Sunday, February 24, 2019


How can you not love this? As the band plays on the deck of this Economic Titanic, we seem to be moving through each day like choreographed minuets. Its a virtual fog created by our puppet masters to allow the illusion of our system to grind ahead, and it will continue to move ahead until one of three events occur to stop it. 

Warren Buffett bashes gold, says the 'magical metal was no match for the American mettle' guess things like Kraft...and BOA...and Wells Fargo and GE aren't wurkin out to well for ya lol

First it may be halted by an external event, not man made, that crushes the ability of the meme that "all is good" to continue. This will be out of the control of the puppet masters but they will quickly utilize the event for their reset. 

MbS In China: Strikes $10BN Refinery Deal, Chinese To Be Taught In All Saudi over

Secondly it may be halted by its very success of money printing which is inflation. Of course we already have inflation, but I am referring to the inability to disguise it any further as it strangles the very public benefitting from the printed money. Real inflation now is over 7%, not the 1 or 2% they try and portray. Once real inflation goes much higher, the debt rates have to go up and with 200 Trillion in debt globally its over.

Lastly and I think most likely we get a planned implosion with a reset. The dollar is killing the global developing debt nations so it has to be reset. This might be disguised as an "external" event, such as another 9/11. This would usher in a new currency reset with the public cheering for nationalistic unification. Martial law would be welcomed by most of the public as "strong leadership" takes control. A union of Government and Corporate interests will be welded. Its already happening. Just look at our own situation.

So we will get more and more noise in the symphony of CONfusion and I will sit tight as the deck chairs CONtinue to change. Don't be leveraged and hope they keep the fog going for a few more years as the casino bets pay off. Most importantly pay more attention to yourself and your family and enjoy your short life. You can only enhance your own knowledge of this scheme and make your critical choices. No one is going to do this for you.

Sunday, February 17, 2019


Thousands of pools today will have their pH checked and adjusted as their pool man cleans and maintains them for their McMansion owners. The owner will sit in the breakfast room watching the work performed while perusing his/her stock portfolio and feeling much less anxiety than eight weeks ago. In other words, in less than a few weeks the crisis of late last year is now officially over. 

Better yet, we've managed to create so much CONfusion within Trumps administration over policy, that no one is certain what is being done within our economic borders. Just like Obama, Trump smiled and told Amerika to "buy stocks" after CONvening the President's Working Group on Markets (PPT).  Mnuchin met with the Bankers and PRESTO we have ignition. 

Buffett Bruised As Kraft Crashes To Record Low After "Barrage Of Bad News"....bruised?...try beaten shitless

Howard Marks: The Most Dangerous Thing The Fed Ever Did Was Convince Investors That "It's Different This Time"

So its all fixed....right? LOL......not see, there is something called the "economy" and that little thing is NOT humming along. All of the QE gasoline just didn't really get the true underlying economy going. In fact, I maintain it HURT the true economy in many ways by propping up with malinvestment the very WORST aspects of the economy (like the banks, real estate, health care) that got us into this mess in the first place. So now here we are with a steaming pile of shit that masquerades as an economy. LOL ....what to do? what to do?

SocGen To Fire Thousands Of Bankers.....hmmm...sounds all good doesn't it?

We will print this year. We will lower rates this year. Rome is burning and we can clean our pool now but it doesn't change what's really going on right now in the REAL economy here AND around the world. tic toc. Hang tight. I wrote this just just to remind you and for space to put up new vids

Sunday, February 3, 2019


Oh sure, its all good now. Your cognitive dissonance is being put into a full burn. The full faith and credit of the government and the Fed (the real government) is being placed firmly behind the headline numbers of the Dow and the fellow indices. You're riveted by the success they've demonstrated. Your friends and family are amazed by how stupid and WRONG you've been since 2009. So now that you've been proven completely wrong again, the buy the fuckin' dip strategy has fallen into the lore of Biblical law. So that now we "doomers" have once again been intellectually destroyed then one must ask....what's next?

US Retail Sales Collapse In December: Biggest Drop In A its all good

I'll stick with the simple description that the current market sits precariously in a "crash prone" position. The underlying volume and sideline money is pathetic. The sentiment is once again too bullish. The Fed is NOT printing. They're in neutral. They need to be bringing the dollar DOWN. Its vital for World Ponzi economies to pull out of their nose down, DIVE attitudes. They have to have relief from the strong dollar pain they've sustained for the past year.  Strong dollar.......MORE World pain.  Weak of the World stops nose least temporarily. 

This ponzi is WAY too long in the tooth and its day of reckoning is fast approaching. Parasites on this ponzi will meet their day with Nature and its not going to be a happy day for them or for that matter most of us because the collateral damage will hit us all.

Quadriga Accidentally Moved More Bitcoin to an Inaccessible the hits keep comin'

Think about this one. The Eurozone is going into recession. So you think that they're going to RAISE interest rates?? Do you REALLY think they can RAISE rates here? lol Okay then ask yourself this question. As they go into recession this year then HOW in THE HELL are they going to LOWER interest rates to get themselves restarted? lol HOW? They'll print. Oh wait they're going to stop We're going to stop printing and we're grinding our economy right now into dust???????? Sure we are. 

Can you see it yet? The ponzi is being exposed. The market indices may be going up but what about the REAL market and REAL economy? Do you see? It seems clear to gl with the illusion.