Saturday, December 29, 2018


The Bear of all bears cometh and and you don't even care. Why should you? After all you've just witnessed almost 10 years of what you believe was a "bull" market and "economic recovery". You've seen home price appreciation in many coastal markets with even more consumer debt added. You've watched CEOs and Wall Street bankers taking big bonuses home every years. You've seen the most bizarre political stunts in history. Wars and threats of wars are now just banal entertainment.

Apple Plunges 8% After Cutting Q1 Revenue Guidance, Blames China; Nasdaq Tumbles....its all good

FBI Probing Theft Of 18,000 Documents Linked To Sept 11"I Give You the FBI!"......

But lets get back to the normalcy bias of the stock market. Its obvious to most of you by now that the stock market is the big kahuna for the public perception of the economy. Its the scorecard. Its the topic of evening conversation. Its the cog in the wheel of CONfidence. "We are doing just fine". The DOW is up. "Its all good". The DOW is up. You know exactly what I am talking about. Remember last few weeks as people around the water cooler became increasingly uncomfortable with the DOW dumping all over this CON. Yet in just one day the market moves up 1000pts and everyone breathes a sigh of relief and sticks their heads back into the sand.

Gold Soars Above $1,300; Nikkei, JGB Yields Tumble As Rout Goes Global

Partial Federal Shutdown Carries Into 2019 With No End in the horror of it all

I'm not worried about the Bear. We've been in it for 12 years. Since 2007 this ponzi has been extracting your flesh. Every human engineering ponzi pumper has been hard at work trying to keep this dollar based fiat parasite alive. I hope they maintain the pretense of nirvana forever. I hope they run the DOW to 50K. Why not? I'm sure they can find a way to load a few hundred Trillion more of debt onto the backs of this demographically broken country, not to mention the demographically zombie countries in the rest of the Western world. I want more food stamps. I want more disability. I want more zombie jobs in retail, health care, law enforcement, etc.... Watta country! So sure...if you think we can suddenly load this broken country and its broken people with one more 60K truck and one more McMansion, then yup this stawk market is gonna soar. 

We're not just going into a bear market. We are going into the final stages of the Bear of all Bear markets. Its been ugly in the real world for over a decade and its about to get even uglier. Enjoy. Go ahead and finish your round. You'll make it out in time.

Friday, December 21, 2018


After nine years of sugar your daddy has taken your candy away. You've been a genius buying dips or holding your bag of candy that daddy gave you. Every time your candy got a little low you just held your bag out and daddy put some more sugar in your bag. You told all of your friends just how smart you were because your bag just got bigger with candy and how dumb they were for not having their bag out and loaded with candy. Why not shove that candy in your face since there was always more candy from daddy to keep that bag full. 

Trump Urges Americans To Buy The Dip; Voices Confidence In Mnuchin, it comes...the BIG out if you're short this pig of a market

"They Don't Understand" - Trump Slams Fed As PPT Rescue Attempt THEY understand Donald

Mnuchin Called Bank CEOs To Check Liquidity, Calm Markets; Has Monday Call With Plunge Protection Team...don't worry buttfox/CS....its all good

Shutdown Appears Inevitable As House Leaves For The Night....and to all a good night

But not this Christmas. This Christmas for no reason daddy didn't give you more sugar.  That sugar was the QE and printed money and perpetual bull shit full onslaught media blitz. You slurped that bullshit down like it was a fine cabernet. Now you look in the mirror and your teeth have rotted out of your head from the sugar shit you slurped down. You let them give you all of these shitty, bloated companies with promise of the continued printing of money sugar to keep you believing the promise of municipal and private pensions to the sugar moon.

Rand Paul Rages In Epic Festivus Tweetstorm: "Thanks To Trump, We're All Saying Merry Christmas Again"

"Panic In The Air" - Stunned Traders Speechless At The Carnage....who coulda predicted it

But you weren't warned. Yes you were. You just wouldn't listen to the Dalios and Gundlachs and Druckenmillers. These guys actually were bulls for the past eight years. They managed hundreds of billions. But your brain was rotting in your head just like your teeth from the sugar. What's even funnier is that you still are holding tight to sugar shit like Tesla and Netflix and Amazon. Surely you'll get a squeeze soon and your holding will be validated. Then like any Bear does it rips your sugar rotted heart right out of your throat. You're in a sugar ponzi bubble and this rotten steaming pile of sugar shit is in run to hell. 

So you cry all you want to it ain't fair, but don't you cry you weren't warned. You were warned but you just couldn't stop yourself. You'll be told again that "no one could have seen this sugar shit coming".....or "no one could have done anything differently"....or "what could i do..I'm just one person".... Well you go ahead and whine sugar shit. You could've done something but you didn't and you won't. You'll stay right where you are and the sugar fairy will stick it right up your fairy fart hole. Merry Xmas Buttfoxes of the world.

Friday, December 14, 2018


Once upon a time there was a story created for the salvation of the world. It was crafted upon deceit and treachery. It required the entire world to follow the leader. Its leader began printing trillions of dollars and putting it into its primary banks. First the U.S. then Europe. Japan just continued to print the whole time. They coordinated their script with the financial media and the politicians. A recovery was proclaimed. There was to be no denial of this epic achievement. It was written in stone. 

So as the story progressed chapter by chapter, more printing was needed. QE reflation was proclaimed a success. It was so successful that the U.S. was not only able to stop QE but began increasing interest rates with the overwhelming success of the debt fueled reflation of the "recovery". 

David Tepper Urges Move To Cash: "Powell Just Told You The Fed Put Is Dead" and so are WE.....

Druckenmiller: "The Best Economist I Know Is Saying Something Is Not Right" what Stanley? Nobody will listen to you.....they've already been trapped....

China continued to receive its gold for its cooperation in the illusion but it grew increasingly distrustful and tried to extricate itself from the plan with its on Yuan pathway. That created quite a fright but was quickly changed after a few convincing "chemical accidents". 

The years passed by and except for a few more unexplained deaths and accidents calm was maintained. Of course there was military positioning and saber rattling but relative disorder was maintained. The dollar remained supreme, but therein also began the problem. Much of the world began to falter as the dollar gained strength and a negative feedback deflationary loop arose. Countries began to collapse as liquidity was withdrawn to support the "recovery" meme. 

So here we are with the story nearing its end. Unfortunately we have a strong dollar as the rest of the world is collapsing. Europe's economy is collapsing and the interest rates are negative. They're withdrawing they say....but their economy is still so weak interest rates are negative. How do they declare victory? 

Michael Oliver Just Warned “They’re Going To Crash This Son Of A Bitch”...yup

We are desperately trying to reach a paltry 3%  with a "strong recovery". Multiple countries like France, Britain, Italy, Spain, Venezuela are ripping apart at the seams....... So what happens? Strong dollar and the ripping accelerates? Strong dollar/higher rates and the collapsing real estate market turns into a fire? Strong dollar/higher rates and the STOCK MARKETS (plural) go from a collapse into a full fledged nuclear event? So what do you think is going to have to happen very quickly? The dollar cannot strengthen. Its going to have to get weaker. If it doesn't then all hell breaks loose. WE ARE GOING TO GO TO SOME FORM OF HELICOPTER MONEY .....probably within the next three months. The dollar will begin a long descent down or the World burns. 

Everyone is going to print. Print and then print some more. It will not be a deflationary collapse. It might look like it for awhile (like right now)....but the pitchforks are already out across Europe and they don't want that.

Sunday, December 9, 2018


The Quickening. Paris Burns. The Quickening. Interest rates in muck of Europe remain negative and we're RAISING RATES. The Quickening. Stock markets in China and Europe already in Bear Territory. The Quickening. Our 2s and 5s have inverted. The Quickening. Housing sales collapsing double digits in key U.S. cities. The Quickening. Housing stocks now in a Bear market. The Quickening. NATO massing troops and missiles along most of Russia's Western border. The Quickening.

Second Canadian Citizen Disappears In funny

China Arrests Former Canadian Diplomat As Government Fears Reprisal For Huawei CFO....who woulda

Macron Announces Wage Hikes, Tax Cuts Amid "Economic, Social State Of Emergency" you say I SURRENDER!...MOAR DEBT!!

"Economic Catastrophe": Yellow Vest Protests Cripple French Businesses; Foreign Minister Slams Trump...

Imagine what would happen if China snatched Sheryl Sandberg at a Hong Kong airport and arrested her for Facebook malfeasance. Keep her locked up without a word of the charges. Parade her in front of the camera in prison jammies. Imagine the damage to our collective psyche. We're the best right? We live in a world of law. We impose the sanctions. We go where we want and do what we want. I predict this ends fairly quickly and with little said. BUT if it does not then throw away all the predictions. This cannot be tolerated by China and it will not. Simple post today. its just a compilation of the insanity existing RIGHT NOW. You really have to be living in a virtual cave not to see the quickening. Collective sanity is being challenged and collective sanity when broken does not recover.

Sunday, December 2, 2018


Am I the only one that senses the world is going mad, or do the rest of you find this damn planet is losing their collective shit? Maybe the charade of "recovery" is finally wearing so thin, that insanity is starting to express itself more overtly. 

I can't resist the cheap shot before I go any further and this did not inspire this post but George Herbert Walker Fochin Bush is NOT a new SAINT! Oh, I know that CNN is going to raise the flag of deity for the old Skull and Bones boy, but come on gimme a fochin break. This kid was born on third base with a 20 foot lead to home plate. After watching CNN, I would have thought he grew up in a log cabin on a creek in Brumley, Missouri.  Hells bells I wanted to write a post lauding George and his wonderful wife and their delightful offspring. I guess 20 or 30 thousand Iraqi soldiers bombed into pudding served a purpose in preserving the freedom of the Kuwaiti royal family. After all they were tossing babies out of incubators weren't they?

Powell Is Trapped: One Chart "Explains" The Dilemma Facing The was always the end game.....

There Is Suddenly A Far Bigger European Problem Than Brexit Or Italy....time for some re-education camp visits......

"We Are Losing Too Many Americans": Drug Overdose Deaths Spike, Life-Expectancy Tumbles....but I thot it wuz all good

Compared to his son's decision to unleash the dogs of war on the war machines of Afghanistan and Iraq, my Yalie hero does look like a genius. Maybe I am a little harsh on the shrub, because only a few thousand U.S. troops died and the few million women and children casualties really don't count since they were Muslims. Maybe George is a true hero.  After all he SERVED his country and thats more than most of us did. Speaking of serving, just like John McGain he was shot down over a little shit hole of an island in the Pacific. There were "whispers" that George panicked and didn't maneuver for his navigator to eject out. George managed to make it out in time and parachute to safety and a photo op on a submarine that picked him up. I know his family money and power had nothing to do with his Distinguished Flying Cross medal he was awarded for parachuting to safety. He was just "serving" and got lucky.

Newsflash: Battered Bitcoin Price Sets New Yearly Low at $3,310....still headed to zero

Newsflash: Bitcoin Price Drops to $3,801 as Breakout Attempt for the long drop to zero

Okay I get it. I'll STFU. He's gone and so will we soon. We are exceptional and maybe special guys like George deserve to have a special holiday when they croak. I think I'll just say hi to the cleaning lady at work and ask her how day is going tomorrow. That's how I'll serve. After all, her son is six feet under in a shitty grave for his "service" and he didn't get any medal. Watta great guy that George was. See ya in Heaven buddy.