Tuesday, November 27, 2018


YOU are the mark. I am the mark. We are all the mark. Its a game. Its the same old game. Its not really that complicated, but the timing of course is. I wish I could be perfect at the timing. Oh how I wish that were the case, but I'll take the Jim Rogers excuse and move on. 

I'm watching a scenario play out that has occurred for hundreds and hundreds of years. You have to admire them for their ability to modify the grift with a few cosmetic changes each time and have the sheeple slurp the gruel like starving suckers. 


You make money out of air and buy real things with it. Like oil, food, and war toys. You threaten anyone that challenges your approved money with death and destruction. You use your military power to impose economic sanctions and withdraw the Swift system. Their country implodes, their people starve, their gold (barbarous relic) is taken, their educated populace flees to your country, and then you buy their assets for pennies with your freshly printed fiat. You invent BitCON to divert the sheeple from buying gold.

You double or triple or quadruple the debt/leverage every 8 years or so then slaughter the piggies. The ability to print money out of thin air is very powerful, but more importantly its the CONTROL of the money that is the real genius. Therein lies the secret. So what happens to the dollar if it crashes? LOL......who cares if you CONTROL the new fiat that follows? I hope you don't believe that someone brilliant enough to engineer this system doesn't already have the next chess moves anticipated. LOL....WHY do you think Central Banks around the world are buying gold? 

THEY have gold and I do not mean the "Western" Central bank gold stated publicly. THEY have many thousands of tons privately held and THEY WILL use it through the next reset to maintain CONtrol. He who has the gold makes the rules. You do what you want. They already know what you won't do. 


Sorry for the Drive-By but can't help myself. Andy Pukeman and Bix Weirdo sure sucked a lotta gold and silver money into BitCON. They weren't the only ones pumping this scam. Sorry if you lost but you were warned here. It may bounce but its going to ZERO. Its a SCAM. Eventually you WILL be rounded up into a crypto by your masters. That crypto is most likely still down the road a year or two. Traveling and will come up with a new post this week.....

Sunday, November 18, 2018


For those of you tryng to decide just how this whole ponzi of a world fiat economy unwinds you may want to pay attention to this scenario. As we increasingly see headlines of World leaders taunting and bullying one another, one has to wonder if there is an eventual breaking point that will be exceeded. 

Danger Ahead...BitCON crashes to 4200...Bix Weirdo says buybuybuy

Morgan Stanley Calls It: "We Are In A Bear Market" .....hmmm must be time to go long

So if indeed there is a red-line in "civility" that may be crossed, then how may that appear in our future. Could it be the rockets red glare crossing our sky with a Mad Max end for civilization as we know it? Maybe it will just be increasing tension and name calling with global fiat devaluation as the elites try to figure a way out of their conundrum of too much fiat debt. 

Bitcoin crash: sorry..

GE, Nvidia, Nordstrom, Bitcoin All Tank, And The Fed Notices...lol

With the debt piling into the hundreds of Trillions, people tend to lose their heads (literally) when those bubbles pop. Maybe tweeting and poking the various sovereigns like Russia and China are masterful strategies to divert attention from the underlying decay in global markets. Keeping us all CONfused and off balance has forced me to turn this blog into entertainment lol......that's really true....after all how could anyone honestly say these markets are "predictable" anymore. They aren't. I get that.....and have for a couple of years now.....but I at least want those of you still here, to have a place to pop in and say hi and share your frustrations.

So don't forget the old saying. Those who have the gold make the rules. The "true power" has plenty of physical gold in my humble opinion. Many governments do not. Its really not complicated. One morning we could wake up and a very rude country could receive a very rude surprise. China just might have a very nice soccer field full of gold pallets with hundreds of reporters there to view and document. Things could change very rapidly in the world order. Do not believe for one moment the "true power" will have any problem with that changing of the guard.

Sunday, November 11, 2018


Most of you may not have seen the Grant Williams analogy of the Gray Wolf reintroduction to Yellowstone and its ultimate effect on the Yellowstone ecological system. Some of you really don't care to as they beat the gold trade senseless, and just wanna make just a little bit of money, but you really should pay attention to what he is saying in the video that I will post below. Gold is the monetary apex predator and will be ultimately placed on its proper position in our system as the ultimate fiat ponzi judge. 

Watch the video, but it is about balance. As all systems reach imbalances, they will ultimately revert to the mean.  As the mean reversion occurs, the momentum of the pendulum will swing beyond the mean. Ecological systems will obey the laws of nature whether YOU believe that law or not. Just as the nature has brought its law to bear on much of California and its abuse of the arid land it has over built on or whether its the over grazing of Yellowstone by the Elk and deer. Nature's law must ultimately be obeyed. 

Bitcoin Collapse Just Getting Started?....nahh...Buttfox and Andy Hoffman said buy buy buy......lol

The monetary system is going to revert to its natural mean just as it has over and over  before through its cleansing cycles. This cycle too shall come to pass whether you doubt it will or not. It cannot be stopped. Exactly when and its full impact on society is still debatable but it will happen. Meanwhile we have Exeter's pyramid growing and its Gold standard is continuing to have accelerated Central bank buying around the World. So you can Buttfox your brain and cower in your FANG prison or you can keep taking advantage of metal prices just like the Central banks in Russia, China, and India etc are doing. They know what the apex of money is.

Monday, November 5, 2018


Tuesday is a date of change for the globalists. On election night the American people will vote for their representatives and for the people to lead us into a future of momentous change. On the other hand, maybe we're just walking into another false choice paradigm and Wednesday morning we will wake up and find it to be another Ground Hog day movie scenario. 

I'm going to check and see if the Federal Reserve is still intact. I'm going to check and see if all the banks are open. If they are,  then I'll know that nothing has changed, because therein lies all the true power. The power that couldn't be allowed to fail in 2008. The power that was saved because it was "too big to fail".  I still remember that time like it was yesterday. That is why I will vote tomorrow.

Once Again, Warren Buffett Has Given Us A Major Warning That Everything Is Expensive

Claire McCaskill is the Senator in my state and in 2008 we gave up our chance to change this corrupt system by voting for TARP. A giveaway to the richest most corrupt group of fascist pricks in the world and Claire was the deciding vote that flipped to the Republicans. She sold out. So yes, I will vote tomorrow, only to vote against her. I know the little prick that she is running against will probably be worse than her. I don't care. I'll vote.

Don't bet on the Blue Wave tomorrow. There are a lot of pissed off people still out there. They're confused by the constant propaganda on both side, but the Claires out there could be on borrowed time with the voters. Remember this.....its still Kabuki theater and the tic toc on the ponzi is running out.