Saturday, August 24, 2019


So what happens next? What's the next detente Tweet? Will it be another backdown by Trump to try and defuse Friday's  Freakout Tweet storm? Was Friday just another negotiating tactic? Will Hong Kong break out into a kinetic action from China? Will China's tariff response on the U.S. be enough to scare the Don? Will the 13 Trillion of World debt in negative interest rates stabilize or turn into 20 Trillion.

Trump Says China "Called", Wants To Restart Trade Talks; China Denies, Has No Idea What Trump Talking show

Greyerz – The World Is Minutes From Total Collapse As Panic Across The Globe Escalates

What about the Currency war with Europe? Will Europe go after the Dollar reserve status and unload the shackles of the Dollar occupation forces? Will the EU bailout the Italian debt collapse? Will Germany allow DB to collapse? Will Brexit actually take place in October?

China Responds To Trump's "Barbaric" Tariffs: Vows To Fight "Until The End" And Have "The Last Laugh"

Will Powell drop rates by the 100 basis points Trump demands? Will he hold fast to a 25 bps cut in September. Why does Trump demand 100 bps in a great economy? What does Trump know? Does he know that a 25 bps cut in September will cause a market selloff just as the last 25 bps cut has? Will there be a major market puke before the September FOMC rate cut?

"It's A Shame For Argentina" - Workers Escape To Jobs Abroad As Economic Crisis Worsens.....its a whats next

Is the World economy already collapsing with China pulling out the currency war card with the Yuan magic 7 peg break on the dollar? Is Argentina collapsing just a fart or is it the signal the Emerging Markets are about to shit all over the World from the burden of debt in a dollar strangled debt ponzi?

Gold breaches $1,550 mark for first time in over 6 years on trade' to see move along

Can Trump get the dollar to weaken to extend the whole facade of a debt based recovery? You really don't think a "strong dollar" will allow these debt imbalances to be prolonged if the Emerging Markets collapse?

Will Trump get re-elected if his base believes his economic recovery is just an illusion of smoke and mirrors? Will his base come out and vote this time if unemployment rises into a true recession? If Trump cannot expand the debt growth in this recovery  for another year then he will have to implement helicopter money. Lower interest rates (a must).....and Helicopter money (also a must) are going to pour gasoline on the gold fire price. We have to also see these measures along with a falling dollar. The storm is coming. No, actually the storm is here now. 

Finally watch to the East. No, not China. Watch Japan. Its crashing quietly and slowly.  Keep your head in the sand. Tictoc

Saturday, August 17, 2019


There's no choice. Oh I know, they can do anything. They can try this or they can try that or they can just lie that they will do this or that. They can fire a bazooka and pull another rabbit out of their bunghole. 

In Unprecedented, Shocking Proposal, BOE's Mark Carney Urges Replacing Dollar With Libra-Like Reserve Currency

Furious Trump Unloads On Fed: Asks "Who Is Our Bigger Enemy: Powell Or Xi"

Dollar Tumbles On Speculation Trump To Announce FX Intervention "Shortly"'m shocked

Stocks Plunge After Trump Vows To Retaliate To China "This Afternoon", Orders US Companies To Find "An Alternative To China"

Oh I forgot. There's a really big danger out there for the gold trade. Its the dollar rally. Its going to break out over 98.5 and roar to 104. Harry Dent's gonna crap on himself as gold goes to 700 bucks and all the gold bugs barf up their yellow metal as the dollar rises to the moon. Just one problem with that scenario. Its already been a dollar bull for the past year and Gold has broken out and crossed 1500.  How'd that work out for you Harvard Boy?

AG Barr Fires Prisons Chief After Epstein Case Leaves Country'll strike fear in the deep state's heart....watta joke

Well maybe we just need a really blast off of the dollar to 104 to crush gold. Just one more little problem with that move. I dare you Fed boyz. We would crush not only commodities like oil, steel, aluminum etc., but we would destroy whats left of the fragile emerging market economies. Argentina is the first large EM economy to start collapsing from the strong dollar and more are coming. If the dollar goes over 100, it'll become a stampede of collapsing EM countries.

Trump Urges Fed Cut of 100 Basis Points, Cites World"but its all good"

Its not going to be allowed. The Fed is pretending. They want you to believe they have CONtrol of this situation. LOL they even want you to believe they can lower interest rates. Maybe they think you forgot if they go down 2 percentage points and they'll be at ZERO.

So why you as a gold bug fret over what's going to be their next rabbit they jerk out of their butt, you will lose sight of just how badly they've backed themselves into a major ass fire. They've got a  public drowning in debt in a CONsumer economy. They've got a president screaming they screwed the eCONomy with their bullshit rate hikes. They've got multiple countries about to go belly up from their dollar debt.

SRSrocco To Harry Dent: If Gold Is In A Bubble, Then Mine Supply Comes From The Tooth Fairy...Kliguy 38 to gold with Buttfox at 700

Do you see a pattern developing? Do you see what has to happen? This has to happen within the very near future or all hell is going to break loose. Either that "dollar" starts getting devalued or some really serious shit is going to go down and its going to be impossible to reverse. Maybe the general market goes up since "they" can and HAVE been buying the paper stock shares, but they have to bring down that "dollar" or the resultant debt collapse will be epic and they just aren't going to let that happen. 

They'll jawbone how good it all is and they'll jawbone just how much CONtrol they have, but Trump is yelling and they know too, they have to weaken that dollar and when they pull that pin it will be one epic kaboooom. They'll lower rates. They'll print money. They'll put money in every pot. They'll give everybody out there a big bundle of money. You can count on it.

Sunday, August 11, 2019


Multiple  events occurred over the past week that has left now doubt the quickening has begun. China breaking the dollar peg of 7 sent shock waves through the Fiat game. It was an announcement the Currency War is on. De-dollarization will become even more intense with shooting wars intensifying around the world.
Gold & one gives a shit about it lol

Powder kegs like Kashmir with nuclear weapons on three sides of this conflict are now screaming fire in a theater. We've been in a World War for two decades with dozens of countries in rubble. Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Yemen, and Ukraine to mention a few.

We're having Western borders with aging demographics being over run by refugees from CONflict countries and from economic warfare. None of this is by accident. Its purpose is to not only reduce the demographic problem but to create divisiveness in many of these countries to be used by the political elite.

"Everything Has Changed" - Gold Is At An All-Time High In 73 Countries

I'm not going to harp on the NWO meme. If you don't get it by now then you never will. I am going to point out the move in gold. Many very bright people missed this breakout. Most are still on the sideline and will remain there. Many are still predicting a retest of the breakout at 1360. Maybe they get it. Sentiment remains awful in precious metals. Silver is even worse than gold. Stay frozen on the sidelines. You are programmed to do so. If you jump in now and the metals get slammed you'll puke up your shares. Either way you have no business in this trade. We're in the Bear of all Bears and will be in it for 10 more years at least. We'll eventually collapse.  Our society is already in full moral collapse. Just look at the democrat candidates and what they are promising.

Its not "all good". Its pathetic. It no longer is a country of laws. Its a country run by organized criminals in banking and government and corporations. The public is so divided, they don't even know who is giving them the biggest screwing.  Nature was never going to be denied.....but they did hold it off for awhile.

Sunday, August 4, 2019