Sunday, March 31, 2019


 Yeah right.........Maybe they throw us a bone with a few of these criminals, but I wouldn't hold my breath lol. Mueller's investigation accomplished its intended purpose which was to push out any real change to the grid control system of the Deep State. It reminds me of the waiting for the Banksters to go down after Obama was elected in 2008

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So let's just see what has to happen? A major investigation on the Deep State is about to bring down the Deep State soon. So first they take out the Middle level Deep State managers.....check. Then the Deep State takes out the Higher level Deep State manages like Clapper, Hillary, McConnell etc. .....check. Then the Deep State will focus its attention on the higher than higher level of the Deep The Bankers (no names please)........check....bigger LOL 

Putin To Trump: Mind Your Own Business On Venezuela; Russian Troops Will Stay "As Long As Needed" 

Now that all of this is accomplished, we can focus on the economy that is all being guided by the Deep State monetary system. Of course as we were being led by out Dear Leader the Don, the top level Deep Staters have stood idly by waiting for their demise. 

The Beginning Of The End Of SWIFT: Russian Banks Join Chinese Alternative Global Payments System

I watched a good movie on Netflix last night about the Texas Rangers that killed Bonnie and Clyde. While I watched it, I reflected just how many similarities exist today while the "good guys" tracked the immensely popular pair of outlaws. Very sad times for our country then, but I think today is even more perilous for our country and the entire World. We are going to have a reset, but it is more than likely going to be a very difficult process and probably not delivered by the Don, but by Nature. Take care all.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019


IF you think we aren't in a completely broken society then you might think the news this week on the Don's exoneration from his accusation of Russian collusion was earth shattering.  Sadly the real truth is if this were even remotely real, then it would NEVER have occurred in the first place. In a real world, this Kabuki theater could never have taken place. Millions of people were aware of the rigged accusations from the beginning. They watched as evidence that John McGain and Lady Lindsey marched the "evidence" straight to the alter of justice. Never mind, the evidence was similar to hot, steaming, excrement.  It was the fuse to begin the theater and to keep the public distracted for over two years fighting the battle of democratic justice for all to see. 

"Desperate" Illinois Ponders Taxing Internet Streaming Services And Hiking Gas Tax...."get the hell out fast"

Almost Half of 55 and Older Americans Have Zero in Retirement problem

There! Don't you feel better?! YOU WON. Our champion, the Don was exonerated!  So now you and I are CONvinced that in our democracy, our champion, not only CAN but DID receive real justice. Our system actually DOES work! lol.... Meanwhile Alex Jones is stifled off the net. Roger Stone is under house arrest and zipped tight. Most meaningful information is no longer findable on youtube through shadow banning or just outright banning. The lockdown is completing  while you cheer for our victory. Our champion lives, but we dwindle away. 

Game still on for gold and silver as the cartel tries to run out the clock for accumulation and fiat perpetuation as they pick the last morsels of flesh off the dying carcass of their host (us). Enjoy the show're rotting away while they hand out the next 400 million dollar baseball CONtract. Toofknfunny.............

Saturday, March 16, 2019


Your mom always warned you to do you school work so you didn't wind up digging ditches. So here we go digging dirt in life. Its been a call that isn't wrong in these miners, but its way too early thanks to the boyz with the money and the power to stop it and stop it they did. I decided that long the miners would be my short against the ponzi. I knew I could hold on to them if I wasn't leveraged. I knew I could be destroyed if I tried shorting this market with any major bets after getting slapped several times in the early "recovery" trying some strategic shorts.

Powell 'Throws In The Towel' On Growth & Inflation, Sees No More Rate-Hikes In that makes it official..."Its All Good" gee....I wunder wat they're afraid of???? 

Boeing's Doomed 737 Max....the tip of the iceberg

Its obvious to my friends that are Wall Street pros that everything is now rigged by the Fed and its member banks. They don't want to talk about it publicly but they are increasingly frustrated by the inability to trade the market in their respective areas of expertise. They can't make the same trades I can, which is really not trading but just holding a steaming stinking pile of lowly capitalized gold and silver miners. You see I don't have to have the perfect timing. They do. I don't have to beat the algobots. They do. I can buy small shitty stocks. Some of them can but they don't like the sector. Some of them can't because they are under a certain market cap.

So go ahead and cry about these dogs. Sure....they have sucked, but surely by now you know this game. Its a short against this mockery of capitalism. You want the printed money game to bet on then be my guest. You may be right to keep betting on pass but I won't. The miner game is my fiat bet. The physical metal is my long game. I can sleep at night. December of 2015 was the bottom and its been a nice hold since then. I do not think there will be a massive dollar squeeze. I think we're going to have a dollar shit storm this year. I may be wrong, but I will still own my shitty miners and physical gold and silver. You play it the way you must and I'll just throw the miner dice.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019


I like it. Well, I don't like being gloom, but I like the sentiment in precious metals getting beat shitless by this last smackdown. I do maintain this long CONsolidation phase in precious metals and miners will end when we least expect it. We at least have a technical marker they've established and that is the 1360 mark in gold. Until then their paper vs physical will CONtinue to CONtrol the price of the gold. 

Goldilocks Is Over: Global Stocks Tumble On Fresh Growth Fears, China Crash

Nomura Has "A Word Of Warning For The Coming Days"....RUN!!!!!!!!!lol

GERMANY 10Y NOW 0.09%! lol

Watch Live: Mario Draghi Explain How He Never Saw An EU Economic Collapse Coming (Again)....and it begins

If you have been lucky to keep making your fiat money over the past 6 years AND you understand the futility of this printing as a long term fix for a real economy then you were given a magnificent opportunity to buy cheap metal.....especially silver. I have and I did. I suppose in a hypocritical way I should thank my masters of the universe. I do feel empathy for the majority of the people that are kept in the dark and have made no preparation for the eventual reckoning coming. I have zero sympathy for the millions of people given information about this pyramid scheme but have willfully ignored the warnings.

So I'll keep this post short and sweet. We will get another down move in the market before fall and most likely before summer. It will be ugly just as the downturn was at the end of 2018 was and the Fed will then have to reverse policy with printing and interest rate freezes with probable cuts in rates this year. Until this downturn happens, they will jawbone interest rates as stable and even hint at a rate hike. 

All of this will be leading up to "the Transition". That is the transition from "deflation/stagflation" we've had for years to the "stagflation/inflation" phase of this collapse. They will not allow a deflationary collapse as Harry Dent has predicted. It will be a inflationary collapse. It think the first phase of the "stagflation/inflation" phase will start this year. That phase is when gold crosses 1360 AND confirms with a monthly close. This phase could go on for several years with gold moving well over 2000 maybe to 5000 or more. 

The final move in gold is multiple years away and if they lose CONtrol of the final phase then its final price could be in six figures. You'll have decide at critical junctures whether to trade some of your PMs for "other" hard assets.....maybe even general equities. My guess is most of you will not part with any of your PMs in the coming scenario of uncertainty and fear. Be aware the predator class is giving you a bone in metal prices, NOT because they like you but because they HAVE to keep the paper prices suppressed while the transfer of wealth is completed. This will end. gl