Monday, April 22, 2019


Do you know what would send shock waves through the Deep State? The very thought that Tulsi Gabbard might gain traction with the masses sends chills up their spine.  Could enough brain dead zombies find out her real stance on the Western Cabal of intervention, slaughter and regime change. She must be attacked. She must be silenced. She must be discredited. Do not allow her a voice at all on main stream channels unless her views on the Global Intervention War Machine are edited and the rest of the interview edited to discredit her......and it will.

Dow Futures Plunge After 3M Plummets; Dollar Soars On Global Currency problem here lol

Kamala Harris Vows To Impose Sweeping Gun-Control Plan Via Executive that'll get ya in...

She just might be the last hope we have to avoid a major Global War. Our Masters have nightmares of her standing in front of a World Audience in the Oval Office having weekly fireside chats.

Are her economic policies in line with sound money principles? I really don't have a fucking clue. She had me at "I wanna stop these murdering fucking pigs that are invading and slaughtering every man woman and child in countries that can't defend themselves".  I may have misquoted her, but it was something like that.

We've got to get our Karma back. We've got to get some semblance of humanity and law back. Our CONstitution is in tatters and is now just a quaint relic for the globalists. We're headed for destruction. I don't think there's a damn thing we can do for our economy without utter collapse occurring first. So we need a real Ghandi force at the top. I'll take my chances on her.

Sunday, April 14, 2019


Maybe we get the mass arrests and restoration of the rule of law as they restore us to the gold standard. Maybe we get all of these defaulting car loans taken care of just as we scoop up all the defaulting student loans from the Shit University with their worthless degrees in Digital Masturbation. Maybe we get some mass arrests that look more like the above arrests during the Wall Street protests. Remember how that worked out. POOF! lol

Homeless People Descending On San Francisco Airport For Temporary Shelter

So after two years of Mueller's diligent investigation, we can now rest assured that the true predators on freedom will finally be the target of Barr's DOJ led of course by the Don. Yes friends we can now pat ourselves on the back and sit back and wait while the grand plan of justice plays out. 

The Greenwich Housing Market Is Imploding As Prices Tumble As Much As all good

The Crash CANNOT Be Stopped! Greenspan Says ‘Economy Will Start To Fade Very Dramatically”

Maybe we'll be given a chance to vote for the rule of law to be reestablished. Just like Brexit was voted on in Britain for the British people to have their borders once again controlled to protect their own sovereignty.  Of course they also had the audacity to suggest that Brussels would no longer be able to govern the British people with EU fiat laws. 

I know I can't wait to cast my vote for the rule of law. Bring it back Bitchezz! I was lucky enough to listen to a conversation of my grocery bag boy with the cashier on geopolitics while he was preparing to go for his basic training in one week. What a great country. I'll even bet you that is how this young man will pay for his college education at Bull Shit U! 

Need to cheer my man Tiger for his Bread and Circus championship today. Watta great country! Only in America! Guess I shouldn't have noticed the Nike anchor store closing in my nearby favorite outlet mall this month. Its all so good. 

Keep that CONfidence friends. Its the glue you can't afford to lose.

Sunday, April 7, 2019


Libya today....ya gotta love it
And you don't even know it. You've had your wages destroyed for 30 years by insidious inflation. You've had your wages destroyed for 30 years by massive importation of cheap labor in virtually every sector of the U.S. economy even professionals are now being targeted for destruction. Then we brought in the big guns of stable  businesses with "disruptive technology". Of course some of this "disruptive technology" is natural evolution, but much of it now is just cheap money being poured into debt pigs like Amazon, Uber, Netflix and many others that have destroyed sound businesses and cost millions of jobs. 

Kudlow "I Don't See Rates Rising Again In My Lifetime"

"It Belongs To The People, Not The Bankers" - Italy Moves To Seize Gold From Central Bank

The collapsing wage structure has resulted in the loss of the nuclear family. Children no longer have a parent at home and are being raised by the state. As the tax structure becomes more penal, even home ownership will be viewed as untenable for the average family and impossible for most retirees.  A building resentment between the younger working class, burdened by debt and taxation is rising against an older, aging population trying to suck the life out of them. Are you being boiled and just don't realize it?

Henrich: "A Tragedy Is Unfolding In The Stock Market That Should Worry Both Bulls & Bears"...nahh...nobody

David Rosenberg: Fed Will Embrace 'Helicopter Money' In The Next Few Years....NO!...tell me it ain't so

How will the aging population survive without the sacrifice of the younger workers coming up. Look at the lack of marriage now.  Look at how many young people are unable to move out of their parents homes. Youth no longer wish to own a car and for good reason. Its just no longer affordable. They live in small boxes in the cities and walk or ride bicycles to work. Its not temporary. This will increase. That's why they are frantically working on more centralization changes such as autonomous vehicles. But this just might meet a great challenge. That will be the destruction of the dollar.

Right now we can support these changes, whether we like them or not, but what happens if we cannot fund the debt to advance this agenda? What will these young millennials do if suddenly the debt monsters they all work for are unable to gorge on more debt? Can this unending debt monster just keep growing indefinitely?  Its DIFFERENT THIS TIME!!!  We can sustain indefinite debt and disruption and pay our retirement and pay our medical bills and pay our unending taxes.