Saturday, March 16, 2019


Your mom always warned you to do you school work so you didn't wind up digging ditches. So here we go digging dirt in life. Its been a call that isn't wrong in these miners, but its way too early thanks to the boyz with the money and the power to stop it and stop it they did. I decided that long the miners would be my short against the ponzi. I knew I could hold on to them if I wasn't leveraged. I knew I could be destroyed if I tried shorting this market with any major bets after getting slapped several times in the early "recovery" trying some strategic shorts.

Powell 'Throws In The Towel' On Growth & Inflation, Sees No More Rate-Hikes In that makes it official..."Its All Good" gee....I wunder wat they're afraid of???? 

Boeing's Doomed 737 Max....the tip of the iceberg

Its obvious to my friends that are Wall Street pros that everything is now rigged by the Fed and its member banks. They don't want to talk about it publicly but they are increasingly frustrated by the inability to trade the market in their respective areas of expertise. They can't make the same trades I can, which is really not trading but just holding a steaming stinking pile of lowly capitalized gold and silver miners. You see I don't have to have the perfect timing. They do. I don't have to beat the algobots. They do. I can buy small shitty stocks. Some of them can but they don't like the sector. Some of them can't because they are under a certain market cap.

So go ahead and cry about these dogs. Sure....they have sucked, but surely by now you know this game. Its a short against this mockery of capitalism. You want the printed money game to bet on then be my guest. You may be right to keep betting on pass but I won't. The miner game is my fiat bet. The physical metal is my long game. I can sleep at night. December of 2015 was the bottom and its been a nice hold since then. I do not think there will be a massive dollar squeeze. I think we're going to have a dollar shit storm this year. I may be wrong, but I will still own my shitty miners and physical gold and silver. You play it the way you must and I'll just throw the miner dice.


  1. Let us remind ourselves that in the end none of this is real.

    Ok, with that being said and now that we've got that taken care of what happens when "The Fed" meets on rates this week? lol

    We've had the housing bubble.
    We've had the student loan bubble.
    We've had the car loan bubble.
    We've had another housing bubble.
    We've had the debt bubble.
    We've had the immigration bubble.
    We've had the poor haircuts for world leaders bubble.
    We've had the war on Moron bubble.

    Kli I know this is a loaded question but, if everything is so corrupt what makes miners the exception or is it a defacto from the currency devaluation that there is no way they can't profit? I realize there are best and worst case scenarios, I am not planning on surviving the Apocalypse, just trying to profit from all the financial crime like the two guys in the video.

    Thanks. lol

    1. pure gamble on my part with a complex answer........will answer in a day or so

    2. its an individual decision based upon thousands of hours of research.......having said that i can make a few points distilled from all the research and one is there will be movement of liquidity into hard assets such as oil and resources at some point as the dollar begins its next decline.....and it will.....I chose the miners as a leveraged play as money pours into them JUST as they did in 2016.....I had several miners that moved up 5 and 10 whole portfolio moved up 500% in six months.....then was slaughtered.....I'm still up from the 2015 low over its not that bad even now at these awful sentiments....its not a trade for the weak kneed but unless i leave the casino I have to play this least for now......its a risk reward analysis that I have to play

    3. never thought it was going to be easy with the central bank's puppet masters needing to push out the cycle of "recovery" and keeping gold pushed down. i can say with obvious humility lol that i never dreamed they could control it this long but it is what it is. i used the time for physical and rebalanced my junior have to just take what they give you and they gave us all time

    4. i posted lawrence lepard above....he explains my synopsis perfectly

    5. thanks for the explanation and videos.

      perhaps overly simplistic, but we are all trying to make money gaming the weaknesses and artificial prices created by a private cabal having control over the money pretending to represent the interests of the common schmuck when its all intentional and perhaps with larger agendas at play, sad state of affairs for anyone who has to work.

      This recovery seems to have come at a very very high cost, I would think they can't rig indefinitely without causing a currency crisis even though we are hanging on to reserve status for now. Rereading your posts I am just repeating and agreeing with what you are saying.

      ITS ALL FAKE! still hard to grasp but some are created more equal than others.

    6. yes I completely agree this is just a casino play to try and play in their casino while hoping we can piggyback the "dollar weakening play"........I also didn't include the fact that a lot of people much smarter than I in playing the casino game are strongly advocating miners here......I pay attention to their Rick Rule Grant williams and many others

  2. watch grant williams felix zulauf interview above......its from 2018.......very impressive

  3. John Titus again, “New World” bankers caused the American Revolution,

  4. lol......Fed folds.....No raises until Hell freezes over.......that should give all of us CONfidence.....ya think there just might be a BIG FOCHIN PROBLEM OUT THERE??? LOL

  5. No Great Depression.
    Don't fight the Fed!

    1. lol.....thats just what the snake oil boyz are sellin' buyin'?

    2. I'm not buying anything. I have already bought, my kids will be selling. It's ALL just a big fat joke but, if you would have bought 100k in stocks in 09 you would be a Millionaire today easily.

    3. hmmmm.......not true brother.....your math needs to be are not up ten fold....but your analysis that you would be up over three fold is more accurate but whats a few hundred percent among friends lol.....the real beta was made in the FANGS and 10 fold is accurate in those ponzis.....but i'll stick with my beta play....and your can have your own delusion

    4. I think folks were a bit sheepish about buying stawks in 2008. GE a 2007 darling has not gone anywhere. Same with chitty bank. Very hard to for see 10 years of QE and the FED picking winners and losers.
      Likely take another 20 years of QE until all that leverage in mortgages is extinguished from pension funds.

      Meanwhile Facebook did not exist. Amazon was still a river. Netflix? heck i don't watch movies at all. I guess Google should have seen coming.

      Who could have seen the past 10 years of nearly zirp. 8 years of Obummer and what a bummer that was.

      10 years of the FED buying stawks! That was easy.

      The hard part is believing that market participants are comfortable with this.

      If you see the con hard to play the game. Seems only natural to want to be in PM.

      I am beginning to capitulate to the FED. Nothing will stop them from preventing this economy to collapse. Nothing. War, walls, tariffs, stealing others gold at the same time talking down gold.

      This includes very low interest rates. Maybe negative interest rates. Still the dollar is the cleanest dirty shirt.

      How does one get lower interest rates? tank the stawks. Scare the sheeples make em cry out!

      Soon the connected will get paid to take money and buy stawks.

      This has not proved to be so kind to PM...

      Still the US takes as much gold it can as the spoils of war. So should I.


    5. lol....well said........btw the Fed needs to understand Nature's Law......for instance if you run and jump out the window of a fifty story building and shout "I can fly" then of course that may be least for least for fifty seemingly CAN eventually gravity this case the idiots that think the Fed will manipulate the economy and GOLD indefinitely will discover that Nature's law will eventually win and all will be forgotten leading up to that point. those of us that stayed in the game will win and those that were "winning" all the way up to that fateful resolution of this bizarre game will be slaughtered wondering "WHY?""WHAT HAPPENED?" a cycle and it will always be determined by nature.

    6. FOR SURE!

      Just how long does it take to drop fifty stories? what if 1/2 the way down the FED pulls the rip cord. Like UBI?

      This nation is very young comparatively to say the Roman or the Mayan. I think the prediction of the demise of the USA is pretty well early.

      Where else is doing better? Not China, Not Canada, Not Germany, Not the rest of the EU, Not Mexico, Not Brazil, maybe the Aussies are second.

      With good leadership in our country the USA will attract people and buyers of the USD. The 10 year BUND is what .07% in yield? our 10 year has a long way to go on the downside and it will.

      Stawks should should fly like a Boeing 737 Max 8.

      I am not seeing too much inflation. 2 nice fillets smallish 15. 12 pack Coors 10. Very nice low mileage Caddy 3.6 DI sedan super clean 15K. Fuel not $5. Meals out lunch time are expensive a luxury. Thanks to the trend of lower mortgage rates home to become more affordable and yet continue the trend of more expensive. Just do not get sick.

      Barring a disaster, or terrorist attack. I am complacent.

      I am happy with the President's policies. America First. Not happy with how screwed up everything is but this is just noise. I believe the battle is the 10 year.

      PM? hard to GUESS. I am happy to hold and aquire.

  6. double in 4 months

  7. FWIW.......paper shorts in gold in a precarious position here and the squeeze could be severe......keep an eye on tomorrow......

  8. contrary to a lot of smart guys i think we are going to get a weak dollar sooner than most believe and today just signaled the start of the trend change

  9. Like I said the Fed can do what it wants, ANYTIME it wants.

    1. lol.....then I suppose the december crash and the "about face" of the Fed's Powell with his embarrassing January capitulation and this week's further embarrassing admission of the failure to raise rates at all this year show how "they can do anything they want" I'll also make a note here that the "real" reason they capitulated is not only the stock market "headlines" but the actual economy is now they can do an awful lot with monetary policy......but lol this is a bigger game than the market and they will have a major task ahead of them ......wish them the best.....

    2. All they really want is the market to go up and whatever else they have to do to keep it that way. So yes they can and have done everything the way they want it. Including hold Gold where they want it. Some day they will lose control that could be 25 years from now or next week. Until then you lose.

    3. Money printing to save insolvent banks, paying hundreds of millions in fines for criminal activity instead of jail time because there were no victims.
      You never put Jamie Dimon in Jail
      You never put Lloyd Blankfein in Jail
      Wells Fargo.
      B of A.

      Trickle Down corruption, Just pay the fine, pay the bribe to get ahead.

      Now I think what the issue is does there exist a scenario that would get out of their CONtrol because from what I understand they have black pools of money so are they losing control or letting the appearance they are losing control for the next act in the play, Bretton Woods 3.

      I would have thought the consumer is tapped out, look at the savings rate and the price of everything, how are people getting by beats me.

      So they beyond reproach but can they continue to CONtrol the narrative, that's the question.

    4. Yep. The disaster of 2008 is still and will continue to play out...

      The coupon on Mortgage Backed Securities must be paid! Leverage up to 50x has to be paid on X number of MBS otherwise game over. These MBS are in all pension funds (as these funds where seeking yield) and spread around the world. Quietly, thru QE, these coupon payments are being paid. YUGE drain!

      Pretty much why the sheeple do not matter.

      Sheeps the sheeple.

    5. sheeple have been bled for 10 years to pay the vig..........eventually the vig will be unbearable with rising costs in virtually every sheeple sector........then the sheeple will just start dying........they'll either rise up and fight or they'll just die

    6. Pay the vig! and keep your balls.

      All the Sheeple combined barely make a dent in the Vig.

      Reality, perhaps... the Sheeple are only keeping the lights on for the machines.

      Either for real or just semi for real.

      Really why do we let all this dictate our lives?

    7. BTW Dark Knight.... There are victims you know it. Just a baited statement. Trickle down corruption!!! Love it and so true.

      Bretton Woods. Kind of a novel idea. Do you think the authors thought that china would steal every and any idea from Levis to I Phones? and factored this in?

      Globalization sucks.

    8. Sean,

      I will spare you my diatribe as Kli has heard it all before but long story short my industry has been utterly destroyed by the H1B visa program. Perhaps all that shitty Indian software brought down that Boeing. We still have the same number of H1b's under Trump as we did under Obama.

      Kli's statement is right over the target. I am spending all my time trying to stay on the treadmill while illegal legal and otherwise work the system and I have to pay for it all and I am by no means a Republican.

      Time to get on Universal Basic Income and go John Galt.

      Let's see where they rig the gold price Monday.

    9. very true stalin's era they took out the doctors and shot them and put the rest in siberia china mao shot the doctors and sent the rest to rural work farms......they had too much imput into the social discourse.....they had to be taken the US they have just removed us from the health care decision making process and are replacing us with "nurse practitioners".......its happened incrementally and now i work for one of the largest equity funds in the wont name it.....

    10. Stay anonymous my friend but the database in Utah has it all. Well if they don't care about the doctors I wonder how they think about the patients lol. I know someone in the industry, the nurse practitioners handle an assembly line of patients all day get em in and get em out. You should hear some of the stories of people trying to get operations done but can't because they tested positive for Meth or something else, its one big insurance taxpayer financial orgy.

      So I would take a shot we have one of the unhealthiest populations in history, so healthcare is just part of the rent seeking.

      Put in context, are we about to wrap up one of the biggest propaganda campaigns in history? On top of a debt binged recovery where prices of everything have skyrocketed and this is the new normal?

      You just can't keep up with it all and as complexity rises shit starts breaking down, what a train wreck this entire thing has become and we all pretend its normal.

  10. Charts, lines, none of that matters.

  11. News Flash....Midwest floods going to cause higher food costs. Beef, corn, wheat, beans and yes sheep. Poor sheep.


  12. Butt - can you say "INVERTED" LMMFAO......

    1. Butt lives in Seattle.....he's about to go SUPER INVERTED........


  14. Kli,

    How long can the one month yield more than the 30 year lol?

    How long can these yield curve inversions last?

    How long before we have another market event where we can blame the Russians or some other outside force other than the outright greed fraud and corruption? lol

    1. and while i am at it I have to ask does any of this seem normal anymore? lol

      the reason I ask is it seems to me we humans spend an inordinate amount of time following these "markets"
      and "news" channels lol

      Does anyone posting on this board have an opinion or think we've gone on just a little too far with this whole charade? lol

    2. How much taxpayer money and "news" cycles were used to "investigate" this Trump Russia collusion? lol

      How many trillions were spent trying to save the elitist fiat central planning model?

      It starts to get a little scary when you stop to think about it all. lol

    3. no way to say.....inversions can last months even years......but their significance with interest rates already at zero is beastly to say the least lol.......its all kabuki my friend.......and as Dalio and Druckenmiller have said.....they don't know WHEN it ends but they do know it ends badly

  15. @7:30 lol