Monday, June 29, 2020


I was executed for my poetry
Because we're free! Because we're so damn stupid we can prove it by killin' ourselves! Hell....we're so free we can kill you with us to prove how damn stupid and uneducated we are. You know how we know how ignorant we are. We follow a guy, that is so vain he has an orange face, with a yellow comb over, and is a septuagenarian. I'm so stupid, I voted for this "lesser of two evils" and thought there was a chance he would take on the deep state. 

Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested In New Hampshire....Iol....interesting but don't get your hopes too high

California, Arizona Set New Daily COVID-19 Records As Houston ICU Capacity Hits 102%: Live Kendall thinks its all fake lol.......

Fed Chair Powell Says "Full Recovery Unlikely Until People Feel Safe"... we pay this mthfker for this brilliant assessment

Las Vegas Icon Cirque Du Soleil Files For Bankruptcy.......tictoc

Instead I have to listen to this bag of hot air pontificate on the science of COVID 19 and argue with his virologist on how to protect the public while injecting how impressed his medical experts are with his scientific knowledge. Let me drink some water to clear the vomitus from my throat. I knew there was always going to be some price to pay when you elect a narcissistic bag of gas and when he launched missiles at Syria twice for false flag chemical attacks, I cringed. When he assassinated Iran's general, I winced. But when he launched his attack on the science of this virus, my patience was exhausted. 

He's given every half wit in America the excuse to not take even the most simple of precautions to protect themselves and the public from one of the most dangerous Bioweapons ever unleashed on the public. Its true effects are still not measured, but we do know it can kill. Maybe it can kill millions. Maybe it will maim millions more with severe lung ailments for their lifetime. We know it leaves many of its victims with neurological ailments such as strokes and peripheral nerve degeneration. We know it effects the gastrointestinal tract with severe diarrhea, vomiting and malabsorption. Good luck with this bug.

Supertanker Rates Collapse: "The Dam Has Burst" who knows shit..."i dont see no problem"

The truth is medicine does NOT KNOW what this virus will do long term or for that matter even short term. At least we don't FULLY know. We do know that it can keep coming back within the body of people that have had the infection. In other words it NEVER leaves some people and it may never leave a LOT of the people that have it. JUST LIKE HIV! But then OUR Dear Leader knows all of this......RIGHT?? Just like YOU DO. LOL.  It reminds me of the Georgia governor saying weeks ago that after opening his state up that he didn't know that people that were asymptomatic could spread the virus even though this information had been widely known for WEEKS!

All he had to do was say....We are opening up and we are going to wear masks and be DAMN careful not to spread this damn virus. We are going to be SMART and CAREFUL. lol.....NOT GONNA HAPPEN with the orange man. 

This is the political leadership a dying, corrupt society deserves. MORONS leading MORONS. Stupid people exercising their god-given right to be IGNORANT and to follow the leadership they deserve. They took my profession out by the thousands into fields in China and shot us......they took us out into fields in Russia and shot us. They'll do the same here most likely. That's just the way it is when evil takes over a bunch of

Monday, June 22, 2020


Maybe you haven't noticed, but not so quietly the cities are starting to panic. With the appearance of COVID, many occupants of our crowded urban centers are now reassessing their lives. They're slaves to high local taxes and carrying costs that allow them to live in these urban "high density killing fields". If you think this is an exaggeration then you need to read about the lives of New York commuters over the past few months. Crowded into these pandemic death camps is not what intelligent people will choose to do. They are waking up to just how sick their environment has become. Maybe the majority hasn't figured it out yet, but many of these slaves have. They want out of their urban gulag and COVID showed them the door. 
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"Depression-Like Crisis" Unfolding With No V-Shaped Recovery Until 2023, UCLA Anderson Warns.....nah, its all good...right Buttfox? lol

Houston ICU Capacity Reached, City Activates COVID-19 'Overflow': Live Updates...I wonder what it will take before these morons denying COVID decide its

Houston Warns Hospitals Could Be Overwhelmed In 11 Days As COVID-19 Cases Soar Across Kindle knows its all BS lol

Tesla Veers Into Oncoming Traffic In Germany, Causing Head-On Collision Killing problem Buttfox

THEY CAN WORK FROM HOME....and home can be just about anywhere. They don't have their ballet anymore....or their baseball...or their football....or the nice dining. Then why the hell are you there? Maybe it comes back, but what happens if real estate prices start to drop and you're stuck in your gulag? What if you don't own but rent? Then you have very little stopping you from getting out. Live on the beach. Live in the mountains. Live in the countryside and grow your own food. Plant nut trees. Plant fruit trees. So many options that give you the freedom to sustain and control your life as opposed to being crammed into a 800 sq foot 2 bedroom tin can apartment. 

US Sets New Record For Largest Daily Jump In COVID-19 Cases As 39k Infected: Live nothin' to worry about lol

Big changes coming for us and its already started where I live. The urban wealthy are moving into this area in hillbilly land buying lakefront mansions that had little chance of selling after the 2008 collapse. I think this going to accelerate as the evidence builds that COVID is not going away and will continue to negatively impact our lives. Those that stubbornly refuse to acknowledge change may wish they were the "early adapters" of this new dynamic, but Nature will decide for them. gl

Sunday, June 14, 2020


You're right in the middle of it and you aren't opening your eyes up. Why? Are you frightened? Are you an Ostrich? Then why can't you open your eyes up? Then listen. Use your ears. Are you not even listening?

You've just had the World attacked by a weaponized virus. You have a populace, wounded, confused, disoriented and you hit them with multiple racial wars/episodes, further dividing and confusing the populace. People are economically frightened. The rule of law "appears" to be collapsing. Certainly fear is in many sectors of our society and then we go to the economy.

10 States See Record Numbers Of New COVID-19 Cases, Cuomo Mulls Quarantining Visitors From Florida: Live Updates....all fake news right Kindle lol

The US Has Already Lost More Than 100,000 Oil And Gas problem here...

South Carolina Reports 4th Straight Record Jump As COVID-19 Cases Surge Across The South:... lol....don't worry

The "economy", levered now more than anytime in history with a reserve currency bending under increasing pressure to prop up the entire developing world not to mention the developed world currencies. WHAT CAN GO WRONG?

So once again I go back to "Burn Baby Burn" (which btw is on HBO).. What better cover for an economic collapse from mismanagement than throwing up multiple conflagrations with thick smoke covering their retreat. What could go wrong? The police are being disbanded........then of course the military wold have to be brought in.......what could go wrong?  lol

We have a virus that is effectively killing any attempt to restart this economy with any strength. Why? Because it was DESIGNED to do this. Its designed to infiltrate efficiently and without "too high" of a mortality rate but high enough to create fear. I know what this virus does first hand and it is to be feared, but then you will find out for yourself eventually.

So here we are. A virus. A race war. What''s next? A class war? A generational war? A political war?  lol I think maybe they are all here. Enjoy your popcorn.

Sunday, June 7, 2020


Maxwell Smart would have loved to have seen this confluence of events. How can you not marvel at the ability of the agents of KAOS to manipulate gravity. They have managed to convince the public to play a game that I learned as a child. My mother would send me out with my sister to play "let's pretend". So the public's intelligence is reduced to a childhood game of "let's pretend". Let's pretend "its all good". 

Mike O'Rourke: "The Market Is More Broken Today Than It Was On March 23rd, And It's Entirely Due To The Fed"

Stocks Crash, Hit By Biggest Sell Program On Record; Retail Favorites admits he's been smoking COVID

"We Opened Way Too Early" - Phoenix Mayor Says Her City Is Struggling To Shake COVID-19: Live Kindle and Buttfox think its nuttin.....

"Stupid And Ridiculous": Rabobank Says The Fed Will Cause Everything To Come Crashing Down In Epic says NO

Rabobank: "There Is A LOT Of Anger Out There, And The Post-War Architecture Is Clearly Collapsing"....ya THINK?

Let's pretend the Fed can levitate the stock market FOREVER with newly printed money. Let's pretend the Fed can keep the bond market at zero FOREVER. Let's pretend the algorithms can keep volatility pegged at fairy land FOREVER. Let's pretend the moral hazard of zombie, shit companies expanding their P/Es while the morons pour into the ETFs holding them.....isn't going to end in a slaughter.  Let's pretend we're "reopening the country" while the number of COVID cases is still Let's pretend that closing the country wasn't like sticking a knife in your economic heart and saying "its just a flesh wound" Let's pretend everyone is going to jump on planes, race to cafes, buy worthless shit, and party like its 1999.

Oh I know, its all going to keep going up so just join in on the fun and quit your bitchin'. Never mind the most brilliant traders in history are sounding the alarm.....let me correct that statement....SCREAMING the alarm.  Its all just Nature being defeated and you need to get in on the fun.