Tuesday, July 30, 2019


King Blabber
History will begin in less than 24 hours when the Fed lowers interest rates for the first time in more than a decade. They are scared shitless or they would never make this move. The critical juncture this move signals has to be handled in such a way the public barely notices it occurs while the investment "public" is glued to the announcement and its nuances.

Bay Area Home Sales Crash In June Swoon....lol.....buttfox condomansion for dirt cheap......

The "ECONOMY IS GREAT" and "We are cutting rates" is going to create a major problem for the "Message". The purpose of the "message" is to maintain an "all is well" mantra and keep boiling the frogs while maintaining an annual harvest. Sorry.....you didn't realize you were just a "harvest"? Then you probably believe you're  "doing just fine" in this maelstrom of mass deception. LOL you probably don't know that housing prices are collapsing in New York, Seattle, San Francisco, London, etc. You probably don't care major Banks are laying of tens of thousands in a major "bull" market with a negative yield curve. You probably don't care hundreds of companies are missing revenue and earnings estimates in this "great" economy. 

Multiple Jobholders Soar To Record High As Old Americans Can't Afford To Retire....lol....NO SHIT

Why Morgan Stanley Thinks The S&P Is About To Crash.....i thot it wuz all good

LOL you probably don't know the median wage has been stagnant for 25 years. You probably don't know or care there are millions of financial refugees flooding across your southern border. They will do ANYTHING to survive. They're after the American Dream......and that's welfare, EBT cards, healthcare.......  After you've paid for their stake. But they WORK too! So they'll take lower paying jobs and even higher paying jobs like construction keeping those wages stagnant.

Nomura Warns A "25bps & Dovish" Move Today Will Spark August Turmoil.....well ya got it~

2008 Economic Crisis Has Resulted In A Generation Of Millennial Renters  ....just ask "I have a condo buttfox/CS"

You probably aren't aware the World's largest economies of China and Germany are in full recession with full printing in China and negative interest rates already in Germany.

The Fed knows all of this and they wouldn't be embarking on  this historic turn in rates unless they were absolutely standing on the edge of the cliff staring into the abyss of a monumental shitstorm. They are signaling hell is coming and they don't want you to panic so they'll do everything they can over the next few days to let you know (after their 25bps cut) they are "Ready to move if needed". They will signal the "economy is still strong". Then they will repeat and repeat they will move to even lower rates "should it be necessary". Blabbervision will be on bended knees praising their power and CONtrol and investors will not panic (even though they're cutting rates in a great economy) and stay in the warming water of the frying pan. 
NOTHING TO SEE HERE: Crude Oil Plunges A Staggering 8%!....and buttfox sells his Tesla........

Any negative "market" reaction will be checked with algo bots and Blabbervision Fed speakers after the announcement. Gold and Silver might even go up in the paper price to suck in a few more paper longs before the snap their necks with a big shakeout. I'd like to see a ramp up to over 1450 before they whack it, but really it doesn't matter. The breakout is real and its just a matter of time before it crosses 1500 this year. 

Miners are another story. The Wall Street smart money is in this trade and they can rip this higher with down to sideways movement in gold over the near term so sit tight and don't leverage here.

Saturday, July 20, 2019


For those of you that have been in this market either as a professional or retail trader for more than a couple of decades, this post is for you. More specifically this is for those of you that have followed the precious metal trade for more than a couple of decades.

We are at juncture in a multi decade secular bull market in gold and silver. The particular bull move in gold that we are currently in will last for at least a year before we get a major correction lasting several months up to a couple of years as the most recent correction did from the baby bull move of 2016. All of this depends upon the system staying together without some major market disruption.

Comey Under DOJ Investigation For Misleading Trump While Targeting Him In FBI Probe...lol wake me up when this piece of shit bagman is behind bars

You're not in this trade just because you expect a major, apocalyptic collapse. In fact, you should be rooting against this outcome if you have a modicum of brain cells functioning. It definitely can happen just as it almost did in 2008. I believe they've repaired the banking system enough to withstand the recession (really its a depression now) that is emerging. I think they have monetary and fiscal plans to kick this can even further down the road as we slowly boil in a cesspool of caca. 

Do we live as I have repeatedly said in a remarkably fragile, just in time system, that teeters on the abyss if Nature kicks one of the legs out from under it? Yes we do and the Black Swans out there to do just that, are enormous in number. So yes, you should absolutely prep and understand that fragility exists. 

What seems inevitable/ certain is the coming financial uncertainty and "need for inflation" that has been TOLD to you by the people that can and WILL bring it to you. Therein lies your tell and why you need to open your eyes and your brain and act. Not for an apocalypse, that certainly may come, but for one hell of a butt ugly screw the pooch shit show of an economic ride to hell.  Even if we get just a 70's style malaise/stagflation (my hope) you have to be in the PM sector. Enjoy the shit show, you're in it already, and its just going to keep getting worse. Don't trade this like you did your Daddy's stock market. This PM sector (mining shares) will shock you to your core on its move to the upside just as it did to the downside.

Sunday, July 14, 2019


Or maybe you think this game is going to go on forever like Buttfox thinks  it will. You're afraid all of the sycophants on Blabberbox just may be correct and "everything IS fine". Maybe you just want this dance to go on forever because you think you have your hand down the back of your Prom date's panties while the music just keeps playing and playing. 

You're still pissed because you didn't buy BitCON at a buck and sell twenty thousand. Worse yet maybe you're mad because you didn't buy BitCON at 3000 last year and didn't become an official member of the crypto HODL crowd. How can you be so stupid to have missed that opportunity? 

Gold Selloff Risk Is High As The Buying Fuel Is Largely Exhausted...lol...you really think this is retail/hedge fund paper buying that is driving this????

Most likely you're trying to figure out a way to get out of that stack of silver without a loss, just hoping it gets up to 30 bucks. Its really not surprising considering how easily mass psychology buckles when the true power exerts their pressure on your pain points. Oh I know, you believe it makes sense to invest in physical precious metals but hell.....they just don't pay you any dividend. You're tired of your spouse pissing on your doom predictions and looking at you like you're the biggest shit head on earth. Times been ticking on this trade so long you have to really admit you were just WRONG.

After all......its all great ain't it? Unemployment is now 4%. Of course no one has a full time job and they haven't had a raise in 20 years. Millions of illegal immigrants are flooding across our borders from the economic and political collapse in Central and South America, but what the foch that's no problem is it? 

As Crypto Crash Continues, John McAfee Doubles-Down On $1 Million 2020 Bitcoin Price Prediction.....he'll eat his dick and YOURS........

Hey! Inflation is rock bottom according to Kudlow and the Fed so fuck you if you have to buy groceries like a peasant. Double dog Fuck you if you have to buy a new vehicle. Hope you don't have a kid in college right now and make more than 70K/year. You're done for but there's no inflation lol. Oh and my favorite ......don't get sick you stupid, egg sucking peasant! You're gonna love that tab, but there's no inflation because you have that NO INFLATION insurance........lol.

We're just dumbasses not to have bot Stawks and BitCON. Instead we bought gold and silver. Sorry to have been so stupid and tomorrow I'm joining the Bix Weirdo crowd and buying a buttload of cryptocrap. I know that'll make me happy, wealthy and most of all SMART! 

Sunday, July 7, 2019


You may find this "thanks cartel" to be sarcastic, but it is not. At least not entirely sarcastic. I was caught, like many, believing the nominal price of precious metals would have lifted off by now. Obviously they haven't. That was never the primary reason I was in this sector. I was in the sector to protect myself from a monetary system that was verging on collapse.
Each Time A Major Gold Bull Market Has Followed
July 11 (King World News) – 
Bill Haynes, 46-year market veteran and Founder of CMI Gold & Silver, the largest gold dealer in the US:  “Eric, I’m telling you the indifference is incredible when it comes to gold and silver.  I’ve been in the business for over four decades and I’ve seen 3 major bull markets in gold. And whenever I’ve seen indifference like we are currently seeing, each time a major bull market has followed.”

Pre-Foreclosures Are Spiking Across New York City ......nuthin' to see....now move along

The collapse could take several forms. First it could have a deflationary collapse and reset. That was averted. Second it could have been a massive printing with hyperinflation. We got the printing but it went into the banks and financial assets so there was not hyperinflation. Thirdly we could have a much longer scenario of stagflation with a very ugly ending of hyperinflation. This "thirdly" scenario is what is and WILL transpire.

"The Deutsche Bank As You Know It Is No More": DB Exits Global Equities In $8.4 Billion Overhaul, To Fire Thousands....lol no worries......

How do you know? You know because THEY have told you publicly and often. They have said they will do "WHATEVER IT TAKES". This means they will CONtinue to prop this system up through printing. This means they will do helicopter money. This means they will inflate until they remove all debt through devaluing  the dollar. That may be the reset. Its heralded by HYPERINFLATION. But before we get the hyperinflation we get a stifling stagflation. 

We have been in stagflation for 8 years at least. It will worsen as we begin helicopter money. Helicopter money will be in Tax schemes like "tax credits" for all kinds of attempts to stimulate growth. Tax reduction in middle class earners. We will make college free. We will forgive college debt. We will give massive tax credits to couples with children. We will give MORE welfare to poverty level  couples and illegal immigrants. We need to repair the demographic structure of our country with schemes to increase reproduction and even more illegal immigration. A massive middle class destruction will continue for years more. The middle class will continue to be under pressure through these monetary and fiscal pressures.

Could we get a complete collapse from something external such as war? Absolutely. Could we get a hyperinflationary event much sooner than 2030? Yes we could. Historically they will do some very predictable schemes and those are what you need to be prepared for. Its a game of pretend and you're just a bug, unless you are ready for their schemes.