Sunday, June 24, 2018


Let's start right off agreeing to not say what "it" is. It is right there in front of you but most don't even see it. It began in late 2015 and has continued right through today. Its been carefully conducted to escape the scrutiny of the majority of the market participants. There's a very important reason it remains in the darkest corners of the market. Its only to be discussed in the most negative tones. Its to be disguised. Its to be denied. You know what it is don't you? Keep it to yourself and let it just continue to slowly grow. Let it grow incrementally with fits and starts day by day. 

 this is something that people who know how the Deep State works in DC they will tell you always the same thing: You don't become a candidate for a President of the United States if you are not the people who actually run the US...Pepe Escobar 

Let the Bloomberg headline scroll call it the failed trade. Let the talking heads laugh at it when its brought up as a possible investment. No self respecting millennial would engage this sector as even a remote area to invest in. You would never hear the subject even brought up in polite discussion.  You know what it is, but even you wouldn't bring it up in casual financial discussion for fear of being an object of impolite scorn.

Futures Spike After Trump Blinks, Decides Against Harshest Measures On China's a rock....

Global Stocks Dive On Fears Of "Irreversible" Trade War; Italian Bonds, Turkish Lira Tumble....guess who caused it

On the other hand, maybe an uncomfortable snicker from your critics at the Rotary Club doesn't bother when your past recommendations surface today. Maybe you're very secure with your positions and the reasons you originally recommended this area to your fellow sophisticates remains. You steadfastly abide by your conviction in your reasoning and accept their derisive jabs with a smile and a nod. Your a rock. 

Well don't look, but things are changing right in front of you and its so slow you may not notice. I do. I like it. It is happening. Here's the deal. Shhhhhh.

Sunday, June 17, 2018


Imagine walking across a French field with your platoon 74 years ago after surviving the fighting since your landing on Omaha Beach. You're taking a smoke on a Lucky Strike and day dreaming during a lull in the action. You have survived the fighting for two weeks and you're thinking there just might be a chance you get out of this mess alive. However you just can't get the image of your buddy since boot camp that caught a sniper round through the right side of his head, and that look of death in his eyes as they stared into the sky.

You're also thinking about your girl friend you left behind and how your life will be when you return home someday. Just maybe you will create a better place for your children by defeating the Nazis and protecting your country and the rest of the free world. That's some pretty heavy thought for an 18 year old boy that was just in high school a few months before. Really, the only thing that mattered to you was whether you would get hot rations that night or find some more of that good French wine. Your mind did tend to wonder if all of these surreal events would have meaning some day.

Gold Joins The Global "Death Cross" course it does

US Futures Plunge After Trump Calls For $200 Billion More Tariffs On that sounds serious...

Gold notches modest bounce from lowest close of 2018

I get to see these guys almost everyday I work now. I get to talk to them. They're really old now. They're dying. They're sick. Most are alone. Most are feeble. Some even manage a smile and a hand shake. Many are separated from their families and stored in nursing homes (Skilled Care Nursing I get to ask them what it was like. I enjoy the honor of hearing their stories.

Italy's Salvini: "We Need A Mass Cleansing, Street By Street, Quarter By Quarter" In The EU...tic toc

Goldman Co-Head Of Trading: I Am Worried The Market May "Break" And Not Snap shit

BUT......I don't ask them if they think their sacrifices were worth it. I don't ask them if they think the Congressmen and government officials enriching themselves making millions is really what they were dying for. I don't ask them if they were dying  overseas for us to develop 800 military bases in over 150 countries. I don't ask them if they fought for the right to force families to have the mother and father working to just make ends meet to raise two children and then find out their children have to stay living with their parents after they get their college education.

Lastly I don't ask them what they think of the shitty health care system they're sitting in and the fact that no one seems to give a shit about them and treat them like flotsam. Heroes? Really? You don't treat animals as bad as this system treats many of these men. I think this little piece speaks volumes for our future. gl

Sunday, June 10, 2018


We are on the cusp of Global peace. The G 7 is disintegrating. Russia and China are uniting in a global gold orgy. Soros is in full retreat. So its over and now we can move forward to prosperity.

Treaties paving the way for global fair trade will follow shortly. The dollar will surrender its supremacy. Our debt will dissolve into the backwash of history and price stability will triumph. 

Trump Shocks Leaders With Trudeau Insult to Upend G-7 

Little Kim is ready to turn over his nukes to the Don. Little Kim is getting ready to bend over and take a Texas Heart shot for posterity.  Its been ten years since the last "loss of CONfidence" set upon humanity. Today this is all in the rear view mirror after Trillions of additional debt was implemented to repair the "debt Crisis" that casused the Great Recession. CONsumers have been loaded up with massive debt as we arose from a devastating financial crisis.

Crypto Collapse Accelerates As Bitcoin Miners Turn Cashflow slaughter is just're caught in a high density killing field

Unfortunately on the way to the forum a few problems have arisen. Britain voted out of the game. Italy voted out of the game. Spain voted out of the game.....and lastly the U.S. is voting out of the game. 

BitCON Collapse! Down 10%! Exchanges Hacked! HODL'ers in Meltdown! Where's Bix? 

And now we are going to get "Austerity" in mother America, or as our new Dear Leader calls it "Quantitative Tightening". This is all right on schedule for a great big FLATTENING. When this big shoe lands on your neck, all you're going to be able to do is grunt.

Just sit back and watch this play out. Get lots of popcorn and be prepared for one big fireworks show...or as the proper authorities like to refer to what's coming.....volatility.

Saturday, June 2, 2018


I think he is, but there's a catch. He's compromised. This isn't a good guy, bad guy game he's in. This is a massive, mountain of corruption. He's been picked by a consortium of vested players that want to take on this pervasive corruption and chose their man, Donald Trump to be their man. Sounds fairly simple so far doesn't it? Sorry, its not quite that ordinary.

This battle crosses over virtually every continent. Its battle lines intersect at virtually every level of governance and industry across our globe. Whether Trump is controlled completely by the global banking cabal or whether he is plotting an eventual master chest move that checkmates this massive ponzi remains to be ascertained.

Saudi King Threatens Military Action If Qatar Installs Russian Air Defense tock

What is clear, is that Trump is not someone they have confidence in. They appear to be able to manipulate him through various internal plants in the administration and may have the ability to coerce him through a number of tried and true methods......but they just don't seem to be totally comfortable with the eventual outcome.  

You can judge a man by his enemies and virtually every Deep State scumbag within this Global Ponzi openly despise the orange man. That alone does give me some hope. Unlike Obama, Trump is a leper within the halls of corruption. Unfortunately there are way too many unanswered questions and alas until you see a massive public arrest of people like Lindsey Graham, George W Bush, Obama, Clinton and Clinton........then Donald Trump is just another plant in a garden of massive corruption. 

Comments are now shut off on the RoadtoRoota YouTube Channel. No room in my world for vile comments or vile people so all the trolls are going to have to go somewhere else until further notice. oh Bix watta ya expect when you screw all the people that listened to you for

Another more likely outcome of all of this CONfusion may be the real reason Donald Trump is present. Some very important and powerful global masters may view Trump as a perfect distraction. Someone that will have no effect on their eventual "reset". In fact they may view Trump presiding over the chaos as the perfect man for the job. Maybe this is just too cynical, but out of chaos comes order and when you understand what is coming, since you created the ingredients, then you  may just want the Donald to be just where he is now. The captain of chaos. That diversion may serve their purposes perfectly. After all the last great diversion had the perfect captain in place when they ignited that explosion 17 years ago. Remember his lieutenant....