Friday, April 24, 2020


It just feels like it lately. This country and the world will get through this virus, but it will be much more difficult than many believe, and it may even be more difficult than many of the most pessimistic of us believe. However the strength of character of millions of Americans and other country's citizens will get us through this. The frontline healthcare workers will lose their lives treating people that contract this terrible virus. The frontline firemen, sanitation workers, food workers will die. No one will hail them as heroes. 

Moscow Hospitals Overwhelmed As Russia Hits 100,000 COVID Cases, Surpassing Iran & Vlad can bring back his Health team from Italy......BWAAAAA

"We Will Never Return To Free Market Capitalism": Guggenheim's Minerd Warns Fed Is Pushing US Toward A Populist Scott, for the past 10 years...and NOW you tell us

Soon tattoo artists, hair stylists, gym workers, restaurant workers will die as we "reopen" ....desperate to get back to work and not lose our businesses. Our "service based" economy will pay a terrible price as the policies of reopening run head on into a virus that does not give a shit what your opinion is. It will kill you and if it doesn't kill you, it can damage you permanently. Then just to make a point it can keep resurfacing in your body just when you thought you were viral free. Good luck believing this virus is just another flu.

Tyson Foods Offers Workers $1000 Bonus To Return To shit?

I have taken care of every flu there was for over 40 years that I have been an MD. This bears no resemblance to any virus I have seen, but some of you have an opinion it is merely a flu. I don't wish ill upon those of you that believe this but I do wish the sweet wonderful essential workers out there that get this horrible disease could give their disease to you so that they and their families don't have to die. Your ignorant, inconsiderate attitude should already be silenced by the 50,000 deaths (WITH OUR COUNTY IN QUARANTINE).......just think what the numbers would be now if we hadn't shut the damn, phony economy down. 

So here we go......let's open up and see what happens. Magically the virus may burn out, or people may keep their distance enough that it doesn't blow up until the fall. Maybe we'll find a cure or a treatment. One thing is certain, you pollyanna mfrs can go shoot some lysol in your veins and cure it.....or stuff an ultraviolet light up your

Friday, April 10, 2020


You have heard it a million times here. Its the end of the 200 year debt supercycle. Its on like Donkey Kong. Your preps are needing some dusting off, but for the most part, you didn't toss them in the trash. You're still not quite certain this won't end in a few weeks, so you're still not accepting all the doom and gloom out there. You still go into relatively well stocked grocery stores. This is just not that bad is it? Now the "deniers" are proclaiming VICTORY as the crushing mitigation did its job and slowed the transmissivity of the virus to a flattening level. THIS IS WHAT IT WAS SUPPOSED TO DO!  It is a MONSTER and please don't fall for the nonsense this is all a staged disaster. It is going to keep killing us for probably a year or more with the declaration of "VICTORY" being shouted from the politicians.

Black Gold Bloodbath - USO & June/July WTI Futures Are we're gonna need a bigger boat lol

Gilead Pours Cold Water On Report That Sent Market Soaring: "Anecdotal Reports With No Statistical Power"

"I Am Essential... I Talk To God!": Virginia Pastor Who Defied Lockdown Order Has Died From COVID-19

"It's An Invisible Bullet" - 2 More NYPD Detectives Succumb To COVID-19 As City Death Toll Passes 10k: Live Updates

Google/Apple JV's Dystopian COVID-19 Tracker Could Be Straight Out Of Orwell's 1984.....and we're gonna beg for

So what IF you are 30 years old with two children and a wife, and a mortgage, and medical bills, and car payments, AND NO JOB? I could go through dozens of scenarios that are ALREADY in a depression. Maybe you're not in a depression, but millions are in desperate straits right now. People are cracking up already all over this country, and this shit has just started. If the virus DID disappear overnight (and it won't IMO), we have had unrepairable damage done to the "economy". The "economy" was an inflated debt bubble that was actually just waiting for the pin to pop it. Well that "pin" wound up being a torpedo called COVID 19.

'Breadlines' Erupt Across America As Lockdowns Crush America's "Working Poor"

Who could ever have seen it coming will be something you hear over and over again. You will become nauseated as this excuse is repeated as it becomes increasingly clear this virus is NOT going to disappear. It is very real and the damage done from CONtaining it is very real. Our "way of life" is actually going to change in ways we are unable to even imagine right now. Of course you're going to doubt this will happen and you should NOT trust or believe what I am telling you. Do your own research and hopefully you will be able to make a rational decision on how you will plan for the coming months and years. I love my family time and spend time with friends (separated by 8 feet). We will see continued deaths for weeks but as this unfolds there WILL BE A DECLARATION OF VICTORY OVER COVID. Just understand, the odds are this is only the first battle.......not the war.