Saturday, July 25, 2020


Its already over. You're in the middle of an Ocean of Shit and you you are beginning to wonder if you have a chance to reach dry land, but you're gonna try. That's just your nature. You're gonna swim, struggle and swim some more. Some of you like Kindle and CS/Butffox think you're going to be given a life raft by the same people that threw you in the shit and said swim you scum. 

Gold Futures Hit $2000 After US Mint Reduces Bullion Coin bite me Kindle

"I Would Literally Do Any Other Job Right Now" - Workers Are Leaving The Restaurant Industry In Droves.....

There is a war on your mind, and you think they're serving you high Tea at Windsor. Swim! You hear there's thousands dying daily from a virus in the U.S. while we open up for business like its all been disposed of by waving a magic wan. All the small businesses that require close quarters are praying their terror ends soon. The President hopes it all just vanishes.

The Exodus Begins: Joe Rogan Is Leaving LA For Texas Because He Wants "A Little Bit More Freedom" here...its wide open

Do you know why I like food fights here and talk about the miners? Because the reality of what I'm swimming in is just too horrific, and I'll search for anything to repress it. My buddies are getting buried in Florida and Texas ERs and there are assholes out there saying its all bullshit. You have to be the biggest bunch of fucking morons to ever waste oxygen to put this bullshit out. Its so ignorant that I have to pinch myself to believe human beings are so stupid and gullible. I just wish you bastards could put yourself in my shoes or their shoes one day in one of these hospital hell holes. Not only are those docs and nurses risking their lives but they risk their family's lives.  

 This virus will be met with a tsunami of printing and you can not stop the printing. You already know what that means

This virus is not going to let us out of the ocean of shit. Its going to keep us drowning. I'm going to fight it with what I can and I am going to keep pretending there's a piece of dry land I can run into. Unfortunately I see tens of thousands of Airline workers, Cruise ship workers, Theme Park workers, Restaurant workers, retail shop workers all getting permanent pink slips this year.

Your lifeline is bubble gum and your life raft is toilet paper. I'm going to keep playing my paper miners while this whole joke of a collapse becomes more and more obvious to even the most brain-washed morons. I like the entertainment watching the chickens run around the yard with their heads off so I'll keep playing the band playing for us. 

Sunday, July 19, 2020


That's how you beat this game. If you're in the junior miners, then you're in a game of attrition. As Jesse Livermore never said, I beat the game when I had the inside information. Since you and I and Jesse never had the inside information, then you do what Jesse really said to do when you want to make the most money and that is sit tight and let the boyz move the chess board. You eat your popcorn and shut the fuck up.

Gun-Toting Kids As Young As 10 Car-Jack Over A Dozen Vehicles In Chicago......poor Buttfox...its all good 

You do understand that you're worrying about getting your money out of the casino while the arsonists has started a five alarm fire around the entire casino. I mean, come on, what are you going to do anyway with an inferno between you and your money and your escape from the casino? You're most likely going to fry anyway, so relax and let's see how the game plays out. 

MNUCHIN: Trump Prefers DIRECT PAYMENTS Over Payroll Tax Holiday SO PEOPLE GET MORE MONEY TO SPEND IN AUGUST! it comes boyz and girlz

On tap for this week.....ta da......MOAR promises by the demochumps and republipukes that we're not only going to get a chicken in every pot, but thousands of dollars to spend as we see fit. I mean, HOW MANY FOCHIN big screen TVs can one family buy. Gimmee some BIG bucks and I'll buy a new truck. If I'm votin' for you chump then I wanna see some real green. This 600 bucks on top of my weekly unemployment check is just a starter.

 Its comin' but they have to set this money in motion at the right time to give Trump the biggest bang for the buck.......and they will. It will most likely be a boon for middle income Trump voters.....wait and watch.

Spanish Officials Panic As Barcelona COVID-19 Outbreak Intensifies, they underestimated the shit

More closings and more reality checks about to come down on top of the "fake virus" crowd. You can try and make believe its fake but the virus only does one thing and that's infect its host to replicate. Your the host and YOU are who the virus will infect. In fact this virus may not even leave you once it infects you, so enjoy the 

Saturday, July 11, 2020


We wondered what it would look like when the real meltdown began. Now you know. We're still in the phase where the passengers are getting into the life boats without any panic. The Fed is seeing to the boats (massive printing), while the band plays on deck (eg. Kudlow saying just open the schools). Once a boat as big as the World's largest economy gets a hole knocked in it, it takes some time for people to realize its going to sink.

El-Erian Warns "Financial Stress From COVID Is Far From Over" even close

What we are going to see is a continued attempt to allay the fears of the passengers on this economic Titanic, with proclamations that a "cure" has been found or a vaccine is about to be discovered. Of course both of these could happen but we know that coronaviruses are very hard to source a vaccine for if not IMPOSSIBLE. 

Instead of attacking this virus, the virus is being ignored now as if it will just disappear. Meanwhile a myriad of once trusted sources like Ron Paul are posting nonsensical statements on this virus and creating divisiveness. The virus doesn't care what you say about it and it will dictate its own path through our future. 

For most of us we will get through this and hopefully not get one of the long term ill effects of COVID. Unfortunately a significant number of people will get sick and will continue to feel the effects of this virus for years. 

Enjoy the good you have left in life and family, but don't ignore this bug. Its like nothing we have ever dealt with.

Monday, July 6, 2020


As many of you know, I have to deal with COVID in my day job as an ER doctor. Without going into the weeds, I had a big jump on COVID going back to December. Luckily I have a few close friends that have been involved in my evolution of understanding and predicting this pandemic. That is not what this post is really going to be about, but the point we are at now was predictable, even back as far as February and our current position was discussed in our inner circle. I won't go into what personal price we paid but it has been significant for us. 

People With Mild COVID-19 May Experience 'Serious' Brain Disorders: UK we know what happened to CS/Buttfox

Now I will tell you what my observations are at this current juncture of COVID meets Dick and Jane. We are now in a full nosedive. The stock market is virtually meaningless in its significance to our current predicament. Our society in in collapse. Its not hyperbole. Its real and this blog reflects some of that confusion and divisiveness. Don't misunderstand me. I like the fact we get to come here and throw mud and don't stop ripping. It blows off steam and we actually can learn something.....sometimes.

In the real world, however, mom and pop are starting to crack up. Psychologically, humans cannot be herded like animals into closed spaces and told they will be released to be free then herded right back into their little cells and told they still aren't safe. They're alone and isolated. Young people are being told they can't physically interact and find their biological "love mate". That chemistry cannot be disrupted indefinitely without society exploding. People need to interact socially and they're told its dangerous. It is dangerous, but its not going to be possible to prevent the contact indefinitely. Its going to be explosive unless we get relief and we are most like not going to get relief for at least a year.

So if you're feeling sad at times, and hope seems to be leaving you drip by drip, its natural and shared right now by millions of us. I'll keep doing my part to keep you going, and millions of others in essential services will do theirs. Its going to be a long road and when you feel alone and sad, stop and realize there's going to be an end to this one day. Buttfox can drive his Tesla in the trailer park and have dinner with his friends again. For now, its still going to be a tough time ahead for us all. gl