Friday, December 27, 2019


Three names that are lying in a pile of shit and they sacrificed for you.  We are truly living in an unprecedented time. There will be no turning back the clock. This is all headed to a major showdown between the central planners (cabal) and Nature. It won't be a Buttfox world unless Nature loses and Nature does not lose. 

Will Nature be in the form of action by Trump? Will Nature be in the form of a mathematical collapse in the Debt? Will Nature be a breaking point in the CONfidence and morality that guides human behavior? Nature does not need to come in the form of a natural disaster. It can come for us in many ways. Breakdowns in highly complex systems can come suddenly and with little warning.

Mauldin: A Crisis Has Already Begun... We Just Don't Know It Yet....get ready kids

Even Alex Jones has given up on his comb over Messiah. He now correctly suspects he's been betrayed. So its coming. The tsunami will come and it will be ferocious. You can choose your roll or you can let your fate be determined as the tsunami rolls over us. Nature's coming and its coming soon. You cannot have trannies fondling children publicly. You cannot distort human law so viciously that even the average dumbed down American can see its all  a major psyop. 

Watch Virginia. It is a beta test.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019


I lived through the last major recession. It was the 70's. I saw gold go up over 2000% and silver higher. I remember those years clearly as if it were yesterday. I spent virtually all those years in college as I became an adult. I had seen John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King assassinated the previous decade. I had seen a terrible, divisive war fought. It was a memorable, historic period and for me a life changing time. I viewed that time as my baseline normal and enjoyed some of the most euphoric periods of my life. 

FedEx Sinks as ‘Breathtakingly Bad’ Results Spur Outlook its all good...

When oil spiked over 1000% in the middle of the decade no one really panicked. There weren't suicides. There were long lines on television at some urban gas stations, but not mine. There were no liar loans for housing, but you needed at least 20% down and a job to pay the payments. Houses went up in value and you were able to sell your homes fairly. I saw 11% unemployment several times. People still were able to get through the times. There really wasn't a lot of readily available financial or geopolitical information. You had to look deep or be able to "read between the lines" to find out what was really happening. I was ambitious and wanted to live life 
to the fullest....and I did.

The U.S. Has The Highest Rate Of Children Living With A Single Parent In The Entire World.....

In the late 70's I crossed paths with my first deep state players during the heady Texas oil days. I learned how the drillers and landowners in the Southwest made their millions. I was inside their cocaine driven weekend sex parties inside Dallas hotels. Even crossing paths with a future World leader through a very mutual friend lol. Times for me were self-indulgent with a care free hedonic view of my life. Meanwhile the world was ending as gold went up 2000%.  I went through inflation. I went through oil up over 1000%. I went through 18% mortgages. 

We could see all of this again. I made it through it then and so did this country. Did a lot of people make a lot of money in gold and oil back then? You damn right they did and they'll do the same again this time. In fact they just might make a lot more this time and not have this country come to an end. I do think it may be worse this time. In fact it may get much worse with breakdowns in order. I'm counting on getting through. I'm an "optimist" if you're informed. Hope you are too.

Saturday, December 7, 2019


Whether you agree this Keynesian experiment you're being subjected to is justified or whether its as close as you get to pure evil is certainly debatable, but one thing is inevitable and that is nature will determine the outcome. Nature is also going to determine your stay on this earth.

The 2008 collapse opened many of our eyes to the fragility of this economic system. It made us question many of our long held beliefs in this system of democracy. We began to look at many of our previous beliefs with skepticism. We've watched our rich sources of alternative views on current and geopolitical events now being overtly censored. Our "consumer" economy is propped up with insane amounts of fiat money printed out of air. Individual, corporate and government debt seems to mean nothing any longer.

"It's About To Get Very Bad" - Repo Market Legend Predicts Market Crash In Christmas!! They wouldn't do that to us....

Many of us expected this monumental, pile of shit to collapse years ago, yet it just slowly grinds ahead with a seemingly new lie created now daily to support its narrative that "its all good". 

Those of us that prepared with food, guns, gold, and silver and safe places to live should take the time given to enjoy their limited lives to the fullest. Compartmentalization is a craft those of us that are "aware" need to embrace. More than ever, you need to enhance your human relationships with your family and friends. Take day trips. Take vacations and get the hell out of Dodge. The crooked bastards gave you this time, so USE IT. You prepared and now enjoy this limited time on this planet with your loved ones before these crooks pull the plug.

Thousands Of Truck Drivers Lose Jobs Weeks Before Xmas, Many LEFT STRANDED WITHOUT FUEL OR CASH

They've extracted most of the population for 9 years, but don't let them extract your soul. You are prepared, and now let people around you enjoy this time. Keep your doom compartmentalized. Same way with your anger towards these pricks. You can't change what's coming but you can address your own life and its effect on others. 

Its Christmas. Its a time to help others. Its a time to bring some joy. Give to those in your family that need help. Give whatever you can afford to give to strangers that need help. Give to the Salvation Army if you don't know who or what to give to. Lets make use of our time. 

Sunday, December 1, 2019


There will be no deflationary collapse like Rick Ackerman believes. It will be a continued myriad of schemes designed to continue the inflationary blowing of the current bubble you are in. Its a PONZI. Everything is designed to inflate the DEBT based economy. Its all based on keeping CONfidence in the system so you acquire more debt. As our illustrious Bush Jr once famously said BUY MORE SHIT.

You're in the greatest CONfidence game in history. I have maintained over the years they will theoretically be able to push the money printing until real hyper-inflation in the real economy kicks in. Ackerman believes, as do others, that a deflationary collapse will be the first hammer we get from some "black swan".

"Is Something Going Wrong? Is Something Broken?" Quants Running "Scared" As Nothing Makes course its broken

Don't bet on it. He's right that inevitably this all ends in a "Mad Max" scenario, but its the route to this end I differ with him on. They will print and print and print. QE to infinity or as they call it now Repo to infinity. The "path to hell" will be inflation...then HYPERinflation. Until we see hyperinflation with the dollar beaten slowly (then rapidly) to hell, Rick's deflationary "Mad Max" will have to wait.  

We're obviously in inflation now but its "stagflation". This will worsen eventually to hyperinflation. Then we will get the collapse that Ackerman sees coming. That time period could be months to years. WHY is this the most likely scenario? Because that is what they have been and ARE doing. They INFLATE because Rick's deflation is way to painful for the bankers. They will be hung from lamp posts if they deflate. I'm counting on them behaving just as they are now and just like I believe they will into the future.

There will be a "collapse" and it might be "mad max", but they will devalue the dollar and they will bring in major inflation before the collapse. Meanwhile they will keep telling us "all is good". enjoy