Saturday, October 26, 2019


Flames of war continue to erupt around the world as the debt supercycle envelops and strangles nation states. Central banks, whether intentionally or not, are providing the fuel for the eruptions. In the name of "saving the world" they are handing over not only the explosives in the form of greater debt and zero interest rates but the trigger switch to ignite the bomb they've created.

Stocks Spike After Powell Admits No Rate Hikes Unless "Significant Move Up In Inflation" Powell has told you the end game.....inflation is THE final limiting factor

Ten years of this obscene nonsense leaves most participants that are paying attention just exhausted and staring in disbelief at the stock market "scorecard". Between the share buybacks and "money for nothing" and unending trillions of money printing, one becomes numbed to reality.

We Now Have Mass Public Unrest In France, Spain, Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Hong Kong, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador And' to see here.....its all good

Over 1 Million People Take To Chilean Streets To Protest Billionaire and sit down peasants....

Zombieland is now a reality. Fires burn across Paris but there is not one mainstream media outlet that is covering it. Multiple countries are now on fire just south of our border and NO ONE is covering it. The pressure on the middle class here is palpable as morality, democracy, and rule of law unravels.....BUT NO ONE can explain just why they feel uneasy. WHY do they hate their job? Why do they feel they have no future improvement in their job status or wages?  They're told over and over this is the "BEST ECONOMY EVER! Yet their "economy" is pure shit.

Paul Craig Roberts: The End Of Accountable Government Is Close At late PCR

Do you really think these millions of people here are different than all of these people in these countries that are on fire? They see the politicians speaking for them while pocketing MILLIONS as they suffer and just stare in disbelief at what their children will inherit. No bailout for you bitchezz. You'll just watch your dollar get destroyed and zero interest on your money and in the end you'll wonder just how in the hell we let it all happen. Its all good.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019


It is literally right in your face. More than 20 years ago the average salary of a federal employee became higher than a private employee. Especially when you add in health and retirement benefits does this become even more glaring. A member of the Federal and State and Municipal government/employees has now risen to a status where they are the chosen members of a "capitalistic bastion of the world". The private sector is divided into the corporate and small business sectors. The large corporations are intricately woven into the government and the largess this relationship provides.

In 2015 the average federal worker compensation was $123,161 or 76% MORE than the average private sector worker's $69,701.

So ultimately we have the "workers" of the large corporations and the "workers" of the truly private enterprise that represent the broad tax base supporting the government sectors. The large corporations are directly married to the government and profit immensely especially in the C suites with 7 figure salaries. This marriage of government and C suites form your "Deep State" and has formed the CONtrol of the "working class" which is in reality  slave class with NO meaningful voice in their future. So what happens next?
$100 Billion Of Liquidity Injections Each all good bitchezz

Its already beginning. When people lose all hope they lose it as Celente says. Look at what is happening NOW. Bolivia in full rebellion. Same in Chile. Venezuela in collapse. Catalonia burning. Syria in rubble. Yemen in rubble. Lybia on fire. Saudi Arabia on fire. Ukraine war. Kurds/Turkey at war. Hong Kong burning. British Brexicutioned.

"My House Could Be Burning Right Now": LA Menaced By Wildfires Burning Across California....its all good

These are the results of economic and corruption failures of the "Deep State". The "strong dollar" is strangling the world through its own corruption. It either weakens very soon or all of the world will explode with us following. The repo market tells you its already burning....its just not telling you where, but you better take note it IS on fire.

Saturday, October 19, 2019


“If you wake up on a Casper mattress, work out with a Peloton before breakfast, Uber to your desk at a WeWork, order DoorDash for lunch, take a Lyft home, and get dinner through Postmates, you’ve interacted with seven companies that will collectively lose nearly $14 billion this year.”

Saturday, October 12, 2019


,Like it or not, once you've stuffed yourself with way too much food, you have to clean yourself out. We have a massive amount of debt that we've been fed and we're going to have an epic shit coming. We're arguing right now whether we can squeeze our cheeks while letting dribs and drabs of crap leak out, but meanwhile we just keep stuffing ourselves with even more debt expecting our bloated guts not to explode. As we continue to bloat ourselves the pain just keeps getting worse. 

Fed Injects $104.2BN Via Overnight, Term Repos One Day After Start Of "Not A QE""its all good"

The shrill voice of the pundits cry for even more food, while imploring the masses that the worsening pain is temporary. The CNBS pundit Steve Liesman stated proudly this week and I quote"I am a globalist" and went on to declare his support of the Fed and their agenda right on public television. A few years ago I would have been ridiculed for discussing globalism and its agenda of CONtrol. Liesman just used it as a badge of courage and support for the cabal he works for. He knows his entire existence depends upon his support of the cartel. 

The entire Brexit theater is right out in front of the public, and is clearly a rejection of globalism by Great Britain. Guess what? You don't get to leave Brits, even though you voted to three years ago. But you will get more debt stuffed down your guts. You're going to eat even more debt until you eventually blow, and you will blow. You may have a sickened, painful gut and you're told its all okay by the Steve Liesmans, but nature says you're going to have one gawd awful shit coming. Nature is telling you there is a cleaning coming.

I speak in this fashion because we've entered a zone of extreme danger that is so farcical that its comedic. Your Youtube research is throttled. Your conversation is openly monitored and recorded. We kill people in meaningless wars and pretend we're protecting them from dictators. Will this bizarre excuse of reality continue indefinitely? No. When this freak show goes, you don't wanna be near this dump.

Monday, October 7, 2019


A short seller of the Japanese Market in the early 90s coined the phrase on CNBC of the "NIKKEI diddle". He appeared repeatedly on CNBS warning the NIKKEI was on the verge of a crash. The NIKKEI market was trading near 50K and he was warned to STFU CNBS regarding his bearish warnings on the bubble. Eventually he was permanently banned just before the Japanese market crashed and destroyed millions of investors.

AOC Suddenly Flip-Flops, Now Thinks Pulling Out Of Syria Is Terrible

The banning continues of anyone negative on the bullish narrative of today's stock market. Its not a conspiracy. Its obvious because CONfidence is paramount to maintaining the current bubble. Break that CONfidence and a tsunami of selling would ensue. We don't have a natural market, but we do have an economy.....sort of. Our debt burden in virtually every sector of our economy has reached maximum diddle level. It is suffocating our very existence with its malinvestment and corruption. 

There's rumors of internal strife approaching. There's rumors of marines being called out to protect the President. It may happen but one thing will happen and this mockery of an economy will sink us. 

Its a sick economy. Its a system burdened with debt. Its foundation is corruption. Its future is certain. Its not ten years off. Its now. Ignore what is happening right now, but it won't change its outcome and that is collapse. Its the big diddle.