Sunday, June 30, 2019


The gold tell are the breakouts in every major currency that is currently occurring. Its global and its clean. Its on the weekly and monthly. Its on volume and its being completely ignored by retail. So what happens if its a beatdown this week? There should be a beatdown but many miners are forming bull flags. It'd be healthy if there were a beatdown. So maybe we just get a little sideways movement and another rip. At least that's what could CONfound the most traders on the sideline waiting for a pullback to slide onto the trade and load up. LOL you know they sure as hell weren't long before the ramp up in gold. After all NO ONE was predicting the rip in gold.

Zimbabwe Stops Issuing Passports As Cash Shortage Hits Crisis Levels....your future...

Retail is completely out of the gold and silver trade. They aren't even a factor in the near term price movements here. They're destroyed. Its what managed funds will do that matters. Its what the dumb money does that counts. The smart money is already positioned and will move the market here to inflict maximum pain on the dumb money. If they feel they need to bring in more suckers to the table then we may see higher movements this week.  They may feel too many suckers are sitting back to pick up the pull back in the mining shares. Remember its always "inflict the most pain". Ultimately the shares will be where paper returns become staggering. 

It may sound like pumping these mining shares is the "way to go", but it has to take a back seat to the real play here and that is physical metal especially silver. Physical silver will be something your grand children will talk about decades in the future. Just like many families talk now about the gold put away decades ago by their grandparents. It all about patience now. Enjoy life. Enjoy family and friends. Let your  metal work for you now.

Saturday, June 22, 2019


BOOM! Gold broke out. Big fochin deal. You're either already in the miners or you're frozen on the sidelines. If they pull the miners and gold back over the next few weeks to test their breakouts and do a breakdown/fakeout then you're sure you were correct in freezing on the trade. If they form a short term bull flag with a smaller'll still freeze watching. If they jack the trader through 1450 next week then you'll freeze on the sidelines waiting for a pullback to 1400 or 1360 before you buy the miners. You don't remember in 2016 do you? Gold pulled back on its first rise off of its December bottom several times and on many of these pullback days, the miners were hard green. By the time gold had risen 26% off its bottom many miners were up 500 to 1000%. Of course these little loved juniors weren't widely held and no one even talked about it on the financial news media.

Gold At Risk Of Sharp Pullback Before Higher Again – David Brady....don't count on that "big" pullback David

Trump Unleashes On Uber-Hawk Bolton: We'd Be Fighting "The Whole World At One Time" FIRE him!

I didn't know that the miners I held would be up 500% in less than six months in December of 2015, but I did know at the slaughtered levels they were at, I preferred sitting on their garbage than a market that was overvalued on every metric. Eventually they ripped the miners to shreds (again) and pushed gold back to a dead asset level, crushing the newbies that jumped on in late 2016. They don't want to see a gold miner ever again lol. As I have said before even with a major beatdown my portfolio still has managed to stay 250% above the terrible low of 2015. The decision to hold in 2015 AND in late 2016 is based on the reasoning of WHAT asset class I prefer to be in and for me cash just isn't what I consider a safe asset...... The Fed is in a jam. If they strengthen the dollar here (and they can) they will unlock the gates of hell worldwide. If they don't dump the dollar (over the next few months) then watch out ladies and gentlemen.....we will be in recession and dying fast.

A Day Trip To The Regional Amusement Park Costs A Family Of Four $1,000+ This Summer In no inflation right?

What do I see next for gold? I am serious when I tell you I HAVE NO FOCHIN CLUE. I am serous also when I tell you I really don't give a shit what they do. The end game is the same. Its dollar devaluation and its gold higher. It won't be straight up but you could get caught flat footed trying to trade this and miss out on the major squeezes that cost you dearly. Thats their game. Most of you ain't even close to being good enough to trade against them here. I 
know I am not. Let me be portfolio was destroyed in late 2015. So when it did go up 500% 6 months later I was only up 25% over its all time high from 2012. It was painful holding but I felt it was my only way to play it. Those reasons are complicated and not helpful for most of you here.

NATO Tells Russia To Destroy New Missile Or Face Consequences.....well that should be no problem

I know until we're over 1450, they could just chop this to hell for several more weeks even months to make you puke up your leveraged positions. On the other hand ripping this to 1500 in a couple of weeks before they put up a flag would also CONfound newbies as they get chewed up at that level. I repeat,  I just don't care and I'll sit tight and enjoy my life and babies and not get caught in the whipsaw. I just hope Mr. Orange doesn't pull the trigger. gl

Monday, June 17, 2019


In 2015 there was a major sentiment destruction in the gold shares. It was nothing but doom here with trolls like Buttfox/CS coming on the site to blast the Fed doubters. At the same time it was noteworthy that several major mainstream investors (Dalio, Soros et al) announced they were investing in gold and gold shares. Then just as it looked the darkest at the end of 2015, something  strange happened. Out of nowhere the miners exploded.  I was 99.9% long and holding during the first two months and wound up peaking at over a 500% portfolio gain that held until the end of the summer of 2016. I even spent a little fiat consulting my accountant on the best way to close out my accounts and eventually concluded I would remove a small amount for some improvements like solar and a building and ride out the correction. I left in a very large amount that would be savaged by the correction over the next two years, but interestingly I still am up over 250% from my 2015 low. 

US Steel Plants Are Going Idle, But The Fed Perpetuates The Myth That Everything Is Just Fine....reality is a bitch

The last two years allowed me to also add to my physical metal so I have to be honest it really doesn't feel that bad. I know a lot of "investors/stackers" are just slaughtered by the timeline of this ponzi and its beatdown of gold and silver. They didn't have the ability to "hold" their stack and have been forced to sell with low prices and that is exactly what the ponzi anticipated. Ted Butler believes J P Morgan has accumulated over 800 million ounces of silver now. I would not be surprised to find its even higher. They knew in 2015 what they would be doing in anticipation of the next precious metal cycle. They would know that holding physical would be paramount to keeping CONtrol and profiting as the price explodes up.

So once again the big players that announced in 2015 they were buying gold are doing the same today. These same players announced in late 2016 they had exited their gold holdings (miners/GLD).  It may not be this week, but the "music" says its close to a breakout in this sector and catching that first big move is key to profits. Enjoy the ride this time. This will most likely be a fairly lengthy wave up with some tradable pullbacks. 

Fed is painted into a corner and nothing good can come out of this week's FOMC statement. An engineered stock market beatdown is coming and coming this summer.

Sunday, June 9, 2019


Careful what you wish for, you may not like what you get. Having just experienced a major tornado in the community I work, I think I can talk a little about nature's wrath from a personal standpoint. It can be sudden, violent and with little warning. Unless you are prepared, you can be quickly overwhelmed. Two of Nature's weapons hit Jefferson City simultaneously last week. A flood from the Mississippi river, which we had warning, and a large tornado which we had only minutes to prepare. Hundreds of homes and businesses were destroyed in just seconds from the tornado. Only one person was killed, thankfully. no one has yet died from the flooding. Both natural disasters have been costly, and in the longer run the flooding may turn out to be more damaging to the nation's stability.

Google Trends Show Bitcoin More Popular Than Donald Trump, Tesla, and Kim Kardashian. coincidence just as gold is breaking out

Clive Maund: Fed to Tank Dollar…And Will Not Save the Stock now a macro guy??

We are now in the middle of the economic storm. It isn't coming. Its here now. Its more like the flood scenario. We've had plenty of warning. We may not get the tornado event. We may get the flood. Right now the water is up to our knees. Most people aren't paying attention. They will pay more attention as it climbs higher and higher. Eventually, they'll panic, but it will be too late. They'll finally notice the rising costs of food and other essentials. At that point, most will try and find protection in items like gold, silver and other hard assets that protect their wealth. These are small markets and the crowd moving into these items will quickly overwhelm these markets.  Right now, no one believes the water will get that high, but watch the insurance rates begin climbing this year. 

"Biggest Animal Disease Outbreak Ever" Has Already Killed Millions...And There's "No Way To Stop It"..should be good for 100 on the spoos

Amazon Launches Credit Card For you can't make this up anymore.... 

This is exactly why the futures markets were invented. They were to absorb and CONtrol the flood and its insurance rates. The futures  are the sandbags of the CONtrol grid. As the monetary water rise's, the public is dry. The public will only panic when the future's become overwhelmed. This will only occur through a foreign entity or through an actual critical shortage of the underlying commodity. We'll get there just as we have numerous times in the past. This time is not different and it will be shared with billions of people around the world. This time we flooded the world with dollars. There will be a reckoning and there will be consequences for decades of building and living recklessly in a flood plain of dollars.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019


The Fed capitulated this year on the ponzi rate hikes. Crickets. The Fed (Bullard) has TOLD you they will have to cut rates this year and maybe within a couple of months. Crickets. The dollar is rolling over. Crickets. The underlying real economy is crashing here and all over the world from the burden of debt. Real inflation in necessities is starting to tick up even without a looming agricultural crisis from midwest flooding. If this flood crisis doesn't improve in the next two weeks, you can cancel Christmas this year. My guess is money floods in just like it did today to shore up the markets. It'll be temporary.

Time To Hold Hillary us the old hag and we'll be happy.....

So Gold and Silver prices are breaking out of long term down trends on high volume. That "high volume" ain't you lil people. Its the boyz. Its the smart money. Its not the dumb money. High volume at a low is the smart money....the insiders. It might be a chop for another month or two to keep you out, but I am not sure they care now. Gold could just accelerate in a few weeks to cross the "magic 1350" before they slap it.  As in the past the cartel may try and disguise the breakout in price with nice pullbacks but these will most likely be short and shallow. Whatever price moves we get in the near term will be to keep the dumb money frozen and on the sidelines with their hands in their pants and the history of frozen retail is centuries long. The dumb money NEVER enters until the distribution.

Its a time proven ponzi. It works. We are putrified by the Kabuki theater of Trump fighting the Deep State. Maybe he is. I don't know and have lived long enough to know that its not what is important now. We have to pay attention to OURSELVES. Do you have your house in order? Do you have what is necessary for you household to move through a multi-year economic house of pain? Do you have yourself prepared physically AND mentally for this change in your daily life? Do you have friends and neighbors that will help? Are you fat? Are you happy? Are you fit? Are you able to compartmentalize this horror show or do you let it consume you? They win if you surrender with hate, fear, or selfishness?

Maybe we just get a tough 70's style reset with moderate pain and malaise. I hope so, but I doubt it. It will make your gold and silver a king maker for YOU, and that is the very best scenario in this coming mayhem. That's what I hope happens and it is possible. The other scenarios will be a little tougher on us and unfortunately I believe more likely.