Saturday, January 25, 2020


Feels kind of like the next leg down doesn't it? Did you know you're in a major new gold bull market? The move began in 2016 with the moonshot baby bull in miners and the move off of the 2015 gold bottom. It was fast and caught many off guard with its ferocity and speed. By the time the average sucker got in, they were chopped up by the boyz like so much cabbage. It was brutal and soured most of the newbies so badly, they swore they'd never by another gold miner share.

China Virus Cases Almost Double Overnight, Deaths Top 100 As North Korea Closes Border

Chinese Nurse Says 90,000 Already Infected In Emotional Plea For Help....its all good buttfox lol

This is how a major bull in a relatively small sector begins. THEY don't want you in. THEY kick you in the nuts and then stomp on your head until you get the message. After a couple of years of slapping you around and making sure you're defeated, they start the next leg up. Instead of a massive, spectacular move like 2016, there is a more controlled, cautious move in the leveraged mining sector. Gold is actually moving very well, as it breaks out of the 2016 high with power, but most newbies are not convinced and ride the sidelines waiting for their mommies to make them go into the water. After all, this can't be a real bull beginning because we all know these miners move 200 and 300% like they did in 2016. Yet they have not.

No one really believes the miners are in a bull market. Investors are afraid. Their sentiment is still poor after just a few months of sideways actions. Instead of buying here, most investors are frozen on the sidelines waiting for a bell to go off so they can jump in. 
Next leg up kids. Here's your bell .....ding ding lol. Hey speculators....if you're afraid then take a look at the pathetic price in silver. That's a crime and you can't pull THAT trigger lol? Platinum and palladium are saying goodbye sweethearts and leaving the station. Maybe that's your bell lol. 

The Fed is telling you they've got control and just to prove how well they have control, they started QE4 and started lowering I can't blame you, they made you go home and tell your mommy you were a bad boy and bought miners and gold and the boyz stole your lunch money. BOOO buttfox!

Thursday, January 16, 2020


At least that is what the Buttfox's of the world would like to vacuously sing to you. After all how can you blame them? Since 2000 gold is only up 600%. How can you blame the Buttfox's? After all most of them jumped on the gold bandwagon just at its last top in 2012 and were slaughtered. Most of these sycophants were looking for the "safety" and more importantly to them a "score". They panicked and they were spanked by the boyz.

The boyz know the Buttfox's. They know they panic. They know when to press the button on them. They know where and when they'll puke up their holdings. They know the rear view mirror is their primary metric and they play them like a fiddle. Its easy.

The gold bear market ended in late 2015. We've been in a bull market in gold for four years but it still doesn't feel like it for many investors, especially the poor schmucks that jumped on the bandwagon in 2012 and were chopped into roadkill. They cried and missed out on an epic move in the gold miners in 2016 with a 500% rise in many of the beaten down portfolios that were fully invested in junior miners in 2015. Do you know what was predictable? They jumped BACK on the miners in 2016 AFTER they had run up and were raped again by the 

So once again, the gold trade is an absolute disaster in their limited intellect. Cognitively they just cannot assimilate how something can be so alluring and then give them the worst butt raping they can imagine and then give them a parting STD for good measure. LOL....its a rough world out there little boys. When the boyz tell you to stay out of their club, you had better listen Buttfox. 

So the Buttfox crowd with buttpaste galore on their hinie go into 2019 with their butts still smarting from their spanking from 2016. They're mad. They have sworn off gold even though its roughly 1280 and still up from its 2012 low. The miner portfolios were still up 100% from their 2015 lows....IF YOU HAD In just one year we are up over $300 in gold and it still seems like we are in a BEAR MARKET in gold just can't make this up. Its pure cognitive dissonance and these poor tools will be beaten like like a drum. This game is NOT for them. They failed simple algebra. Not only math, but they failed to study markets and economies. So you make your play and you understand WHY. You don't let the boyz pull your pants down and screw you without a fight. Enjoy the game

Saturday, January 4, 2020


Cycles are nature. They cannot be destroyed. The patterns are undeniable. They will be obeyed. In other words we will have our reckoning for this current debt cycle in spite of what the Fed and Trump and all the cheerleaders on CNBS say. 

Maybe we get another few months, maybe even a few years of boiling the frog into this cycle. This cycle is in play right now but many don't feel it even though 56 million working age Americans aren't working. Another 48 million work more than one job. Statistically we haven't had a raise in 22 years. Health care costs are exploding. Food prices have doubled in the last 10 years, but Gradually.... We are able to maintain the narrative that we are in a recovery and "all is good". Confidence is preeminent. Confidence is the lynch pin of any Ponzi. Confidence must be maintained by all of the people behind the curtain. Its everything.

Meanwhile preparations by the best and the brightest are being made for the coming "reset"....or..."reckoning". Do they know how and when this transition will occur? Most do not and openly admit this. As long as confidence is maintained and the narrative of "all is good" is maintained then the printing can continue.....and IT WILL!

This is where it becomes ticklish in terms of timing. Someone once said the difference between a Salad and Garbage is timing. So one can say very accurately that being in gold and silver miners from 2012 till 2015 was GARBAGE. However if you had been in miners in late 2015 and held till today then you would be up least. My portfolio is up over 300% in that time frame. Did I wish I had not taken the beating from 2012 to 2015? Of course.... but I still think the truly historic moves in miners are still to come as this gold  bull unwinds.

Now lets finish with Karma. More than likely, whether you agree or disagree with Trump's assassination, there is a coming Jihad in the Middle East. I fear it will be ongoing for months maybe even years. I hope I am wrong but I have been briefed on this region for years and from a strategic point, you could not have chosen a more galvanizing target than Suleimani. Love him or hate him, it cannot be denied how many people in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Iran idolized him. Let's hope and pray that a truly divine intervention prevents what just may be our Archduke Ferdinand moment. In a debt laden, collapsing World, War is always hiding in a dark corner just waiting to be summoned.