Saturday, May 30, 2020


Confused? You're supposed to be.  Pandemic. Murder by police. Riots. Cities burning. Forty million unemployed. DOW heading to a new high. New Cold War in China.  Empty Airlines. Empty restaurants. Empty meat shelves. Free money.

You've read how the virus is fake. You've read how the statistics on the severity of the virus are exaggerated. LOL. Do you have any idea how these stats are reported by the thousands of hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, counties, cities etc?  I have reported them. Its a joke. If anything the number of deaths from Covid are too low, but then what would I know lol. 

California Faces "Financial Collapse" As It Moves To Allow Businesses To Walk Away From Commercial had 10 years to clean this up and now you'll reap the wind

I get it. Who knows how this virus started. Maybe its a bioweapon. Maybe it came from a bat. What I do know, its lit the fuse that blew the shit out of the debt bubble. "The Virus" caused the collapse will be repeated for decades. The real cause of the collapse was a 60 year debt bubble. Nature was always going to be the final arbiter. The real cause of the collapse was a corrupt system of graft and corporatism that lost any semblance of decency or consideration for the rape of humanity they were perpetrating. The rule of law had become just a slogan. No reserve currency survives this type of metastatic terminal cancer in its society.

"We Still Expect To Be Paid" - America's Largest Mall Operator Sues Gap For $70M In Back-Rent.....nahh....don't worry....its all good

As Gold & Silver Continue To Surge, It Turns Out This Is One Hell Of A Crisis....just don't buy gold lol

Human beings that have been locked up, under a viral "house arrest" will do crazy things. Their jobs are gone or the jobs are under threat. Their political leaders aren't leaders, but opportunist sucking the last of the blood from a dying society. These politicians don't know how to respond to these complex societal  threats. They're too busy plundering their constituents and waiting for orders from their corporate bosses.  As Celente has said, when people lose all hope, they lose it, and that is what we are now witnessing. The current riots are only symptoms of an underlying rot that permeates our entire world.

If you understand these simple, basic principles, then you will be able to keep your focus on what to do. Eyes on getting through this, since YOU are your solution. We are in "the change"....the Fourth Turning.....the "Grand Reset"..... Its engaged and it will continue. Keep your head in the sand, but it won't save what's sticking up in the air. Get out of the cities now. They are high density killing fields.

Monday, May 25, 2020


Once again we hear the mantra "its all good". The COVID 19 virus is a fraud. The tens of thousands dead and half dead from the virus is just a media hoax. Actually they're all just a bunch of old farts from nursing homes. Its a lot of fudged numbers to make you all afraid and let the PTB implement an agenda for the NWO. Its an Alex Jones wet dream. CNN and NBC are lying. Fox is telling you the truth. The President won't wear a mask because he knows its all fake (however he makes all of his aides wear them lol).

JPMorgan: The Surge In Gold Is A Sign Of Eroding Confidence In Central Bank-Generated Money

Article after article is allowed on the internet stating the numbers and statistics are manipulated for the purpose of creating the illusion of a pandemic. I won't bore you with debunking these articles, but everyone that I have examined is flawed and nonsensical with a conclusion that is obscenely WRONG. You get to make up your own mind of course and my guess is nothing I say here will sway your conclusion. 

Its funny just how confused the masses are. Its as though they're being purposefully distracted. I'm not sure they are. I actually wonder if the PTB aren't in a state of confusion themselves. They will of course manage to take advantage of any crisis and this will ultimately be no exception. 

One thing I see benefitting from this confusion and distraction will be gold and silver. Don't lose your focus. Keep your eyes on the prize and be patient. Ignore the noise. This is the real thing and its going to play out over months and years.

Sunday, May 17, 2020


Don't worry. We've got your back. You can't work, NO PROBLEM! Its easy. We just give you a check. Its not a problem that 40% of people making under 40K are now out of work. We can get through this just by printing more money and stuffing it into their pockets. You made 90K a year? Again, NO problem we'll cover you too.  You made millions a year? NO problem. You've got bills to pay too.

Trump Weighs Banning All Travel From Brazil As COVID Cases Explode: Live's how "herd immunity" Kindle run it now

Its so easy for smart people. Hey!! You can't pay your rent that we inflated over the past 10 years by flooding money into the real estate market? LOL no problem.....YOU get a pass. Just don't pay your rent. You've got a business that's closed? NO problem just don't pay your lease. You own the mall where the rents aren't being paid? NO problem we'll print for you too! lol Its EASY.

All we have to do is keep printing money for every single debt out there while we figure a way to cure this virus and get the economy back to normal. Shouldn't take too long....maybe six months...maybe a year.....then again maybe we don't have a cure for two or three problem....we'll just print money and its going to be fine.

Trump says US won't close over second COVID-19 you will reap the wind

Finally don't buy gold or silver. Its an old fogey idea. I've been wrong on everything as the the Great Kindle says lol. Don't prep with food. There's plenty of food. Don't worry about the currency. Gold is going to 700 anyway as the great CS/Buttfoxx maintains. Its all good. 

Sunday, May 10, 2020


We are to believe there was no crisis and that no mask or shutdown was necessary, yet we are to believe we are now recovering. Recovering from what? There was no crisis according to the "there was no crisis group" so why in the hell would we "recover". Oh I'm so sorry, we had a fake pandemic. Well if a "fake pandemic" is a virus created in a lab, then I do agree it was a "fake pandemic". lol.

Carnival Cruise Bookings Surge 600% After August Relaunch't fix stupid can ya?

Look folks, there is no one that spends more time studying these false flags and CONspiracies than I do. Immred also pays very close attention. I can tell you it is completely real and the virus is a true killing machine. THAT DOES NOT MEAN IT KILLS EVERYONE. So lets get something clear. That virus just killed twenty thousand people in NYC in less than two months. It maimed another fifty thousand or more.  DO KNOW the docs that took care of many of these people and have talked with them and seen their ERs on video.  I have personal friends from where I work that have traveled out to NYC and been on the front lines helping them and THEY HAVE SEEN THE LOSS OF LIFE AND SICKNESS. Actually NBC CNN have been very accurate in MOST cases of their reporting and MOST of the time given a fair assessment of the administration's handling of this "crisis".

My current ED job is in a moderate volume ED, about 35 thousand visits per year. My guess is we've had a few dozen cases. Half my nurses are scared of what they've seen and heard. The other half are somewhere in between. What is worrisome are the nurses that are CERTAIN the virus is over-hyped and are careless in their precautions. Yesterday I saw  6 possible COVID 19 in one shift. Two had positive CT scans. Two had classic symptoms. Two had direct exposure. One had a direct exposure (grandma) and a positive CT. LOL he REFUSED the swab. He's 19 year old kid from the hood and was afraid of the swab so he's now spreading the virus in the hood. Even though this is a small mid western city, it will become a COVID 19 area for months and months because of this type of patient and many others like him that DO NOT UNDERSTAND how this virus spreads and kills.

Eventually it will get to you and your friends. You will realize the bullshit that is all over sites like AJ, ZeroHedge, Fox news and many many Alt right sites were ignorant, stupid propaganda that will discredit them. This is really dangerous since they have served an important challenge to the mainstream propaganda. This time they've got it wrong and the mainstream is going to get back an UNDERSERVED credibility. 

You and I cannot change any of this and time will show us how "bad" or "good" this all is. I will warn you all again. You better respect this. You're bravado will not serve you well. Again I repeat I have NEVER seen anything like this disease. gl

Sunday, May 3, 2020


So lets revisit a theme of this blog that was posted many times over the years. That theme is now occurring in spades. Many of you still want to believe in the tooth fairy and I really can't blame you since you've had dollars stuffed up your ass and under your pillow for years. However, here we are with the ultimate ending to the biggest ponzi ever.......and that ending is NATURE!!!!  You fuck with nature and NATURE fucks YOU. 

Trump Says Coronavirus 'Worst Attack On US Since Pearl Harbor': wish he would make up his it nothing or is it this?

"We Had 2 Customers All Weekend" - Georgia's Small Businesses Gripe About "Disastrous" Reopening

There are laws of Nature that must be obeyed. One of those laws is the law of gravity. Go ahead and jump out of that 80 story building. For the first 79 stories you can go ahead and believe you're flying. You can even yell to the world you're flying, but that last story is a bitch. For ten years this country has been trying to yell "we're flying" while we have been in a total crash. There are simple minded individuals that can be fed a shit sandwich and told its steak. They seem capable of even eating that sandwich and believing its steak. When the diarrhea and vomiting start they look around in disbelief and ask what the hell is going on?

Sheep behave predictably. They run in herds. They'll go right over a cliff with the herd. Your handlers understand predictable behavior. They will win, because they know how the herd will react. They do play 5D chess. 

This virus is real. That doesn't mean THEY didn't start it. Just because its going to kill hundreds of thousands of us doesn't mean THEY aren't using it for an intended purpose. It doesn't mean it wasn't an intended fuse. The economy is dead. It was dead BEFORE the virus. Its being shot in the head now. Go ahead and open up everything. Watch what happens. Its not coming back. You're getting the full monty. You're getting everything you were warned about. Divide and Conquer. Diversion. CONfusion. Disintegration of civility.