Sunday, September 30, 2018


We aren't raising interest rates because our economy is strong. We aren't imposing tariffs on China because we want to bring jobs back to America. We aren't beating Russia up with sanctions because the influenced our elections. We aren't crushing Venezuela with sanctions because they have a dictator. We aren't crushing emerging market economies because they borrowed too many dollars. We aren't killing millions in the Middle East and starting more wars in countries like Yemen and Syria because we want to bring democracy to them. 

Realtors Warn Metro Denver Housing Market Is "Now Pulling Back In A Big Way".....ruhrho

NBC "A Co-Conspirator In The Destruction Of Kavanaugh" According To Lindsey eating cabal

Fresh Reports Of Real Estate Rage Signal Turn In Chinese Housing Market

Flake Admits He Wouldn't Have Sabotaged Kavanaugh Confirmation If He Wasn't"a man of true courage"..

Its simply to maintain the dollar. Without forced dollar hegemony we have NOTHING. At least we don't have a multi Trillion dollar military industrial complex. It would evaporate. We couldn't manipulate the other World Central  banks. We couldn't manipulate the World Bond markets. We couldn't buy the Senate, the Congress, and the Supreme Court. We couldn't buy the Presidency. Its the dollar. 

Your pensions are one hundred percent dependent upon the dollar maintaining its reserve currency status. The solvency of all pensions is directly and indirectly supported by the ability to print dollars. These dollars MUST be taken by countries in return for their oil. Oil...the lifeblood of our economies. Its the basic carbon of life lol. 

We are going to keep borrowing more and more of these dollars to keep this game going. To keep the stock market up. To keep your pension paying out. To keep your health system alive. The corruption, the deception, the hypocrisy, and the insanity will continue as long as this fiat scheme lasts. Millions more will have to die.

Sunday, September 23, 2018


My hypocrisy knows no bounds
LOL its all just one perverse, cynical mockery. Virtually everything in our daily existence has become corrupted to such an extent, that anyone with a pulse and half a brain cell is starting to see something is wrong with the system. We have an alarming number of major investors that were formally touting a bull market now turning bearish with warnings that the next downturn will be worse than 2008 because we "fixed" that debt crisis with even more debt.

Predictions from them on the timing of this day of reckoning remain muted. Anyone that made timing predictions has been crushed by the money printing machine. My Kress cycle was left in the dust 3 years ago lol. That seems like a century ago, but the upside is it bought me time. Time is what they were trying to buy too. They've lined their pockets and kept the pockets of their bankers and the top executives of their system were well rewarded... for now.  Meanwhile the fly over America is wallowing in swill by comparison. I just returned from a week in Manhattan and last week in Silicon Valley (family biz) and I will report there is no recession thanks to the money printing. Malinvestment always comes with a price.

You can look at the ponzi manipulation of this recovery several ways. Some view this "recovery" as a validation the cartel is just "too powerful" and the "good times" will just keep on going for the ponzi. So you have the "retail capitulation" and lets "join um if we can't beat um" attitude. In my view this is classic retail herd behavior at the top of any "bull market". It took a long time to get to this stage after their slaughter of the innocents in 2008 lol.

JPM Is Worried That Trump Is Getting So Cocky, He Is About To Make A "Major Miscalculation"'ll bet you are..

My view is that timing was always something that could be wrong but my view of the underlying premise that another bubble being created by debt would end just the way all previous bubbles ended did not change. I used the extra time they created to prepare. I used the extra time they created to strengthen mentally and physically. I used the extra time they created compartmentalize my young family and try and determine the best ways to deal with how they reset the system. Time was always going to be the most precious commodity and getting caught in a protracted Twilight Zone Groundhog Day High Density Killing Field was not something I was going to let them do to me lol.

So they gave me a few years of precious time. Normalcy bias can be enjoying your family, or some good tunes, or a nice day drive or a nice vacation, maybe a pole in a clear stream, or just a quiet conversation with your loved ones. They gave you the time. They did screw you and your loved ones in the longer run. They did kill a few million people during this time. They will kill a lot more during the next ten years more than likely. You can't stop that, nor can I. Rest assured there is a day of reckoning coming for this evil.  If you are reading this, then you are aware. Being aware is your free will. gl

Sunday, September 16, 2018


I'm going to approach this issue briefly, but make no mistake it IS THE limiting factor for the ponzi. Of course there are other black, gray, and pink swans out there, but if you choose NOT to be of the CONspiracy ilk and do NOT want to dive into the rabbit hole, then understand that INFLATION is the limiting factor for your pollyanna world that your master has created for you.

Virtually any reasonable statistician can peel this onion apart and come up with simple examples of significant inflation occurring in many segments of the so-called economy. Yet we are told we have less than 2.4% inflation. Look at the prices of your food and drinks. Look at your rents and housing costs. Look at wage pressures occurring now. Look at oil. They are working overdrive in the futures market and dollar exchange to CONtrol the prices of the vital commodity markets including the headline PM prices. Its always been there CONtrol panel for prices.

Bottom line is we are in a ZOMBIE economy as a result of the "economic crisis" of 2008. We are on a credit card spending spree as the music plays on the deck of the Titanic to create the illusion we are "all good". I can compartmentalize this reality and play in this paradigm. Reconciling these "realities" is necessary if you're going to maintain your sanity.

Mo, Shimp, and Curly saved you 10 years ago and these guys are heroes?

I've posted this price paradigm disaster looming for the ponzi and want you to understand that much of what we see daily is centered around maintaining this illusion of stability and recovery. Silver and gold are forward looking "warning" signs. They are first on the list to be controlled. The Dollar is joined at the hip with gold since it represents the mechanism used to propel the system forward. Wage pressures from underlying "true" inflation in our daily necessities will be the spring board for the breakdown in the dollar. 

"I Thought He Might Inadvertently Kill Me" - Kavanaugh Accuser Breaks ya did....

What's the timeline? I invested heavily during the last 10 years in the PM and miner trade wondering the same thing. How long can they do it? How long can they carry and illusion of recovery in a centrally controlled market economy? I thought the K wave was a tell. It wasn't. I learned many years ago that being right doesn't mean you can stay solvent so I never leveraged.  I did learn if you researched your trade that time always had a way of proving you right. Trading this market shorter term is laughable. The pros I know in NY are disgusted by the hedge fund damage from the debt paradigm, even though this is what enabled their survival. 

So back to the topic of the day. Inflation. Its coming. Its coming with a vengeance. Maybe not overnight, but you can already see it. China, Russia and others are in the "long trade" that I'll follow and that's accumulation of metal. They know its a tictoc and they know how the movie end looks. Biblical debt paradigm shifts are not gentle transformations. They involve major cultural shifts and extreme human suffering and death.  

Saturday, September 1, 2018


Your world may be safe. Your lights are on in your house and your utility bills are bearable. Your grocery store is fully stocked and your checkout bill is creeping up but stable so far. Your gas station still has sub 3 dollar gas and plenty of it. Your world has no F18 daily fly overs or drone strikes on "terrorist targets". Your world does not have dozens of its finest cities lying in rubble with its citizens scattered around the world. Its all good in your world.

Now open your eyes for a moment. Don't let the hypnotic, daily Bloomberg/CNBS put you into a trance.  Countries are either beginning their collapse or are already in a state of collapse. Spreads on Italian bonds are blowing out. Greece received its last payment from the ECB to keep it from complete default. Much of the Middle east is in ruins. Syria is a landscape of death along with Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yemen.  Turkey and Iran are staring at the barrel of the Banker's gun, and wondering just how long it will be before the collapse begins.

Philippine Central Bank Weighs Action With Inflation at 6.4%

South Africa Unexpectedly Slides Into Recession For The First Time Since 2009....another one bites the dust...its all good

Pentagon's Answer To Yemen Atrocities? Train More Saudi Pilots... On US sense to me......

Across the pond Argentina and Venezuela are in different stages of collapse. Border breakdowns will draw other countries in that region into the cauldron of fire. Prostitution in these countries is becoming a survival mechanism for previously middle class women. But its okay for our daughters growing up in the safety of 240 Trillion in debt. It won't happen here.

Four hundred arrests in Pennsylvania alone last week for child sex crimes. The Vatican under enormous exposure for its sex crime involvement.  Yet the Trump crime of Russia collusion runs virtually non stop on the major networks with the Banker's lawyers in charge of the investigation tirelessly working to find the "truth".

We're threatening war now with two superpowers....Russia and China, while making daily threats and economic sanctions. Two Superpowers. Nuclear superpowers. China is also an economic superpower. We're openly castigating their leaders with verbal insults. But its all going to be fine.

Ignore the rubble across the many landscapes we've already destroyed. Ignore the failed coups we attempted or completed in countries like Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, Venezuela, Brazil, Iran, Syria, etc etc. Perhaps YOU can ignore them, but a lot of other leaders and nations cannot. Its NOT all good and a reckoning is coming for US. Play dumb. Compartmentalize the chaos. Heaven knows I do.........but gl if you haven't made your preps.