Monday, May 28, 2018


Tommy Robinson has big balls. What he represents is frightening to a global control system. He has lost it all, as billions of others have  in this global economic collapse. He's watched the loss of morality. He's watched the destruction of the family. He's watched the onward march of artificial intelligence to eliminate the middle class and exert their final control grid. Tommy Robinson dares to stand up to the corruption. THAT is frightening to the cabal. He won't back down. 

Record 95.9 Million Americans Are No Longer In The Labor number!

Pedophilia has been at the forefront of the cabal's CONtrol grid. Its essential to the cabal. It has to be continued or their very existence will be threatened. Pure evil and as more patriots around the world penetrate this cabal of evil, the shackles of the cabal begin to break apart.

Consumer Confidence Bounces In May, 'Present Situation' Highest In 17 what happened next?

Global Markets Descend Into Contagious Panic As Italy Implodes...."Whatever it takes?"

Psychopathy permeates every corner and crevice of our lives, but it takes just one fuse to be lit to blow up an exponentially complex system. It may not be Tommy that blows this up, but his arrest in London has demonstrated a desperate cabal. To me its a mis-calculation on their part and shows terror on their part. 

We're in a quickening. In a bizzarro world of make believe it will only take one butterfly wing on the other side of the world to create the storm that sends this typhoon upon us. Until this breaks apart enjoy the time this scam has bought us. gl all 

Sunday, May 20, 2018


Have you noticed it? You know? Its all gonna be fine now. Its all been fixed. We're gonna arrest all the bad guys soon. We're gonna have everybody that extracted your wealth, my wealth, and my children's wealth arrested. We're gonna restore the rule of law. 

We're gonna get out of the Middle East. We're gonna leave Korea....Europe....Eastern Europe.....South America. We're gonna stop our torturing....our regime change policy. We're gonna stop Central Banks from running our governments. We're gonna stop the revolving door between our government and our Corporations.

Trump Calls Off Historic Meeting With North Korea's does that mean the Nobel Peace Prize is off the table?

Soon we're gonna announce nuclear disarmament and get rid of bioweapons and chemical weapons (first of course we're gonna get rid of everyone else's but that's another story lol). Martin Armstrong is so confident that he doesn't really worry anymore and predicts the bond market is going to collapse but don't worry the stock market is going to the moon. Not only is he sure of the dollar's future strength but he now doesn't even tout gold. When hucksters like Armstrong are given airtime again then I start to worry lol. 

Government Crackdowns In China & India Threaten To ABSOLUTELY DESTROY Bitcoin & The I'm shocked

Yup.....its all good. Pensions are saved. The dollar is strong forever. Anon tells ya you've got all you need to know what's coming. How can it go wrong now? Its all good. See.....I'm not a doomer....its all good and so are YOU. My miner portfolio is up about 30% or so this year and I'm just thrilled shitless. Gold's holding steady. Silver is basing (  Now......on a serious note.....ya gotta laugh at this shit show. Its so damn absurd to listen to the CNBS's and Bloomies that I have to mute it to keep from tossing my cookies. 

So I'll stay in the casino while the lights stay on and sing Kumbaya while Rome burns right in front of me. It ain't hopeless but at the same time none of this is gonna end without one hell of a battle. You wanna have it fixed easy?  Don't count on it. Time to end this tonight....gotta go catch a driverless Uber outside my door.

Sunday, May 13, 2018


In 2009 the new Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geitner announced on after a "behind closed door" meeting of the Fed and Treasury that a final decision on "the plan" for emerging from the "Great Recession" has been made. Listening on Bloomberg Sirius at the time, I thought his voice was almost giddy compared to previous administration pronouncements. When I heard his cryptic summary of their decision, I knew they were insane. At least I believed they  were going  to buy us a little time at the risk of making the eventual blowup even worse. 

I was wrong. So what did he say. "The plan" was to blow another bubble. Paraphrasing of course, but Geitner happily announced that "they" had decided to use multiple tools to "reinflate" the financial markets and economy. There were NO specifics given by Geitner in the brief statement, but it was evident by his ebullient announcement, the bankers had their desired plan. I remembered thinking as I drove down the rode .... YOU GOTTA BE KIDDIN' ME....YOU SOBS ARE JUST GONNA BLOW ANOTHER BUBBLE?? THATS YOUR FOCHIN' PLAN? Ironically it was shortly after this time that Dylan Ratigan became increasingly militant with our financial disaster and even managed to get himself fired for his famous "we're being extracted" rant on MSNBC.

Happy Mothers Day America: 12 Million Millennials Still Live With Their Moms

I was naive. I knew they were capable of levitating the markets, but didn't fully appreciate just how willing they were to create the largest pile of "malinvestment" in the history of mankind. They were willing to pour trillions of freshly minted FRN's into companies that had zero chance of ever making enough profit to pay off their debt or to justify one penny of their stock share price. The power of borrowing money at zero interest can build a tremendous amount of stock share price. It can let money bleeders like TESLA and UBER and NETFLIX just keep gobbling up cash to fill their cash hemorrhages. Meanwhile, companies that have an actual balance sheet to adhere to, are being put out of business by these behemoth money laundering operations.

Silver’s Long Consolidation Looks Like a Launching Pad

Its become obvious their plan had NO economic law precedent behind it but instead was (as they said) an "experiment".  So WHAT were they "reinflating"?  LOL.....they were bankers....therefore they were going to REINFLATE THE BANKS!
To do so they needed to put Trillions into the Banks through every means necessary so they invented products like QE. LOL...QE is simple. They printed fiat money to buy the bad debt products on the bank's balance sheets.....essentially making the Fed the "Bad Bank", while breathing life into the Zombie banks. During the next nine years any insolvent or bankrupt entity (like hedge funds or pensions) that started to bleed publicly would be quickly "disappeared" with a paper fix. "Financial markets" applauded each intervention by the Central Planners. But after eight years, cracks started to appear.

It became obvious to veteran market participants like Dalio, Druckenmiller, et al. that the usual "cycle" was not being "deployed" by their puppet masters. That was unsettling and soon the voices of reason began sounding an alarm. They recognized they could not game the system because the system was mathematically destroyed and the Central Planners were not willing to let Nature clean out their Malinvestments. The "system" they had gambled err invested in for years had finally been destroyed by they immorality and greed exceeding the carrying capacity of the host the parasites had fed on. Without a "rule of law" we had killed off the goose that laid the golden eggs.  

We had lied, cheated, betrayed, tortured, slaughtered, murdered innocents by the millions to maintain the illusion. Do you believe in God? Do you believe in a "higher power"?  Do you believe in justice? Do you believe in the Laws of Nature? Karma? Good vs Evil? .......LOL maybe you just believe the boyz CONtrol everything.  I hope they like this latest "bubble". I'm sure they won't pop it. tick tock

Sunday, May 6, 2018


Is it over the cliff time for general equities? I think its getting close, but there are still a few more suckers to get into the killing field before the boyz are finished. We're going to see over the next few weeks, maybe even to the fall, a levitation of the general markets. You may think this is a buy signal, but you better keep an eye on the breadth, NOT the overall headline indices. In my opinion it is going to be ugly under the surface for many equity holders in terms of their portfolio WHILE the CNBS headlines show a rosy picture in the indices and their headlines while the boyz pass off their shares to the rubes.

Fund Manager: A Quiet Bull Market Move Has Begun In The Gold & Silver Mining Stocks.....Iol...agree

Fed Chair Powell To Emerging Markets: You Are On Your'll be joining the party soon.....

FBI Refuses To Pursue Personal Strzok-Page Texts; Grassley Goes Nuclear

The distribution process during this cycle is one helluva process and requires a little more time to resolve. Gold and silver will be an area of incredible benefit but again in my opinion the paper markets of the miner shares will be the rotational beneficiary of the ponzi. 

Musk Buys $9.85 Million in Tesla Stock After Taunting who da hell even cares about that joke of a buy

I see little CONclusive evidence that they're ready to turn loose of the accumulation phase in miners yet but a hint that we are nearing a "boing" are the increasing  green days for many miners with the paper metal prices "dead red". For me that is a strong indication of seller exhaustion and the nearing end of accumulation. Again that could CONtinue for a few more weeks. Watch of course for the big price spikes in miners on double volume.