Saturday, August 25, 2018


I know what it feels like, and it feels so bad I don't want to even open up my brokerage accounts to look....but I do....I don't want to look at charts...but I do.... One thing I do when it gets like this is buy physical metal and I did. I even spent extra time visiting with my local coin dealer and licking my wounds and comparing notes. No one was in buying so it was easy. She doesn't have a big business and I was her only buyer in her place of business everyday that I bought and I bought five times over the past five weeks. 

Trudeau Government To Study Total Handgun And Assault Weapons Ban

Charles Nenner Flips! GOLD Is Headed MUCH LOWER (Spoiler Alert: Price Could Crash To $850)....NOW ya tell me

My last visit was entertaining and we got into Buffett stories. She used to work for him in Omaha and was a good friend of his current wife. Let's just say that Warren is basically what you see is what you get. He is a complete nerd. His current wife was actually hired by his first wife years ago when she decided she had enough of living with dopey in Omaha and went to California to party with more lively company. She felt sorry for dopey and found this lady through my friend to live with him and take care of the house and Warren. Her choice was a woman of simple means and needs and she and Warren grew to love each other in only a way Warren can 

Fred Hickey of the High Tech Strategist had this to say about the state of the gold market today and what it will take to achieve liftoff:  “If one looks back at the early 2016 gold short squeeze (& I have) these same types of battles occurred in first couple of weeks before shorts were overrun (and then the gold rally really got going). But before that – it was two steps forward & one step back type-battles with shorts.” buttfox and everyone else can take the other side......

I've never read any bios on dopey but this information might be in them but it was news for me. Warren and his first wife never divorced because of the money it would have cost. She didn't go into the details but the first wife wasn't too greedy and chose the Cali life and freedom from dopey and was very happy with whatever allowance she Anyway...eventually Warren married the live in and now current wife after his first wife died and she remains a very frugal, simple woman with her total loyalty to Warren.  

So at least I learned something during this last slaughter from buying PMs at my local shop. Lottsa Warren stories to come of course so lets enjoy this next move up......hope this painful butt pasting sets us up for a big one this fall........or maybe buttfox will be gracing us more often with his words of wisdom.....waaaaaaa.

Saturday, August 18, 2018


This blog was originally intended to be a forum where a community of people that went through the 2008 collapse could gather and find refuge following the mental trauma of the economic collapse. 

At the time the blog began times were very uncertain and imminent financial collapse seemed very possible. We had worldwide fires like Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Ireland, Spain etc erupting virtually almost monthly. There were government upheavals and riots in the streets centering around the economic chaos. We had Occupy Wallstreet and tent cities on our own turf.

Historic Capitulation As Bullion Banks Tighten Noose Around Hedge Funds & Speculators In The Gold Market...i can't take it n'more ....i give......waaaaaaa

Musk Admits He Saw Azealia Banks, Unclear If He Was Tweeting On Acid...oh acid??....can you say malinvestment lol

We created a wealth effect in our stock market through a well coordinated global algorithmic control model that does not allow for the bull market "recovery" to slip from the media driven normalcy bias. Our bankrupt pension systems continue to write the monthly checks to their recipents.

Gold Investors 'Give Up Hope' as Biggest Short in History Builds....on bloomberg scroll headlines today

Venezuela In Chaos After Maduro Announces Massive 95% Devaluation, New FX Rate Tied To Cryptocurrency.....its all good....not gonna happen here....

It has been thoroughly documented here and in numerous sites how these issues were fixed (papered over) and how a "normalcy bias" was ingrained into the psyche of the masses. There were literally millions of jobs created with the massive flow of liquidity into the ruptured system. These jobs may be building electric cars that lose their builder billions every quarter and have no hope of ever being a viable company. These jobs may be employing millions of IT and regulatory people within a failed healthcare system. You get the picture. 

The point is, the charade of "recovery" has indeed worked for a significant portion of our population in spite of its failings. Now we have an economy of malinvestment. We have propped up companies with propped up consumers buying products with propped up credit. There is no future in this economy for a sustainable base to build upon. The can has been kicked and now 
you have your recovery. 

Cohen Willing To Tell Mueller About Trump's "Conspiracy To Collude" With Russia....finally the truth comes out lol

So whether you agree with this very brief overview or not is not the point of this blog or more specifically this post today. The point is you have a place to gather still and voice your point of view in the comment section, which is the real reason this blog is still written. I'm not a brave person and I know some of the material pokes the bear so I have been carefully trying to temper my headlines and keeping under the radar through "other" traffic  I fully intend to keep my own investment theme unaltered and some of you may disagree and that is obviously just fine. 

Finally I want all of you to understand that as much as I may agree their "normalcy bias" has ABSOLUTELY least for many has wrecked any future of a sustained economic benefit for THIS country. These "faux" jobs created by fiat will end the same way they were created. gl and thanks for hangin' out.

Saturday, August 11, 2018


Thats because you've been in it for 10 years. Progressively lower and lower unemployment each months with record levels now being achieved, BUT WTF there's no wage increase. How in the hell is this even remotely possible? LOL.....because its all one big fat lie. Record numbers of retail stores closing for 9 years and yet we have record retail jobs created every year. LOL.....its a LIE! We know how a lot of it is done, but NO ONE knows how the birth/death and seasonal adjustments truly work. We know that three part time jobs created are three jobs even though their weekly hours or wages won't equal one good full time job loss. 

Iran's Supreme Leader: "No War Nor Negotiations" Ever With This White took you this long to figure that out...

Contagion Hits Latin America: Argentine Peso, Brazilian Real Plummet

"A Devastating Scenario": Brazil Breaks Own Record For Number Of Murders, Ahead Of Election" tic toc....nothing to see here now move along...

Trillions and trillions of unbacked fiat printed into the system to prevent the big banks and multi-nationals from collapsing. Propping up zombie institutions to keep a system of graft from collapsing. To keep a virtual war machine alive to perpetuate a complex of enrichment for insiders. Insiders that include the pseudo news organizations perpetuating the daily talking points.

Enough of what you know by now and back to the metals. No problem here with the beatdown. It too shall soon pass and the next leg up will begin from the December 2015 low and the new bull market in precious metals and mining shares. 

Trump 'Boom' Sparks Record-Breaking Backlog Of Big Rigs....cycle high headlines

Censorship Purge Signals Imminent False Flag Violence Before Mid-Term Elections... Bigger Than 9/11?

What's going to "trigger" it or maybe I should say what are the gang going to use to "trigger" the next paradigm shift is not important. What is important is to realize it is a certainty just as night and day. It will come. Wash rinse and repeat is how the game is played. 

Sunday, August 5, 2018


I'm not buy'n what they're sellin'. I'm hopeful. Just like I was hopeful when I was sold Obama as "hope and change". After 8 years of W it was easy to buy into the theater of Obama coming into power. I was told by my "handler" at the time Obama came into power that he was completely owned. I never trusted my "handler" even though he was right on most his analysis up until that time and most afterwards. He was certainly right on Obama. It was just about at this point of Obama's regime that I gave up on him. There were no criminals hanging and the wars were still going strong.

Tesla Tumbles As Broader SEC Inquiry Revealed....Buttfox cries foul

Gold Rout Takes Prices Near $1,200 as Investors Favor Dollar

So here we are again. We're at the proverbial crossroads. Instead of Obama leading the righteous, we have Donald leading the righteous. How is it possible that we now have a leader of our free world that is going to re-establish the rule of law in the "greatest democracy in history" and take on the greatest cabal in the world, that less than a few years ago was basically a failed casino owner with a nebulous debt ridden hotel chain catering to the wealthy, that was bank rolled by the banksters? Is that even plausible? The short answer to that question is YES it is plausible, but not likely.  Remember, there is no candidate that reaches that level of office that hasn't been COMPLETELY vetted prior to becoming their party's candidate. 

Turkey Meltdown: Lira Implodes As Panicked Sellers Spark Global

China Launches Personal Attack At "Arrogant, Deceitful" Trump: "We Are Prepared To Fight To The End"....or as Buttfox says...its all good lol

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers shares nosedive 20% after profit warning, analyst downgrades...must be Amazon

Did our media relentlessly attack the Don? Precisely.....they gave him free and non-stop publicity which ignited a firestorm of support in his base and in the process created an on-line support group of followers of which most of us are members of. However, just because we are given doses of truth does not mean we're getting "the cure".  It doesn't mean the Don is plotting to keep the Deep State in power while playing 4-D chess with our trust. In fact I think Trump may very well be trying to help the middle class and possibly might be a patriot.

On the other hand my concern is that all of the anti-Trump media attacks may just be theater and at the very least providing us an illusion there are two legitimate sides fighting for the masses. Don't forget....problem, action, solution. Out of chaos comes order. Create  the chaos and then inject YOUR solution.  Bottom line is WHERE are the massive indictments. If I don't see tens of thousands of indictments then I'll know its just Kabuki Theater. 

I do think the collapse will come. It may be the "tariffs" that cause it may be a may be a false flag terrorist attack.....or it may be the corruption of the whole system just sinks