know that for over 6000 years both have been a store of VALUE and when this  current bubble pops (and it will) you will see a mad rush to these two much maligned elements. Big waves of paper money will be running to these and other resources. You're seeing the big money already front-running many resources/commodities already. You will look back on this in a few years and wonder why you didn't see this coming.

There are four unmistakable signs that the American economy is in the midst of collapse”
  1. “Hooverville tent cities are appearing across the western United States.
  2.  The American banking empire is showing clear signs of impending collapse.
  3.  Key members of the elite are behaving like the elite of 1929 with regard to the Stock Market.
  4.  In a stunning development, the key members of the Federal Reserve are actually abandoing the dollar in facor of cryptocurrency.

Gold is not going to be reinstated as a currency. However, its "price" in paper or digital money will be quite high. Silver is another story. Its ultimate value/price may be inestimable. 

The Economy Is Okay?! U.S. Retail Store Closings Hit New Record High As West Coast Homelessness Soars

The timing obviously is the question for many of you. I firmly believe the miners are in a long term multi year bull market that began in Jan. 2016. We're about to enter a "third" wave move that should last about a year when it begins and will exceed the miners high of 2016 by a large margin. Holding on will not be easy but it will be rewarded. 

Gold will be used by the Central Banks and Sovereigns as a stabilizing anchor for the next global currency reset. So of course it will be a major chess piece for them. Silver will become so valuable that your stash will become folklore at Thanksgiving family gatherings.....should your family survive the reset. On that note enjoy the "Quickening". Keep your eye on the Middle East.