Monday, August 31, 2020


Nuthin' to see here now move along. That's where we are and have been for a few weeks. As investors in precious metals, one should expect this type of action after a historic rise this year in gold and silver. The boyz are on the coast this summer and serious action won't begin until after labor day. You just wanna have some chop to keep the newbies off balance until you can puke up some of their shares and metal and move up into the next price level. 

Former Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi Tests Positive For COVID-19......add him to the long list of psychopaths

Finally Something Most Agree On: 70% Of Americans Demand More

The power running the show is no longer in the business of a long term beat down in this sector, but they don't mind making trades in both directions and their expertise is your stupidity. They know the human herd. They know their inclinations and how emotional they can become. The long term shakeout from 2011 until last year was very carefully crafted. It worked. An entire army of retail investors in the metals was slaughtered. Most are now in nursing homes or insane asylums. They are no longer a factor. 

Now the money will be extracted from a whole new generation of players. These are people that are younger and in to the momentum trades of the day. They'll become enamored with the parabolic moves and also the VOLATILITY in this trade. There'll be option trades that blow up spectacularly and land in headlines of history. The next Jesse Livermore will emerge in the chaos coming. Meanwhile I have to take a nap. I work tonight trying to save the morons that thought COVID was just the flu.

Saturday, August 22, 2020


So you snored when the prediction of "Nature" putting a limit on the "Money Printing" was put out here for years. I can't blame you. Your normalcy bias wouldn't let you accept that a "virus" could take down the "strong" economy and the "mighty" dollar. You thought the JIT delivery system was a quaint idea for someone else to worry about. You're normalcy bias wouldn't let you believe the possibility your pension was vulnerable. If your pension is dollar fiat denominated then guess what?

I'm sorry. You must believe that a corrupt, rotting political structure is remotely interested in "helping" you through an economic collapse and pandemic. Seriously these corrupt, mediocre miscreants are lucky to remember to change their depends daily. 

You need to peek out your window and watch these rats scurry around trying to steal the last pieces of silver and salt shakers off the party table they've been feeding at for years. Just open your eyes and take an honest look and tell me you believe your politician really can take complex data and information about our current predicament, then make an informed decision using abstract reasoning. LOL.....seriously guys and your eyes and just look at these people. You don't have to turn the sound on your device. Just look.

Ignore the debate about "how" the virus began and "why" it was used. Maybe it was just "nature" (unlikely). Look instead at what IS and HAS already occurred. Just today they're announcing Regal and AMC are reopening movie theaters. OMG are you kidding me??? LOL......They were already losing money and closing. Its a dead business BEFORE Covid. They have plans to "space" people limiting their business to "shit" levels. Like ANYONE with a brain is going into those theaters now. LOL.... Oh sure some morons will of course, but its over rover, let Jimmy take over.

Schools opening now everywhere. OMG what a Covid nightmare this will bring for the fall. New Hampshire allowing 100% capacity in dining this week. OMG another bomb for the fall. I get it. They are all going belly up without a fight to open up. You have to understand that at the Alamo (and I use this analogy intentionally) that for all those men the night before Santa Anna would make his final attack there had to be some insane mathematics made to accept your coming slaughter. However for Colonel Bowie, the brave drunken leader, there was an easy calculus. He was cooked. He was shitting himself, and couldn't pull his dick out of his pants, much less use it. So why not go out in a big blaze? LOL.....Old men and women leading you into battle is WHAT is happening now. 

So maybe, you would agree with closing your eyes and charging into the coming CONflagration. Maybe you think Nature wants you. The FIRES. THE HURRICANES. The Heat. The crazy windstorms. The Hurricanes. The killer Hornets. LOL. OR you can just look at what is already happening. CONfidence...the moral corruption.....and the virus....You don't need the former biblical plagues mentioned above. You have the Printing bubble and the virus.....that's enough.

Thursday, August 20, 2020


The grand reboot is coming soon. Our grand recovery is in full swing now as the PPP wave of layoffs now arrives. American Airlines announced thousands of job layoffs as their PPP time expires. Announced unemployment numbers today now exceed 28 million. New York announced today that unless the big bank employers force workers back into their buildings that Manhattan will have permanent closure of restaurants and bars by the thousands. Home builders announced record orders as the suddenly awake flood out of their urban hell holes into the suburbs and small towns.

Steve Bannon Pleads Not Guilty To Fraud Charges, Freed On $5 Million Bail.....oh the horror of it

Luckily we are now able to open our schools and colleges in the midst of the pandemic, so that we can guarantee a flood of new Covid cases for the critical coming cold and flu seasons. Nothing like throwing gasoline on a fire. Epic brilliance that will be viewed by history as one of the most insane decisions ever made, but then I digress. Back to the coming recovery. 

South Korea Indefinitely Closes All Nightlife As Global COVID-19 Cases Top 23 Million: Live they had it all under CONtrol

With new, vibrant leadership coming this fall, the nation will surge into 2021 with a vigor and purpose only imagined in the free world. Led by a reinvigorated CONgress and Senate, our democracy will show the world our resolve to recover from the severe damage of the pandemic. Our fortitude will only be matched by our leadership's tireless work to guide us out of our malaise and show transparency in our government and its ability to work with our large corporations and banks to build a stronger nation and economy. 


Thursday, August 13, 2020


COVID 19 only has one job, and that is to infect. It uses animal cells to attach itself to and then uses those cells to transmit its RNA into. It doesn't give a shit if you think its fake because you read some moronic analysis of a statistic that showed its really not that fatal. Better yet it doesn't give a shit if you think it was designed to disrupt Trump's second term chances (it may have been lol). What you should be wondering about is WHY its still here throughout the  summer when most "flu viruses" have long burned out. You seem to willfully ignore that.

Oh wait, you don't think its really that big of a deal since only a hundred and seventy thousand AmeriKans are dead. You're just going to keep those blinders on and charge ahead. You still don't get it do you? LOL this bug isn't "natural". Its designed to infect and keep infecting. It will infect Republipukes and Demodumbs. It will infect RED states and it will infect BLUE states. But then you don't care because you read some second rate group of pseudo Docs that told you its "just a flu virus".

Oh I know, you figured out that all the rest of the 99% of scientists and Doctors are in on the grift, because you are an independent thinker and can watch Alex Jones. You won't see Alex Jones interviewing any real doctors or scientist or even his old friend Paul Craig Roberts. He'll only have echo chambers on his show now days. LOL. He'll ride the Don to the end, and if his fat ass isn't careful, that end for Jones could come soon if the virus that is hunting us finds him.

Finally and then I'll stop trying to warn you, this virus doesn't just kill. It MAIMS. It DISABLES. It inflicts damage to populations that destroy developed economies because THAT is what it was designed to do. So finally you go ahead and show what a smart, independent free man you are and don't wear a mask and go to those restaurants and bars and churches and meetings etc. Exercise your right to sheer stupidity, and then don't complain when you're rotting from the inside out.

Sunday, August 2, 2020


Miners in a beginning bull market. Well that was brilliant lol. Kindle, Buttox/CS all disappearing into their trailers and Mum's basement. They just missed a triple in the miner positions in less than three months. Now it becomes a decision to chase a market sector that shit on them and left them in the dust. Not any fun and certainly understandable from people that failed to understand the fundamental economic principles dictating the precious metal's trade. Stupidity is not a strategy, but ignorance is an excuse.

We are very early in this trade and also early in some other tectonic shifts in our landscape. For instance, the move into suburbs from the crowded urban centers is occurring rapidly. Maybe more interesting and possibly even more pronounced will be the flight from cities and suburbs into the less congested cities and rural areas that have not benefited from the recent real estate booms in the cities. Of course cities will continue to exist, so its not "THE END OF CITIES" lol. However one must be aware that a migratory pattern out of cities will have profound impact on their tax base/real estate prices/essential municipal services such as schools/ police/ fire/ hospitals.

Morgan Stanley: Brace For A Spike In Inflation As Congress Is Now In The Money Supply Driver’s Seat

In other words, the dislocation can have major impacts in these anticipated areas for years to come before an equilibrium is established and these overbuilt/congested areas begin a revival. Some very bright people have even postulated that a meaningful economic boom could occur throughout regions that become decentralized centers for food, water, and health care. You're smart enough to see why and how this could easily become favored just as it already is in sections of the country. I remember seeing last year in Vermont the "local farm sustainability" impact at the airport in Burlington with their cafe advertising their local farm menu. More of this will become the norm. NOT just because of C%& but because of the UNSUSTAINABILITY of the urbanization movement in a decentralized economy as fiat become kindling.

In the meantime enjoy the fiat raining from heaven over the next few months before election. Understand without the coming MMT/helicopter money drops, there will be torches and pitchforks (oh wait there already is). Correction MORE torches and pitchforks without the coming tsunami of free money. As usual have fun with your mud slinging. I could care less. This is a free fire zone until they shut me down and I am having trouble publishing. lets see if this goes