Thursday, February 27, 2020


Buy the dipmthrfker. So we bought our own shares and the Central Bank bought our steaming shit shares. Then we handed off our steaming pile of shit to the retail buyers and their ETFs and their mutual funds and their retirement funds. So WTF could go wrong?? NOW that all the suckers are in, WHAT could possibly go wrong?
We pumped this market up for 10 years with our central bank intervention and put you to sleep while you dreamed that you had become a brilliant investor.

Senators Admit US Virus Test Rollout Goals Won't Be Met: "It's Way Smaller Than A Million"

Equity & Oil Futures Crash As Market Opens Without Fed SOUP FOR YOU!!

There Is Just One Question: Will The Fed Activate A Coordinated Central Bank Bailout On coming

It Begins: Hawaii Stores Empty Out On Coronavirus "Panic Buying"

So now we're just in a little trouble. We couldn't see this coming. Its a "Natural" disaster......NOT of our doing but yours because we've warned you for over a year to be careful. We even trotted out Dalio and Druckenmiller and others to tell you to get into gold. Did you think we could run our ponzi to the moon? You're just not being fair to us. There's only so much we can do to keep you safe. You can't be a Buttfox and stick your head in the sand. 

"Worst Thing In My Career" - US Stocks Suffer Fastest Collapse From Record Highs Since Great Depression

We aren't really mamsypamsy hand holders. In fact we're gonna rip your head off and shit down your neck. Just to demonstrate what we can do to you we just dumped on you. Soon we're going to steal all of your put option lunch money like we have for the past 10 years. You're stupid and we know it. You'll listen to anything we tell you.

"People Have Just Gone Nuts": Wealthy NY Suburb Gripped By Hysteria After Local Family Diagnosed With Covid-19....Buttfox/CS moves out of the family basement .......

Very soon we're going to rip you apart with a monstrous short squeeze. We're going to tell you that we're going to "probably" lol drop interest rates to negative 5% lol. We're going to tell you the Nationalist Chinese team is coming to buy stawks lol. Then we're gonna tell you that we found a vaccine for the COV. Then we're gonna get you all warm and fuzzy in a few weeks and just REAM every orifice you have. You'll be so dizzy and hungover, you'll think you were at a Lindsey Lohan sleepover. 

So just to reassure you, let me repeat...The virus is cured....A recession is not going to occur.......No one is going to die....The virus is CONtained......We've got your back.....and most of all DON'T buy Gold. Good luck and sleep tight dipshits.

Sunday, February 16, 2020


Bullfknshit. It ain't fixed and this cat is out of the bag. If you think this ends without, some real blood-letting, then I've got a vaccine for you. I don't have a crystal ball for this one but I can at least look out of my window and see what's already coming. 

Hong Kong Embraces Helicopter Money - Govt Gives Every Adult Citizen HK$10,000

Japan Confirms 88 More Cases Aboard 'Diamond Princess', Bringing Total To 542 One Day Before Quarantine Set To the buttfox honeymoon cruise

This storm has weeks before it ends. It may not even end by the summer. It may go for another year before it burns out. Just look at the cruise ships. Its not your mommy's flu. It may not be the plague. It might be worse. Just look at those cruise ships. Its cut through the one ship like a hot knife through butter. That tells you something. 

China has responded to this virus like its the apocalypse coming. Their response tells you everything. They knew what they were dealing with early on. They knew this would be devastating. I have no idea whether this release was purposeful or an accident but its not going to be easy for us to put it down. 

Greyerz: DANGER – World At The End Of A Grand SuperCycle

Just look out the window. Its already all over the world and it will spread rapidly. I have no idea how many people will die with this virus. Its current rate of infection is enough to begin a world wide recession. If the mortality rate is even 2% it will be very rough for us. If its higher then it could be crushing. So what I do know is this is going to be very rough on a lot of economies. The cost to humanity however remains to be determined. I believe or at least I hope I am right, that the mortality rate is under 4%. 

So go ahead and swallow the bullshit but this has much further to run for at least weeks and months to come. Ignore what you can see out your window if your eyes are open and just keep whistling dixie. It may not be a black swan coming, it might be worse....a pale horse.

Sunday, February 9, 2020


And once again Nature (or at least that's what we're supposed to believe) comes calling. Its on the horizon coming at the West like a Cat 5 hurricane, and no one cares. The markets try to rollover and the Central banks press the buy key. Gold tries to rally and the banks press the sell key, and everyone just watches football. 

Is this really the way it all ends? Is it really that simple? We managed to muddle through the collapse of the World as we knew it in 2008 with a series of Centrally planned schemes (as they called it...not me) and put lipstick on the Pig of pigs economy. We pumped money and debt into companies like Amazon (while killing off retail stores and malls) and creating 200,000 jobs at Amazon and destroying a million and a half in retail. We pumped debt after debt into Uber and wiped out tens of thousands of small business cab companies. 

China Has Ground To A Halt: "On The Ground" Indicators Confirm Worst-Case soon kids here

We were so desperate to create jobs with debt that we destroyed the surviving underlying economy. Now we have millions of jobs that cannot sustain themselves without additional printed money. Instead of allowing the strong hands to take over a damaged economy in 2008, we just bailed out the weak hands that got us in trouble. 

Now we have a storm coming. We're told its nothing to worry about. Maybe it will pass over. What if it doesn't? No one cares. They all know the current money printing will keep us chugging along. They know they don't need any savings. They know they will have the Fed ready to print. They know their pensions are guaranteed, so why save? They know that food is plentiful and relatively cheap. They know they can borrow to buy a car and the fuel to drive it is cheap and plentiful. They know we can have open borders with all of our plenty and allow millions to come with free healthcare and guaranteed welfare. They know we have a system that will permit anyone to vote because we're "free".

How can anyone even remotely expect such a fantastic place to have any problem from a "virus". After all China has told you its being "centrally" CONtrolled and after temporarily closing down all manufacturing in the country, and locking up the population, it will return to vigor with hardly a scratch. Maybe it will. After all. why would they lie? 

Larry Kudlow mentioned the virus the other day and laughed about its minimal impact to the economy. Maybe he's right. Why would he lie?

I guess you just need to trust these people, after all look at where the stock market is. Look at where the middle class is. Look at where the wages for most of the country is over the past 25 years. Look at our debt. Look at our interest rates. Look at the repo market (not QE) latest money printing scheme. Buttfox/CS trusts them and I guess I do too. Trust....just keep your brain turned off and your eyes and ears closed and keep walking. Definitely don't prepare. That would require effort.

Saturday, February 1, 2020


FLATTENED! KAPUT! DONE FOR! STICK A FORK IN HIM! There you have it. Succinctly put, he was beaten by a mentally deficient, mindless, drone investor like Buttfox. LOL....not so fast.

I listened to an interview with Bill Fleckenstein today and marveled at just how far we've all come after the crash of 08. I noticed how depressed his affect was regarding this stock market and how absurd the "free market" has now become the "fed market". Without the Trillions of fedbucks and "sharebuybacks" and "passive investment vehicles" and "faux data points" and "negative interest rates" etc etc.....we would have a "real market" I was a subscriber to his newsletter and recalled over the last few years how far he has come with admitting the Fed has stripped the market of any semblance of "free markets". He would never admit this was all a "conspiracy" although he now basically does by lamenting how CONtrolled the markets are. He still fails to admit, at least in this interview, the Fed is literally BUYING stocks through their trading arm lol.

So do I disagree with Fleckenstein's assessment that this market will ultimately crash? Not at all. He and I do agree it will crash and it will be horrific. Where I go and he does not, is discussing the damage ALREADY DONE to our underlying economy by the debasement of its foundation and the dollar with it monetization. Bill understands this but failed in the time segment to go there, but I will. We have been hit with an unrecoverable rape of our country and much of the world by these insane psychopaths that have rigged our country and taken over the political institutions through this ability to simply "print money". Its diabolical and through the mentally impaired drones that ignore its ramifications, they've been able to accomplish it. 

So ignore the climbing gold price. Ignore the negative interest rates. Ignore the destroyed worker's wages. You do so at your own peril and these chickens will come home to roost and when they do they will shit down your throat and shit down your children's childrens throats. The karma coming will make 2008 look like a cake walk. The blood on our hands is not going to be denied. So enjoy the horseshit walk through dreamland, it will eventually face reality.