Monday, March 30, 2020


Normalcy bias is a bitch. Particularly bitchy when you're the bitch and in this implosion we're all bitches. Our freedoms are now gone. Simple human interactions like hugging and shaking hands are now forbidden. Social interactions are severely impacted placing strain on our emotional stability and threatening the fabric that holds our daily lives together. Do not minimize this impact on the longer term  health of our recovery. 

Powell Tells World "There's Really No Limit On What We Can Do" As Fed Backs Aggressive Stimulus

Russia Sends "Very, Very Large Planeload" Of Masks, Medical Equipment To US

And speaking of recovery, there will be multiple announcements this year trumpeting a recovery and each announcement of success will end in failure. Unlike 2009 when they conned us with their printing press and lies, this will be a series of disasters, that will rock the normalcy bias they created for ten years. So yes, you will soon hear we've defeated COVID 19 and all is won't be defeated. 

You'll hear the economy is "roaring" back. It might whimper back, but the only roar you will hear is the media and government in a coordinated effort to instill in us the "animal spirits" are back mantra. 

Comex And LBMA Falling Apart, Plus It’s Impossible To Reflate These Bubbles

We took an arrow to our chest and we are bleeding out. We'll be able to walk for awhile and hold our head up but we'll keep oozing out our remaining blood as the arrow blade does its work in our body. 

You can't close down and shutter millions of businesses and then put them back on line in a few months and say "all is well"....but they will. That I do know will happen. 

I also believe that COVID 19 will have multiple starts and stops as it weaves its damage through our ranks. You have no idea how bad this shit is, unless you have been paying attention to the frontline of doctors and nurses and the patients that have had it. I've taken care of my first two patients and they were both in their 20s and healthy. Both are very ill and could wind up on vents. The CT scans of their lungs were horrifying. Good luck if you have normalcy bias and think this is all BS. Its not and its damage to our economy is already a mortal wound. 

We had a fake economy before COVID and now we have a dead economy.

Saturday, March 21, 2020


Its coming and its coming fast. A tsunami wave of sickness is about to sweep across the World. Whether we want it or not it will come. How we deal with it in terms of our complex JIT delivery economies remains to be determined but I would be willing to bet that within a few weeks, you will see the largest Military presence across most countries to lock down the public until this microbe is under control.

Ed Snowden Warns: Surveillance Measures Will Outlast The Pandemic

"Overnight, The World Became The Twilight Zone" - Exodus From Cities Sparks Mountain-Dweller Greatest Fear...just stay away from hillbilly land buttfox/cs

As "Big Short 2" Explodes, Citi, Deutsche Bank Stuck With Billions In Unsellable CMBS and collect on those swaps!!

Mike Adams: Los Angeles Is Lost! NO MORE TESTING For Covid-19 – Containment Impossible – 140,000 To 420,000 May Die......i agree

The Lockdown Of America Begins

Bloated, fake, bubble economies held together by fiat strings are going to be slaughtered. Your "way of life" will be altered in many ways and in many ways that will never return to what we call "normal". 

Retirement accounts destroyed. Savings destroyed. Currencies destroyed. The current medical system will be heading into battle with a pocket full of bullets and a revolver to fight an enemy that is going to keep coming in waves. We don't have the equipment to deal with it. Under a normal flu season, many hospitals are overwhelmed for multiple days, requiring transfer of patients to other facilities that are less overwhelmed. All facilities will collapse within the next few weeks. 

"It's Safe!" - FDIC Urges Americans To Keep Their Money In The Banks

BofA Calls For "War-Time Measures", Urges Near-Total Fed Takeover Of Capital that is not going on for the past 9 years........

This could have been defended with appropriate decisions made weeks ago. I will only say these decisions were not made and now we will pay a significant price in casualties. 

The military will take over within a couple of weeks and design the logistics for dealing with this pandemic. Essentially they will quarantine us all. Most of us will come out of this alive. Some of us will have permanent health problems from this. Some of us will die. That's Nature. 

I always said Nature would determine the limit of this Ponzi. It could never beat Nature. Many dear, sweet people are no unemployed in jobs they toiled at just to survive on a week to week existence. It crushes my spirit to see them struggle now. Strong people now crying as they lose their future. 

We will come out of this and maybe we can be stronger in the long run, but for now we have to survive. See you all on the other side.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020


You still don't believe it, do you? Hell, its hard for anyone that is a human to accept this. What is this? Its Nature. Its the result of decades of decadence. Its unclear if this is going to get a stick save soon by the hot weather before it crests like a tsunami crushing the abuse of nature we have been responsible for. It might. I doubt it. And if it does watch out for November.

While you're snickering at the hyperbole and basking in your normalcy bias, I want you to look at what is simple fact. China just had a "virus" that resulted in an almost "overnight" mobilization of their military and locking down hundreds of millions of people while shutting down much of their economy. So they just happened to choose this draconian response "overnight" because they recognized this "virus" was "bad"? 

New York Is Falling – Millions Will Die – Not Enough Nurses Or Equipment – Food Shortages Begin!

Covid-Chaos: What's More Dangerous, The Virus Or Our Reaction?.....hmmm...go to Iran or Italy or are all 2 weeks from reality striking

Ohio Unemployment Skyrockets By 600% After All Bars & Restaurants problem we'll print

I think they knew very early on this was truly going to damage much of their populace. Whether they released it purposefully or by accident, or they knew "someone else" had put it in play, is not something we can deduce, but they seemed to know almost immediately what they were dealing with. This bug is coming and its going to rollout over this county like a plague of locusts. '

After Blowing $4.5 Trillion on Share Buybacks, Airlines, Boeing, Many Other Culprits Want Taxpayer & Fed Bailouts of their Shareholders

No one is prepared in the medical field to fight this effectively and the so called "hump" will crush the front line of health care which is unable to withstand even a large "bump". 

I'm very pessimistic about the next few months, but I'll hope for the best and sorry for the cliche....prepare for the worst. I don't have to serve in the front line of this, but I will, since that is what I have spent my entire life preparing professionally for this scenario. My fellow professionals are increasingly becoming frightened, but they'll stay until they're sick or exposed. The problem is there is NOTHING backing us up. No extra doctors or nurses that can handle critical care patients. 

Bottom line is that YOU do not have to expose yourself and YOU need to be isolated in your day to day interactions. Careful out there.

Saturday, March 7, 2020


I'm just a putz. All my colleagues are just dumbfochs as Buttfox/CS likes to opine. Most of you listen to an infectious disease expert like Mike Pence or the Don and understand this virus is nothin'. Its all fake news and its all just another flu. Don't worry about the market drop. That's fake too. These guys wouldn't lie to you. They're politicians. Why would they lie?

New York Firefighters Won't Respond To Coronavirus Calls.....just the beginning

All Hospital Beds In The US Will Be Filled With Patients 'By About May 8th' Due To Coronavirus: than that in many cities

Don't prepare like the CDC or DHS have suggested. Your normalcy bias will sustain you. Our woefully unprepared emergency system will suffice. You will prevail, because so far, the Fed has printed enough funny money to cover every single disaster for the past 10 years and this will be taken care of too.

Trump Boasts "We Have A Perfectly Coordinated Plan" To Stop Virus As 16 Million Italians Wake Up To

Health care a problem with this baby coming? Nahh, we'll build hundreds of new hospitals.

What are we going to do when the first wave of Health Care workers are washed out by the tidal wave of virus sickened patients? You probably think this front line of emergency workers get a special immunity or maybe a pill or maybe great protection that will shield them from illness.

"This Is The Most Frightening Disease I've Ever Encountered In My Career" Says Architect Of National Pandemic says you're a

I just spoke today with one of my younger colleagues that I've worked with for 18 years and he just laughed about what's coming and said we're finished in the first month. He's studied this for weeks now and does not see how we'll be able to survive this without a collapse of the emergency services due to not only this particular virus but just how badly the system is now due to its corporate  poisoning.

All of the ERs are now MINIMALLY staffed to maximize profit. There is ZERO backup available for the staff as the nurses and doctors drop out from infections. No one gave a shit about H1N1 and SARs and they were hyped too. This one we give a shit about and we're scared shitless about how poorly prepared our system is. 

So all of you that have read my "Nature's Coming" compositions in the past, I hope you understand just how a massive pile of shit, centrally CONtrolled disaster we have created and yes Nature will destroy it......and this just may be it. For sure its going to be ugly as hell over the next few months.