Sunday, February 25, 2018


Its put up or shut up time for the last silver slingers. Its hard for the last of the silver slingers to believe, but many of the hardiest and loudest mouths of the silver gang surrendered their guns during the past couple of years. They surrendered. They coughed up their hoard. They capitulated. 

Fed's Powell Says He Sees ‘No Evidence’ of Overheating in the U.S. Economy

Trump Pivots Toward Trade Wars With Promotion Of Trade Uber-Hawk Peter Navarro

I'm not talking about the paper miner share holders. Hell...most of that gang puked up their shares several years ago when they hit their bottoms. Nope, I'm talking about holders of pure silver bullion. The stuff dreams are made of. At least that's what we thought it was. You remember, the stuff that's been money for thousands of years. Those two precious elements that compose a special place in nature. No I'm not talking about BitCON. I'm talking about the can't miss SILVER and GOLD that gold bugs like Bix Weirdo and Andy Fraudman promoted for years and now have kicked to the curb for BitCON.

I don’t know when the change in psychology will occur, but this mindless selling is a setup for a very large revaluation…and the more the absurdity beforehand the larger the reaction afterwards...Bill Fleckenstein regarding the miners........LOL...I'm glad I'm not managing other peoples money like you Bill.....its bad enough with my own money in this garbage pit of a sector.....

These type of events occur at bottoms......not tops. When you see the biggest bulls capitulating then you are nearing or AT the bottom and we are seeing the some of the biggest bulls puking. Coin shops are see many retail selling over the past two years. 

Not much positive sentiment on this blog either. Can this continue for a few more weeks or months? Dunno.....and really don't care. It will change and when it does the moves will be breath taking. Enjoy waiting and watching. 

Sunday, February 18, 2018


Sit back and shut up. Better yet just stay stupid and enjoy it. You don't have to suffer any pain that way. At least you may not know its going to be painful until its way late in this cycle. 

Why is it "different" this time? Well for one thing all the measuring metrics that normally function for the public have been CONveniently "disabled". For many years a reasonably accurate measurement of unemployment existed that could be used to "measure" the health of the economy, but all that changed in the late 80s and 90s to make adjustments that initially were made to disguise the effects that NAFTA would have on manufacturing and employment in this country. 


Russian Meddling: Gagging On The Irony.....yet they keep on shoving out the garbage to us...LOL

CPI was also changed in the way we calculated it to keep the public sitting in the slowly boiling water of dollar deflation. It also helped to tamp down some of the cost of living adjustments on Social Security checks to the public. 

Other canary in the coal mine metrics were also changed but no one really cares or you are already aware of this voodoo economic butt paste and I won't bore you. 

In the meantime an awful large amount of very very cheap money for no interest has been put into the system to buy hard assets at relatively low prices and to also invest in many assets that are at nosebleed levels and finally to invest in assets that have almost no chance of surviving if zero interest rates are even REMOTELY returned to just a another 1% above where they are now. 

Eric Sprott: You Can’t Explain These Markets I'm SHOCKED Eric...are you just figuring that out....

In other words free money given to a very select group of chosen investors own a monstrous amount of the world now. THE CRISIS was an excuse to massively enrich themselves in a World Gone Mad. I hope all of you took the time to enjoy the "recovery" and are just as optimistic for the next ten years LOL. gl

Sunday, February 11, 2018


Is this the end of our fiat teet? Is this the part where Shane rides off into the sunset? Is little Joey us? Are the enormous amounts of liquidity disappearing from system? We've become so dependent on this false paradigm of capitalism, that our system would rapidly collapse if this scenario were to occur. How do you think Uber would exist? What about Tesla and its grand solar panel/battery experiment? They would be vaporized in a nano second if we couldn't print dollars. What's worse for the ponzi is they might even be altruistic (they're not)....and print more crazy amounts of fiat as their precious "markets" nosedive and the other regimes pull the plug on our dollar. We could print Trillions and not be able to keep up with the price changes of imported goods and resources. 

This Week Should Be Epic For the Stock Market Bulls As the "All Clear" is Given. BTFDers Will Rush Into Equities 

What's amazing to many of you that understand this false paradigm is just how difficult it is for most of the public to grasp any of this clear and present danger. Its comical when you've explained this to people over and over and in the end they have the same question. "But what can I do about it?"  You just stare at them after the third or fourth time you've gone through it with them. You might even say "I told you what you can do." They just stare at you blankly.

Goldman's Shocking Capitulation: The Buy-The-Dip Era Is Dead, "This Is A Genuine Regime Change" ya tell me

You've talked about what happens when the liquidity is withdrawn. You've talked about what happens when and if they have to open the spigots again. You've talked about what happens to the velocity of money and what happens once inflation gets unleashed. You've told them about Mad Max possibilities. You've told them about stagflationary scenarios. You've warned them about all of the underfunded pensions and the pensions that have already been taken out. 

The Economist: It Appears Market Conspiracy Theorists Were no shit!

You still just get a blank stare in return or an uncomfortable effort at a joke. Again if you press them, they will seriously ask you "what can I do about something that bad if it occurs". Watch their faces when you say the last Great Depression wasn't a Mad Max situation for most people, but an awful lot of people in cities suffered greatly while a small percentage prospered because they saw it coming. In fact people living an agrarian lifestyle that weren't leveraged didn't even notice there was a depression if you talk to their children now that are in their 90s as I do frequently.

So are we now in the "Hard Down" phase of the greatest Ponzi in History? You know what I am talking about. This is where the punch bowl is taken away and an awful lot of the truly "smart money" takes over these assets for pennies on the dollar. Maybe we should just call it for what it really is. Its the "Harvest". Its where the sheep are finally taken in for their just rewards.  We are not "There". We have been there for over a year. Its just becoming more apparent as the first of the "stock market" tremors begin. They might even just rip your hearts out in the next few weeks, but they don't have to. They just might drag you through a series of rallies and flushes creating such mixture of confusion and fear the public begs for the Fed to step in with their next CONtrol grid bailout ploy. Central planning must be maintained for the survival of the "system". The "system" will not only comply but willfully assist the implementation of these "necessary changes" as we enter a Brave New World.

Sunday, February 4, 2018


Love him or hate him, he's the only political chance we have to save the world. There is no credible political solution to the stranglehold of the current corrupt system on our nation. Our nation  has devolved into an economy that is the engine for the military industrial complex/control grid and in turn decides the future of virtually every nation in the World. 


Credit Suisse "Terminates" XIV....shades of SKF

BitCON Bloodbath Builds - Now Among Biggest Crashes Ever....BidWeird says HODL...Hold On for Dear Life suckers...

The direction our nation and in turn the World takes has one chance politically to change from its current decline into a World where there is no rule of law. For the time being only CONfidence stands between us and a world of chaos. 

On the surface, it appears to the global reflation has been a roaring success. The stock markets Worldwide are making new highs and most people are receiving their monthly pension and disability checks. Under the surface a different story is evident and most of us are either unwilling or unable to recognize this reality. The reflation with Trillions of money being printed and pushed into the banking system and its dark pools is analogous to giving an addict an unlimited access to heroin. You don't know how long the addict will continue to function but you know how the story eventually ends for the addict.

Cryptocurrency market could hit $1 trillion this year with bitcoin surging to $50,000, experts say. from CNBC today. also blizzard expected in Miami this year

Silver Market, “Never Seen Anything Like It In 40 Years” | Bill funny one Bill since its been going on at least that just wouldn't believe it till now

Along comes Trump. What is he? Is he the second coming? Is he a blowhard? Is he playing 4D chess? Is he going to clean out the nest of vipers plaguing the World? Is he secretly a deep state plant? Is he a secret white hat plant? What I do know, is that he is disruptive. I know that he is being attacked daily by the deep state owned press. Does this make him the savior of our World? Does this reassure me? My answer is simple. No....not until meaningful changes occur within the foundation of corruption that permeates every corporate, private, and governmental institution in our Nation. These changes cannot be incremental. They will have to occur in a massive operation that stuns each one of us to our core.

I also know one other sad truth. Trump is our only hope. If he fails to turn this ship around, then we will all sink into an awfully dark hole. One way or the other we will pay the piper, but if Trump is the real deal, then we would see one helluva big perp walk. In the meantime you're being extracted.  He won't save us from the piper, but maybe our kids and grandkids would have a chance.