Saturday, March 24, 2018


In a shocking development in the rigged markets, gold went up as the market crashed this week. As mentioned here previously, I believe that unlike what the esteemed Harry Dent and other purveyors of horse shit like to dish out, that gold and silver will move inversely to the overall market if the boyz decide the party is over. 

One of Harry Dent's favorite knock on gold is to claim that in a deflationary crash of the market that gold will also collapse. He completely ignores the most obvious historical example of a deflationary collapse which was the 1929 to 1942 period where gold and gold miners had a great bull market while the general market collapsed. Great job Harry. Your Harvard education wasn't a waste after all.

The Petroyuan Will SHOCK Investors Who Are Not Paying Attention

"Now It Begins" - David Stockman Warns That America's 'State Wreck' Is Gathering Steam

The true power knows the manipulation of gold and silver and the miners must reverse at some point. CONtrary to what the peeps have been CONditioned to believe, gold and silver can only be manipulated so far. In other words the short game is about to run its course. Most peeps that initially invested in this sector in over the past few years are sick of the beatdown and puked up their holdings. Just what the game is designed to do. Just think if the true power could indefinitely suppress gold and silver. People actually believe that now. So if they could do you really believe they would have allowed the price to go from $45/oz in 1971 to $1345/oz today? SERIOUSLY!.....It would have been crushed and held below $200 if they really could CONtrol it long term. 

Tesla Bonds, Stock In Freefall As Company Pleads Ignorance Over Fatal poor Elon

So here we are. We're an empire in decline and fighting for our life. The real game is holding the public's CONfidence in our dollar. Unfortunately for us this game is getting long in the tooth and our time in the sun is running out. Reset is the word out in the ether now and you better damn well bet its coming. How and when will not be announced. It will just suddenly emerge literally overnight. Enjoy the the market bounce this wek and BTFDippers announce victory. LOL..... They are going to have a rude awakening this year.

Monday, March 19, 2018


You can't be that dumb can you? You really believe that crypto cons like BitCON are an anathema to the bankers? REALLY??? wonder they win every time. There's a sucker born every minute in this world for the bankers. 

In fact as this post is being written another headline from the Central Bankers appeared stating that Kuroda was praising Cryptocurrencies' great potential. If you think this is not a deep state operation then you can rest assured your lobotomy is successful.  This operation is to gain complete control of your life. This is the ultimate control of "money". He who controls your money controls everything.....paraphrasing an old bankster.

Household Stock Exposure Inches Closer To Dotcom Record!

Crypto will be the banksters ultimate "fiat". Paper money has already been converted to digital in terms of its fungibility. Just look at our credit cards and how Bernanke sent Trillions of dollars digitally into World Central banks to prop up the system in 2008 and 09. Crypto will just provide the bansters an easier way to track the movement of their "money" making taxation and CONtrol optimal.

NSA Has Been Tracking Bitcoin Users Since 2013, New Snowden Documents Reveal...LOL...don't worry its anonymous....HODL Andy and Bix

74% Of Americans Believe The "Deep State" Is Running The Country

BitCON will be used for a beta test and ultimately destroyed once it  has worn out its usefulness. One of its uses at this time is to provide a temporary diversion from precious metals. That too shall soon pass, but for now it is still provide a nice side show to entice the PM crowd away from sound money. 

Hey! Enjoy the show and be positive with your friends and family. Don't immerse yourself too deeply into this evil. Lift up the people around you and help them understand in a gentle way WHY their health insurance is strangling them. WHY their College education costs for their children is out of reach. (my daughter's yearly cost to MIT is 67 thousand dollars). WHY their wages have been stagnant for 25 years. WHY the stock market just goes up.  WHY the unemployment is 4% but they work three part time jobs just to make end's meet. WHY we just keep having more and more wars. WHY there are NO arrests of ANYONE much less the corrupt leaders that betrayed our country and the world and slaughtered millions of women and children.

So when these moral outrages "hiding" in the subconscious emerge into your friends and family's conscious you can smile and just tell them it is all okay and maybe it will all be fine.... you know...."like magic". That's it......tell them "its magic"..  Enjoy the time they gave us. We borrowed it from the next generations and for now, its "free". 

Monday, March 12, 2018


I was musing about some topic that might seem pertinent to our current situation and low and behold the Grand Super Cycle popped up. How can the bitter clingers still believing in economic cycles influencing your macro economic outlook and the influences on your stock market trading decisions not want to know about this critical theory and its current status.

Well maybe Cliff Droke can step in and comment on its useful application and how a 2014 collapse came and left with barely a whimper. Maybe that's why the SnP short at its 61.8 retrace at 1228 was the ticket we should have jumped on. I know I had some shorts entered several times and usually closed them out with a loss or made minimal returns. More than likely my significant losses in 2009 on SRS a real estate short tempered my enthusiasm for shorting this market "recovery", and saved me from any aggressive shorts leading into the Kress cycle collapse. I chose instead to go with the gold and silver miners as my big play and like some of you found out that could be painful as well. I knew one thing for certain and said so many times that shorting this ponzi would be very difficult after living through the 2008 shorting. They pulled every dirty trick they could to prevent us peasants from making a dime in their casino. I didn't short this pig "with both hands" at 1228. 

Fortunately 2016 brought the pitiful miner positions back from the brink of extinction and even after the last year and a half of beatdown. Hell they might find some love yet.......time will tell of course as great stocks like Uber and Tesla and Netflix just burn the shit out of cash and rack up debt to the moon. Maybe you're one of the believers that "this time its different" and compose the bulk of precious metals sentiment which is "the battle is lost" and the "cartel has won"......or what I think is even more amazing you believe that "selling your physical gold and silver and buying BitCON" is your ticket to prosperity.

To my "show me" thinking it only adds support to my view that we are only in a consolidation in the PM trade and time running out on the suppression. Notice I said "suppression".  "They" will CONtrol the next leg up on this PM move in the near term and perhaps even into the final massive move in the metals. Before the 2016 run up several of the big players like Dalio announced they were long miners and gold just as they are again today. Stay patient. Oh...and the Kress cycle a search.....its history.....literally.

Sunday, March 4, 2018


Yup...its hard to believe, but its been a decade now since the disastrous collapse of Bear Stearns signaling the collapse of the financial markets and very nearly our entire financial system and economy as CONfidence in these institutions of power collapsed. End of the World doom porn prevailed by the end of the year in many households around the Western World and homeless tents sprang up outside many American cities. Liquidity was non-existent in most markets and fear prevailed.

Putin Says "US Political System Eating Itself Up", Explains Preparation For Nuclear War

And then came Mana from Heaven. After careful CONsideration and planning within a "new administration", a plan was hatched. The life blood of an economy would be restored....liquidity. This was a simplistic decision.....hatched from necessity....and necessary if our Big Banks were going to survive and keep our "way of life" CONtinuing. We were placed on the Federal Reserve dole. Oh, you know....."whatever it takes". LOL and if we throw in a few more Trillion on top of "whatever it takes" then its even BETTER!

Really, it was just that simple. All of the Central Banks and Governments said "we gotz ta save da peeps", so like any psychopath with a credit card, they said "Charge it Bitch". And boy oh boy did they. EBT cards, Cash for Clunkers, Government direct corporate bailouts (including GM Chrysler AIG etc), .....but that was only the beginning. Then they started (admitting) they were buying stocks directly through Central Banks as our dollar printing placed in the reserves of "other" Central Banks found its way (accidentally of course) back to our stock market in the form of direct share purchases. 

The "Recovery" was steady and gradually CONfidence began to return to the downtrodden masses. Just one little problem, the "problem" was never fixed. In fact the "problem" was now magnified by a factor probably near TEN. We now have even more debt and an economy that is no longer capitalism or free market but encumbered by enormous debt and malinvestment. Take away the ultra low interest rates and this house of cards becomes a high density killing field. 

So when does our much discussed doom scenario start? It already has. Enjoy the extraction since you've been in it for ten years. You've been living off your children and their children. Doesn't feel that bad does it? When they take you out of the water, they'll probably put a little salt on you before they take their first nibble.