Saturday, September 19, 2020



You need to understand this is a wave. One gigantic wave about to carry you out of the flat, shitty sea you've been drifting in for the past few years. You were washed out into the abyss 8 years when the boyz ripped the precious metal crowd off the good ship lollipop. Even though the boyz were able to beat your brains out for several years they let you get your hopes up in 2016 with a massive mining share move, only to dash you hopes again with a nasty beatdown.

Most of you puked up a significant loss or at the very least swore not to go near this sector again. Psychology can wield a terrible sword on a fearful investor and the casino knows just how to use it.

HUGE RAID On Gold & Silver With London & Now Switzerland Out Of Metal!

"Nobody Is Here!" - Movie Theaters Reopen, Audiences Stay shit

You have to realize this is their sword and they will use it as they see fit for their casino. You can't to look at many factors to reassure yourself what kind of investor you are and use your discipline to your advantage. Its YOUR decision. If you research the fundamentals and have a macro understanding then don't give up that advantage by using time sensitive investments like Options or leverage in the future's. That is when they control you.

US Suffers Most New COVID-19 Cases In 5 Weeks As Doctors Warn Of "Apocalyptic" Fall: ...nah....its fake lol....don't wear your mask morons........


Don't play their etf's and especially don't play their leveraged etf's. They know exactly how to shake you and take your lunch money. Use longer term charts like the weekly charts to swing trade. Look at longer term cycles. Take some profit when you have a double or a triple. Don't be too quick to reinvest your profit. Use time for your advantage if you think you're in a long bull cycle. This move will last for years. Just be aware paper is their game and when you stay too long in their game, they will spank you. Take some profit and remember what physical gold and silver are for. To store value. There will come a time when  the profit in gold and silver will be converted to another asset, but for now its a bull.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Yelp Reveals 60% Of Business Closures Are Now Permanent

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Now that is a headline you need to think long and hard about. Small businesses like restaurants, bars, hair salons, retail shops, B&Bs, hotels   rental businesses, doctor's clinics, dental offices. Years of malinvestment being sent to the bottom of the sea............not because of COVID, but from a system of corruption designed to grow from a poisonous root of debt. It was always going to implode, but COVID was the fuse AND it was the cover for the boyz that stuck it in your ass.

They knew they were sucking the marrow from the system they had already killed and butchered. They just needed some cover to head to St Barts and the Caymans and enjoy the sun while the rest of the world went to hell. You think they don't care about us or what they were responsible for? LOL ....that's right they don't and now its every man for himself. Watch Margin Call again. Been there. Its spot on. You're not even a factor.

Those small businesses are the back bone of this country and there is nothing that will reverse that implosion. Just like nothing is going to reverse the big businesses impacted by this such as travel and leisure. Leisure will soon be walking down your street to see if there is some edible trash you can find in the front of your neighbors house. Sure you can laugh that its far fetched but you might want to go back and read 11 years of this blog and decide just where this doesn't fit into what the plan was all along. 

You can CON the world, but you have to have more than just the grift. You have to have an exit and make sure no one knows they were grifted. You weren't grifted were you. You just had a virus ruin the party and NO ONE could have seen that coming lol.

Monday, September 7, 2020


t used to be for the last 10 years, "its all good". They trained monkeys like Buttfox/CS to dance to the tune. They kept them in their little condos and promised them stock market riches and pensions from heaven.

They know there's no pot at the end of the rainbow for the schmucks that bought into their promises. They know how the movie is going to end. So now they don't even pretend there's rainbows and unicorns waiting for the masses. It used to be a "balanced budget". It was a "strong dollar". It was the "greatest nation". A "free press". It was "one nation under God". It was .....well you know, it was a lot of promises that kept us all numbed and unable to see the slow destruction of an Empire.

Now there is only diversion and divisiveness. Division is how a power controls the vast masses, as it prepares for the transition to a new paradigm from the old, dying system. If the law of Nature is followed, then most likely the change will be chaotic. It will be so chaotic, that most reasonable people will be unable comprehend what the truth is, even if its standing right in front of them pleading for them to listen.

Good people will do bad things in the name of God and country. Bad people will be able to flourish under the cover of chaos. Breakdowns in institutions of law, learning, and health will accelerate the collapse within the Just In Time centralized CONtrol systems that have been created by the corporatocracy.

In case you've been in a coma this year, you may want to pay attention to the cities and their current collapse. You may want to take a look at your grocery stores. Maybe those checks you've been receiving seem like a "temporary" POSITIVE development (God help you with that). Maybe you think the stock market and accelerating prices on goods as a result of this flood of money is positive. Or maybe you think the promise by Jay Powell to do nothing if he can increase inflation over 2% isn't really that dangerous. Gonna have to go and take care of COVID 19 now but before I leave, I just want to mention......we're "in it".....its not coming.....its here. Chaos is here. Just open your eyes.

Monday, August 31, 2020


Nuthin' to see here now move along. That's where we are and have been for a few weeks. As investors in precious metals, one should expect this type of action after a historic rise this year in gold and silver. The boyz are on the coast this summer and serious action won't begin until after labor day. You just wanna have some chop to keep the newbies off balance until you can puke up some of their shares and metal and move up into the next price level. 

Former Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi Tests Positive For COVID-19......add him to the long list of psychopaths

Finally Something Most Agree On: 70% Of Americans Demand More

The power running the show is no longer in the business of a long term beat down in this sector, but they don't mind making trades in both directions and their expertise is your stupidity. They know the human herd. They know their inclinations and how emotional they can become. The long term shakeout from 2011 until last year was very carefully crafted. It worked. An entire army of retail investors in the metals was slaughtered. Most are now in nursing homes or insane asylums. They are no longer a factor. 

Now the money will be extracted from a whole new generation of players. These are people that are younger and in to the momentum trades of the day. They'll become enamored with the parabolic moves and also the VOLATILITY in this trade. There'll be option trades that blow up spectacularly and land in headlines of history. The next Jesse Livermore will emerge in the chaos coming. Meanwhile I have to take a nap. I work tonight trying to save the morons that thought COVID was just the flu.

Saturday, August 22, 2020


So you snored when the prediction of "Nature" putting a limit on the "Money Printing" was put out here for years. I can't blame you. Your normalcy bias wouldn't let you accept that a "virus" could take down the "strong" economy and the "mighty" dollar. You thought the JIT delivery system was a quaint idea for someone else to worry about. You're normalcy bias wouldn't let you believe the possibility your pension was vulnerable. If your pension is dollar fiat denominated then guess what?

I'm sorry. You must believe that a corrupt, rotting political structure is remotely interested in "helping" you through an economic collapse and pandemic. Seriously these corrupt, mediocre miscreants are lucky to remember to change their depends daily. 

You need to peek out your window and watch these rats scurry around trying to steal the last pieces of silver and salt shakers off the party table they've been feeding at for years. Just open your eyes and take an honest look and tell me you believe your politician really can take complex data and information about our current predicament, then make an informed decision using abstract reasoning. LOL.....seriously guys and your eyes and just look at these people. You don't have to turn the sound on your device. Just look.

Ignore the debate about "how" the virus began and "why" it was used. Maybe it was just "nature" (unlikely). Look instead at what IS and HAS already occurred. Just today they're announcing Regal and AMC are reopening movie theaters. OMG are you kidding me??? LOL......They were already losing money and closing. Its a dead business BEFORE Covid. They have plans to "space" people limiting their business to "shit" levels. Like ANYONE with a brain is going into those theaters now. LOL.... Oh sure some morons will of course, but its over rover, let Jimmy take over.

Schools opening now everywhere. OMG what a Covid nightmare this will bring for the fall. New Hampshire allowing 100% capacity in dining this week. OMG another bomb for the fall. I get it. They are all going belly up without a fight to open up. You have to understand that at the Alamo (and I use this analogy intentionally) that for all those men the night before Santa Anna would make his final attack there had to be some insane mathematics made to accept your coming slaughter. However for Colonel Bowie, the brave drunken leader, there was an easy calculus. He was cooked. He was shitting himself, and couldn't pull his dick out of his pants, much less use it. So why not go out in a big blaze? LOL.....Old men and women leading you into battle is WHAT is happening now. 

So maybe, you would agree with closing your eyes and charging into the coming CONflagration. Maybe you think Nature wants you. The FIRES. THE HURRICANES. The Heat. The crazy windstorms. The Hurricanes. The killer Hornets. LOL. OR you can just look at what is already happening. CONfidence...the moral corruption.....and the virus....You don't need the former biblical plagues mentioned above. You have the Printing bubble and the virus.....that's enough.